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January 14, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-14

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The largest stock in
the City of exclusive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear. Of
I high-class fabrics and
special style for stu-
I0. H. Wild Co.
311 S. State at.
Trcmont 13od, white ad2
blue, pr lb. _____ Y
Sheehan 13od, a ine grade of
fond paper, folded shotq
latest fahionable. sz.-i. LiJ
Envelopes to match per pkiOC.
Hars eHolland Lineon,1r
gandie tinish, wit and 9 n
b)1ue, per lb. Js U
E nvelops o it sqareoflap IF p
per package _--- 1
Olde. Am-trd rm Linen fine O-
gande fins-liLists, so whit.
aid blue shadscpei flg
1Envelobes t msatch pr pg, 15c
I scoldliss rettrz ti li /
Sheehan & Co.
Students' Bookstore
Money Loaned
On Watches, Diamonds or other
personal property.
Watches and Jewelry repaired-
Bargains in Watches & Diamonds
Office at residence 331 E. Lierty S1
Ann Aror.
Hous:s8 t 11:30a. e.,isto 3:30ind 7ito
9P.- Mr

inred as5 scnd classsttrcaistriscn5i
crisi ised dasiy=c(Mondas eccpied) during
tisesnceer, cat.117ristr Wrasingtons
strees. Bel5lichone89. flrre phoner 7i.
Managing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager, WALTER E. HANS
Aihleticse........ClarecceEf. Elidridge
ies'............Locis1D. Sticknsy
Eliichags...... CharlsrE. Winsriad
Musici.........A. H. Orticeyer
Womn .............iEffie J. Armstronsg
Huch AlleniFranskiin C. Parks
Arthuc C. Pound.
Gercer A. Oesbn Harrold C. Semith
J. EarlOgle, Jr. Gecges A. Sirnes:
F~eriseN. Smsiths Frack J. Clark
Roberti155. Claccy Hecry A. Montgoeiry
Di. F'. Stevsonr WaltersscMeteebeese
Glenn Di Brdley iJoniF. Wurz
icy V. Lcll Lloydi H. Jonse
RATES, $2.5i per pyer r. c$i.eiipsid ie
Address: WALTEE E. HANS' Business
Manager, 236 S. 12th SL., Phoene 849 L
St Nl ON. J ONtOP. Y id. uset.
Edioro li -FIORRIS N. SM!ITh1.
J,11. 1ii itoosiilsosseeing a t \ls.5sill,iic
all.:01).n1. ii
ti, ol sesat ieberr sil,1 4 p. Ill-
Jan 1;. Sale8,oI sceasisIfor e Mcii Fec-
is I cibrains atciii.Choiic ofc
sctsi N-be 1,1 1 111i51 cccei liii
Sel]- cas lciliiiiiiii Room
C, ci is-sici I111 sti:5ll . Il4
l?1i1xrn sciail -i'1) oparty e
ii I.ChemialiCiiiiwiiii Root;
203,cis-slsi isyabortoes--c p.Iill.iri
lMi isSssders sill spis ocolg
Ja .I j iii ii (riii) Irecitlc byis I lasso
isis od is Uncis iver~iisityScioi o
1 1ll, 4s :3 o0 isV. iI ll. iiss. lics
Tau. l(8,-Thir sCoa nsi onet
so recial y Gorg Iaclul 555

setbai~c11y te rusa-cl iof tis engiersr
ofi Dr. Eiasa. Teosgissers, iii iudge
from teopinosixpresedin istieir
beoset-heyi didt rssdcciii aipitiing
f asy indisilaiingsem101 oial . Airisc
smeilitimeuctloe' ageoed thsai ssconbirsa-
11ion stof iilsenio lsfsi-a-wasdeirsihl.
'Theo laily- trsis al tils etack will
isit iso iaikos asrifialIi.ycishe ririme smc-
ers i thec omini oniii. A aisfaco-
lbas is oietlementiimay still ise racid
tiereoeianily number ofi swothy oijccs
toc ocnsidorasicp1osile juii n emoris
beflore te plani5iscdisissed asriutery-
fruitless. H1-fvr aoslersclsis arches;
tisroesrs'sscasy placs onsthie vsiy
camusswsereco sikitomnionrial soculd
beasoy fccoreser.
This is osly a sggcstions of thk ecrw
lines sial say ie folswed. Tie di-
cuseosill tc dit s seehotseffective ii
hinosgisig shesdifferost departentsiintil
ati least1smees ure5015150 ac cordi, sial
i wou11ldindieedlobe iso itfir)oisee0tho
plut ,givnc-iisnoNNis. .0lhttl iiif sie, siri
o gise-iscnd-tk, oigtl admisistiserocd,
nuvsi big utc' snorii ss'O o one Ol
Nvyofi) hinklisuntg. Tue jointmemrossils
suds.still is.esved.
Nowisthist tscill ini athlicactivlit-ies'
gis il.time o reflcde n tsis ast cc
sansrootinsg. Vie Dilsyis foed'
toadi thatsi no smalpors t aicosofiiuil
faiur toprpery uport wior t1eam5
xit our5111 voce'scca so illo ihelack fl
a 11su ccflii Niiciigissiyell. Teld~
". Of Al." sacnoti foc eoiugi to ie
R-ah" - isot animprovemient115'l . As more
than oe bsever h soeicit.eistreiiss'
on iihoe'1"llo"s c-intemrrnvsrssiont0is
milcedocl. Tills ondill 11111i the
hallstoflllwds-c-is toilpr1o-10
noucehoand111de0001.100ssuill rhosfeci
t11t15gat volii el 110f11sund iimpilo-
iiiiitcoil ees a n10e510rootig 3011
becfoe(le isak 'anilbasebal saonict
begi.i.AOsloganiia. iistinctiive cnd foo-
i1110 0-s00icclls,"IRcsi. Ra, Ra"
,)tiighlo ot hco m1111015ing5 bifoete is-
1101111111sof1110 sniorli'e11gieers
ini apprlovlinlg tlieaisof iia (ills mem-r
oria, b. ut crejcting the ecouussssesdsiic
of ills. commssittee s t hiat foiim tlict
memoal isholdltaiske is itypical of the
attitudelof sii ois-ciscaii departmenst.
Jasc Mcsian. o11110 chliligair fasu-
lili ha1lba0ck, schoi playdoilsit ico 1501
toeau, hs beehissr00elceio cllolacs rie
M\issour i uivsitcy5t'easi c.IiLeansra
had111p11110ckstoi ciMissouioinlstacountli
of ise scarciof matiiiri-oa,ancrirsev - os
serl yearc scias lossit-esaimisaligamettio1
ho Kasasnivtterosiy.
Among theuc membersiof tihrisc99 teasi
-ct Msichiigcanrsere: Cunnringhacsm, Sieg-
111111 c, Frice, Steckle Whie, McDon-
aldi, Cill, Stow, fStrot Ricardson,.
Kennacand'Sweelecy0001. It wss durig
(iis secsoss thact Wisconisi bat Mic-
igcsss Is a score of 17 toc5iin tie gamre'
played at ciiChicago.

FE NCRS .11 BfSY-.
The feicsore100lreoad' beginintoii
make repara115'tinsicfill'tieto tiiit'tstt iii
swhicht csill co silohiindoor catlitic ceil
cot ts rcping. Ystcerdacy Pesident
Ic'cr iii i slots' hsta(500ed tisev-i
linetorml and whi(1 lbhe is d iltt i e.10t1o
makelcosisy 1prediionlsihle togti tha1111
ai lessof thei shi11oild excetionaclitalesst.
All ofilaticecs3.1-tecahs, Scitic,.Gcidl
card ZMilter. aro backoic sollege. Mi.
Sada andil.\r. Gcasle are unsuallsiy 110-
ficiesr, acisi ansta udentl~sts hrcve deplored
tire fat thrct there was ointsercolegiate
fencing its whiilch a liichiganr temcsouldii
AtipresenIttere0 is 1111ucciorgarniza
ion, the old orgcaniations havisg guie
out of existence. Hfowever, there is a
mcvem'ent ott foul to formr a siss fec-
rg league. whisiohswill unsdubtedl it-
cudse this-Mishigani-stclii.
Intercollegiate Notes.-
hioec are003,3; studenoti.s enoslldl at
Corsilius-i ivsis ity. Thiis-.is a'incecs-
1f 151 sielstioyce.
iSasitics ho(hatts-muim ingth las
the advacembo ntsh ofh eduicatccion.iLelsasd
Stcanfiod Ianssusf.isit s it $,575,ccss
HaIrvrdosecondisit11111$ ,301',00'i and
Yale uthirs i scull$1,[101o.001
It is cl testha ict Nsrthwtiern ills i
cadositithei-gislisitss temlioffootallsliI
cocinug. Joe Huniller.suse usf tse greac-
pslla s-i's-it'n's otsut cthe(l.1cihllolli-.
insitutison, is illedof 51as illsiprobacbils.
cocih,csih"isie"sicFleasge-sansd iiascc
I. llien,. forscaptac~isof le Purple,
as ascistatcs. bcCrmicksth iis-s--si"-
coach,his-.csiisild frosmusfhhutalslfor
goosdi. cutchthi s'ion111111isisocsr
hacs bc-e-ntminer isu'sion11 siethesea-
Peaainacibeinmade 1111to'(maskcLi
thisiisit ind et o be isel-linusthu s't~ic
Rtegusimt iar'mo1ry its Philadelphliac, o
the oih sucs iof cs-hingtncussbIithday, thCe
iliarg (stomiss indcuss--isi
that ityoIln-. hutusacftcernoonstheuiddl
ctatec stus indo iterchlsic C' hs-is
shitps usill he fild.Isn the uc'eveSill
Ccrl o'scsia ssill msts-inoist00111 a
sile urey rac, -sndsialc inaits wo-msiles
reliyce. Itsadcituioin sthus-ce ccill b
cinumbeisr of ccvculs cciis s-trirs -cfroms
sdiffserent city cansd ste i'osganit11111
\'sicthwtso.ernscn5115 cthetic fedi sss-
theocacrlwhichs woniithe lg contference
seel1110 use Methuo itiersiy nsto
trite lire coiuci ofIlac sieetig lc
fell ito Northistesirn act this.-onfsrceuso
its Chicaio,-twcit chishesiepcirecsectaicvec
frcos aliithus-"Bilg Nisto"nirusitcies
scort prescnt. i-iThe ushethiss-.o110%,crs
scout heldh ston lss-arshl fels, a'situs al
Profsso.sr Scaggpuisi is Iidfosrsite
Uiversity of Chiscgo. sthe nwtoshcii
eic ieud is s ercly equIostipersl fsr
oucth rlelticconstci.si teco sice foil is
Nortwsiter. The dseicricIsote meeit
hasc luenst ifo itesic-iScsirdaysin
Junue, whchill ciiihesino 2,19o6.

1905 Michiganensians
Only $1.00
We hssave purchrased from
thse manragemsesst of thir 95
Miobigairensian o ve r 3 00
co p ies of this publication
which we will soil at
Exactly Half Price
You Want a Copy
Purchase at once, as the
demnid is sure to exceed the
The Bookstore that's never Un-


! I

- n -1~eaStlelharis., School
of Mhus hi8 s. l
t.1 c6A loatorcasl conllest of
thuI cuss'e u russo PResearc l ubll, its
Ro m s.la uiding, 8 -p. 1
D a ai reiaI, Os. ui~a-Ri ichi-
arsc Sastilh L iss-oill Angell sall.
Th0pantog iethe (cuOii 51v
wotseoruccssusiliiif ts'eoi goc rauatuciig
lh's c's,'purcs edou wnills thss- ombusinedt
sculissi fondsicNciascgiveout teporhcary

aeiuciarte tl Cisru cuserss shist
tire fabric:s cuiitire shrinkinrgic donsi
bsefosre. yotubuy1 use solila srsnt fter-
wrsi. Yu'slfridmusestilcandtilhss
onlry accuriato ie rrei 0Scsin Arrw
15cc each; 2 for 25c
at yeorhb-rdascher'c.
Cluett, Peabody ft? Co.
Largst iiakrs o C~l~kr
T.-e.t.irs Lne.'s-An.. Ar.bnr
Going Nosrthl9:05i.u i. ands4:35p. sm.
Goingf Souls 7:20 a.rn., 11:35ca.nm. and 7:51 p.
..1. KidI~iB'. W. T. WILLS,
Gen'l Pas.enit, Agent,
Toleido, clio s AnnsiArhor lSIloS
Belli phsonie1i-r loni 00le 69'c~ss s
Chapped Faces
are worse thanl slapped faces.
They last lounger. Avoid chap-
ped faces-use
$ 1. 00 to $1.50
F'iolly G~sua.-anteed
OrDeolar Clocks are Ikeehelt mads
for lbs mosney. Pintswisetciseparing
a specialty.
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main St.
he f 1715 axFalls ont
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Through Trains Ease-8.is a. in.. 2.45_p.m.
4.55 p. mr., 9.30 p. m. 15.01 p. m
Locals East-ii6.0.., *11.10i-.., *4.05 p.m.,
*8.3i p. m.
Thrsugh Trains Weset7a . .5.S a. m.,
9.18 a. m., 2l33p. mn. 10.25 p. mr.
Locals Wect-224 a-.Sr., *8.28 a. in., *1.40 p.
is *10p, .
* Except Sunday.)
Conncctions at Cicago for St Louis
Ktancas City and the Wect.
W. W. CASE. Agent, Ann Arbor

Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Association
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906
JeromelK. Jrm
Cas. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riis . . . Jan. 16
F. Hopkinoon Smith
-Lorado Taft - Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman . -lar. --
SOUSA'S BAND - . Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers - May 2
Oratorical Contest - _----_--
Open Number _-
Tickets for the Euntire Couarse - $2.00
May be obtained ai S. L. A. Office or from Stcudent Sellers
Seats reserved-5O Cents Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLE ADMISSION S $1.00 S. L. A. Pholme 552
Office Hosurs: 4-6 Daily (Saturday exceptec


Eivery Man
in the University could be supplied with hosier-y from
what is _now in stock at the Co-Op. There is not
one man who cannot find the style to suit his taste,
and his pocket-book.
We have very moderate priced hose in every dis-
tinctive style. Black, Gray, Tan, Split-foot, Shaw-
knit; Imported Fancy Patterns. In Cashmere, we
have hose at 25 cents that is all a man can want.
In Imported Lisle we carry the finest weaves, a
pleasure to handle.
Try one pair. It won't cost you much, and it is
worth while.
At the Co-Op.


Douglas Shoehs W~RThe Shoeman 218 So. MVain St.

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