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February 28, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-02-28

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jSprinig, 1906
Attractive Styles
*New Colorings

THE MICHIGAN DAILY. cticr tttielloh tecolilegesc cre ethe
Pnteed asconadtlassmaterat the Ann olfctie l ttitlgiiiiiitglillt the'sell-
Arbor Posticlice. iate",iiccitccil. il hi' iii ii lof Ithe
tr~nln til v hld 1a 't thtat tllctioii
Puiblished daily (tlaidact exeptittfiiited (ming , a Ilinithet hlci lt istsi c.of college
tthe cotlege year', at 17 FEast Washinegtion
street. Belt phone 892. Htome phoe 76. 1tt i ieeyarecic lcre
futh i e cot ci(tCatii lIlltte catte tro
Managing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW fthe ropo, ced cltiltettiic.of thec'cti
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS 01ff llear carefl crutiicto1)tforte littef
- -I - tecicet cis, cd oiltit. W\e are >lt

Si ill\NlI611


Largest Line of Woolens

Shown, all at j
Full Dress Suts a Specialty
Ga H. Wild CO.
311 S. State St.
In Our
You will find the
newest books as
fast as they are
charge for read=
ing them is 2cts
per day per book.
Come in and look
them over.
Choohan NA; %

Athetis.........Cl ateace E~. Etltridge
Newst........Losis D. Stickney
Feetiatiges.......Ctiarles E. Wintetad
Mutsic .........A. 11. Ortaeyer
Womeit....t.... ffie J. Armcstrong~
ttagtiAttlin Frantktin C. Park,
Aitthur C. Paced.
Georcge A. Osbarn Haratd C. Smith
teis i N. Smtith Gearge A. ttarntts
Roeret 1H. Clancy Firanak J. Ctark
Ftotity F. SretiIti ltttay A. Maontgomiety
D. F. Stevetasan Wattet Metacabasat
ftenin D Bradley Jocthn F. Wuirz
Royi V. tLutl tFteydtItt. Jones
RATES: $z.5o pet year, oat Stat it paid in
Address: WALTER R. MANS' Business
Manager. 23655. 12ithSi., Phone 849 L.
\N'lDlNIfi).XV. SFBRU\RY 28. tgo6.
Editat Today-ROBERT H. CLANCY.
.6acr. 2-Ohio elitb iaticitet cit C'ooik
I loiter
M61ar. 2-Presetitationt ici"DifeJocurnail-
bttt" iI eatsciter Vereiti.
Ma1ri. 3-Jttnior lit class'. party it iBar-
Ma1rc. 4-ia-Fierry lecttrees littr.Ptotin.
ofI articceil 'theologiecal Seitiary.
ivenc in itNewhberry tall.
\lar. -1T. 2V1';.hWeaci k, ion"Perer
M~arqutette." ii Sarah Caswell .\ttg-
eli tiall, at 8 p. tt.
Mhanr. -owbacrub cattittet at Whitmore
Mhar, to--Vatrsityindooritraicck t.
iair. 12-Lietre ic Fredi'ce'ck 66 atti'.
MIiiS. I. N. eCitrciseUive rsity tafll.
8 tt.tat.
Ma. i 4-Ciittert icy Ktteicel queartette,
in(Cloiral1 t.itiott seree;.,uitcersity-
till. 8 pt. itl.
M.\i6 f-iviicerityi oraictorical contest
ot lit Iantce'.

decree ofii c''ctic irsti iconferc e.ci cttcc
SF lK'I)I i IllS i111,0
IIZT.ili'N '', ihiF]TING
T esr ie Ills held.11 ctl l ciotcant cas
l ccet cief tl' V fttl-1100i1i at t Iii
theiciic'iicap d"iicontctca aare
TI re iirs m titer toc ('(ciile icefoe' the
ls w tat of cthtaci .. c lassi'iic c cturtei
It it- a c l cci Iticct call ceicrs cwhoi
Nic'ciiiidee& Cf.'icfor tislacsipictur
1111 i cii c ic) e \" Scticeclce. Xii cia
v Ill 1 be ii t i ttpi c e
thec cci liii ii'. iiic 61miteewh1i ciate
Mme ii <icusii tll teasc- cce ped.iiic Thte
lss wdcl award thie 'cotactcicir1th ir
scnrni K litltl &ii Co. ofiiii ilC I iiio. The
) 1'1 c ii()firetl s1 II~ cI tIIe C m lt
se me ci i aiii $2.?iiiccc lii ciiiccii in;-o tito)
dasaill le11cc iii I Thre i b
no l dpi t ccc i i ci his betar.c
61 th cliass w11idei t ;, .andctttttupi'i
tille,cin us ticcenil t e . tic icc' is c
t much beitter' ctlthaciluit ,Lc lacetight.
cNii citoc ieistrciliui c ompe'icc titti'n
th t liiitc 11eweentic: it f c li r s
Th it as thou e oic theirc
caps due gtaw citefrth< ay ekifrom
s i cc cclt It) c i cli i 1(C'1i t twa e
illfv, iP.1, aI Ir.\
.1Iiir. Mit icc' oftccei' itt0 omif h ttee
then eporedithtcthtti' nite hda--ne o ls acaughteIvei
in l atic r1. iticict ~tc tlllat 7:30 111"1e1,
'Mach til. T hei iclaitt endliii i e -i
Mr C' liso thelimvliicmmcittee
reindctedctc t iclas tat iccii lie g'ici
daies ci u t c el ;-ttli i'cie ctbeoeil tereo
ate cic c$c mlit etficiitliceccfrcthe1' 'clafs
t omuciiiu ad ugedallwhoweticn
'6en ici t i cti'ttoi'c(l() isom i atelIf

ni N iliciiri ee;ato ( tl
1eic . left for thaii ie c lt icd
t t 1:; iiii iith 111 1111c' r~il
6iil i gaio w l e(m ofteh
Ii ): .i d~ iciliti I S ri
t~cici 61 ci Ic ii cii ilwlc i I a ig I
I Iw~rd.R.R. lwar, cha .-
1)e ruy i Sr- igi ii Ola- i , 1')i\i
Sie 1,6oiivent1 iiar. eld(mc
tour Lyc ; 66 ii illi.t' iii l
.a6 v ll :.1 1 t crii '1 l1111' I ei It)
ry,' not only i' 11111 if the 'liii' i
he cii i','iinii cc b t er ccc ofiii
1 ii In n he" t cc o ilt, Sii
TNi l \i cIi ccii iiII 'ii 1 gil -

ctii ,
[ ciiiI

and Reach
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00,
$1.25, $1.50, $3.00
$2.50, $3.00, $4.00
25c to $4.00
5c to $1.25
Our prices on Athletic Goods
are She ]Lowest in the City.
'Tse Bookstore tint's Never
f ± 5

. TI

.' 11 1111'C liii
?titll, £;'Ii d-ill - Siio"f'who nt ai ress
nt ii ter iatii, lierfeet
l- c 0 1c chei2 foer 25


ii liii s ii ic ii toi takeipi a e . ipi it :1 w ,. ()#'c i u uic dcii Shopiii
and . _6 liii.. - gillCi cupiiI ii ' i i C Pea~n c. body a 'Co.
e-Wlcforti c t ice t orki oii t, lI NERA
".(t ini form. V * IALI DIRECTOR

Stuens' oostoe ccording tthe Ci-eigoistcese
Student' Booktore theIcfcotill contfereence Itasleft Seerail
olrda eesty.Te intsite itecdite
M onev Loaned n'e'lI iindtihe hardcest ciiis. i
crck-he tiicg table. tile-thiee-year
Oa Watches, Diamonds or other Ili .iiiid the shoirtenittg if the scacoiti
personal property. Chtiecago hias leftohe situtation to icc h
Watches and Jewelry repaired. it. the .\lucid e tcbardl ieeidficlg it
Bargains in Watches & Diamnds lice secondttilltfereotec shcttuld hg. calledl
tiy te sameitpio'r tieatbrictight tt'
Offiesatreasdence 33t E. Liberty St lefirtitc befing. Precoidlt t6.An el lids
Ass Arboat. -
flouars:to Ia:30 Sa.im., 1taoi3:30ad7 to creittein theconcfierenice clege. btitilli
p. m. not annocieicdate or ,plais-t'.miii ic
ALL BUStNE55 CONFIDENTaAL ieicIett l ieole olgc
JOSEPHi C. WATTS 'Ieearsfo allctheoher i eefiliee o
Thesepoins to 'lv(o~t' er Coll,.

Saitisfactory c lilciricidatcit ciiaclici cC
yries. Fuller & O'f'ontnor. 6Fi. 66 i-
hl stcreet. tf
M.6iand Mtrsi.\i'cGrangeaci' i~n' >ni
toc -itiacl t he l -c icc'Iiiiii. .611 17, cOM
tha wil c mil('llortc w d c l 1 rI
cg"ilyv.l aI
lixcrcieioli to I let Ccitiiaci, 'ilNici
tar' ccic Nicci e i ccitrb r M. 1) i.: I.c
Dec'trit t ci or1 1 t Ii. 11111 ld r i g
8o celtsi., .Ntiractiii, 0 i b I N thccliii
itt ,,Sictilii 'l0_1

Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Associatko~n
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906
Jerome K. Jerome
Chins. Battell Loomi - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Is - - Jan. i6
F. H'opkinson Smith - -----
Lorado Taft " Jan. 3ll
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pros. Alderman - .la.c
SOUSA'S BAND . . Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers _ May 2
Oratorical Contest ccccc-
Open Number - - ------
Tickets fox- the Erhtire Cosa-rse - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or from Student Selleus
Seats reserved-SO Cen~ts Extra.-at S. L A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University ball, beginning October 30
3INGLE ADMISSIONS 41.00 S. L. A. Phoir 52
Office Houiru 4-6 Daily (Saturday ezceptec

Run to r*he Conop
March Sale. Imrnrrense Redvifo rls
Something Off on Everything, almost Everything Off
on Some things.
Must make Room for new goods to conic. Here are a few of
many items :
Aul Stiff Shirts,..........................----Discounted 50 per cent
Medium Weight Underwear--c---- '_________ 25 per cent
Handkerchiefs, Regular t5c_____ three for 25c
Sweaters, Good Quaiity, Medium weight_.__------------------75 cen~ts
Neckwear, High Grade, special ofr------35c, three for $;1.00
Black Lisie Hose, regular 50c____c ..c..--c-c- three for $1.00
Night Robes and Pajamas, all styles cccc -c----cDiscounited 50 per ccnt
Imported Combs, Brushes, Shaving Brushes, Tooth
Brushes--------c~c....cDsone 50 per cent
E anie atha Qualiity ared G-advsaiiy
Considaer the Prica.-

c) cc : d-1i S. let Nei'. Picotte 1.
'ci c.had ,. Athi Arc. Phone :114.
Trod.~n YLac.Ai,s ru
OigNotrch 9:05a. mc. anad 4:35p. a.
(1ciug Soutuih 7:20a. t.tdc. adti7:51p. im.
Clicici 'act. Agenci~Agnt,
'I'ciuchc, chlulu - Annci clii itNlich
Bl piihoneii13tic1it .home cuaie ill8
Chictago Buffalo Boston New York
TttroughTtrinst iasit u.1ia ad'dpd.ii.,
4.53p. c .30 lip. cc. ].0"crcc. j
Loalss East----.lii. m., *lI.l0t. m.,.ad.fi p.m.
t*il.3i .
Thr~ogh Trains West-2cilia at~,7.i8a. ti.,
9.1'. a.m., 33 p.am. 10.305p. mc.
LoasaWest-,224 da. m., tcS-io a. it., *1.40p.
(Eaxcpt Suayt.)
Coections. at Clhcagotor St. Lauis
KtansasCityadlice IWest.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ass Arbor

Dlouglas Shoes UJAHDRThe~ Shoemn n 218 So. Main St.
Gym Shoes

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