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November 15, 1905 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1905-11-15

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The Michigan Dail y
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, \\l IS D\ 'at)N50\i)\4I811,1 5.i 5 1(40


N.\) -44.


Scrubs Unable to Clain Against
Varsity Subs in Short Scrim-
mage-Yost Is Worried.
]'eprcire esterdgY aftenlool in-
clda siort srimmatlge between the
:cseeand l(the IvarIsity,. athogit several
,if the reularis wlre not alowted ta
prtliipa~te. ItovarIsit ttsetl several
new psiny11whlch wll be aprung on111 s-e
tstalttear sty defenst was stteth
that te srs couilrd tmakrbtilitte
impttression whent lo011tileoffesie.
\Vitil teetir'o 11f tie taliheari
,w1 steet lcore s.111d tamotg grusofsa
tiere exists inAnnII AroIr tie greatest
fotalteam onlalrti. FewrfIotal~li
men llareItoilleCse111111it testreets Itndl
s11111 one1tdoes1come111n tiihthe weall
1.a cllewor11111 prIssion11aI d tll lae can1
1",indce in a s"lwlr o"a es Cacl Vlst's it-
111 io nt t 'ie 11111aly ioate t
newsaperC11111en tsIllek. And Coah
habital ilt itlso neal.'go1111tile
heis 4 ihardl ICos 11/ it It is evid11nt1
that e on '.Ilel a tile lutelatme tf 'a 11111
dai's game doiublitfult to the extem1111lie
apptaentlty dioes 11111aree Iw it I i large
111o tse.an1111e its awareltht it ~is-
cosntiearstyi llitIteet tie srlll"
tie1pst f11111ye1rs.
tie bllts swe'aters a1111 ieagars at
''ii Ctt, Sttt, ha lttlkid ofit praIctie
II 11f tietwoowas asked. Reognizitg
"Fi, esi ile
Didthe av crtta-'
"Whit IteIreItills, tbanterinly.
told hItdstrltkiliius"
tpis ~ iniii. XttIIis not1 1111oIgraty Io
be Iteatedia1 iitthtti'tt expecets 11111 re-
ports from anI tilein instarsaite
roue t hegivn lttl crdene1hre.lgt
his last intlteI-lepillt tae Glples' d11
ra th r th atitii tttttIl111111t I Iii t nt hit t
lntestptartit fthewatietsI/tItst(tiat
thatCwhlelly it Idoianrs lvetarIm trh
(otterel tnt iteIlls estquatergsdi
is a tht gelisa psogxm n that tIleti
hittiyfeio r judgmett ht dofargoting thleg
oso pa kp dwltescr mn

eitti 114 theteitic1a l sete.A,,Iitt-
trative tof tte stage of deeilopmentit~t'
reachted itt tihet8ti turyIrere~rtsenta-
tive Il-Crits ofStalatti. iS IICIlltillMait
1o tnatte nith iis tfternossl progra.11
viewI' tf the intfretquency of11hit rpres-
enee on motldern prorms, ~l tervxc44l111e

Wisconsin's Captain Breaks Arm in
Practice-Michigan Management
Wires Sincere Regrets.
111141 titt r!t to11 Il (( 1 \N ll 111111 11144 i
n Ill and 1111 he 'otI'of the"amttI h111
]-(11'',t 111of 11 t si.t 1441 i t tthe ttttr

_Mni It yit aftter'noonll. IhInIt'll still'
11ty 'thei1Sp1hnx 151111ied51e4l've t' til
ino tei11 ti1r er11t-iv ocol



Hon. Don M. Dickinson, Mayor
Codd and Ei. .J. Kenny Added
to Toast List--President Ang-
eli Will lPreside.
TheI Ttiterlt lfortite,4145i-4d1111r to
be' Iw.4d4414' tt' Slichig an UAnion11I riday
accp te . Preidenlt ngell 14will pesifle
11114 44111. 11oh1n XX.tKt'rtt, 'o 15'6a , 11f
Idaaois, 1will4 tticiiatc as toatmas~I-
ter. hittitte (eor- e. 41Clodliof De-
441115(1514l '1,4Iilig <t suppoi~rte'rs antd itt-
5411'(Iiv'Speakrs' of(is45Sec1t, tas acI-


improve, lthills 111111r t tay Itell ICh Itr 11was 1111141 411141411 It ils 41111n 111 e
glrtittas1on11111 thett (ost notewslortyy 14114 ('4ho1will' ta4l'1 his41 lace.. at1 rigLt
Past l, 141114r1111io, 11Tccat, ic ~i5 4 44 IfoNiballlgameXi
Fats~ S chettrzSont'
Jc'atnt Pitti It itO 411 114411 14 '141 (i(o~ch lo tT rai' r Fit zpatrick11111 11111
JX t t t t X r a st t l i t t l t t h t( a t 8 5 -t 7 6 0 ) .I t h o e o h mto a i o . A-w r l d s a d F g e r ) S t o u g t h e l I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 d e1 1 1 1 de crg' t t a . e t t
Loire lao' lilIIlC i l teltttit'saN ma"'ar''fa41111oittxu1t1n11aa
________cr'sfootball__careerillandl reget' 11(1 i ft'x-
Giuefrnt1st1P'rfill' pressC Illaltttndsttot1115 Vtnttt
Fas.ltav tti.tttttt its t:m hchlsstesevcso t
11111 (1 ttti41 1111 hit'11 11a l 1 7tt -91t ).lI ei 1- Y \ 1,< \ (
geto y di apitt ted ttttearntdatesteesbl- lyr v sitriwe etra
ater i.The0 A as t lost-illng cnt.I tot rtethmIn thIrunsthth
prhiasalto ttitedtigatts awicssil ratti cmptsforar o Lno
spttmit wthe spofosedaterty utaleafprtclee o a
iTtor of alitt i eta oraty. fte soyi aeou fw oecoh he
s teno vtagnrsaoftateWitleco nt s y. Ar- tc aso h takta
bon rberttleta be'appairesigned, and 0111 are "CS bing.1 rou111 11111 u
onl e fnItte bldgprofessr o atos firstcnf__ene___________dill__ntsus-
uday Thelt intg rsow inluesb i a ga-loksI tail'te rtiS le ls" taat tt1t t
aPrnetonde a hitke -five e of nt erCvis tie, atedatolgett'tent by ttemp tinga
Norttrtperidlfthwea 4'e jnd bte ir to te(dlt fIa ttirt r

S tyl' ~'B ien.' at"s I t aittltv'Pt's ' l 41 4 1on (tick iltn ton tttt i ch-t 1
AfeI he e bl itil e tmtli fDtroi 11t, iltaso llItllesp dto'tl il'h
tltti ts 00 itiasswtrf Jttsl t all)ll for a t ast i.Dc isontis 'aismanrg
atttournedlttott IS i~so of tilt.us ttthtrtitan lof lwo lderftu 11144111111411414 e411mlil
slttbtora te n wastsewe. lit erli t 411 N br4 illi t sItaker Ianda 1well1k .ow tlawt-i15
'Ib itha 44beesacific1111 d te a b41111 4 l itt w s pstm ste (tierll tnd e
of. etiscraed f al it crmbsthe PrNidlnhbCleve(lant. I4111 na1 e
I (tall 441pet-1414y" Hil. 1it 41111111al car. (tl ~t 114 Iatt
JIM'S"erloTURKteYNle-'Ite" Ciltoittosf Ie s tnon ist
Ioep' Coait' t f I tt Iltt't'(ttlI Matit0- - 't(o'ligan4 mandl eitt . h ese sptil eakii'il'ers, R e.
lv (vl t itti 11(P41e1141411 aoI(illallllt I 41mid Dr.
4(1111(111 th tyxIt.IwittlChronttl - t Potl " 4 5 (hr- IsS I' 5(141ate1.1 ti~at
C ts otlnttta s-::Rob" ClncI.4111 rogramiwil open wit the sing
U ri ng4(1(1ofl ith tteapyru4s1Scrol--i a; i f(h elow an ilI l ttI led
' a ttittti it'"byti tiithttetttaII f u1 111' ,Illgle- lu . T e ro
F lstivtisetitis 'oftheIls Naile=I t i t I tilt It llt t(111c41tree nu 11 b
c 1lair 11( t tit (' the usica111111 to' e 141114 Iii (I lilTh(((4
W lia a y. 5t t oo law, son1 of (1111 broktn vars t records by(1114 itl tsburg
e Lcelilia tR.nay oitth1114 ttUnl'ti Ite rn l ubvvllbl (114 n hepr
(title it tit' ltv ((1(111oI iis 41.l1(c(I' wh((.14,1 111 - 151e'5Vic-lt
Tusdy tor, iwi.4140d.11 (11114s in 111 t'ittng
tt In .tt tthe tati tte lte btweell s c101 1 the 4 111(41 t]mfi t II for1(1 (Itl1tilhe'etireg
yesin trd li feilttwa be11011 heraitt rch- I ty itl 1 14(1 n I om I 41'41 A meting4.11
I3r3 fttiig'vi" hetttt'kt'eatrshae hs' ' t '5te commit't41114 lib'e hdintheat
e till tit i lt rs id . the Iueitnsly ads:41, 1 14(41(5 1(41 41r (1(1rooms 11 11today.s
,c Reskcd, hat acommision houldbe, A the icke~t.lt ysedy ny ;
Ci iain haXIS ei pa ced i a nw itstr in- sotttttt dethe a t (i psage wll.)

'gpiall tit ce 4tshanded down fr ( a lttli~' l ta
tesaoft'eiE-yptiat ttrtde'rwee
r ''ltg 'nstt 'Jtk'jab. '114'

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