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May 25, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-05-25

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Vor'. XX.

No. 165.


a t is c
ca pu 10 c0 1

Michigan will Send no Men for ,,r,,i,
Pole Vault and High Jump [The P
at Philadelphia ,c1ll
pa ity o
accompanyt te ANcigtian track 0t0111 A GIR
east at 7 ~Oot'sock tils evenin1g. Teo
higitjumpes hves h 10 iotottlitlio ve os-Various
ordinay aility11and1 te 16111 srtol poe
tisiltes s a t o t1110 e11l11tainingl 5sils's T 110'cc
tie Ssracses heill. o \lr011101
ciosopciirtso 1i11boti of the 1001115_r a t
ilt IT Soo kestti muleios a alt ha, at0Pal
1111110tisn orsar ott bihlsth i ll t otiii e1 th
stadtachit e an Ditttor Keen
Feiittzp tk do s nt t en ti tkea 501 ~
maoses. o, ins Itis opiit sonl as1 t,,1 h ce0ice an
so lacstits;Te t he m n reil e-sint
(ff001il ill 0iitiii
trr. os s s t stineo edoisl gi
1d111cutis heslts inful T i ciln t nild t
aft h 11is ir ltnn i . itoiloiltheiooIt
stit Yorolo stilt los IAIr-
sohissls its~ tilit
oim deiin50 weth e to n lipsaogoroinot l o
lie qi t ort he half 1mirus. It 1 010 t l
cots-i' e i o- iet %i th eqai esshlsos Pc
100iprbaly hetostarted int he iti inls
sir.ost lllf
wletth 5ich pasto at 11100l~ fth
cofacetonistth dao th e resolo-sh
is-u rastmet wid'lotnalprbblt- sc
si 'ttha lo t t a e i lt e ake il' n
sitoseksMis if 41'.010
foiil, of isiliitoto ib le , i c f m t
cail l e ii o s-itt s i ng'stol I a lso >itk i " s c c
too ooLoto-ltd-i tt'
tho ile Os sal hi' er y ts solos U es n
oisig irtt oo ksfod frosl".orn
de ofultworintthelo ito, p d
giso I:' toil 1 to itt 1\ )"\<C II,
The 0pre 0tiest a otheoiottotOt ilI e001st i~
lis " o -ots- - ii s oh o of ' 10000 ;'
itr s o o iii i setoi d.l ny , o
P issi hs to ict hedsll c t l)lttllP
rell, )c Seli 1g0ad1Kclh0o01000010 d

o t..ie t il'l Ni/S Iti illION -s
ol ali tot te tol. It i
foth t11~t f aI<cat
1011110 1100100tot 010005Ot
'Mor toto-soo-olo too n ooo \ t
It is otto-I 0. stolso11go-the cat-
t the itloooso- tIis s li l to ac
c sooett 110100010010 too toll.
Sports will Feature Womien's
Field Day Thursday

BY OBERLIN TEAM 11clbe f f hePis stosooa CAP NIGHT FR ACAS
Misplays at Critical Moments ctoisiicalfocouolst-sosa st ot 1m Every Effort will he Made to
Lose Game to Ohioans hy lllemillls 110011001 ittadsome t[e0j Identify and Punish the

4 to 1 Score


's .1to

hc1d (I,[% of
011"i'I'MV tiftel-11,
t ref e it l-


lie of

-d Mto-tot 't

.11c 000 001100-01 lrc
l~sc alte ctooc

11-11 1-1
1111cd. I'1

0 too

o l so toorlt )too l fl c ooss ftl l )'I
O llOiooo.Miyoo24-1ito a00 t
in 0 0.h i llcr)spae apo iln ai
- 0001ru V~S lec tilts V lit li t to da-
()1 Fi loca0ls mad10 mor0111 n00pl010
;lud scure( fe e hits tantheOtto ors
10001101 1 ss al osnoltsoot to w
00000et tt e 10 totsbt'. s sltsp mta
stools 11s a ndotts t lotstoo 00
its Ottan Ao 5oson I50'' k l it
Iti~ lat( siths ii t()nbasett lis 1,
o, 11t( 5 Iyin t scoia;..stool 00
taV ~ 'o 1, o tot so o o, tte111in l ss it
ul's )Illy run a be utif l oll\.( ill[
o it soils ,I tootlof I firs t
10001 ea ned a a 11 W C10 1 , toiimsl
ref+ (litc tir~on(°. G~too hatoote-' los
o ;: 0001tooI ot lsll' 0 is2-t() O sos oss-
it0tbt 1 0 1-0 055- Io olol- 1 2ts
so to, i2 0 t i0i0 t 3100 000
- - stooer1el Iand1 oWalsho
Is. . i1 .00 Io 10 10010Th1.101sc lil s t 1.100
I,,lll~p nith k r ll s' sO t to
11 tll (r. Fist 1a1c l errosilss toicol lost
Ili-t\ I~i Nihol, 1;irr tloh Ills f JO-
210 ' lpre .lost iii ,isstss I Is ttO
1~)I11sol l Issl ,Its lsl0
Itss 1hO tl t s tooe l 00 1i s t l las0to
it.;i 1t 1 1001r 01 10 11t011j nio0010
_i.cisO ;s)lt}.il Ios 01111i (Ihlosual

slt- tt ooooOffenders
Iu , ui es tein o o the s tictt
00000 00005' 0110000t.1 11010 sf te'l illtt
1)(I- 'av scoo tisye 01-totae ost-' SENATE WILL ACT ON MATTER
010.005 boO eserch trk i l olla~tor111'ies___
________________________Tflat toe celebto o f 101 Coop Night
I;s otto was atoololi tOtteddb r tics's5asnd
"GET BEHIND THlE BAND'' dissordelyacstisons btytbsoth ostnloosof
O-(theto iit s d hirsOsl 001 g111 ues000 tsasoweli,
Last lDance of Year Comes After isto e ottIpinoiosofthe fstiltsy. sAsthorsought
F riday's Concert nvs(111o O te lofir hs been
startd bythe teoec tive tsritches ofthe
I r ls a d d ne \ilhlist stsi univsi ty wtol a1111ew10 110punishint heit
to ( 3 g rlatoissoo'toos I osisio is 50 bothtt.sut solto sis lo'sh
0100100 '~ls tt 10 ol 0 01010 itto 1000 hor11. 11liii tii ten t u b teo jc
o)te airolo 0 t oil.b gienoot n sissthsoeo-o' 000 00~ sei
0 1 00 0110 101 o~ti~li t io osoooile fsi so1001stlar ni vrs ilty
Ial t.I podcethlbs s uialepr-tilt n adobtthr vstii rea11
r t that I sh ots vet see tprseto edtOtll 'lsb yos\or
0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a on s-otoo-fso os 00,1 soooo' 0 0 houist; boilaOtost iolettlo t
ro-spouonivoro foot-hOto' boosO 0100c1hsos'slo tos
,waste i o f.10001-0 -1 I e"o-o li ilse soca tooel D y u t i k th t t e s ud n s w r
ca \\- d-g h 1a ou p o -est pa l rspon101 s toe orthe' om ostoat o r o 0 you10
' 101010 . 1 'ss' ttoto sotetstivetrail" hnktatteviior ntonfo.h
>r tepat fth laerhaeseuro ccait sandlothestointesolsi otee
f< 00 toim a ottrotosapple ooil Ottoctaosoffato
solo 0 00 oilt'osOoo 0011 wlobs tosslam'er his watsske101d. s'001
rrest s tlo which t till t e isic "oitholsstu10d0e 0tos an 1010 uess ,"rsolo o ied
1o, r; f _1rn .Ar or.o -In' fact, othe lbsd the d oan o"Ios ot st caO "sse s [ t soha
vyll h ve a litl l', f sivaill o00101i s t ubea s ool titoi i';o lhet o.01- Oilt -
too , lol nd ernltea t th t 's otes o use010 ite - cdrowrote as g etsnd t e e
-'ss st-'o, t lt-i-s s io'ooo\soos' ros d I not os s utisrnt ihs \01,10tv il
in full nrifor-t to th e -v tootainn i.. Otto id nce
tl.(y wil p r~se t So e m o e n o el ct 10"H ve so ui ri vedtils ill < t e u t
t ; cig00001 510tintrv 1s d rin 0th fradto o it s stncl ss solos e 1 - v
tlis t 1st s tilt isonc s o ts0pr or mi ll- found. Is t st iooo s s ufftoo t to sa th t w
wittootheit oisof 010e11 11.0 5 The htaist
tilttiit,,od oslo W ilol a t osked oiothoto v s a 011100 lt
cn t o''l oss i-d-an tatedb tts' he I oot ldto
t i, tot l~o s 101 or" S t nll ol t0 0m0ar Jotbol it
sott alswe the s esiso
-st I or astodtyt of 110e0' 0as large s' O tto

'1 I :i,[, '\ l 1V '1 i I '1V
lirl2is<t21 t irl , ill lc <tr-
(1 211 1111 ssli 11a r l t,;1< I11
l i2t,( <'tlltl )lIn Cl- c(
W c"-tr., . , t"athcril>> c>[
irl lilt cre::'icd its f(,r-
W;tS llcltl <tt N 1tilcrrv hall


'sot t sO ni

LL c cus- t otIfors tto'
.,oc' stol11 to " C
criVhls bostfoot
s-llt loas t1o111t- -f1oo

'Ito, stden ('ootCouncil i oosiioo al0010 --
lo t to ilso p the hand001 pgt 1snos 0 tt0
10IMOiF,' TOtANN -110 1lfk

fly do t ing oo' tto';toso oto s 7 V)too
tto' tiroshlo ios oss to ot s toots slll~u~ it of
too- utorso 'meoto of tilessootsecd siestio
seniior mdicsss dfto edlo ties'esn'olretoss
r00e'is,/ l t 'bi . tsoT sisafern tootefr s
its woiitipaythills 1001 l"s. 1Foilow01ing
a100 bios soes otsesterasi games1100

;cll th


tIt I ts-oi

lol s lots, 1i 010f10
000100 00,11wil
1: s c tootsl-c 1,
lccIIc<1lt wl


000c100 il I 000011
isCfor nets it otl-
last ili 1th ttmits
lacto boots"l:Coot
Isla o tot ii ll E

00100 ttllol
1110 ll +
01013 t ......'

...0 0011004 0-7
-F.s:Meer 1ndTackar;Os l
S 3 4 a ( 7 8 9-R
11 01010-

LAW SAif'R11" ' 'iit1ri T
fosots I soosto lear t heoo c
of losctus itooeato- is I~
the icinnI t ii ar. M .I '\loots
side Meossuis oose o toolI,s t 1m
01001 ia'Yrinu (At i bo s I(t

s til 0 0l t 1
000' otc51>> oso toss.


t 1llfs''t10000
toot' x-S(t

i list.

.0t Ise tc~ li I Itllucs (so t~ rl
csO soil oi~tostotheo CisII

Th r'1 'lih r u-wllhe mtte s'tit)
I ,C atlo lC;SO 1. it 000 thi a
so 1 loss' to every b-s-osnd wesO sit sout
o to"o I-( nih rs tat i t il l o
so isos us c d sintecu tilt titsluh-
je tsofsO si s ni n01 t t ;'lt~ti oi 00

. 1(1 c1 (TV S't'(Its II I CI i t
Juon It Janeoss otliossotut I \MontanaI
us il addroeoss t o relo tst oo lsbtooits.
in \ 0cs buial it 7 is uboo in
. Clai s... laimsof 0vaious itds are
bihs tourstrs c hisef000torob l s1and otto Iis
00id10 oieiotl ito Mr outas seembs 1011
I h~db)o osorso ntereoostingts and
sto s io s 0100 r wi nu stiltsi
stub us t clai s o oets i h
Rfioky imounitaitns itsoshostadtoat ical
expiencei ll illadjsoti min' ting00'clasilts
;md W oisditeriingit' I 50000,11ibos tot
torstsier00es. buiosthis' bs lt lstnnier
tiitui il'inch sottasigned i m 10101 1 specbil
dutill the' "overn'mnth service0000

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