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February 27, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-02-27

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The Mitchig an Daily

J/oy. XVI.
Less Than Thirty Men Now at Work
in Cage-Several New Men Make


Nit. 103.

Good Impression
they will1 1be.confon01ed01.1ylaplit co011
ta1n1. 11111(01e of1abou1twentylive 171
squad 1. T11111le11( a1bunch f less1tha
th1d1witha small iuad at ractice ut
Ndi111 the cag11 11 acrowdedii astit has111
been so f1a1.11this7s1as11.
With ;:bout two 111 llec1, of practice
ion h poset or a chit 1- 11 I'111)11
t, cI t tloi is e1 11.1cli 11111bright.11Noti
(,n'. -e th reeel ral.1 o1f1 .ll1t1 1111. 1111111
til--c'to1show i gns of be~ll ing varsity1111 11
niatc ial grth cuthc0to oi
tic t loks a-if te rac 11ha na(od
t~ 1a1tiht 11etw en I 1o11l and . merman
KilfJ.itlling1(11 ; lo,bwing
cII a 011 n1fie(l clndiaIsarO din
0ltilrk.I 00 i t~c a(INGidOings
.in ld lai iii collt get star, w11011
llt fr t it . 111.1 (1ilc o s o tstip, kel-
I l 1 11 \c~17rt ae o trs .11111
tilt'ep c-ill it l T hellg'iib.loia1111
ii loneotltic r imakoes im Octrloo od
to c~liser tv o stomehi' t pacr tial1111
t,, 111 ill)e tttbe c ll d 1'(ie.'
If llrHmitnha e o n
toret 'Joh n stkit ti pin toep.icil
Itosto il tOs01111171d1nts11.1.111ce
c-rtamtig of110c th l C.ganiIati in
ic illani hall'Stelcssto- iht rscutt i-c
ilo'ort1hitt' 8- 1,l. cTeirsoltin

Class Passes Reso
Student Counci
They lM.
cIciti-theic fshr
ciic ilic ciolthc m]t
thhuu 1ituc ~l Va
Il ic e 7111)111111 1,17
Counl. ieI It1.tit

iHospital at Washington-
Was General Favorite.
Regret woo genterol yeiterday when
iEER SOHOMRE ITSWIL FRSH ITSVOT TO the ten-s of Harrisotn S. Weeks' death
lEER SOHOMOE LTS WLL RESHLIT VOT TO becotme ecurrenit. Not otily is this (roe
________ ohilec Weeks sias here, but tmithg those
olutions Supporting Yesterday's Meeting Productive: of Action of Class Is Practically Unanim- wliiihitticcome hrecsince as well.
il in Any Action Nothing But Talk-Class Divided ous-Committee Appointed to Wceeks d id dty cieclog it, a Watshl-
ay Take. on H'air=Cutting Question. Confer With Council. itgtt, Dt C.,lhospitalirhere Icethad
_________ _________ liccosutffering n-it ittlhlteia1 fort'ott
it etigiterisci t i PerIhaiis1 the Iic st interces1t1'g;111 thel C heI eh f171 111its, il hic las1.1 ueetig a m h~cls 111. ii11t lcgt, ilci,
Ig .O the l tttIIlf717 ti( -c lts ysedy feto u Al arcti ieatiion11of ithIe liiis71 lie d ie . I aoluhfW cks, iri 5 t7,1 11.-
iher of l 17) cliiStudnt lie-yes jh htere 7tur n ontha1tclass, ast h it to prticallyt ni mou1s,11)11 itt y1 be.- ntis lthsniesiy-" iot ees
fit a themeetig an acton wold pobabl "mae" o 'brek" tkensairepesening pettycrirllthcfhoiasch'1 b 1ore 7"oss, Wil
itpa lcid uo'y epre-ti hc osit p t ilt on iicc nt coftle.petoet ime tfth' qst ud nl its.WekyadthdWek0s1;1 11 it h .1 tlt fitomerty
of he la)1,1 ho rhavec thc itdi epartm ntcuholdsin thf Col 7lege 7111 0(. C las nic ) M 111.17 a1students7 11re1,.a)e lii ttlic fts ile0. dti-
lI uIc117711io l l iii the itm cs. Ilci) hod1 iac(.) tio c ttyis coldire c ut ucto cec-iedct heic two orfiti rici as iwell as
nude)1 cithel 1111tic 1tuden11 t Councl membrsii tl"(1.711he111171 Coun ilt i cil'made iithe 11 . -- havin on ftbll \1'O's."
niii t ii tctt tiicictieo-se l n Fl ti"lt ncii ,i were 17 terelid wih thai itit ic 1re .hi expressIthe - .fos ek as-dnhel h
tlhic beif111. it to the with ii Ptrcesiet Hais) set1.1 fitht het slves oll he ujcct. 00 liuic ii 1111t'egrctest ituatirc wo vcs-r iplaycd
ittctt ( c alot 0)Otiut(situauthc ond (l ere h- tvriy hefl fM
nslsting of owman I cerc-silo(tic ttandiit.soo )1g0atd exilanediiieifit
ti t.. .. ,..,. ,."~, ~r 1, ",t , . ,,,,,, a,. -,lln 11171 (iir 711 ervi .ir (Icni t r cn - totf t(lie


i ti l) c iiI

(tl icr~ilV

r l-ict t 1)1)1ms iand cr ith til hei
Co ni. I i 11com 1ittee)wascinstrctlitis
A clas el was also adoptd, w itch 1
11nsa01 ~ lw 'I1 )1 ciii 0 lit
ctli n' 7)4110 i c Itt o ilitiFd it itt ii
tilt ved Tha c the ) einee111)1
\Olmsti-uppor(Ith ttldVtCneli
'ier ,-of b lishingr haict ictting aedtito 1)1
i hg sbtituteho taeitsplaint anduit
Resoved 't'' T hac'iits (171o ciiy 117)thse est
lot ionh etti byic tic secetarli t o i tilt'
hedatWitmore(1. iiii iSctirdy'ticicilt-
hi 01.11. htilc F a0n ia tin.ci t ilei
61tla inetig f 5he 3oie 00as i i- i
tAy ilihcct, the 11rep'rt heico Rccttii
oi ti-ic tinti ell int illa etinii itl ialu
rived.ttltanduthe aof Ktik11s111stic-
cItnisthe ie rstig efor' ty t Iyeairsthiiito

ititti t h(11.1tI opiiont1.was11a)outileelyitomti er' cicin oi n 01 uuofume
dvdd Prm nntt -emberispke i l cass llituer till peeh1) on th
opnon he c-- it''ttttt-folb the aoih-o tiltvr hnthe l atter 11.camtotcc aI
n m of h ir-ut liin c-ri' answeed m ,th aton oithei l ams.117 was117 toi
1o')1ock((71 1 tuiliti of1three. wtich(shal!confe
Sevi a f prcsi tion 1)71 (1111.re (111re. wll) t the tudet lt tt)1111it) andtt oii te

of 1)1e1''arber io lt c t greesiito
itotitponel cticsion o h usi o
withlicteideahhf finess by g11171tiingt
It c (htl iiin11(11 cons71ttltct frotit this
aiitcc7tion of tth os1oclas tatt hyo
areinecess1ily i oppoed to he tilt'-
Inept1 oifI aicu11ct~tn .T he o s s itllply 1.(
feel1. that the q eltion is-t ititit I li
ci one ttcegassdt uol.ithut gvin
tutuy memlt btit of t 11e classhan oppor--
believeitht.ciefre acollegeiIcus"tom tof
Ion" tisi111 tnctan ig is aoishedic'the' diedc
shoul tie imper-aiit'll) n'twtll grounded1
on 711)1. ii tic htils n iw uvey ali
I,\L-1. J-)01' iiVi IT(NGUE~
(io Su 11, t tu hesilver- tit''tc'ttJapt-
aneIs wetll tie IeitorcuIuiitotia'then
01Miiof Newiiapant-un F('n)ciKiric-
ti-cnc 111. w)ith '711 til- s.R vouio ,
iNtl 1-PiANTOiiRFOR-
mo uriniigfrnot IRec.'I hut) 00Wiuer hototi'
if Nc-ic rlet nsccIu 117etig hecaiii
to thc-pacstoratet of thec it ii 11)11 1. l
of Annti Arbor. 'Mr.nFoteicwtill oeoito
Ils iew dtics Sefitember t.
A~iitAr-oilitis iti ec iogratcuttpon

il F1; '!C111-K /i Ri iN[OWILL,
PESi NTi' f '(, 10COilIhEfYl
Ott1n ecxcet fteautuOfT thceiprtiductitill-
Of Fcc--ti's "iecJoutttaisttl,"bit(tic
Dtiiticchi 1V0rin, i iisthatith ply, nwile'
cttlt hi atc-the same1utttimcei writenin
-itch smitteI iui''tt't''as to bct'readily l
I -ertutu iiyc-iec-t i 'he b cgnerin('en-c
caseoiafet n i n the c Vecreinicthatiithc
scesOpat (((1(111 wiarrantedtica till
fTree cears a'the VereiTnc' madtie its
midenici fforttli i t' t laig t umoruts
cketchby uce c ix ttite fliciif itch-
liicis 1)( - tcttiti ii i n rndaorws aorab'yiit
ihitc 1)1..( i ietitiwasty aPhinc pste tingl
1tci h h t ireatcmd,"c) I ic' ireals
-leraitg' a ireat toedye, onte
thati 7 hasbet pla cii by toaliy in fac-or-
ablecomar ccilih tuu I itt's "Mifn-
f-o lu hlm n ormdr ui
' 7h1.s(171 firuthlc prittdtctionitnext Fii-
dov cvingo sae Oa Wh's1 at
t :30 P. tn.,tdii. 0 'cttu ihis b1e
1(711)rved1 Ior 71tle tthp iatii 'her'c
tic- i'liiiigoontilteaic so71 at t 1:30. 'hue
openuing if thei1)1.1forti ce sil libe hldu
untl t ut uo 0 pit-u tit iriive-s.
otherii of-t ihigan'si best knowni'u
tlimst pouhlaitito fessors tias beeni
Offecred uperirot da higesyiariival
tutiveri'ty aitip1oblily illt tccettheic
isolue. tProf. Gor e mpc ] iiuhas ut bieeni
askdcby LpIelanditanSuuforunuiveiccrsity ho
acet ti'he tisilitti .1shietit ofthe G e
itt-itt-matic' tictt iii tut ittutiont. 'Tle
tsailarycoat tcti is 1171')uicht ltiger than
ttatiihichOficigoan gives tidthiuete is
rlittle idotubthut that Professoir -hemopi
wiltlIl-ave AnontArbor,

scrubhs. 'Fle text 71i'1(1u wo1 hi
pOlaityinig iuater n 0 the11 variiy.
1111. itco follocwinig -ours, 1)0 iutnd11902,
he tigaitiplacyed urtunc-, tlast1171ye.ar
beitig catiiaint. Iuitng eetwgo1.1 e)1 -c
sons7 hue muiss1edh tlting ii hut tone''giate,
thue Noitre IDamute gamut ofi1002,wcih
injutredf leg.n hutostue twit -ctstutu-Dfss"
maide a rcohd swhicht 1(71 probablity inevr
be' equcia111.11threi wa tilta singlc-
quarterltackc fotumblein thaiitperid.
Ini 1901tue n-us the nii totutu )1choicc
of footlltcr117itin orihclace of1All
Wecstern u rterbaIdhuch, apoiion111ihicit
mi-ti tgig'Iiventimaud'in i titcnctiuon
lie wsitu onoredt c biit) ihlgmaode All-
W~estenu aterbtacik I Tc 71s111.pear
Fieldig 11. 0outiniaimedf 00ecs 15s1his
chtoice fur Ol-Amnereitnquuatr
It s durciung WeeOh s' coaptaincy. of
tlie teamthatiii i01ci i-atniiwntheuc 11
toted citampitotisitiof (tce wct,71scor-
inig 644 itto(heir itofponents' 10
Thle 711.asthn eIcd hoci thmeorablei
Thatnktsg1iv110 dayi"ame'aginst 0-ittuc-
sota, the Gophecrs los-ii n3,to 6. '01
thouughl Week,I icrnsii- iantl Swicclc-
alt distingihedh(temtselices ittthe'ganti'
which ws1.1cstthy vr plauvcdtfou
Mlichiiga,ii it wsi es' Fling- ihich
elicitedthc naumesti 1ra1171.frountht
critics. Running t"he teanm withfatilt-
less genteraulsiip,tirectitug (lie 1(11ays
augauist tiegiaint Gtophers'ihvutcerable
hurlstie playedi a.1gameuiiiwhiic us a
fiuting cliax ito tile fotballiiicareer ofu
h-ih iogtui's greaitest qiuturithuback
Often grauiitinug frcuomthec Iaw Ice1art1
mtetlitn11)13, W0eeks cotacuchethic Kat-
sac tutticvensitfiootblu teahmb initic fill
of 190h-fle ithententredtihc cmpitoy-
muent tf a large counstrcionuu1.010an10
iin New YitrkCupy, withn'wuicthohe re-
minueidutilshourtly luefornehis death.
Whilehe cre he ntas taiuitmemberof liii
DtacCiifraterty, titcd besidtes'- beinug
otue of Michtigan's gr(totes(tiahletc-esite
wtas a popular situdcnt.Fur moemboers
of the Delta Cihi chiapten, Alexatider
ThomtasKuRalphu Kauftootui, I Midgardi
Young anth Jamtes A. Rlnis, wih at-
tendd(hoe ftuneral, whieh wilt he hoeld ini
A-hlegan, Wednesday.


,... .. .. ..., ... .. . ._ .j.y ...... _.. ... .i. .

coinnecctot Wa0 yulan ett triut.'hue thuretomintg of so ,istii-'uisic-ud'i muctl
, ispa~utich ittuthe stuthhstates71that routhe iscy hip tildtitcanttal dtou Defittnce,tutu sit' good a p1.1 cher. Mr. FoitIteic s
FCttch0 ithostl1117is bi de w iioslake thcur andtuil tc huno11thii by' 01tssecciii'Adriantiheiso nt if tauisigmusiic-ue toc'tt1.tu
hme ini )1.1tmiioitdftruhiruhounecuoton. antilAnnt-Arbuotrttuland cutheiphe u f oneoif tiii-foriemtost
'liii mauriageiwill taeilc'e ic tifNacit Autlin rbthotni(1dg suishuedl foiribetctereuicttosofthe day.i Pres 111dnt IElimituhf
iilleTn, 'It he l 1uociof ( uthile's couitinotiutwit utdritan andufthtseetiont I-atriardl unmivers1iityiandidurin hits shont
pattiris, hi oeht12.To Ithutbidtis-u tc beofithe'w'od11171 ditut tehe m- roadhl ib e sit) tay iccih ) itytis c ieitftmade manohthy
Ohis1E1nitce File. elcomed. friends.

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