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February 25, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-02-25

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The Michigan. Daily

v o .. XVI.

INo . 102.


First Indoor Meet of Season Is
Marked by Several Good Per-
formnances---Pinch Star in High
Jump--1)McKinney Wins Half
Th no esno pened (011 last01 11'ighdt11
shoill" of severl of teo n0w1 11011ws
enorgnadi looks 5 as (ie trac
collyequientl h ort1 1on01was1/1( 0
1xpressed himsl 's hghly tpieasd 11
[lie1 result o111011me1111attthink. hses
The 1ost ensionaliipIerform1a1nc111of
the11evening was that I ithwho suc-1
ceddin ing t11'he100(v 11rs it i otrec 0(1
trolbeendingii5 '.tol10 iohes, itit5
f t, i inhs 1cons1ste'tll this year,
11ut 11 111111 1ntil ollas t n i lit he eti
1111111 six feet. .Ada Itoa f ttiati
dotool'seod at; e. toolinc110110
hrich 21ol Pinh idinot ty to doo
ih theil eatu oft he11( meietIt w11101 in l
I hcc oo''it ot t h onlitand.ltig
rivalr. Thefor 11111o in tIboe0c111
1c1 tme of2.3 A '. tip t is111
e4)111)tuaivefr fresh 1111 p olla Ito
cutths 0timeioloe to t1111 intos
bo' theilltofthe seanoil rtl ifttthel(
dules i i nx ublwithti ilt 11101 t
'Ieh 1((''1 4sl pri so of to oro'ttttt
"Bud114 I I oul l isti all dttopetoti a oiso
sc dw th AtIalot hitid. Britol.
wh lo is' het andol te smi-io
wit 1eae, aild to ilid o e tr 11han1fiutht
"Sloopy" Dltil tooe1t1plong eouitgi
totro t oittitltra0 cIfoteenootimeits.
t1inning1.rom1Ca11cart lthe 'fair 111i11
of -4:4' I-. Dul inodthaItotihis rtt-
as 11,113t d predi0o ted1111 1 5101happe1011
hi te i pshdl a d er. Ot ilthe lIto I I
tern lps hootas fored to pss t hg
Mitnch itilgger a f111010 pot-
itetlolclung" to to ight of(way, t- 1
'ting'theII uJnersto ('t'lns ieabii111 1111
lietrt v t lte 1e (lintg1100s
4he Ihot-pt.1Neith tICoe sootDtla
itred. 111(111110 NI ls haltittltr(1 o
beijnst t i 1(11 1itt l ith5a\ isotatl'e iot
42ofeet,(1f Iith. oe Curtis tool1: sec1 ost
1111(1 o fromh o t 1to il :0 it4-15. I
sth eas It. Ihen" 11(11 1111 Iotitold11Post
afi~Iterafwi ftltrl Iaototmtwolclear
Itoottfteet, ynh1s,(Itoasinout.oft11t
oyAouncer I'. li t 10001othse1101a001
os rotd 1ntitird respec1t1 1 iely Bitol00

KCS ro r 00(AT1(00
Whose1 Ppil tartld IfheI Trac Scsit
iotl of'.ix tot0 1110 y NilSnow.
CAda111 tuol: sontbyhoclotaig sfoet,
ti incoho's. Four1m' n,(ton dds, 14 011(111
Th1 too ltf-m(ttl i c lledoutao' m ero
2:03 2-5. W ldecktol a loeso d. it
wih'ichitrdson(11t t i to ot ito (t
did1 tn tot ns ero o r oll c0ll, btitfthir
aisota)ithroughlii thcowd Iattdfititd
firsn' 4:.II3 1g-5 It Se o d c'w ttt akent'It
by .1i C thca It, .and ooost tl ittl too( ird.1110(
Slot-top t- r l, 4 fet rinh
tittil fi t iler, seon ; ti e os.
I itll hirst:fuiontI 'ecomd; tmeo :0.
time :o i tolDa i ttin 1 0(1(11 tioo
o fiost i o -; o wmaIiin, ir hstlHar-
Freeze, sondt ime1111050. ".0(1(1finals
Inristl frs;h i . Om, o s IHtll tort;
Clrk stecodi e, 04 45. Rsma
andit i t i ed fi I orst ; im, os B r
loirtotl toi OnTo tde'0idetti
Botman defeattdirstz n otito'nl-
I hitll, fIirto 1 omnnseconil Barow,
'o otl, Pfirt; Potit second;time0'. 04
(tlliii irtot110fot tto;tos, 0
4- opinl-1hecot;t;Macmsn
P val IIt--u RaIlt utl ot io
tie foo i~t a to111011 inces
11ifhjmp t h ittoxlNosto lit'.eeVt
Adoosseoond5ifetohIincheti; Dodds, m
hil r -ultt t i t;t har,)c
11n(01 Sltoolthir ofo intl 0:451-5..~i~
F og Il)detes( d101'07Cdeill Colti le
f 'ol ohgitees (Chauluunler,1Afc to'hN,
oS l'iistl TitcllioClBwmanl
*I ' lotit s ( lt i) al otn) (e
1 o a inCli iuiiBSowtJCliffo Cool
r etoldofo0itolaw'is (alot ilfono,
t 07 fis (Br05istol, itino lCioeB ar-ol
1t oh) deetd'fo lawosiot(Brlow RPax
ohVilit'. (IDswtIDrlit Fetriloh
vgu) olfeited phrtittos (Dutnweoll, TBl.
rons. Stioking. Sttfl).
e'ohimietics I(Stockleo.Wldec, Loop
Ovit0z) defeatedl 'og oiis (Baeir\War
-rn. Pinmiai, Ptrick).

Re. Fr. tI. I. Kll till setk his
eveneig at 7:0ii Si'IToitihuonte ujct Ont omeTlt
ttuIto%%tilt i e tttobyRmtittorIateo Ioo
il pogra01 Sleoitosillbeg II
tt ito sing. ' I' i ilhe tohir tlcturiio
bI g'iven under ie upices'Iittof te Catlt
The nxstails loei ".at alt <Cas
tll ANgeol Iihll onI roll 7 I 1
W toloCwill thou spoah oite til-11
Itt "PeoN:lMaruiett." lilt iterst0
hasi bolt mnifttein th Iis'.itrstig1
anditilstructive i ltoteto oro.byg to stn- I
dentus 'andolg'.(101al publi, anttile.ltort-
1(11111lootctur'.slit '.splokento lrg
utluoto 1'
Presentations of Greet Players Con-
firm Impressions of Former v
Visits to Ann Arbor. s
"'TheoMerchat tllof Voic" andil"Miac-
both" (0000 produced01itothoElibethan
muanuerin UnCiversitIthll yeserday1
afternooni((tanddniglt blitheoGret pay-1
erto'e1aud0ince0s authtim1es00fairly tI
tsigthItosoo'thg 0pactyoh t fho' 1a111
The oalpblicow'tu'.twht Mr. a
1 rio 1(10ens hiytOlieli itothanu n 11(-c
n, witht e1(1i0511o1(1'.of ie.teot auth
with ilntochatite f scenebo'heuotist noit-
ualo playso uf RI uit tiulutoidenlag 11010
preshntedin1tottrntrtyiand as schlt
they 11111alntg smotohli itntswifitly,I
the. comtplete to '1r-trutiitghlycothret,
qaeyboughtuotut. heuu mertthen'1,10
f te(.1011tttioluiesa'eruotothat siceo
11.11in contduiutis f hElzthii'sday. theI
00111dtioofit t4hots condittiosheto
brng ((ilu.t ;ideut. hoIo1admirbly tthethu
playus'Iarehfitod to tdo tage1111 10clary
dostated1 in (slterhay'.perofrm-
ITeose, uoderly isequencitoofth
Ipsde fte lays'.s p.esno'oteduIys'-
totdl"y i 'pr oild 'tiitoureofhit 1110111110
pictorialoodipayheightendialltinhe m11(1
desrputui 1witchiso auntdtauntlly'def~io'
thoveutmtontwiled onj uctitoniwit-jl
nndec 111(1 I' radingsof t hio:actr
a n ituouel toeuisimpetone iof titwotle.
It w uttul funprtite0 tious'.,11totrnitdii
1101 sacrificed for ithclear eulutontof
CII evebappeang o it thuei ubatoig
theprntdprgm;attempt(11101 iing ofivetno
Fihs hey uipronotouncedtihoil inhes itelli-
gen0tly, ov'.habot ih ai i on,1('Illd'
sltIthiingnIan eveCaditel lientsper
1, Ann Arbor may1 h(ve1caubise or ont--
gratlai tiontif0rturht eggmetstoiti f r.
(tot Gree 111Ot~ tscm a escurolr tho
toeat futureo
Nh 11 -11 'IIhONIRI(
Nfih 1111ou1((111ritynill rin' its flst
1. itt-t itilioni 1(10ntet fll Ilho is Cly
tin I 'rger iof BuileChMotilbrhthbrofut
tMclo h Ire, r adua''u 50111'te' of '03
Cikoe- 1(001e((''10 a1Cii Pi 1and1his.
bher ltICliytn asill the ity urlst
totweoh'.ttgtot t toChi i hoItutse 111e
tatoil his. intienitin futetrng cotllg'
111x1 )'ar.

Claytaon Large)' iniirted luable(ti
m- iintg- properwty in IButte, wnhicht he suiol
ashort ille 0g0 for $3,0ooooo.

No stuet indr.
tfag is tot h ow
,oi(1an iiarduhat1thh ll
11.-utHati lon
1t '.n(going hto .00
lesaute buoo101(0e
itiusmll Cliii force1
hluuuug 111nor tueotts
to, will hItol-t tlo
believe th t it (ue
It way rumored bth;01
whiat hus ag. In eof
Hamuilutn siilthatI
iit iill hu enfotureo
hingt ivestigttI
tutu bo'osiillue e
as11'.'.sibeC oe-ill
r to t' rgulhhi
'he 'ordiancett pa11,
11101lst intr uIt
po isinstltro''it
Ni'io minorudr
age0 (10 any) suuhoit 1
toendihg aniiiubichlopt
pace where' c aruor
payedl.or ii any)ho
(1r inantildanctiro tutu
ing alley,)andthe (t
orto (lst''.thaniitnlt
']to effecsoot.ttth
onlt' funulerity sti
Theo bilioiltll in
ouampuusof twhith thu
I 11)5OUDID1(
CWhenoPre1idt subA
tbstmonyo 1eseb)
sbs heton1orsai
thue bauhqutbandit
hr-iu"enhoth.Cigll wa1
H-Ira(ldhi. iTus our
hie rgarddin ites
venerion and((h11(11d111(
lhe west.
Iis tio oat hr. At
leotght utunthe oii
whn'h e b'cbollg nu
fil f nuen. 'lThe hi
uiverit Itoe sr
offor 1 ts o anoble
ibl. hougt buttfI
lie to loutratiux foi
Ito uliecol ttethi
not neco''sshariy' on II
burrsonsoo migt i lll
'he snour au'pa
ticipiatig. ITe too
w00e exellet: TI
looukhfowadl to m

I April Pooh port)'


RCIS. 1) Pass Decided Resolutions Back-
INSTSALONS ig Student Council's Attitude
twetone 1(10e0ars -Meetings of Underclassmen
hubt freuet sal;'.1to be Held Monday.
t(ula 111iii t wn y A obushteisive 111111signifihcanbt Itioi
101s01akbnFriay ightby te sopho-
Sthat lllbison011o1100engineersO a t their 011100subanquet
enorcod so f-toa 't'. h le CookH fouse. OC. und Itilred 0110
01(11 enforcelthemi"nighit studets 10000prsentinctltdig
airily he inwpro-h"tieiost aggressive anttd 1representativ
fstfrom freuquentting mtembulers of thecloss. 1110) doclrd
Isho'.ling taleys'.abtouitely against hali-uttingtbohos fob-
Is rigidly-s possi- lowtig toreooienieuiton oftho Stu
tire 11a) rom dbt Coutntuol ii ht mtter.
ti. - Teir paretsti. Iosie'. Rowe,-c tne offle maisays
y 11001dthugtub I of ble vrsity 101(10ctthsolthe move
r Iuytoh)' othu t huerhutuatnulhe was cosly sonodeld by
(oy" Grabhm, of the tirsit foothll
hat thu ar il1-(111. Iis15said11thtoAsitnttDean
oefore iiaitohuhlaiiDav'. wasdenthusiatictovuert Rowe
on keeproti'.frot 10 1101 h tuaudthuat theo hot of ghodbfeeling
tudtuo 11miiabtrphiteoubhtweontheto tuents and (le
,ard1 toi this NasirrepIesouthativeo'.of (le fclotuyowho were
he di nkoiu ihCitw hpro'ent.heblengbineeirslfully exect that
It a1l1w. Ifthelure thu sophlihts will stppott hemoin heir
It' e stid.[1anoactonbotatnothuat halor-cutting will go for
ito maitter i'ithi (le good.l -t 'all)r0t(, he sphoetgier
'0)' 11(1 ou thblesta- areone1111 it111it fuorr, ac'o'trding' to
uforcedl 's sttothior1resolution1111.
aitttiitOini at day Intrvieows'.otn0b1)'tho Sthilenti
toos rhicohilltIhe Conililfromitrei'duetttAntgell, Dean
Cooley sach Rep J I.Bal soingtth le
soil hi''y bhheis iastrouscsequence it 110oi ur-uting
icthble may~'o i 11010e owerfulb argumtsitittcohneting
ltins thurfolowing11(thei enginter.ITherititites atdlr000-
btitols ofto metiotng floloinifulll:
seventeenl iy10a100of AnAt rCuhuthMich. 23 19o.
wliiis moinuoruati Ani proptut meebi liOtig ftblueoas
pruvat ber0palbrohalh oalledl byiPe'.identt1Balinu hring (le
cni 00(1mttuinisty olass hattqut lbtteCobl:I rouus.
r 11100 gams arres~Iolbidt statoobthutithio tpuritse of
to roomor stoitoontheduotueeingowiito dsuso11101dt te
150s 01101 coce tiloon, 01(i0ni regr ti rprl101(1th itherhiir
lliarud Iallob o l-uttcIutitig war10thiiscomtintg sitnag
pituushuuet i xed '.lIMbovlteo by C. B Sbeytband 00siconde
or tt morethuait$10 itbyCCW I)D.raham, thuat to outinoring
dayhor mttioe than cassof igod Unvitof NMigan
t bothu. . suport theuactonthetu S tu ht C1100
ct(Ii'ii e pruoosed (,itthtduabolilhiutr-uthtin'' ini(liefuture
iahng s blur imaii Notdiscussion; motitionicarridunan-iot
tudenouts'are mliinrs. iiously
tie siitybut)ofitioe Ciovdh by A SKurkji tubdsond-i
000e 1(01'lie ill u11Ito'011thuatthblesreotsryhointuotd t
ths ubblihitheinuute, togotuet wh anou
atile esplininug thomrn11Thle Mich
HEbSELIN ga15 aily)1.
[NC iDl'.AC\'f5 lb I meC dmiotuhto btmotiooudo by CP
- Sanlehr(tht screaryo)eitutototoIt
ACngellb o-tas aguet publish lsouto brtlo atdminteini
ot he r0c010e1ntuithe(itoNchgan sAltunus'.tatuthe gner
ssb o'uhrtsr stdp11000 ho s pssbo. Ami-edmet
iwaos tubaid imiei-oseced;obamtedmeint c athrsub.Moio
001(110ntitionedb i arried Adjutrient.
ble lorst s'.kebot F i 1ratk JIBush, Screary
vas0 choseni fr thos AtintAror, Mch.,e. 24, 19o6.
thebrnotediobso of Tohe Mihignt Daiy 11(0de Sbudent
ly a Itoge cut( of Body:I
ts rte ut the Browntyi 's we hvta n((hll atimtpotntte101
presitdenten'. to to~wards the aoishmnt of a tite-uoi
liot ti-tilt(hes-ito'oretd colege istittiob.no'eiish to x--
ititini thati' isiin ouriiiacttionuba1(101tho' cuse (f th'
saoetinutes y giving soeimpii~otatt
igell odtwetltt odawhicbih aive bhootlubgt to ottr
huh 1111'.y I atiowtiti loic.
tiitlOrt bit a5hsill Duing his btoast, FidayblOevening.
esent sucs'. of tho Floyd A. Rowe brouhtl fori the lots
thel ao dueo to t ivwichtresulel it 000 atonu.
bodyot'ufhtofesosl'. Moi.Rowe stid: A fe'.rday0s ago Mr.
Pewin in t uber, lib1 Crahamt, nyself,111(11otlers 11100 stin-
he futute0 Ii out'. oneto t h0 le Cihigama roos by thio
to thath t in iiit s StuitetitCounil 1and1 iieroe 111ttoogh
toe hill bitttiwhrota soy thorwoghl tivo-hourinitteview ill
ppen to) lie gathered.h nogaol to hali-outing. inispstie of their
-tlog udisussitiu, I 1w110not ipresed by
N- any of therreions bth.fr tie aoishment
CI) TIl'Cn1511 VI S of ble utomtli exeptig this otie fobt:
-It s statet b)'a ctouniblO eibr hat
)arty' n's'a ,'.e-' 11aisr-utltig hurt teun tivrsity blown at
t eightycouptlle'. par- Lasinig.
510c anid refreshmtents Bit0gixoohiimpreisetd by ths fob.
'e isame"oh'.'. 110w I resolved to look into the mate.I
maings heir mOltoab caled oI wo mentbers of the couci andh

sur~pass all previotui aiked (tem for loots 10osupport the an-
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