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April 05, 1906 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-05

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H A LF-TO0N E S '« . ....+.+.:.. . . :. .....;.,:.;.:. . ..,;.:+ .+ .....
and ~ Come and See College Brand Clothes for Spring M ~ONY' LOA[D
ZINC E TC H N S A D K OW W AT' PRO ER On watches Diamods, Jewelry
Lower in Price T HECollege man, yen know, really sts the styles Hils inclinations income instincts and and cllateral security.
3 lr/nQalt environment, demand a closer study of dress than any other individual.' Of corse he is w .L U I
proper. The fact that College Brand C othes are sworn abolofcrelssiely'y Cllege chps, by men iso44th Ae. Oposite Court House
Asko. MdoMI-t01turec to boy ready mades on acolnt of their prie-advantage, is plain evidence of the Ts dors south of new Y. . '. A.
style rightness of these garments. No oter stre in this city can sell them. They are not like OrFIC Hots; s:0 t0oCu1I30; I to s;
3 0
i Ann Arbor Savings Bank Blork a any other ready-to-we're in America. They're merchant tailored clothes with all tb-n annoy- y to-i5.
-y~ ante and b others and hangups and delays of the custom-shop eliminated=- with the merchant Bsinsastrity Cnidenial
r talorilog profit extracted and all the otheir things that a worth-while lfelts7.
____________________HN you come here and see College rand? Clothes, you will find that the new coat for
W Spring is looad-ouldered. long and gaceful, with a full front and partly tight back
FRAT MEN ATTENTION! xi! and h-s two reversc side v fTet.'he old-coatti-split is arelic of antiquity this Spring. FrINE LUNCHES
W-ehcs-e ua ha loatsree aleetestate I Singe breasted fronts with lone-brdlape wl e-tdst-'1rn.Tusr r tilflovdWCrte men OstlnofTRKs
nea te amusan f evryrepet~us - made with btckle and side strap on echel hip to give theimi thrilght set and mre comfort. COMESTIb & IMPORTEDC Cigarettes anti
1thssing ott a fratensity. csultsetren-+ Tuined up trouser's will be ight (ttat i it the matetial is soft and easy to s ape). No one D, oestic &Insmtrtetl Ciars. A enplet
ensouse withn t fewlys. e Oate ntr set-, « - fabric sill have the call thisSlrit-lg. Oftcotrse torsteds and serge s will be won a lot, bht, inefor Iallsonx clenss. wetine- and 110s
tat cat be isurchased Ittutly. atso are - - radical men will wear' finely woven cuosittees. Oters will wear flannels.' Some will select soft PIPES, als for STAY'S & CsAFEE'l
antew fratenity hote ftr sale or fr 1105. di velours---besides the e ate any timbae of ew ftncy effects in seges and unfinished worsteds. fine chosat ON-SONS.
if ineresetl a~l 1 sice. O.HAI~t SO. - ... Of course, yott muslt not expeit to id clothes like these in any other ready-made shop. H .JLY ~t s
If you don't come here yotu sill have to lolt up a merchant tailor He can do almost as well
c ; as we can, but he will want at leas, twice as tuch as we'll ask on, tr the custom shop delays, repeated try- Oiok e t lLie
Campus Barber Shop °: onsannoying wait and the excess profits, which will easily dttube what we11 ask foi College Brand Clothes. u~uC~ rj ie
. A. MOE, 705 N. Univ ersity Ave 4 PARLOR CARSw
STAEBLERVVE~XRH on alCgrins beteen Toedo and Cletmlss
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank ;i:","::. ++,4 ..,,.:f++ :".,«A++.::.. o r..,.... . ....- + Cafe serice etteenttTled, Cinim n
Capital stock, $50,000. Surplus, $20000
Btacs, $2200000
Geerl aninsi_ A. G. SPALDING & BROS.
OriEnast Chas. E. 1Hscoclo Pres ;WI)D17 \ION PERdFEC'TED firte tieI, an-tientthstsmat fr fi- Lat-est Maufat',r es iIinth-wotd
Harriman, Vice Pres.: Al. ,JFrtztCashier I____ i ti ilwoldtitbte ; a esig trmny ays prl 12 13 aitt 14, tele liciguit of Oital Attletle Otupplies.
\t__t______t___ofthePoliticalScienceOflit___1____ Ile -isctterett itt 115 Cet ilBase Ball, Lawno Tennis Foot Bali
\tt~etoettg fite ltiil~ Sitic Il leI 8 tlllIls cttrd tllogiCetittigee rettutcedits t st- Archery Roque GolfiQuots
Rowes Launi~i-d ry club 1yesttdayaftertioon, the ltbiistder- outithlieittcec tsis11la1101, all but ideitsto la ll pintis is2slicigansand to Cricket Lacrosse Croquet
won11t 1reo 1'anizationi tillfos the ste of aliutltetiltper1 1111till ceneirla iretiCiiago, SuthttBedsand tsd iermdite slc i n r ipeenrts fSral Sprt s
"ANiitsAe ' ty Spalding's Trade-Mark
Ness Phoanie457' ell Phosie 45-1 oil/at ii l ta ing-recenstto iassdcthelti heliisi ;t-ar. e aeuin ai tlieli tic o ts its eisdet iifcertidice isti-id ty-Seceary c~DA It 1 mwrlet i 1te asilt ic tit- of
ntillate Confedettrations ofiCitei' ccodac iiitilthe it;lshes eof Utiecl e . co-1 S ~ t~i thvi iturtlissur w
TOlE FARMERS AND MECHANICS BANK Cliibs. A contstiltutonlsimiain ler St t oicoathosei iwlhoare wiinssg -M5A"K eniad isTae-. r t
MANA DHU O T ETS atr i toeo thtesrsmemiuters f te tionttots at'VetMl tt a t tf ie tt ttuettti cIMnd-trac i il lesyss yiur AthIletic I sp chit-ta s
SoAeNhAND iwl-MasuNrade onrol- gevsryou anadantae'iover te ttst-nlayer.
Captat,,$5assa, Srptus aad Prfts, $6,000 ciiifedieration111liii ttadopte, itittptlis mii i 11;tintingil sehollot, hi cw sibc- ttlcu - oyliiils as yoa ave a tbettr aticeu-.ati ls er
oes a General Baning Busess andO Pay IC. l i n 0lsitOfwas ctetitPres- tittd saac t tlilttiil"Tig j feet gEerys t ett-Bsi]fulit;.lr~rrr aw tl
3 per cent interest on Tisie and Seavfings,1Muiilt sis tt-ht t
saDgeposits tite ssstls it Isii t irte iitel iis 115' Stii ititc aniitiiiiitnitua
atep2ositafetfppswa ons tosn ry Phelps' Perfection chocolate pffs fittsseFe
R. KEMPs resin. W..SnVENS,.VicePres. 1a1ndtec7hipreatsat tieiliiioutitsireharmatacutl.e.A. G. SPALDING eC& BROS.
FS . BSCars h1.A. WIASiAssAst ad.I. DaItidtsonat'ooit treaslierP itsha.tin-rett honotr as a fencer. 1)1 the adcisa ahn' hrnc. New ok esiehitcago iSan sit u-s i
Th elbaed ;Cl titnti07 iss elected smtmier-ti-iistents tutnliiy tirohv etet-tloedito saisfacory aioring at saisfatory D. Y. A. A. J. RAILWAY
till on thit vc tite cemittee fod ll plyeiS. Lorutenzo ta (hii 1 f111ficnnt~s im
aarc PE FU E prices. Fluller &-OComnr. 6mg1 . Wil-SANADTE
111!l~E iutOtciint gtt brhsetoolitt; 1111Rattiin A- special Crs to Detrot Sa.r. oileery
rUU toIIhe fOws -eis flit 'llCI IPIpecai Ch rsomIncm.sao :0a. t itu os-evry8:0p.
011111astICns.CUEDNFIIPIOSloeiite.teui;t ieetti tct ftwo hoa rs lO.i
ll.CP\ Es .5 0SENIORS-Leave your orders for our loca serviuncto Detrroit to a. s., to
MANN'S DRUG STORE l' -eosliCurliuuos u ucuisg ste ins aidoak shields lt Artsld's 91tup"ain.sashen 1l tim
213 Wi.cMain CarOREl isuadioating C. S-Bsutiertaseivicesoiltutuoha:1turret
23S ManS.W l if . u thelandth ho haste i rect the raisig of a ind tiu siieiutoiiisnsul jewsery sore. f o 1ii1iS p.i.
cwt fofteFliiosudnsa he WAITING O iOo. URON o. inS-cs-ooMIN
ciiN n ix nt llege- titsonwr -i t utu tnrtiee rehre-s-itrtiv t-e hut I c Cetti a;111,1 rlay -
i~uu~u tug~uiuc ipssul e lo~ meueIt te Ilatter hrt fthe mtoith. A lasses repaired. -
Italian, German, and of American f Fillptnos ini atltics ithil a eututrs; strilelayi-tameitscoinsistinug of 00'tler, OEe arflyfttdadtetd $
Manufctur Itiuse i~untsg hang ol he eitealeit Iiisatu. hiiteuiti 11G1EORGEiluarct GEOGE HLLaRiMaisSSt
REASONABLE PRICES. o f lthe gillernitichtS twards tile 178lt Fil- 1Muu u hrI ulstttSi sgrfr~ ichigans Ii oie-half off. $.o pims
___________ - ~~~~~~~~~~~the utle evuult. are suggesteit as taosible 0eitfurmihsat2cns.-S-A
- iiils i te Cinitedl States, re uringugts 0cntpn-t 5cnt.-a- i
SC4. ieBERLE. AN&ASON upon u;tiuhue u th au-of atuhletetraininsg. t _ ti iturs i i lt c.unltvuosly. cisuold's jewelry store. o-I
iW.LbryS. ANABRIt is lhopedl t that by Payingtitentionito iiCl0R15 I ,C~T INmake a big ' hit 'it colege men,
Ti ioch Dieterle spo shuleticre, spaciallytrack wortk ____SomnethigIne-Msqerade oil rt- Pint as a panae, ajustale,mtuil
wic hI requires little u an iu ;ppartlus leru skacttcilxteteti fu- t e h~s a Ite armory toight. 35 parts hravily nikeIed. 'tuy hld
Embalmver and Funeral Director 1_G______________chetrfu-_ 3 up th socs sngly, nealy. le-
they ane t ipuasstuernrelurnispread acl iillcl iidth i ll; uIC for turil' ensluluin lws s oyauseea"re igton'usbties
Ambhutance-Casoattendea day r night, itrest ini athlet-clsports amotatlheir cAprih Pool pat, na tsutiediof .ier's FOR RENT-For one year, fromlh andclap
w10. is Ave.; iesideisce same ututultrymtsiTil'e lnalive Filipisno cres, rectusrau s tateut il ysterttais Otaily. July I, go, luge hrick residence- well PURE SILK-25A PAIR
Phone 04. Ann Arbor. littiornoi ting fo r gaos t er tsc ge _ __furnistd audpleasamntly sittated Suit-1
of 14 orti 1. 1The au throf tesci ne c i ts 1 ing ne iv-:01 ii tilde itn scl able for i srorty Address, Box AK,
ALARM CLOCKS wtsadn h eiiaigifune e ktsa h rov oih.3,Ct.t
$1.00 to $1.50
Oar Dollar Clocks are ithe est smade- pine t S.
fuethemomary. ine wattctireparntg - a n rnn o - \ra ,d
__________ _______ OXFORDS _______D_________
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main St. UfU}~U U e 5, maee
HotSLnihw FOR MEN AND 'WOMEN .. Of Ann Arbor, Lick,
H ot L N r~iC . D.Kinne, Pes. Harisn Soul, V
AS Tofiti'n, 38 ~.S,5.W. Carksn, Cashire
_______________ THEY HAVE ARRIVED aitta,$sa.ao. Surlu and Pofit, $00
Fine line of low shoes all leather, all FLORIST
H U STON shapes. Up-to-date exclusive designs -- ChalstCut enntlara nd l..n
312 S. STATE ST. And have a look. lT
TOBACCO CANDIES ,,ill Soasth Maim Street. I TICI1

______________-- --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- FREE
The University of Chicago Toal pu-c asers-5 i'os
The Univesrity ye ar isdillsided itolott uru eI v os~A ~ f~ W N Sno ae esn syuwn
siuartersWiiter Spani ttr stid Au- :C Wvvav a d v en uC ALLTilENEW190
tamis. Adnilsion is rasted at Cite opening f an Go s
eachi, ositlanuany :2, Airil 2d.Tuine adills. and A L HENE 10
Oscob e stGraduate issru~tlon is tilt-cid finFit a these K j j
it thi. raduate Schoouls o0 Ats anditi-ta- POS j j J
Cres and Che Ogdentt(iradiutse)Shool of Studioh rfsinlI o oee r nsok e 5so
in Ci thsIiNinity Schoossl,tehic am'Schooltuth le P T ~ A T r nsok e sso
ildsi Medical college (afiltuiats-),ci ttilthse them to you.
Shool of EduatailoisuSmmser Quarter 11151,
June ii-Septeusahr I.First em ioJune I- L 2i eodTr :Jl
Juiy 20 eodTru uy -August i.
Rtegstration is ermittnsi for the entire is.a- y l 7 A.
ter s foreithrrter .li/a-nilregal sreu-ilt~r gg S
is given foe workh done. iSeial Coussarae D ~ ~
Pr infirmati on address Hoe.36- _IJL X "*Hetn 320 South Sae Stnamt

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