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January 18, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-18

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r mtc14tAN 1)ATL Y

I The largest stock in
the City of exclusive
I styles in Woolens for
j Gentlemen wear. Of
high-class fabrics and
special style for eta-
0. H. Wild Co.
311 S. State St.

Arbo s asssS A ii ssttes 's
Pubished daily(Moneday s cetsrt)sisrisg
th oleeyar, at st7 test \t'cigt ont
strset. Bell phoes8g2. Homste phoe76s.
Mansaging Editor, CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS
Athetics ..........Claencse E. Eldritdge
Newss...... st.....ois D. Stickney
1 xh es.......C arles tE- \Vittstead
N itt............. A. 11. Ortimeyr
\Vomen ........ Efe J. Armsstrong
ttttgttAlleni Franklis C. Paeks
Artthur C. t'ounds
Geortee..Otstborn teattld C. Semith
1. arl tgle, Jr. GesrgerA. Bires
Ferrs N. Stsith tFrask 5. Clerk
libt sI. Ctettcy tenty . . lsietstenst
1t. t. Stevensosts Shlter Istenebseet
ttetns1) trly tJthnttF. Wuts
ttss V. 1,t11 tFloydt t1. Jotnes
RATES: $l.ss err yer, er $2.00 i peid in
Address WALTER R. HANS' Business
Manager, 236 S. 12th St., Phone 849 L.
slt- oay ( I1'll. WURliI
Itsl N -1 cintstast \Ic.\illsts itssll ( :_
p.11 [,asit. , Lssststcc I till. .)r.
Jant NI8 1 1si(dtCht-alIUntissts ncrt
i s-ttsr, t ive-s-its tall. N1). 11
11t<l111. Ma lli-Se's
tSt'si-'.5555delmle. X11011"all s. hit- 1t

Whether ytout go ouit for
the track teaims or nto
yott'll suettlytnred good
Gym Shoes
Gym Shirts
Gym Pants
Elastic Bandages
ansd the like, and wtthen
voun ieedi themyott'1l
finislatgood 'sclection
Sheehan & Co.I
Students' Bookstore
Football Pillow
$1.50 I
224-226 S. State St

co its ttts e ii s exatlatitt S h l dts i
he. oliicsof te srt n e i ts-ce tt-
clas ands tiattsi letis areiitintireltty
in ld m n it tttttsst it tsiitirs.. ier
is sict- S t's it it ts ioi-itsofilmvit hasrt
ju ge 5li id o tot tiritatsk it-separed
cls olr, te frshmanstiislit,shSte d
cha sisss.htth-efcoiagetoftteir on
ill 'MEIDf1iO IAiLs i1,11OIT
Artihurt C. Cttush. i. \iA. . 1D.,
sit sissis), s essitsas iif t' s iii spric s sl-
srsifits it's'sgitn-the stmed ii-c i-
lit I iofthttsis un tiivehstst
Sit is iDistaasit
tDsi iitss-. s ot prfs rin ll-
t s I.sit ttsits on o , n ir e s welljti
rc i lt ds oneItissof the mst popustslst
I'l t newt eii55s55' 5 it5necessitated stby
il,,secttseision sosf tiissi tttttes
s'is-r iis-is hi1i ttssnd sessst lltitttlhit
it inte .tbject dasint hett t sit tw liat s .s
Numru chas-stenge sas inthSits st hatsbee
ma e, tle che fatrs r e (t'1sithiet
ac5tionitof ichloroformsttti,ntdltiechane o
viwsntei stttt regatcirdsioStiisssd
\\ iii . (F ALITER. kV iGiNI tf
iat ho tieisit-s iets tttts iflitrr s tl
sitssheitis iftthetUnivtrsity,"ii hich is
It,, sssstibttst o eilt its ct rbcr s Nt ewis
I ctri is- ite tsdsofst e S its t-u
used it s- iterary giri sithit h
idas it'ststituts-icl o e i trt u
the unletterd tttpo smsde it rsati"oe
At atsstttetetin - sitthe-'to-engineitg
st t ii --trta c tFir, l~stu si I cii
it s P , \i --rr-. sis-tttti-- I. t er, ttt
Colr .Hacsi ttt ritstts its itsRonti l.sr e ll -
1 i i s isLathroi t uariti.isetsst is lk
-steca licIines- ithUi rsti~itt hos-
pital stt rettsignd04itttosition s ts tai
been ltsttrutorin Rush Meiclsicleae


tttts cotttinuttt r t sasidii-stastilttheirie
155-re ftyt-ilyeS mtntin thes issIf antd
fosrr- se.i iiinte stislse .Captasit' Ra-itey
lel hi.istittunch t sily t ui aslf .-and tse
itt-srvet's-s i ast fotrtti everis h
iesto ise atsstsstmfortabless-jos
to theit uastlt-ti ~ tlsuad a st t wotssi
Worisriitstheits hersissisi trttuets lis
ntt prosareeds uffttticientty s et , sto i ts
5551 lists- sitlit tthe m ti. Ioi eviici s ev-it
eral ine limtn sri- dosigsoers i veit- fest.
sigsh ties Cotn-sisetly ilthe h l
CC IJ ii - I, t 1)1,CC-- M.IN
PiAt (IN ::IIiI IGCN-\ '1i ac ii
"[f iitha tT islt fresliststu Iissttsstt
play s tstopr fori C i cago. 1'111 going
l ol ltio itoT e D ily liti ghsit. "I -
sptiye stoite '-Angola I tstatm stnd 1if ta
st makttett lsliitpt oess iat l. plaingus
si th li aickson t am doesnttslits ctt my
Ito -u r eis tttt tt -iittltta I'mi ts
<lt itilt 5eas ittltott555 justt ea, good '
pl ste s and equallyis eigilte.
intercollegiate Notes.
itsbad f rets of St i sclsl
hasst its itt ite aci tntftitte Its1.C
ticlty in titt stst i' 1- sahlst i tsstota olsh
fot al forit twot vet sitis-iet rIst
Prof. ssssstsis. l1. st llosis iketsheadri of
the departienttoftic ceicc tei c cst ts
No tw Cestrn usi sistt, s b elect
eisto t c hlist oflitttiti iss- ts-e li.C s-t
Colui a He wss i i ll'stak hs oka
th slts e intitto lc\ al
Ie ftheIlls atvtt tl t ics tS tsslcitili
til asrecesdtt it sth te N vt t hor-
theitplace-i-fortt siNold istheC stttA my-
Yalite it ss is stt & itrntal stul ses o t
still o t hess-td irtcs i-t isde ityof Itootbs-
rformt advss-ocatt ste byfc lt y member.
IIhtshig ts s srtough it w rdCiis
termed reform of thegait t sef h
other ieform of Wttri Casf ills l
tiii te h lgs ttdttocatett talrtsCarieic-out
uous tttlleg e ot.y t51~ll - sttss
itsactingty slint Harit yIs Pfi t tJ s oniss
\ II rcrse ittilissit. isut it Is t atti t hes
ie c h ll 55 m515 -1 It .tti isti. C stis-i-


'l .\NciC $~I Siltit'ii, iI, (iC

We hatve purchased a limitled
nttmber of copies of the
Mi chiganensi an and are sell-
ing theltei1
Exactly Half Price
Fully half of the pturchase is
already sold. Sixty copies
sold Saturdlay alone. Get a
copy while they last!
Calendar of Events
We still have left a few of
our Art Calendar of Events
antI are now sacrificing their
for the sake-of closing thien
otut at only
10c, Each
Other Art Goods 1=2 Price
The Bookstore that's never Un-
Jlust Received
Phone 761
325 S. Slate Street, 2d Fitter
Ass Arbor, Mich.

la..1 A I titlSto15 , harp-sti chlii
l in.2-i A I iiliia r tictal. cnit sti Of
litramtitsrsititl. s-s.CWatlso-iC-
ilteuiestill. Whtietereii
m te pamo a thglryinatiached t
debatestlt Sthereits bta-hlititte if
it th eaeswiiftlt- s muicthon-
of~ siac titu lt sl thel fte
iofiet tlt theytilt litocreit t A
TheIDaily is gladtto iisic tuhat15'pea1u1
smdit ii- jtiairs-is-i- at mius quani tityt

He that Loves
a rosy cheek and a soft, smooth
face uses nothing but the old

colege sp ts"i tittls

(sit- O stse


Announcement of the
Students' Lecture .Association
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906
JeroluelK. Jerome
Chas. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riffs - . - Jan. i6
F. Hiopkinson Smith
Lorado Taft -- Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman - . . far. __
SOUSA'S BAND - - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers May 2
Oratorical Contest -
Open Number -__--
Ticketsfor the Entire Couxrse - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L.. A. Oflice. or lfrm Stusdent Sellers
Seats reserved-SO Cents Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hail, beginning October 30
SINGLE~ ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. P1osm* 552
% Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday exceptec

Every Man
in the University could be supplied with hosiery from
what is now in stock at the Co-Op. There is not
one man who cannot find the style to suit his taste,
and his pocket-book.
We have very moderate priced ldose in every dis-
tinctive style. Black, Gray, Tan, Split-foot, Shaw-
knit; Imported Fancy Patterns. In Cashmere, we
have hose at 25 cents that is all a man can want.
In Imported Lisle we carry the finest weaves, a
pleasure to handle.
Try one pair. It won't cost vou musch, and it is
worth while.
At the Co-Op.

oinnsNorth 9:03 . in.tand 4:3 p..
Goiung Soth7:20a.in.. 11:3 ins. andi7:51lps.n
.I. J. KIRBY, v. r. 'WILLS,
Gent1 Pass. Agent. Agent.
Toledos, Ohts Ann Arbor Mlick
Brll plkone 135ler Hoerphote698
n7The Piagara Falla srts
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Through Trains East-8.18 a. in., 2.40.;p. in.,
4.55 p. ms., 9.30 p. a. 11.05 p. ai.
Locals East-6.05 a. in., *11.101a. i., '4.05 pie.,
*8.36 p.in
Throogh Trains West-2.07 a an,, 7.58O a. in.,
9.18a. in., 2.33 p. an.10,2f p. an.
Locals West-n2a.am., '8.28 a an., 01.60 p.
in., *el0p,n.
Connrctonss at Chicago for 5t. Lsuis
Kansas City and tiee West.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor





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