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October 26, 1909 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-10-26

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° G. i_ 9 W tld 1 lpal
.. Sri I ]Al' ('RS .
We hae conp~elines
of fne oo~cns"or Suit-
Lg,} roI d rou-
set Fn estinvs for
We -I;-ec r.T! l Dress
G t I fdCipallyttt
- r ote linn 'ade if)

Managing lEditor
CAt RECF , . EaR11)F.
Busianess Manager
la;;. IH. 0. GAAM.
.Addlea-a: \ltnntANaDAILYat,.'Pressaldg.,
t1ittiard Street.
OficeIHlurs: Managing Editor, 8-11
p. in. Basiness Manager, 1-2, 7-8 p. n1.
i'.acpt Sundlay. Both pihones.
N"oman H. Hll C. A. Bowman


News .....
Athleticsa ....
tin-ic aind Iraina.
tF .; hanges ...

Fred IE. (,boding
.JohTat. Kenny
Whibur 1). Elliott
Frieda Kleinatitek
'Hollis S. IBaker
tip.B. hielitigh

l1 o

T'h t'7

,.°"S ,; t'fiatletitni
s New iniSpor't

J amias K.aWatkins tMorrio Slarai
Chtarlesa Laid G.S. lasher
Pal Gree; tWalter K. Twers
Lev' AtWhilae I. -. II inckley
Dian irney Iharry Myser
11, .1.'likesell Fred Laton
:Arthur Bh.\lanh an tRnssell I. Jatmes
Hrl(:Titues 1.. S. lat ]ai
'UI ESD AXV, oCT011tPR a26, 190.
ta TIoday-.A atea K. '(ant Rs.
\\'.i' attacaPartly clud with peat;
()i.t2 ttnann - Iink i; itoral
(liim ;Sei'eaCiii;erity hall.
Od a;-) 5 rank J. McIntyre in "The
'ic a;cling Saema,'at Newi\XWhitey.
(lt. ---Seniorte[it eetionis, LUnier-
ait talt.
tact. .;a- .\icetigi \asa Srac';';;a;'at
tt. 26;-Senioaw atreide;tia ICCae-
Jet. ;; Iial try-oulta ar KNa;;;-;
27 \.inj - aity -eevegkamae. Cre;
Fii Id.
t(ot~ ed from tie .
fre a oatt d~isgish;;tii schoa~lasasa-wea
g ate iaanastruiothaatth ley' re ill;
a gto iterealt gradu;a~a ate aluresn. I
laitwhthtietare' ia puairely' graitli-
ate' caarse agi iein the al;'liearay'deat
a;;;;-aiie' ahlane seiors ar o rsn
in at the samie;numbtttra'as grautlae.
It aNat;; tile Copaettngradui~at iaiamtao c-
an Wi a ath t;' au;nlrgradai;;te a'Ii;;taai --
lato r Leit l ia'ew ;c'urse,' a lt';';'It(, a;
f' ;acticheawi;;alend;;; dignity toa;;o;r
''rta' aaa;' t ;e ic ion;.
, ntat\+e shmldl noti'e-aichangianlg a;he
car~iaac'r'oflthe'geatlmajority of our;
a, acalld giradate s'tudeniats.AtXIpres-
I t fr toolage a prcentareit;;;; I
300 Eat W&Ohingtom St.
Light Lunches
Ice Cream
IPhones M8 L 78 lue

litel I;t ci 'tel aaacra I;; ,ha vig
fagle;aogeat psto o Ica o
hat tag aheir;atal tto he \ 1
a arc , ta l-i a Vc ~a dd 'ait nt l;
,ftA.; a\a.a;;oatheiraaa aIa lui r ; c
I'ti re ne; 'a';;; a t a l it ti n ti
ahil; 11lit doaa t sh e te a;gie ti a
Or roh oritsla; ak a aech i
the%tareugdlu a eta r ri 'i';
at a;r ;otn;t th ;I k r afteraa;- l a;; lftIa I 11a
,ich lic; oi; thesat; c T c n s il
'. i;p ; fo Itthem ; at t ca rca' r,1;; X1,
'h~a; lg Mi1a ; ati t rot~so a a
F coa ogI;;; a'tnco ala sen
lagt toia%c t'ii'l i ,, P;'chtn lre,.
f te ga; ;; I acool;ada; mm, t ofl a ll';
on thlan has ta Iiad eil kw at
o secure;;a ectur;saa; Ii; S;;l iic t;colr
.v ho; arepal ii t[- ; vI ' t dor. as
: ta t aig;; lay;; d I "o
+,t fIh i~ ii; >isc ,ha '
lay; iti , lla' III .a orclttg~
's neeta d c tsa it;;his a a'
i5" ato tecap tu, t ii I a c a ;;ic l'
a'm~alt ; i; a; a t a; a;na; h ;', \ i
i;; Chicaago;;land' Ill; noisaa; '';s; entaaia
,i Ihi ; m at 'af all-ii; a;;;; a ii; ''''
aaath a;th ''gtatf ala;'min''a;' ga' a;;isi
a ;;Acnta; these i; a'i~n d 11
-allt , l t t i; aa il vt st 'gr a
a ad;; andto; I a ; t;;; c~ ,tia IIt~ii aatsl
ng te: ai tame~i';' tn tcsho>
a I 1;;'' 0'tta't lf;;;; I i rit a '''' a ti I
all Iaic and lay; aoaaat; 'It I a;;;s1
ols Iti'ar ad 'e. ~ o s, 1111S 'aI
I dC iaoha :: d. ne:n all;'

iat ni'a'ta 1' u c, a t ,tui1at I r a'
a\il r -. lid ii lyila l i e t)'a ;s,,
na1) A M titi al'c~ils\ i't hik
!<es ''al~ t s i a I; a at c 'a;;;;' a' an
or '; at aa ore l ' t ala '''t'twho t oi'' I
a;lt a';aaa nd Wh alrip-i ,-
alle (' ; ltic ilr r , u hal sare
tl;rary \h ae aiae I ''Iof a;iousla. i
):it-a; ne c ,ri e a aaaare 'IiOh
;)li rc ;ir to the r 1eci l i tc a'gi tal. M a
'a'1 "A 'a r a dtbl s sd I, the
al a.r a' 1 y l iil~, ad tat 7';
a 1 + a adti s, ea t aton 01 \I)
ac '' 'a o ol ' 0 a1thei a l a
allid ia; c l tii fat; t hini n lat r
o 'cs ))tat indo - ili al- l e -at
ai laI a;;' lta he a la ir''aaaa 'a h Nnw
a a;e 1)\a; <tl a; the ''ea ';c;e a1 a
h I attr 'it tataa'citation.
a a' a'ttet;;;; ~ I a c t at ;;iu 't- at t
': a lt a''''' ctitofta inedai ait i
au)~wIthe t'.cl~ fa' Ia'
a'' at ;aal n I 'a' h it t rt ure'a;I
a)i a'h i;; aa'.it nr 1)e 1 aa''aaslt' iiaa ct
tatW"a;Aala ti; t gtAIa;;' aleclen -,1lr\ ldllt sol b u
If oloelucnh~rof d painlntala .at
is e 1)ecall int resed i 'lit 'a lit.,
'a~t at; ill a;'a a 'at e nd b t if t
'a'' a ' a; a 'enery of- the; ead'; oait
a11 lat a- 11) til lbr ry eq ipmti
don_ Ins ine. A Spcialst a;;'hehel
a' a rt e tia i)h ve is ha e in
er~iit .t a \\ l d , ) t atera ll il

'il 2CS .
, trolt
r ,'
G ..
, . ,

Picture s
Photo Supplies
Print ing

11-~l a Needea nIl
(JyrnasI urn
Yao caithuy fioi
Gy mnasitum Shoney, Shirt, Trou-
sers, and Bike Supporien
It wtll pay yo'uitot see what awe
havtoIlonfertinttis liitg.
University Bookstore
13 S Ov'TH 3 SVTAsTE STr.

it Il;' hia kt I- tliiiat l ita'itlila' a
wa at Ia; aiaaay c°t at llat t il ita assb
a r tlai 7 aa.;' at aicaa; 'aN.- \'k a' i' -
t;c a(S 1, tlIH t ri a an an [a\\;tat
;k; 1 a ; I' . tail, t f
University of Michigan Union's
Clu.b HiouasBoarbevShop
GEO. V. STOLL, Proprietor

u t itt ; 1ttaS a
I ' _

' PRESS BUILDINGSMAYNARD 5.Ni S om/oI'li a a a 5rmdr~ tiv
ffor Ibta !Zieaai ll Iio 109a ccmilptele atn..)f 01the bent classic
eltltlont. tJtIlotenalil'O beet 1l1Uz tnC.
llaagnthe latest aith best il tt )etattit110Uaattttn IIIlii-tc.
Aioanootne3, 3uitar nau ~lu ic t fII~crchbau ntc


The largest line Pen-
Inants and; Banners
and Lowest Prices.
ir ia itI;b ttntry; 1 ltit\
Lunches, Tobbaccot,Cigars and
n ...a a; a 't r i il l- Ia liaa ift}t 1.
a I a a IP I
Deemosers lave
seta iaallsutppaly.
l)*ti a t (ll at iala
aw ttot purclah;asersct
Pomnpeian Iassaac
E. E, CALKINS, Druggist
3 -';.Sate St.

P='mr 59

hhh1b.- . rl

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