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October 22, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-10-22

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G. H. Wild
The largest stock in
A the City of exclusive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear Of
highclass fabrics and
g special style for st-
G. H. Wild Co.
We are showing a fine line of
Football Clothing of Spalding
make at the following prices:
Canvas $1.00 to $2.50
Moleskin $3.00 to $5.00
Canvas Sleeveless 75c to $1.25
Reed and Felt Padded 35 to $1.75
Calski, god qaliy, srongly
sewed $3.50 per pr.
Before you by come in and
look over our stock, we'll
gladly show you.
Sheehan & Co.
Students' Bookstore
Money Loaned
Os Watches Damonds or other
personal pfoee)prty.
Watcese'and Jec'lry repaired.
Bargains isiWatches LfDiamonds
cflc's' ee sidecee 331 f.U t. eey St
Anns Abor.
Ifelors: to1;30edSa. c., 1eeI W:30 ed T to


- ( cntlied roc pge1.
0 CEnteeed v seconed cls ter a t e e Ann\eeilceee lep .
Aro *'eee coscssec eel novee ee lee'ifteene. ilareeeceeee ntcc'c
- lihrougee for e st, i lt fed i eeeee ed.
1ieihied deleye'(nfee-londyse c eped)i ai n leceg \i el gotitee, e atingec ySenlee nt '-
a ie collie'ge 1ccc, at 11l ccy Clse \\'a ..iec-f'ceccc ieee t o ee t icheel jcci c sccec cc'l\'ee
street. CciBell chee Sc.. II elce p oe i 76.e' ie a e el (iiced p ss anieccicctpu te
Managing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW Iccrhcl.tIm.Clrktre
aBusiness Manager WALTER . HANS illecechiil i cewo allcl c Icc eecm cco cccl
a 'w ...iei .......... . t huer f. Pfnli kigeur an'T ylreon.ghe
E ngce ...... . ..chal e 1 .'instecd ccieccc t o crocc c tei va ie
a 4~i ..........e ...... . v Al's 1. SO ieslcc'c ccccnt clte \ccap ieee'te t ie ad .
a ' e .....'. . . .. c. ilcleccr i mcci icwa cicale ite bl il fch-
a licch Aenicc lceeclinC t. i'ecel , C \'cc cc cc ee
I coneis 1,. tickueyc. Cocetcton i cckiickdoff t i ecscil ccwco
ASSOCIATES.i c i pra e S lired hog h ie
Gerg . sort ieita'lt . smih cc i gt t c el ilcycecec 'ic lied'linte
a a) i O.'c tc T r.f'ie cc lc elA.'.a Scle Icccccc cc . Ia ieee I tour, iccceincildcc
IL ci IIllie. c. Ilieccecce. lteee lrisle l~ ou rk aVa
a'' ten thee Lolilleicec Car
advaicn .Cicte Iceccy ent lalcccclccceccccci one
4 Addres c: WALTERec R.l'HANSc Bucscincoes ccle ccci ice gotis tnit ciccccc ci 'c-
Manager. 236 S. 12h S. Phone 8491 L.-
--''-c--cc-cc icecceecic f o Cak ilce l ic -c
w eccecec lcelya ikcciiTien tel cinie 'cc'
CALEINDAR. oce~c. 11nt c. C cci fe rCie rkc
ipet. z2-Fotbailei.Alions c. Micisiganc. rlm clm i 'Itreie-yardplung
lic. 238-Feotbl.Dii lcse'c. Micigan. cc. nal i c .]a dh el ot
ac te''c iel. cc s cbe Mrse i c ~ elhn. 'i-
ilc., 27--I cer l . Spraee ine' c"'ipt etllc icn ft tn ad t encc
_______ ________ c t e lir itc hdown i il ices
inln ra c ee'ekiecthtiieee ic arcesiy ico' o'c' I
,tllha 'teI ect mshceinieg cc ili cs'iee l thei Ce cc+e1ciline andci iie cipl(
t.a ' ofecc ved. Thie' gai i sck'clecter ui k ered ie hali n -ie
day wc ececi~ ci ec cemci tcc c'. in te lr, vilo t ee ei~tn . H~
ccc c ci t ii '' c it e aclfo
ash med i eingc ceccl.b eatneccid w H m on ft woalC
I peil gratifCyincg ccs telice hiitincg ococcvn ao a leef Ccli eceior
cii cn bev e'e lance on thlie' ea 'eece uris we thouhi acle fo
The 'cc te(lcl'ciiedl afccr set iacecis a deccl hen ba ie e ioc:si, llm n i
cc'va, ''ce in. ccl theecplalyed lciil ihe' e''ccirt eeee'e o c'ess t cede
harer, saeacuceeeoeelridetoCallccime nt. Je Cci i ece e ce's'. t
Mcicaneeseiciecesels.he . . . C ied to c'' e oherecic t'iwoc
M\icianecclcj,eicatt eleccele eou iiir te bic eiicce e ,oi Ve ccl~ 's
than ha. l ee icce incyersc[cee e icC cc{foe Clr wa relace icy
sogscol cbchar cl l e ccche c ccield ees. Cuticen etro ehfo' e n
an ct e oerchee re' usesCoal Ccinshl lv, 1ees11cllc hi5
Ias ctll~ canN Ctt l to(10,gidiron'i it 1 f' al cn eccecl iic ci
(l.Ih T v C C CC\ ' D R T K , ' c I a d l m e clce u neCt t e t
at. n i c ent tet cl CC>h rih
eles'ee''IXEcg el lC ceIcI eee eel c a d irc le l ie, eCurt.ice heie cl.
cci eec clepla s ceeesCecid l cede
Atceel imces etigofelicecl elivChoardesfic otcc'deIit cede 1111Cc a eeeeechml it
'Cedeo Thurcls c ghc te lccc eels itlo" eeatse i i, ce l. pert C rs
src ll'sil lencsc i c ori ofC heel \C eecisiy cai el et cci eticrt e pC ceececeel c cccli
(;ccc clubccewas ccelil ec. ir.ic Keie en, ie l Re -ccc ii CC ace tti; eah i

ic'cCiro u ii ienilSiclsack ccoc cdiione
plcedebycc' icils. AicelesgtCtCoccandl
t\eeks the senecCfiveefor Chee'tCuch-l
downlcc wrigl'5ing l o ei g ii lhe t Che-
weec e goal potiCcci. Ii.'eececeeeekicede
Cottoneeiekicked Ccc ('ccc dcnth c e ci
v d linee'whc e tunedlii fci lfee. Iliee-
ltleimschild d Ghml cci (ec i laesale' st
faied ocgin. Curtcis got igh trog
lettacle, eandc iWteecls gotifoC throug
-en e.l eeChenH llu d roi nde
ieee cecild ceo ice' gaincd. C Ccciis wii
'Ceeoughe righteeuard andcrail vercc cb eil
liekeostscelltoch h alcon d
Ccc Clio he""-ar lne ces got
Cciii ut umled.iclCm-cc covccercig.
'lcc" ticicle ightC ceil \Veels firea
.o wa relcedeece l c i e. e Ce o
is WentetroCgC forec re Gr ii imfour
cel ick wa, rdc ed b :,eeeeeel
\ iiil N'CC Ci 1.11 cu
.tCicccc s . . . .I. 1. ... ..c 'ii'.isi''
C irs ... ... .. I ......... e lere
Scieleee . .... I- . .. .. ..C elo
Schtz....l .... C' ..ISleu C~pt
lrtmees'CeiC . .. . G . . . .. .T yo
RhccincC i td.. . C ..... ... Cett Cc
leer - C p . .,12. ..........\ o c
CD islap ClaiceLittl
'IW ce . . .I, . . .. chmd
Hamm' nd.. ... R.c 11 I. .. . .tt ieee
l'ong cinE mbiceec B..M c, ieicl
Tocdw.,Ccrtii s Longman, cCld.-.
iek.Gas fCom tchdowni l -Iececce,1
Weld J Goase trllteldcec'' -C Ieclee'mon
-' tibuil or el.lilie its,1N
i.\( Ccl it itL, IV DNC'",
The Ccin cccrin Soial4 clu ; r
{aii cl t lt N a i gt he s iii icii -
11icc ri dcidd tCii dcli s.c ''EightCicsit'.
ineecleceof C eitca molith.Tels
of thecs iie dts lilieclcmeoffat
C -4 ipcof te. (1(1c sees eecsnty ce. i
Lose'--Michigane Daily carie' list eec
State seetbeetcee MonrecoeedPckc-
cccldsteets. crcoicesPaccae.'ee.Finere
leaeeacetccaIilyICoffice 117 I. ii aci-
igliecectceet, oice Clephonece Sd2 tf
CTierAnAssb'crecPreess ilceceese Pii
kr& Snydere)' prineres ofcihelic igluecc
grcactChookeleOme fooetieli.lie'T'Cecic,S
C. AI. lhandbookiete~.ec.. ec., creCcrit ee:
le e C uentissbodil. 117 IC ltashiid'd
tonestcec. Cf

YVP c i sillly 5lc ' ftotbal
su idtCito tcii' Is igleecst seti slectiecs
ccnii ct tie'he 't pficies IIee11c
Football Poos . 75c up
ileadgears - $1.50 to $5.00
Pads - - - 25c op
rootballs 75c, $1.00, $1.0 $2.00
$2.50, $3.00 ad $4.00
Meorinl Nosegards - t.&1,5
The Booksore thas never Un-
This on ;L hn o o cre
that e "tal: it a~d st Sic ak
the ellurale ullr od twCHll
f ies;,f
( ll~t, LIIOII &Co.
t I i.e.el I. '.C t'ao ~ed
let.II.t~celt' C C. P lls t
N~e. 'I2rc Ccclii
cc rrCuC'.1 ods Arro
agina tst rtvaeioto.Kept
smoottandPealthy &y lway
le ieec tI Ece. Cl ii'
Ccc1 Iolice I nae . V'lSee han
N.J ip~ec I206 5.iainSt
Tgilt rriaio n. KeepNI OAit
smoohaIndaND~iO thy y lways

Ctala. $50;000, Surpflus aadrrofit,061,000
IDiest alteserel IBaenling Buisinessandee 'et
3 ps'ecetiintere'stionie andceSaings
Diepocsts. Saety fDeoisit Bfesto rieI
eel $2.100 essdocssacil
It1Kz' cres. W.I('.8'ecSTYVxA c es-I its
E. H. OBac~crio. Cashe.10. A t~.cceo1, A stc.
u}FV< ' a e'0eC- r Yv
witho direct essnecties Sat', hicago Ieee
St. tLouis. Kancsas City. St. Paul and
the West. For infoermation and
through tickets call on or' write to W.
W. CASEt, Agent, Ann Arhor'.

Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Association
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906
Ernest Thompson-Setoii = Nov. 3
Hon. Chas B. Landis - Nov. 10
Jerome K. Jerome - . Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riis . . Jan. 16
P. Hopkinson Smith - __
Lorado Taft . . . Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - . Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman . =lar.
SOUSA'S BAND = - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers May 2
Oratorical Contest-
Open Number----------
Tickets for the Entire Coulrse - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or from Student Sellers
Seats preserved-'50 Cents Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLE ADMI1SSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phonea 552
Off ice Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday excepted)

Pictures of the Michigan Team in Action
College Souvenirs, Flags and Banners
We sell to everybody-Members obtain large
Join t the COp

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