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May 28, 1910 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-05-28

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L(EEC 'Ill ItI it ( titlE P "t.
Sprh - --nd--__ MUSIC AND DRAMA
MsaiagigEditor ErA WHnt. tswevs it st i al Im, - ttdn1.5a
Bust tin anatger-CART. II. 0. AAM.it ris- ti --t-s- is
EDITORS _ i,1s titts tti si ttir i i
1 9 ~1 0 Netss 1 dior .......liarol Tituhs Nttttisti isforith sis-tissii wetre mietit in tic il *,t . the1 1 schtooti
Assistat........ . H arry Z. (tilz ,) te - he of iithe las - par-tm n Atsc hv Hss Irlce I_ lanio.i
Atitletit. Isittor..Wisiter.IK.. Totters fWli h eth it ta- I fcs lillso ~d, 11 h a ts
Asistiant ...... Atitor iB. iVloeiltr te mln ilsicn; a cntheilaO trceittttll t~itteit te fcdl
Our Spring Specials MscadDan....alV or
Exchantges antd Files..Dions S. 1-iritey itt stei rit a rn h se hso h cicI:nltilasm erIo
DESIGNS-Oriinal anid Exetusive ofEDITORIALS" h ite ile tidtefoit t srndrd
Lym____ptant L. Bryson.t 0. S. Lasiter. s-it
WPinthlirop D. Lanie. Danta E, Jontes. Cal1. ..da .Ida pos.hd;[I uk ad " uNo ? ....ic l
COLORINGS-The Newest Arthur J. Abbtott.lolsS a~r leal Ic. \1, hrytt r<ts.... ict cvn
RIGHT IITORS. tttA. B rtc, nitnt pist In: i ttt -i \ar~t-i l i
FABRICS-Dependlable D. A.inle~~iy. A. J, VW ollgEmthl. (itaitlis Ii . le, AittiitNlih;Iml. iate ... .. ...ctnn
---iMorris IHouser. M. Macis Ryani. iiits tt R. iile, 1:rcr ll, E n:S .Ah Iatt ......S hin m
R S LS Itleasi h Ind T IIrtionious t FrsintisPeiniell. Eret LIawton.tt. . il iiK.iFoxii Rit. CIii i sY t7tS . ~ t
RiSLSHarry G. Myser. iiti ut. rssi ii .is iti
EN -RPORERltCarles If. iOyiTDIC. M. T. ETtiiiit or s R. tiJost. nisis Isti is . Id.: i. too Is, t. -lr ... . . . i hs sit
Sutirsaesnks et isW. Murphiy. Loren Roibintstot. ti iJt tiittsi - r tti tttt
Suffings,__________________ AdhiC. :isiit i s isc0), Itl.:Iola- v'et):
BUSINESS STAFF FC \Ii tittt C. trtihtu e. 111.,tandi \l ri s I'roctc
Troxvserings C. A.lBowman~. Noriiait11. iiill. -slit itttitlith I ttvc, iCoilorttit. l r iac
NoR Reatdy Tar Your Examition MRI iytrui. . . D..histe. Alitt itiattuin iFa iti-1fort ne t t --
Kesnnteth Olsbosrn. nis ss sillhe ive t tse 'nC iCi1T tsa, un itt s reit
TAd'drsles MiICHIGANDAILYr, Press Bitig.,tHveisyhalhvfr V.\((lorI
G. Hi. Wild Comfpally anrSte.
tfic IIHotrs:Manuagiing Etlilor, 1-2 p. c c1 f_ ti hl ltr so \.S v
mA.OTS tt itd I100-11t30 It. 5. IDaily. iillt. 't CS C. TiNP i N.Ii lTO \ o ' ii
BinetsSIMaager, I-2, 7-S p.t. E -I es jmit
311, S0. STATE STREET 5cept ittitday. Botls'phitoiest96. Threshs t]its Idtie sc io r t i s-
weethe vi tos I i 1 e iini al ttii.I'l,
C N.A N p iATt. iRi:V k'. P c1 0. ott i es..0a 0i o I lluttcn \1 o ]. tlctoniroi
_til) tI it ititt i 2000=i-t th tts i ii i ln rsiiy Y\. ' h
UNIVE RSITY CA(lI NDtPIE Neis.... oiioo h ~rt itl:SO tto s ata-
Th :, E. i 17 ()SII 1 .) ott.....iiiti itt>iT 0tts I I i ~ otuis i Ii ecui>the ric
Ala i iintroI cil Cilitcit \\C. itl ii j
RIIT~lIN tPSILY P111 SStudentC LY il tiit PP t Vtr I itO-12,i
MA:Ind trLfBml-I LBARCO SHRUNK uttiuA~t it.lPltcluigstt.r Is-ret tttttl 4ex
trEyU2PS SD CiUAofFOficersZfor asi- ti-i ~ 1 lli( E)CrL.J RhscoeI) hetO1h l4
Ical C~QO PtIKES l s. Sst) 171 tiANi EttISeitteer Sitill'nertd ludrig-uhe
i s. lic hi. Lee rs itl i etitd it}: ito i
E ULIA GN E A R I ESOcars.silieltigAti.tErectniytlvc touItestE xiCtk -Pitt 1 P
S la b 1 . J ul li e C h ot i t t 1 it - i t h a r e a n e tiiiun tuttuutu u u i t ttAA E Dln e 3 S p p i ttcr S a g p rl tt n } e e m n b c s o f t u a d , t i -SN A
Jstis - s. b l a e or a c dr te 1:d rhp o a] -n rr
_iiii itT
vs ician eryhed ::5 .M pidtouit ncore'tas tert eit oire. i


iVi I 1hav ettt rti ampl
ofi thu latest ntl correct styles
of engraving 101
Po owiill neerd thornvery ston
trio it will bise t to leave your
order early.
Plte it lh 10tlcarsti
$1.25 to $3.50
lt iirs irom llate
University Bookstore
It doesn't cost you any more for
Better Pictures
Better Flashlights
Better Developing
Better Printing
Better Elargements
Better Photo Supplies
i i .ii~i Taciteuan Ammnni~o
iey fiing aspeialty
ELibrty St Ann Arbor Mchigo
Luonnces, Tobbacco, Cgars and
A~rius four l3Ti-Tt. Teivry ntcL utitu
t lave a

S u 1 re tITret ae
fatrr he paldiugl
'Tnrade-Mar. k of OFFICIALE QUIP-
MENT,for l lathietic
t.D ' I s ports and pastimesn.
If yol u atire 1ti ti itu erte-
-r to e dtin tl tiesSpoit~
~w U y4 f te Sptlditnt Cat-
I lopitl ti~ T's iT complte
;- -l tsu'husta Whait's Newin ofSport
Chicagon Detroit
Ordtrsloe urt V XisitiTlg Cardst
iniw 1tto voidi delay. Plate
tttl tootscard', froulI$1.25 to
1555 caItstfromilt plate 75C.
Sehn &Co.,

Wihtre tersioftsucc1ssflcoi
ill drnuaic, W y it s i t le siu i
its ssthe rtta Ctoits itet new'ii is
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ms neceretili rentere intse Cosits-si
cl ib tit tsaltswi-thlthe lt ltglitit lgi,
is iu i -thire siii s no -go itses itlw y its
as ini less-timp tatithtingis. l ist r
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ex-e.seis co snserterityt trr-i
--i iiartut itistftunIt it
T13t os tsucesfutplywight ta
-SeventttitDtay s," sitetieisittyof is
succeits it ses stiie th i w s its i in A
Aror We- ayh t igttlit i
isiSl- yearsiis s t Itsar s u tk n ittieo iar
produce itm iusifsv tsacanctio.
i--Thettsuiomttudycl tubud I ithtis sit
wa it self tu u tl intitutioni frIts i-
stits ust tidthite Un irsity iisotlts
ti-s sse ron tt ruttiigais-its.
sit -e ili TiKs V xMPA N

its l he t ive 'att ic sisec
its datn iieiwilh la e . i di-
A n thr iaeto hsi t i,"ae s-sur-
is Pie I j i fa adesdeir
L it-i cr siJ, J.t\'s-fiItit sit-u i et heii
iii lurt isi 5 i ofis eltex- ei-sie
in is li nets .andi i- h tis lk twa s can t i-c
jca s ile oi c itsi- u

'J iculr i iss t t ic f
its irt
Michiganl Central

PRESS BUILDINGS MAYNARD ST. Assit is ts Ui'NitttSchool oftutut i cttst
",Madame Sherry," ",Sky-lark,"'"Love Cure'"-
",Bright Eyes" and other late operas..

E~xclusive Agency for GIlBSON

I hcatori~u

121 Wssb uaton RAN DALL & PA C

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