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December 20, 1905 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1905-12-20

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TheMichi anDal
VOL. XVI. ANN ARBOR, MIC-IGAN, \Wl)\i>1i)AD-Y, iACil3< 20. 105. No. 6y
ARE AT WORKl t ~i C et Smot as a twelve- DELIGHTS AUDIENCE
H LD Y M S MI TI G- ,en oldofie oy, andI iss lMildred
HOLI AY ASS MEE ING Debaters Met Las.t Night ti Cn. hot r swho m lhe tole of n 'eglisli Local Orchestra Plays From Mozart,
ider Argument ---anyOra: ilayo i lesi is diclaied to le the best Handel, Mendelssohn and reg
Iam linb t _2i 000 ln cofth ha tors. Out F0r1C nitest -a i n te lcaistage' in e aui hi lecc
Meeting Will Be Held to Inspire Hs- cSnierale per int wasiii lus(0is' s ecgtlof"lucsi Betio'n'asiccsk-le --Oboe Concerto (iven.
sionary Zeal For the Club House mesisl s lit I hv 1 alenr WVltcii iibes harsd to intleeec
-Lantern Slides Explained by "res ron so55lasso abl oniin oisiis5 i I osoi'the.litisioti ls otIfteUiviersiy Symphoiy orhestra
Prof. Van Tyne and Others Will Nt s a anealap, irrii on by thelc is 15 5\5lin s. n,],fsut sis,rc ichhsbeecnsptirli'sesi gas-c'is oeing eciiiert last night iii
sat eof$00 for the neissa ~ osonf gf , 1; r I ,, i l nl 101 ii i'ssed.oi s e vceciailst s50' U ivisersity hll, the prgram coeisitiig
Speak.hoks bu thi tes us oiniden tine i sit; 1tshei iiI il ol1 isMillhearothrsfatie optiiiia. oaIozatlamphoy, elane oboeo
iwit ' sage i h i strioih niri ithetac 1s1.T atte R ha la a prgr sig rpily enicerto,1\-eiise:issolsi's "Ry Bas"
With that ecaiablie triu, Piofessor iself %\i ii ilie l i iiiii ii i us1 nd t tep,c 0 t~iiii 0 9 Is he ctinsp i itio he ties rouciointenit riiirn condtedieg le e ytsite
Stilley, Hgh Aulnt aiid 'Spider'' Coiscompet1e51li i lls lhequit 55 as 1151 s]lumberi tiis ~ heLarinstr nalng !thsor f h omey lbse l fr ced B rthlin a o boii esoos
il hreof ton~igt's umass isetisi, suit sill Ias ithe iiulsu itofits r. il)oiisills c ad he) i l lss s sittitis -ei- hthe 5heifre Thotart s otrihssetra.i Ohaoe(i
sevesal inpuitar professirs to spea', it -s .Thse sse hlet ie stliiIiporanemsigld 55 issalst - A~))O h STIOfR WiAS A FAICt'. Saeisisalsoi appaeduinia Chioat inn c
isige snt einthusiassti terni s a- t y i alrf wute e ti g't lessis s's-s I~ t ii sic sisel lollris
sired. Cositurassy ie iitotit sc sttishe ii stiseusualtsi siss- il- mpurposestIis )'i iso-s-r tir e list btight s.msst uh i h
iol these metingsts a winigii teamis s il copissi lis Oied D c 3.18; heset~ I to 'N '-555 l:trllbe stres ir ell loshinaisof thie ittrri age of JoeesecendithIt s it et n ti psesesteditbytes
souit ceeedolievctryora osentlcitr hesti nisc tis. au0C Wll a in h cr ild o oalorhetrisnc tsrerlniaso
lng onecenitioled it efst I s a clis oha rc oi illcass c iis s cysim silnd ll Nldissuis sci1 -so-ii leonipiletltshseifirlsstraottefis,)-irtisg<'tstp
iits dis 'Till 55 mlem n ec sug hi'' iii r. sat te un ts e soty iwas a lke lst y e-r ws a-mst 5 fomissaibile ose
house Imeetig That famsoss lossg si .Ts e rIdi ng-s roomissui is s sil tltsatinis is Is Isis nulis us'os htiia y ssmse frivoosismindtsel antits sccssful eectionisi dusinssds
latted shseit - notirly(rcedfactor.yItisssihtcatenoiac s m suiIs sss, n :c ld1,:liotltacwl ~owi.on e pnte inncentsiwhoto ttthe gsry sf its memblessasituoftei
sitnd thie prospect is fotr sism ots iling conviet's rtillei scrvi i ll fraes.Qie isiet ad fute dtril wr od ctig ITetDaiy daritg the aleleaser Thinsymsphnsy suitsbes ll
suit faits wether Alceadyh trossf It sl ays beeni diflies l to s -ec ~ ~Iure llmc i nu, iei-i >rs -is rc;I eirs1 l atter art i of slalst nick Je is stil soswedsh le results of caetslipretsra-
co-opration astd suuport frostm sy i stlo ciiyal111 1us ssi i m Joeisueru - ueun s siuis tn isttg shtisttll s ath te s as fu Iusrts
shtrnitittare cemngnug nditu uhirs ae otsta ck '-i )tsriis a o glhib'til us otin eht, ht lie i 0i sis .tintsthat theints erests sf t I iuu"-tza
oinly wauitig for tecall. ighteins t ll Isiws ofwhih'ut- aly Thei li s miniss frshuiae oitu eS ps lttoIsdlsc''sve-the nwsppec ton a re itthehlisoit s o gnus linstie a
Ticesobjeet of te meietin s to a c list Is e.Th e roo s forl lsttheus lisii u pts sill is i l ki . ,loco i su. ei s hm iss Cococtsedsib satprminteit musiciansitas Tofu asit
q int the situetts uw si ith te clishoisss' sr ss I ii 11 li 51 u i istsse tt ssu snus, I h rte I uHdel cocero uissu t'f-
its iii ds an ts tltsn sof oei oniiiiii site atills Isi Ilhe'stfi ls ies - s Is t.,e> s lld the oi cy is u-s-t hissld ulutsis ii noi way csnneted trntof the nin' g,'ss"itsconluis isisstir
IDusiunig the Chiristmas vacati al sunt i frml iaseoI heri naryt e l u s is of raid isus 'ii of it::n iyi ll ih h eular' ails-t sy st-uf He pro rngthie auiene te t hu s istill ap
sill he issqurns sabo u s e scemenusfttuuom sssudsefectlls's --- s c ahhtukruhcrsu he pass lackse saisI .sofusl
Isis uttderegradutes aiismni tus -s1st-i1s"-icisI' u los i ngli I i tc rco u cndr urd a tsg iaph lak an'frhub he ate eiwhigc htshayslo isutttaciu-its
thussiastic btuo fcsuitshouse iss ion -snd itu etsh Ironsss re s hu' I idI :1sossl I ' la. s situ ss susegrnr hi a fese hours atesosit of te sxtnutcentsury itthupianoi
ris- s wil furtn is ite biggtoss Issssste 11stihaitinut isr li le snuuau usnot seNcl ut lnd sn
Prufesii- 'these-si- tildsefect i s exucep t e s'nils 1 1 e trdInals ii fth 11 - lullsam std thisasiteurs erlttcy felt assumusedi hisrei Ity it r. , ut:st it s
co diio s t thus I lutist lu sitson. ciii ha burnitprtitusrt iccrsyiiikwsoy ssnu tifsey. re-si uneuthsech oisr ins Jysasthitseal neelesstossa lhiachivsuits'scces
Prof. JohntsRI- -'shest ofitheu iici 5551 1 rssssi nsuss' I allsI- ssuad - uis h ul tus Iha i 55 111 cnu ou. yolisnt-hsitu beeniso ite s, utueso eis :MaiteuSchadeiisis sirtt n his its ci' rsel
departmsent uilb his ownt(iiut iithis screens ,nuitsbtilt s idt etu ime:sllss st sis u usu1nute;uateh fii tosifli i.issss sils i;s Iss it it
stitc Professori!-ln ies lsliiesplisn hunts 5 1 ,nc is I o ''shuto its us s-causng M sddcnts eoen i iststedii thalt isie. is a deied
st-suking Proifessor Sadler iwil telltslis esisssstoti etl sf h siso
sbuttshesstes t la1sgowsus erit-hisc-ue fINN)\ NA Il ; \-NP I mTO ]eN i t h l' ls e gu- as-re 5-oatirat- of Music
wigitsin pa-if am e ust PofssorueCrs scr" IIutl sits s thm s es i that they assumed 'The symsphtony sr estsacstiustoi
--eightinApaOuasuss sit PTusfeIli, (iius- s hilassuy" for ite peretating sdeser e uwel of all literes uf thustitus-s
sill tell isat hhe anionsutiseaii I has do e Io a tudnt il et urniosteir--sif uuc susasenstick at, asst ofer aurre pp lusntiy for
for Harvsar h t'ih ughi Allenu-s i nghscf th hus--ists I iholii ldas i h iii .I _______________willetter aqaeitant'sccwistilthti-sg ieat mus-u
uresidet ofcu te [ sutan iion cil el just syle. N rr'usururu islnk hcn m de enI' Iscdu- t" s;,~ o 1;oiAi; lull-Si teffnera fresh mes- tec works fthe last usd hetusorgan-
exaicty isis-t thue diretrsrare n g fs-- Iil a spec il cstillser te iii' ig e l s-nss 0 u ida i;I turI .? l us ~lr clst lit ad a5 smembern of the Alpha izationut he tnes ftmly sablliseeiiI
andsho uo te studenuts c-sit el isn-is I hci til(be ill ciii toitle ut - c s I snc td wl ds r sdr" C i s rit, s Iis iel comnpelledlts sioutdhi eghtensthisrislut u ict oflhis
te tubths e otns hi r5eality.i us pssenrts-ss isus crn \ 1A lo rcon an ucd ft Ii ]ae t tuiv sits a d ieurts to]ter ity as uwelias stress'e s cam a
It isill lie a shot snappiy unissus- 'I ls'iiu s iy ots--litNery l D i) th as utis Msn sNi 1 om t s suitills Pennus, tbecause of a musisc cistcr.
tn long speeces oc lou at" is. T hi ts'hisHawkeet1 c i 1 1 -illae ah wn tf r1cmm~r fIs u s I i jritst re'cus ivd i's-i'ssolineextosiont
batid willt te Itresens t d the glue chits the spart ~ls n 1 s-s mrof 'sI - 1esiis e uss o. 'ATORNE'Y tifUlhhl'
witl ;ive somuse ofthisnewuss gsuit heluy -_________________
uere savinug for their tsu Ni ll i sts cjarrCyt -fN --I{. I
Coe and Professort Staneytush ee
Classic Front ,of Old 71edcal Bildizng to be Pre serbed Attornue alif tt [sulsssum of thea
ihiig's min tug ue -ucecssstepeeat-lcoitus e i 8 LL
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phtotographer, his poised some newlawidep tmsenut onitstittri sin u


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up i le 1 mu eetingk-isillibeini t sit 4s 5 (sIll
hue rushed-itrughsusilt imeiois-c s's' t
byi 7 :30
D;.1 i Ill s beeN n pit mitN's itHl'si
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to tin is rcten ins it1 i)pt s i
Ie euie rstsi tIlu ss s erit' edlttas librai-
Ki sinusc ost97,Icsit ait ut is~at si u's-cut"
un or tstmusif sur e s precini g l tis t s's
lustbraitn is conutainued nI ithits tattutltrI-is
tori. It s it thus samse timse 's history-,- --
if the growrthi of the library.inAitor
toutof thiss retosptectivue atccosuntufol- 'lbse usold-fssiondsirsute-nt (>f the c sums 1 h ill
tos-s oldi iteiclilliiiliiigun tisi ' itch'esered-cs ;-an
'PIy' eomimng insthin iltsariysitssuitn -Sfi~tes eii-actiin ostthssboard suit retheus id
temsporanseous wuiths its emsergenuce fcomsand Slbsh lt
along peritdof mmeagre cciiesuies. gents us condeingtitilhis-rieaIc srts nol usis ill us
After forty- years ofenpiseneus o nt hm ,thiis-cu s agenseraul ipsit oti t itihe ou sifthes
tent bathbeets its mesourmcss tht i it con- luHsiors'-icsld buidinug wsisi oii hus'Cults-pulwt i s

- r ioniatnshMichugani sstutens.lust'ser-
c-cal years ii1 c. thiiihimis-tit s tis lucusgin-
inig thes ise lcturss tohe l acwis stiludehts.
Ile wassscurd eu ihsfats I Ilhitis a5
thn-man mos ttusem uinntl f ithitsedi tospeak
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a candicate or itpotit i no h tt
slm iss ii sushi sitspeasi n sicttutor
: y cosnust lsttitus at 4 us'clokdiyas
s ect t-ut c-nsitasrceccli e tplculdi i t
regiularm icss u in slu s hih uis f its
prepoundssesranceofifhi iganstudentc-siu
tshissawdsinrmentis scuse if this
ecliiies oii lid us' ii stalusts, uwhich isare
are ttis year ostitch its5sitior sscuell
' f n' I qlas sesnsors, -sit isinovas ionus thatiiit his be1 n
extendiedi tostussosfthss sus-iosutsoryisa
______________________________________cousess tis year
-- - - - -f.,ute es-iv itfcosllege ftriensisi s sens
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uste iniss s) usulus andl tse lossif these will greatly inter- came out $75 us thse holec hisswas diii
ru rsuint htscaul- fuereiwitshscsirkisliithineseical depart- to the large nuimber if coissmlueutacses
hauewitstoo te itslutgireni sout.

C omedy Club OUTSIDER" Jan 12-13

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