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February 13, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-02-13

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The Michigan Daily


ANN ARBOR, lMICI-UIG \N, TU'ESDAY. F l'')Z.VU.RY 13. 190o6.

i O1wn' close upon the heecsof the olowi((1 n this selection thelmnolin ((01 enthusiastically applau((ded. 'hlOwas 'Imer(00(1(14 an1d1 exceti ona lly
1(111 cubper 10(110011 10011ane((0 teclbgaetheo Pt tich fr omoSuiteOp.1 wort:(If the lmandollin l(ub1 was ( evi-01charmng.( Nlr. DIickey dep1icte'd several
1)0 Conerib te usca1cub. 1,3. yFazLchnler.(1de1t1y apprec0iated1to thle fullest extnt. lays ' (f te tge, and(1represent1101)
\l o (("(i "(f(harig te( ubattheir(lFllall 11(001111f1n w 1110he1wor1of Food T11(0selections(, "mr'' tol"A1011(l 1(11 -cres 1in 'societycomeody, Raymlond
1 r Teirr((ing,11(1mpre1s1sill made pNwo n, (0011 ill a histlinlg 'eleon.lolt 1-to Plogic Strings'' and(1till' 'Danceo' f thei tchcock in lghtl o1pera, a1 sce110fromo
thirheres nSaturday(10 010(1(1g' 0011111as e111h(s1astic'ally e01ord.hFteOen-Skeleons achl 1(11 hearty lapprol t.3J(1i(s'Cae(0"'is t5 ra~gedy, ((11(1a1thil-
cart was manl~lfoelt"at0variousIparts o01cores(were01 ec(((((loot he 11g'lee 01111b'alndttill'm111011eIlauded(11ill 0 gratify- ing ni" ((101o'(I(. VWith( 1110a((55s1a1100of
the0 progr11m((1(11nIthe entert1a11100)1100 quariltet,1(11composItof Moors 110011'111ingl1manner001(10 their effoots. -'About 'Ralph tKauffmn( and(11N 'alter Booker,
called back01.f1r encore1after01encore.0 101110011Green la1101Sm11111 1110glee forty-ive 111011partlipatedlin h rglale e iitary004(10 drama' 111(0)'(001(, a1 500110from
((((niv15 11(1hll(was (l flled(1101v0001club1a11(e0a(ld 11(0 in "Laudels '119110 programl. "h1( 100(1o0(1a) WestenOort410," which
to (1the b 1(011( 0100 --lI0"'wentelone 11bga.Carmina1111 '1110Negro Love Son~g,'11101 Paul Diokey's ''stage 11(11,' wichr-ahi~ 000 11li1ling and amusinlg to an1 1unusual
The) 10101(11ub 1 (1(11)p110(1111in11M1011 110e011(s(11 numbelt~rSon~gs(If -PIlohigal ceiveol 5(1c11favorale es0( notices (1110d(1re1.0 T11enteta~inment ll trou(ghlout
(iIIn' s1(1ng. "Tile 1101(1w (1111hlB111(10 1vIryseleion wa V s Iwarm~ly 00011eildilng 1110 0000111 0o10e1t1(1110of 1the clu1bs, (1.10a 1(1111o(n1100(1uc(ce0s.

Comnmittee's Highest Hopes Were 1e01ect 0(10110t101m1s11a1111/g1niz1tions
Realized - Reception Concert play(pd11thlprogram(If ffy-fotuo dances0
WaaPleasing Innovation. (11111h 111(11h1an1d01im 1011011 001111 110
____beresiste(1 Soev00al1n1101011100 11010ill
''ll( sa 1(hat11 1 907 3111n1011(1111op 1 was 0tro '1110 "The loc 11(1and 0 theCock,
a1 huge4 ((100055, wol'd stat1 ing ( t"e111 'P \e 11(111 (11(1dbthe "Coivl 6of 1th0
"h1(011 v rtisic",werhear, w''000Ano1h10 (1ll(oile1(1(1(1ncthetcom
(110 exc~laaio(((11(1 agreO11ab llsupis11011111100 ellno]1110d 1111111in 0.111th11011
(0a1. w1ll00apprec("iatd.Nev1)1 n ya1s) ut(1001(0y unchw(111100ien an
was made of yellow 1(11(0b1u(1hunt1ng110leasing inovaOOtionl. It servedtto Oel-
gilv' t1(e1(1om1 1111 (1p1e0ara(110 1f1an1 so1 tedtiousI, '11111at t110 (0111 11(00 it
(111(110(1501e(11. 11(e effect1was.v(015strik- 1mad(e0 thingslllore' 1110a5(1111for' 111011(1d1-
ing(h. 11ea(1bei(n111furthered by 10 havng ence1'n 101(0gallery.
the(1 bunt1i1g extend1(1over1 (1011110(1n \lThe grand1110 1110 1started5101010b111
1tracl1<5to011h11walls andill(then1 d1ap1e(.111s (1111i0cle100asoun (1101111ro3111101t1l0(t
r111(rea(ts. 01( 115101(1nTversity11 5 1 Com111111 111110 sc5o redllOI
by 'Iade1110 io wic110h1110,111t(h11101 01( Caswl Anglall, cSasdatewrkof
(011aboryewatalolstful. Tlhs 11010(0awy E1very1 seintye11 h111 s101(11114 c0110eo
hoi10 the1harsh cont1(001101 ween5the whery ndCand. iss P-lasay tonaspremlim
gily decked1 hall. 0 111001an141the5111rteWI ateaditon1110r110e1.tAlls1110t01110
Thi rodwaonentelrges(01111'11100111 t ling lTh etvdulerithsa othexcelrius
the fisollr y o te fmos eentbtasch emer, ofithegcasltereyhiighlyaptpr11-
wa1if0011s 111 00100111 100ofte acesthtthrOcale EspialOlyfthe owas hlleatttrk of
10111011y1)111le0confusio1110111011floreas , gtheaul11'Dwke 11in1te.ladn0. leo

Over 800 Are Handed Out in Dean
Cooley's Department-Two Men
Forced Out of Athletics.
Inte1 nieeig at ment(110011 l tl0I10~ here
a111(1 on0101th(I(us 1(010 unjust. 1('Th1se
11111ed 0 a100 m111 , 00a,'(anty11(11(10111
arkland ar'100struling''in the0'mi111
Choest10 110the 11101(dent 1110h(1011101-
1110111who did not1receive1(0a10(11o11tile,
1ea1 ' offic1( e,10 a(111b1g1 11(1s 110 '(1(10e'( in
1110 01010engineering depal'rmentill 00-
11001001to hv i h a(0 t Il 1 C( orn(101lnwould(
.Students have1110ll1f11111,1by 11(1lessn of
11e1ng4 rapid(ly 0)11(01e 1111(1olfect. Itis
strulggler or know1ledg'e0l"to the 0re1liza-
Eve lol w 11(1 y 11100 be' 1(0 kin0ll the10r1
trunks. S'e01n1(1s, too,11000011(11t1(111(1110
and1( 1ot111fe ands have011(1e110(1s11a(11(0(
awa '( '1151's(t110y were being stretched~
100111 1010the 4gr0sp at 0111p(11m1s. "Ge-
he lmellt FP Clli, printoo, havoi lac-
wonI 1110 0(11r00001(1folr1110 11111101115.
'he1s0om01(11111 as'1110 bu1s01ve11th
1aw1, 11111in 1111s departmentll1t1111 111
111100z1111hls an11inky iblackneOss 011101
giv'es shivers 101 1110vertebraofI01the
Blackstonians. 'T'heorepot111 the first
50111051005 work shows a tendencly 11n
every department on the campusl1to0do-
mnd a higher standard of work in all

0(1(11(00 '111011010w0requirements1, 111011
11e11(ve,11m1y1(0 1tr(0011to 1110 rapidll
''1(w1111i 1(1(11101(11 111the unversity.-
It seems to 110the olc1(1(o'f(th110'fa101111
tha A ihi0 n mst eepapaeo n sch01o110 115011-
'Cl (P1)1'' 4", 3111SF
1(e1 0g(1(i(f(1(1(1(11 1(0111 p leasuesIf the
fetiite whe1( n s1he (11 loft Annl'Arborl'by
'k inge' reslf'(a((10111(10111r(110e1t11t1the
0(1(00 dits ofot1e11(11)1 er,(tO he110f1(1)011(
blnc "1(00 e lo 1(0(1(11 e(0sclf'o a111(11110
1(0d was(1 a1 strkill"featu~reo(f 111e 11111-
1(01 It at once0popularized t1/ile n 0i(e'lll0
1(100/fto(11(111all tohy raternity h o.s
breezyl 1111111 sto ((((1(1yNW illmflI
Iul J.Il F1e0(1 P (((1l0Iff a(d11( ba~Ira
O)11101c010111fea(1(11s1 (1010a1cartoonl
be p1(7y(1 in 11(0 11(1110,(111d 1110view (If
th gam"'elI0'' (((1 by(1 s7o(0110a10playedl
now,11and an (1i1111(11a(1(11111 1110Ypsi1 yell.
117 Cli 1(10110l
'Managing t'ditor oAlleof 11t1e0 M0101-
igil"lil 1 til(0luil05111111all (0n100 pic-
tires foi the0 s1111(o 1(1n111(11mu)11(1110ti
tis weeko. laws and11engineer0s will 1)0
410011 11nti1 Wednelsdlay to get their pic-
tureOs in, while the its and medics have
until Thursday.

No. 2.
=acuity Coach Resolution Laid On
Table--Three Year Rue Not
to be Retroactive.
PCiti t' exception111f1the o' uin
proiigf tatt ('aches0110m (001'be 1.facu l
(ebes0 t tehl1e)5( recomendions of1(11'the(1
Chicao fooball onfeenc llere aopte
b'IiI'h f(Univers 1111ity Snti'to'i' eetig
held Monda n''I0light1. 1,e11u110y1(. Itnblas
'fooldent( mayl osatI' cipa110 te1)in1(ath1
letics ~lfor 0more0tha iiihiee1(0 arssoldr5
Io 00010 retr ~ foaiv. i-, (11by ( 0110a 01111-
wone fort d.tioeshoab11110h foiod
(10l aleters. buwil a)resbolt in tlo0h11
1(10c ws elos0thng oil1 o 0101110 101
li nake hthrte action of ttcSi 1 ~0l 10hy
Pocresentio o te14 be011tha
Ite oneec wasvld (11110(110 tes00-
i.en tAloetra repuoled that RueU
"o ftioer cinwl ae.ni
I. Asie orts00from0Ill hof the 111on-
fernc colleg1)21stas thartctionllo(1011e11
senaes,"hel e p tnled.ra"Ther'e, 111(11tie
no00reports. Ili'shll 11101111nt1in01the eawt
thategtof 1ti(1114at10least.0"17
Th le oloiiltheof(iciliep 10000
PresIident ngell
Itwslvoted tapp110tof tirecoi-
mendailltionls of the Chco onferen-e0i11
with1the1follwith g(lo ifi0catfrofmhs:
11.1 Itwas111r1111m11e(1dedi 10at11Rule sDh
foreic for0l mor17eI l10than01 thre yeas in1
Als reo mmended11 1 10 that the phralIs
ile 1 )2,lt hat (I("p1a111ticiation swill) te
dergoraute"osllofm01)00 aperOsilonwas
Resohevfol latinthesolutionsiwrei-
110111veesThmatle to othe fcom- o
11) footbfall1coacoeidoge n111011101b000
pesigith ai oahslofobal
Ruleat 2wedontfavrrte tenlthue ohovo
yitersbinthe caggreaondwhichprie-
The cacin of tembeiao101111nstua-
Yiolstafisbeosehe rebelolieorat p1r our
earsonmoe, tatlwdthtr001olieporos
Bhearlslot Sf all pidoahw i110thllthel
coope l~raitin ol1o thluietisitioxt,7000
willcgiverehis collrs n1(forutiron-o
years001in the0aggregate,11ndtheat1pa1tici-

where he 0011 11(0 a15ilblustrationlithe
Steariiscollectiont of instrumelints. This
collection1 of archaic 1instruments11is5o00
of thte10011 conmprehensive iii the con-
try 0a11d sill afford a unliquel0suleeint
to the lectures on the developmoent of
musical instruments.

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