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May 29, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-05-29

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The Mic ig. ) l

Voi,. XX.


MICHIGAN, ;,U 'sf31STAI V >,if oI w.0)No.
Circus Men Prerare to Bati le 'When j Improper Ventilation in Memorial
Crowd Rushes j hail Thought to Cause Crack ENDS 'WITH DFA

Wolverines Win Places in Six Events Scoring
Twenty Points and Contesting First Honors
With Penn and Yale


(.Special to ticeI Mihgans Daily).
Franklin field, Philadelphia, Pa., May
28.--Threatening wnorld's records ins their
efforts Michigan's athletes carried the
mie ansd bluc into third place at the
great Inlterollegiate meet Satnrday af-
ternoon,. The W'solverines scored
twenlty fpoinits by pslacing in six events
wiche landed third honors.
Peimsylv ania wort as was expected
but it was5 not tuntil the last evetnt hart
seen dcisdesd tiat it seas certains that
the twenty -seven points which the reel
andt bluee runlees gaorseredt would give
them the orest. Yale sprung a surprise
If puitting tip the hardlest knde of a figh~t
for tirst hoineors. Thse soils of Eli miade
asssagiiienit showising finishuing list a
poini an o as ha 1151behinsd the winnsers.
TIhes outcoe.sss of thse smeet teendssesd on
ste loss hssrsdles. l]ast Chsishsslms, whso
score thle slsse of 'Yale lasssed first, his
teamiswoul ha11 vse beatess Pesss by half
apoit Garidsnser Iof Harvarsd, saved the
A Qssakes by Ibesratill hi sssss a close fiuishs.
Thle fasslscse ofi lie Pinseelons repsresencta-
tive toIii bellsr Itihass thsirdl gave
Aslichsiga ti hiest
lTce lidnal sningis wcere as follosws:
Peiisilts ii' 27, 'Yase '5 1-2, Msichsigas
20, P5rincetc OR, s HaI rsvsrs 14 1-2, Csor-
sell 14, syaus ls merst 6, ;IDart-
illicill 3Isi isn 3, Cosluiasti 2 1-2, Hone-
dl r. Univiersit ofci Ness Yssrk 1-2.
CRA11 lii' l 51 IJ S REC0 55 ORD~l.
C raig nias thce ]srsgt sarticsslar stae
if thsess mee as sirl as si thue Wsslver-
ille ,'i'''le''ati1111 lie 110111 fasse ins
hciscself I n ic ints fir Isis schisol by
Coeingl' thle 220--yrs ini ills woscserfssl
itlie ofi 21 1-5 seicoiiis wincsih esisas the
marl setby eferlie Gceirgetowns
iildt- iiifBsesides this ICraig hosk secoinsi
ill th centurilily listsan so iiedi tin-
irs 0's iiiiiv tita pont winer wilth
Ramiisde I f[em n Chiishlsmc the
1Ya11 tiiiiicr Fac of'el these mseni scoredl
Tshe idiil in tlii spirints sils osse of
the chts evecr secll in asi Isitercol-
feicie (1r11" shoiwseid his heels to
fasell In itir hundisredt ein Friday
btic the T c turne the l tales ons hits,
inl thce I tills hi geit ing b hsimi fur lierst
llc.Ihe, same pairi mietI in lie sister
idashs buct this tihe it inas lie iclsgas
man's turn to win thiiiugh tie was foredt
tornchi rci o i life toi seat the
redandblu str. is hielpiest Petns
can heir way t ictory bsy Fisisig close
buehfindi Ramiisdell, his teams-maitie, taskinug
tid inithi events.

55055 WRKC NDR551nsiSico sin'incTHE itOT. I
Joe Horsier cosifissedtIis attesstioni en-
tirely to the shoe psst asid wn t he eenti
easily' sossisig the great ball withins sal
ass ischl of the Insercollegiate recorid.
is cent psut, which mieassireed 46 feel,
4 I-2 isnchrs, was ciscosithein brilliaini
performassces of a blit mtseet. Waite',
the Syracuse gianis, wasnusabile so re-
peat hs perforsmascee of twio weeks agoi
whsest 1ccbeat Horsier ins the 'Mlethodist
Ikoss May made a sdeteriiseed effoirt
'to capture she two-silie rn blit Bena
of Cornell, had a little the lies'if it
frosc the start asid woni. The 'slielsinasia
leadler eats a great race asid fisisesda
sscn six yardts behissiltie Ithacansu. The
timce,ithosighs fast, wacslihireensseconsi'
bsehind the record.
The shorter distasice rnts resusliedt in
ste dowsnfall of Fault, catainiof the
rest and bliue aggregationi. Liast yeairlie
set a scw recorsd intshleisile, fiishedi
secosid to Iis teamss-matse inite half 11111
latceedisi the two-smite. Todahsyle 11a1
to be cosntent wnith twno secondis. Whlite-
Icy of Prisscetoss, showedl Iis helustoi
the Qusaker its the half, coverisigltce Silo
yatrds in otie sinitse andilfifty -sevenl
see sets. Hall wtis close bsehindsim iii
winnsinsg thirst is a stplenids effort. The
lasiky' Wolverisne rats smagniiiensty, fore-
tug Boyle if FPenn, itu fossthilacitse.
Ist the utile Taylor, the Co~rnelsetlcer-
ass, sail the hossor of bseaitisig tie recrd
bholder. TheIhacans wissithe cnciiini

salilif 111(11 1 )I t vii 1" th (M
iiii'il Of ; ', r iii I (assI' y II I
womenl dai cer111111 Cl i' c t p11111i igtei il
eif ,nfiiissbi , a ] ii -A 1s cr
g l c s( liba-s" -1111111-(:ii clii n
she tcio lell h1Ct~it I s h t r 11 il'c l
ci l istte frsciiic byeiter cprt f
;th wa th if us 1111 i ii ii
tie\ f ieh folloIcsicc I ci lla Is rIi
lh ice i witilre(us.T
ten ises t rate.lu h 'ticketlellers'iia''
theirtha. t li'cu i''scrowd w(┬░ii.
55111 1), \11 his cc cc
ci illcilit slil le ll iii 1w re111-1 (r(
en. I Iiw ft evident to theist el I'llh
sc c tv c wole cot111111 ticplac the
tic taent 1>y storm.i111
"W (1 t e du ,"delid 1. "ThaI'1, f
al'sti' e's to it."I1f ii li 1 i
Ihe teit i il (liltli cc I lii~ri 111 ii i
''liii othilfs vinto lii-al,
11111teis si uhf ult te 1r s ff,,. II (.
ladllred hilt' l trlii b c vIfi
Jose, B ink ,aisent l
F1i1va halfh ii( crushel am
if i th i' elicits () ills I if()ts 1)
liii lii '(Ifoil a~ ro ~tiI if c
t it s lf. Iiis s iie -(' a alf ii
Jisie d fthir s rt-werl I 'sfat ( Iii
: I1if, i stu en, cccr i t lip i,

ih lpr f Chilefrs Feccri lflDetrocit,
11 si rf. i' 'oeiach c 11w(-1enitioaidithrie'
I t 1 > i Lidi >pa e ,a m s u re
eihei uselth rf~inc ith paiel on
icre ~ imelefrliir e e iece seas
irclcs si
if 4iS P4 lid + l4} i}4 +4 1}4 isP } ii}
esr~rr+a +aor++io~++r+er a+raa+o-irs~ iI+ +ri~ifiil++}
4 } T 44 4 } 4} } 4 uhf f as} c}'s

l t)?ic of the J.tp iicsc art panels etilii-

l'lc1 1

I ii 11111vc lirdaN PIt o re'ic
'mdcarie antunrlaslie
r ilntatill Pasle Slndi


t ;,

I'l e ~ ,Aa sa'eluv as'cijiib
An Pa traced11 the ''ut line of ai t ie
rie wih th its liof s iisiumbrelca.
Tc cme twtchng f te aniial's
'rel 5 A. reoil av on 'ifthocuse'
C tic' n ir' She ihaidi is u ellau.
Sr(I,',' arild t akcdliuiti l'. tar
''I'll a l ile usPa cmealini1e ls. sr'r

Cornell Shuts Out Wolverines
and Avenges Recent Track
(Special to te MVichigana Daily)~-
Itaca, N. Y., May 28.-M1Vichigan's
11al1 tsiners ended their annusal junket
ills the east withs defeat, Cornell put-
ting the lanket ott them Saturday f'.
ternooss by the score of o o. Twenty-
ive hunsdred loyal Ithacans watched the
struggle and rejoice~ that if Cornell
tusut btoI Michigatc' on the track she
couldi win ott the diamond.
Ltohrop was thecosly visitor who
ciiuld conncset with the offerings of Car-
vajal. The little third sacker seured
all four of the hits which were recorded
aigainstc the Cornell twirler. The other
Wilitnes failed to show the aility'
with te willow which enabled them to
downs tcc Methodists, at Syracuse and
ichetigans never ad a chance to win.
Stmiths went to the 'oud at the start
bit faileed to show his best form. The
Corneit luggers hit him hard and often..
lie allwed nine hits in the eight in-
nisgs he facesh them which coupled with
erirs gave the locals five russ and the
gamce, Verheyn pitched the last ising
aust was lucky to escape unscathed.
Corsiell scored its first run in the
secoiusinssg whsest Captain Williams
drove out a hard grounder and reached
first whenth~e Wolverine fielders erred.
'iTomisons sacrificed thtu to second and
he sored whenc Howarsd reached Smith
f or a cleatssige.
Stmitht 'eakened in the fftb passing
Nilaceeasd Wagncer. Rutherford drove
a fly agaitnst the clubhouse in the right
fiel scoring thg two turn. In the stv-.
enith Cirnel counted two more. Owen
item upens the inning 'with a triple and
cmue oume when Wagner ajungled. Wi-
liamus luook a liking In Smith's curves
at tisn stage of the proceedings and
trove its another rstn. That ended the
assrcsst~cAN. Al$ RItH lP0Q A R
Lohropheut, 311 .. 4 0 4 -1 5 0
flaysef ......3 0 02a 0 0
Miitcellt, ri ... . 4 0 0 0 0 0
Waln e,f .... 4 0 0 0 0
Itill, tb ........ 3 0 0 3 0 0
Enzeenroth, e .... 30o50 3 a 0
Maefits, ss ...... 2 0' 0 4 4 a
J. Casmpbcell, 2h1) 3 0 0 7 0 0
Smiitp. .... 3 o0 0o0e2
Verheytp....a 0 0 0 i 0 0
Toutals .......2g3 0 4 24 13 2
coa)51f5.. AB H E( P0 A- R
Ocn, If ... ... 4 r 4 5 o00
Machoer, 2bc .... 4 r 0 a25 0
Wagnier, ss ...... 4 2 a 3 2 0
Ruterforid, rf ..- 4 0 r; 1 0 0
Williamus, c. .. 4 1 2. 3 0 0
Thomcpson, cf .. 3 0 1 2 0 0
Howssard, 3) .... 4 0 Z 2 4 0
Wbuatson,ic . . .. 3 0 ( 12 5 tQ
Carvajal, p ..- 3 0 0 a . 4
Totals .33 $I5127 4 .
(Cotnued onsareP.gt)


lass timte.
Laham wass s-ue s uablttioulset terth sow


iic r i -, Ifu' lut

was s iruuhs 11u1Itiswn,
:m- f+ rsmt to oielUi' l 'ui-
.SfI)I ' .i 's fciileud to
i> lu- st n f ,-I . Niiuiiua-
ar ci fiili'd toiiNcxt

iug he msasde intshie ptiin i es ndis's iii ii of theci i dli ccik
sash to tbe ciintenst willsthirst Ilae 'l,thus' hu
istbutnshaired sensiiir tiseLulittle hard ThInthu uif ereciii iih dl''f ii the
scm ansuableto iiget byhimui. mrigad 1 he lide t
Nelson, ice'Yatee captain. cameuse WtASlto ()kadvanage o't''i iii ci ~ it
so expectaions ints he tote saulsngth. expressilhirhush ii I hii-
s ew Itercollegiats eeurd wmitls a vauit irs '.55 u lr o l iveiurI intc in
ouf 12 fees, 4 1-2 inuches. teeecinIvligt) eueth I~c
The stumcmsaries:toofteey1ithyeltoe
too-yard sash-Ramsdtell (Ptenn) Ifirst:'i,iufs ustothi interests.l
Craig I(M~ichigasn) secoundi; St:itds Jose andcl111 s '.1teotercad
(Penn)s thirst Coonk (PFeinceton.i) fiuirth atsbya i 5mrn 1ttc ae e
iitse-so secondes. us eds t'suissfeu ndA.J.Alh'iifo
220-yarst dash-Craisg (Msiecigan)sfthis thiudspace asit is if low
finst; Rasdiell (Fensn) second;t t is he diifuuiuriining y ' I iivi
(PFessis) tsird; Ciook I(IPrinceioi) fousrthi--
Timse-21 i-5 secnids. (Qliuals wiurlds Pry. 1 ilagtoi 4,hs
reconsd). md a greemtstsv6111 th IdAhic
Awiioyardirnt-Reishpatts (Syracuse) 1 ssu siti usd11 HrvI d iicolcith
Fistt; McAthsr (Consell)I seco-s L t ..cusrsity Ii ud ''am liii th
(Coatinued sn Page 2.) Sesns f 1010,i 1011,uuantdli)i2

To l'11>1{;ii, lLI'S tt(Sh'INY.,
1' i:u ia n l 'ctsuduuus weis' r shd
in vcsit h ll cscrdy o rnuling.s
laesiWO, (ny, ay: scretrisen
dd''''r.My i real;Im'nger' alte
l ir bllr ; lbraran, ~srIKustfer;
If y 'a '5 a dWi like s ell i r 5 du' teds'
ifW l cgid ingifInexel arsil-'The
file' sufrc 'ii t is S. 1Isles, olsos of
tlic lot,)1 gills 1r 1lss0

College Men's Summer Conference The Role of Insects in the Trans-
Vermilion Lake Erie mission of Disease
Ten Day
Great SpeakersFrdrkGereNvM.D
Great Crowd FeeikGog oy .D
reat Sport
Tonight 6:30 P. M. MoMillan Hall Congragational Church 7:30 P. M.

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