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January 13, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-13

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The Michigan Daily

dition tfor te meets to come later
Nearly One Hundred Respond to Judging fromn the umber of new men
Captain Ramey's Call-Many who turned out last night, Michigan's
Freshmen Out. chances for winning te conference this
year are much better than in 105. Te
Ninety-oue candidates for the t akidistasice escts cpecialy are wett fited,
aml turned out list night sinIresponse twenstyone cnsidts turning out for
to the prl tiinasy cll by Coaci. Filz e tissslrunlsand cnsicrly as many foi-
ptrick ansd CaptaissiRumay (Isisex tse Islfmise. The isxt largestsuber
sirisily gratfying re5 sult of thcmeetmn of cansddats is isilhe 40-yarsi asi,
rs thens uallssss~y lr ge issisiber of nes eslre rnissestenssens are estered. A-
is sisind respiesly freshmesinwlo 5most all of the caisdsates,Ioseer, are
I redout lTse iseeing wsas oiscsed of sssksswns ablty ansico sirsne cussbe
wta"U f Ait."yell lsty Keese obtaissssdsasster valie usilithe lbegin-
rtparicksissi the sinsentersed isto ,nf Isisditrsininsg
lie stiritf tiresliesingsisthIsgret 'ise sxcptiosnsally Iare 'cisisiler of
enhuiam.logissian1cr cndidateitalsikes it crrtain
''raisser Fssitsatirk fir sitsdrssd thectit i lclssiga illss Iagisnbe strong i
sen, layinig speiral stress uuoiii t h ii-sssitpartm1n ti Danahs iisleft school
portasnse'of taeepsits li te cll eessork adirtcussnssI ito siisomesin iWisconsis,
le sitd:isut s le dilotshsowlisa te tpirit sees
"tcfsire t siy isntisis abosstsaIhlestics naryfor susccss fui\chsgassatlete
I si-s toimp~SIrss upton e actima n of 501 i iiss ll lklitha Iis loss wiill
thats isislss ouriveisiscisite wossk cis u e sisl fel. hi heesesilccirrcs
iso he rqusiredI sastdscsiyou iannot schuss1lst fll ret hosps werie fel
cmeeini collesiteIcathleltics.If you thatiDana wusslt ma ke gootad fit thc
auercss onisiitio idmin nessubject ouswill svcisc lf i hc fissrmitserlay taim
lie barredl arsilcompetistison. Aosherlascs tseitlrIsack Ieam imade by Ie gradusa-
thing you ishousslitcisessilericsisthat deI isis f Stosic Fiue to cnter io te
temiainis watliiwis Thesrecaeirt1151fis i lcigais life, as well as ter
suns at t1is meetiig toight whio siswilleplss l i aumiisesres tolieveryone
nit smaethb ediin cishe11fir siea. Hi wt ied s tssi iapprloi)achIim, msae his
if youisldssi'tsmakerthrIeliiiatfirstke eaueamt tec t i si 511r fraI felig Of relief
tisg. 'ills sunsIsisecall sosisisshicatlierlthani regrt
right siis iii turnisnsiout lese tlushgit Cussri' lst fews'da-ys asHmrississ ii
andilif yous isill slly work wisthstheclieinsaflisisarundisthue campsisss tat .
felisg tsat vioisars-goiglto smace t Se isso rtrto1school at the
teamithresisiao reasons swhy yosu cass-egisssisnig of the secosd semeser. Sose
no os. Chicagobatsr 1 et iicty badly gsaiiatsdila lst Jussi from the literary
lst year, ais taip l tsche ew mstisessicarsmsent sit still has rue year of
ss retriesve thils difeatCiaoisatir eibisly suithesc defea sf te foot-
trails is- is--i'soiiblietitansdlif itessewcballtseamisIssat tie ihadsof Chicago is
iss ill teir lssipat sreshuldhavesass d stoii hase pioiducsdsi sesire i imsi
at ltall vhcair- ciieti auinstthem,"irsis keCrnessre11crik at thec ariois.
Cattaisi Raseyshenissssnformedti e Themenwhoaret isg(sr ue trak
mieni ifIle piogram wichel will lie car Ictisimissidawhsiiwill egiss trainig tidy
ril oils i thse ely Isaiinssg 'iTe le:
,priiitersu and lng ist-use r iisirawill sIt 'luerACE. Wurser, L J. Alei, .
wsirt: otfro11m14 toi6a chatrnA.Sate1 rs C PSsiger, D. C. Ryssiis,
assdltiecanidiiiteis fissthe isole vut J s. it loe' F . Rw, F. liii.
shosiiltllnidilhigh tjuii will ave the 1tirsihly H AMostgomeary, J. M.
flto e~i arieriiss thecftirsioss.sThe Iseer-c sll I1[,HPselps C. Berens, J. .
cr11115whoiswill csoachi tsene iris iris Saxtisis CI1 ticpsitd, l. C. Smsily, F.
heeler ansiAnisinsithe 40 yaisrd idis;PFelC AI uti, G A. Dull, G0
Coei anilRowes is thesvilde.Ralmy in Cucisrsstcrs s.HJ. itsoauy ). F. Cole,
the half,(Carrels iasn(dusGood 1in11ntes ItaisisCur
starter: lilogiiiandiuSierst ini tse 14Iafsil-i.'it Rihardsons, M.
hurd is; iarrls issdl Disslap is tseCler c , .iMCalty, L. C. lurisg,
shoti; Readi HInisis d issl I cidrs ii thie -V FWiloi. S RPalsrik FH. Me-
pile ssiti t CosxI ct icliI nssls In iis sWs.sJ his is 1E.T Hrmissg
te igh jumhpIshis, CH. SasanillF S I lsiisrr14
Worsi l ntssIwsilltsrgini this J. lellyes 'NVr -IA. tillsr, C .had-liis
afsi-s-noon,11and11Captin11Risey ugs-sidock CapltaiRaimeyv
esery' man11 IsolbegIin adrsusk sirswsandSi plrits-iK.VW.KlrF,. FC Aniss
So~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~t sHarrit Iic illitr sl I i s J SliririsiusH.iCSiit,
"As Mritzpail tsirk hs sidiery-J1 sc fitsiiC iss
depg senssiu ipsussthe ne min.csieI J.c B F. Kesy R.14 SulivanWsonA F
il iss ei'sre Irsri lst yrsibuissfistseitW.is.tpsN. N .BClrk JA. Gilet,
to1 slr est tie tso siiionstieshioisng XiillBaset, ICLossis, S. Spite r, J. C,
madsesiy ti hic scsicanidsiats dependcsiisleIsJ. I. t'sason, G. B. Weer,
ousr suseess."C JClaiskXV.i'unt.
Directioi Citarles i iBa lisitsdctsciladsissstdH rdls-. Alisos, E. Harper, J.
the imen.b-Iesssmphaszediluhat Mr.ii I te- O.CofotoinC FFiinegas, G. H. Bris-
tlhlnciasal -ai resirisigtic aosriscr is s V il 0 '. Greer, I. B
wi1111citesd s an exuiiilitthe systmin Swais .1C0Garres "Disii" ilodges,
scverallof the larger scoiols is ue ast IRay Sewrt HlbetilSasw aisPost.
scisctil t~ta thlettrraitusheucyeari Quarinn-mise -i-.F Meau, E. F. Ge-
sirit stto 'sislse dietradIsicteiaimsiHe
ttdto :ger A. t.I wtcieli A. C. Hasgermiai,
┬░siit, to.SGoodiI.stX. Stecke, R. L..
"The success fthissneiw msens sepedss1rwis A. CPrier G. J. Bantos, J.
si aroissir tle dericcons rinsinsgCGCarres
Cress before ietsr aiigsta i rs tsismen Hihishljmp-G.GPcard, P. 1E.Rnpp,
titis hugii is s si t kiigheas e~I) C Jwett, G.CFerris, Homesrr
usarly andiutgttinig your sep wiltliso
wo'niiiers iouwardtggcting you icilrs (Continued on page 4.)

MtCHIGAN,. Sk 'i'tft'Y, :l\TL _\I r' 13, Is)(lf.

No. 75.


Worunt isas receil f01 Cri
Carrusutesstcrdaylus tshait he Isslii
itchy dectiiet n tortiiIl surnil hito olee
Wh's- les ite left fr h isssiaato
thu ill. isebri lli iplayer s asidthatis e
probab lly wsuld imut con 11 istak lullc
cuntsssof iss oisis sl itl shelts, bt hisi
friendtsstdidn tuit veic pstshIslur usnsitlste
lettr us Is1eceuiedssfsom hilnus sstrduas-
Carutshecrs a sills ayed s itgsht iltis (im
the vasity iase ltamisut oirsil th e l lt ast
thsureoneas anitwus rtelai)ieif h
bst listlesss ud iteslur' nner5 is onsill
tIsis Bscaussrof u s en-s slot
he iwau situi sianstositchstos Is'
lite r ly fIaildtot daw t lIa ton
liaeo a ll is iniai u i.e w sex
treinesl sitleiver at ubm Isis''andl leits-witht
drawa leaver i s Iii'hisst ill this o te
cill i o f theu s eball teal ss

lairs: -"The Outsider" Presented by a
.\ir. On-urgi' IA. lssiesshss, Chairmanssoif
tiii' Cssiss-sisy 'scs-siaississ1 C, ts's'. Capable Cast Before Numerous
Der uS it: I hare btin-sgn suuiund to lAudience-Two Performances
hl of ifhue tispropioissitio liorthe memorusial Today.
5u5111liii 5 iitoi X 11 I C _11 ii ss i asl g O~
asus sit itflPresidets us luThsCUsnasty Comnedy cnutsconred
thIs sericuot he us ni verit sityat sususs u itsdisict succrss list sight initsa grelu-
hbe Ov tlu iss It Is r dsue Is, sills ors ew a tionsf lte foiur-art play enstitledl,
thanu lustny ohr11us htiti ra-Te usister."A sunumeouus audiece
I , i op -su ol 1111 giid c ss sc i iesv' Wi t ustnu lists whischltesifiued i t si
isis11 ii s-si toae bts"esr it isi hi u e su csusuuesit if thin ila y by freuent sill-
tit Ofii suu itithaiv c4 p ses. b rtsO p lauiss.
"itrissi ysuresssususuI lees wllus-st "hiS 11:-ts sptesrformansuie revealedh s
11O th l an psis os d.scsituthat is fully t~sipitothan best standasuc
iou struly, ''oftirclb asuuit r iiiis welt for the slur-
J~ms I>.:ngl." ssO hut-orgn"iza-in isisuswhatev-er
-- ~~~it snag111(iiirS l isth tuthin presenat tiniu-
N \'s AltCuI 'At N :\S1 I i uris.is, Bron osasltetheroinse shuoed
iSM A's'tl'tI 'sI IZIN~'t''siltI g 1 5 sutal (usfo uueotiounal acinugwis-ule
Pasuit IDistc us manfult uindci uisaippoints-
Th iliivesstit tisspai, hi's 1)011 Mich-imeat sand tad irale whnu Iis love if-
igteii, isuitig < tk or ais rn oes mosuuothluyproved hiiii-
tilc tegidac O tsbad fedt sl hsse cpabimp iuiersoniator 51s
sinssuit ul ris s,- r b ~tbiztisul aofIousfsrmeryer s. Alias Slurrccwas es--
s-setuia it. suio 1 b lys e t dlol ic ri uselfnhishsly brsase
goten-uststis yhss itili sisulcul a he lne dmade s hie ildhuredl
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leauther,. -situ heus ltser i i ts utse c ii II uturi I iuoos is as this effusive Csunilsi
tii ssus cohs i rmer years s . I 1us slis Ch1ai n tusi nit themselvenssowithagreast
ti~ t til;IWV fatuethebordisscr-dt. ChIssar'luSa sh -iiisuis; n-h
Its slits 1fo it betus s' uit if mndbl ndRlphi sKaufmsinusandrIV A-'ss
moeIlsitlssa-dimtorestnds-eill ruserspckrimplerstonatedl their-reispecivie
color-work tisi'' tuitit 5than i thit i 5en0 olsus itsuhmanfstsu vit aita nd aninilaslul-
thecas foittnu isr f uval-. IO .T heshil iumosrs cameutfrusmss Messrs.
As- -i t-ste s t tiecocsni tri tiilst lt Ni-si us it son, inlair ansd
itsest btyshe bori o dios n is-Oowhied srilu-its earlsothesriin-
pouce iusst ssrsssssssussct stlst ustsmet sgeprointhsoliimusrur-et of the audui-
iii rtil at hiad illistesid s t e e it si\re sue iusi-e c-siasmesit on the
litdet t isis, thise for er studnsicrsttislprilluded iby tusk sof space.
Of ailsisu t i b lt s's I e J sriis suit h1he setinsg uof thefur fsi anus wsas stuf-
's's tir Whs isteha, r t 1os:frthe. suetly sffective, thusplasy tueinug on tie
silld. who ec-tisgty siei-l muned. aShe
Haod IO is it itsathurs Of Ii litCoi- sus ic wia sssuplid his 'Fischer's orchues-
S lg Das thue Fl's 'lt" sitswills te i s [hts putufusrmsausce will hue repesuted
it1ediato ''sng fort's situ ususis I lis t hits afiternoonuuu andut -g-sin tonight, the
ieai nds tsh i's'isnCollinisastlts sills I liii ihousst firtseSlur ttierIocttasionui buing al-
"S '''reg 'ted 'sI111 isiwh ich sitse sit ii it ctit upr Srilly stun oust.

hi isis u sisessity sis-s-is's astrNsisin. wilit
- h isdle s s i llof this- ric s s this- 'oh


']'is-yei s holtitatrd itonsistasiofthts ol
'itin-'sitg'lln uniiii'iii'ittrii
ui cI ill an,-s usi neI, sr-it n~c
ss ii issielutoIsr s fo i e a tment,
Ir in ustu; aniss I I cII C stilt
Mary Steas t ; s ciaJ Cste ''itlutsu. 'lii
I110 is' hr we llisis Ifs liii iss s : s ha e
irtcs a sall il, lp it 1y5i liPhi,
lsrs is al shhses


Approves Joint Memorial Project- __
A Good Portrait of President I ARII' I siII NI ' C ISI I,
Tappan Is Needed. I IN it 'yN i's1) O CONt t At i'1 b'li
CPromsinenit Isaculty- I tlrss i h- avls .-r ill iflas a dsi t ta ils fori thss op s
elety aesssisittisisi't te it~s intnmemorialimemorialubuldin'g airi-tit0 I silts''con
protsetsuanhd itu- tr'sden-st A11 suis shidsi i yts 1ti'-\itiiuini Al-MisI rusts-
Iis emphaitssicsiissiestilitu tsotes- .nttr Nting dfinuiteihli-ta r-isbi
HS especiaslly ,sprisuies of ai portisait sill teris nedilt anudh it is liii i thaitu i ll
I ri(iii. ust is~psusuas coentsdlisis biy Ite5souttimehillsflit ttihtsSi 15511 all
theintuu commssuilteo h l rs I met ialdeision. owesve'ssr.ltey
Aziu l ni s inithus hest litsitui ts h wa hae a )o)d iianc ai (I hc
the far -etchig-tandubenefiiaust us t 5'to ok sh 5 iii'i hd bc iiiptidsitoit
if Presidet l I>< us ii it iii slritsi .t heStirrs-asu oJnsi suaryu (is
hIn scuass ts tinkitsighty-upropessr for
liestsusunsaof lithlprsent.S to rememberl In lstruitor list trleois th l iterasry sdo
thi indeibsultdnss tsotchigas fi sitlilil I lutistholis inursd Iwhil tsr-
great -11111tr and rsliet. a sing'cicksentiesathsrsdc,
Presideteush l'sst atmnt it s a fo hiss ibeeisis chtaeds-n'ro inestahelrhsitasl.

Ihssengsinseeriin- iiiartmenat is tohoasve
'somesasitillsusadeittoaits equipmenlt
usisiels oulill-il-c it on if the fisuest
1quppe iegsins-ehriginIlstiutionsinsthue
GusitedSt Satesa One-oIthe most cc-
saruttle if these pieces of mnachiery
is a hutgecentitfiual uuump outfit swith
a c paissiesfis ifteefniiiluison gallons uof
huerprdas. is hss utaistwill innhiuds'
a isis i cerusifiugaltpump uudriven bya
I ist stt cc reoervica lucomuipound mac-
uit u-nguin.I- his tumpiuuwillbe placedt in
thei hydsuitsichiabohantlry whiere it will
huusdtoau u s suaer ho a tasnk twcit-
ts-isie liet lih iu h ndtooperate amniia-
ure srive.This rrtsilltbe used fur
Ollier5tiecuaesof umacinesry to be
adde itsres-sasction ugus msotor, parS
donationsof this Olhus Gis Engine Cuo.
andshe sit Atirius Sucrtion Gas Proucue
Cit. if 1I unsuntg 5atautgential water
ihc atsldisat~ioof thi nlser Double
Cii. stfSanusransco, anda four unit
till-hassl f uschIsyissulist uras, the gift of
sth- ColuiasssssSi ' VIt rk, if Porulands,
Ore 1'.
P'residntuSauelusni iebcosf Albioni
ettliege. i wholust to iihisse uddrhessed thur
us tngatMc~lahalslSusitndy eens-
tug, hia-ssou tirtshuatie will hbe unable ito
lilt Isis enigagemttt onustshuat date.


Com[edy Club OUTSDER" Jan. 12-13

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