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May 05, 1910 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-05-05

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FOR }P Il1
Sam Burchfielc
Ann Arbor's Leafing
106 hs. Huron St. Opp. Gourt Hou'se
J. L. CHAPMAN, Jewels r -
tully uoon sleusI~ Ct:I
Watch Rspait:tr'f .'ip a «:z «aity ;1,t>
ME FlAtl~1tRS AND M[CttANt($Si/As ______
Capital $5000 Surplus and Prouts$lOI) 1100
ou Tinme amul ianunng', uoosists aty 1e- 1.l
oo15sutKissn'tosen t ,1O00ansd upwsna~. __
R It. l nunr'. 1PuSs. IL. U. lou. so us. V 5 -11( .ju M
I1. A. WIVIJAu. as h siler Iussu i-
The A11m1.Arbor Savings 11laidi
Iita.S ok;sur sS/' rluuf t)cn
A lnrrsl Bujnkiuug Itasinu~s aa suuuni
)nrusursus (than . lisc.., ru-s l s
Ha~rrimuanu. 'ce lPre.: M. J. 'ust.'a lsun
W.J. Iiuusnu .1uss. V. iluan.a
Wru. Arno lud Dr. V- C. VaugIhan_
lIas. It. lWade .u.I .Mils1
tuh. lautn.Jlu.Io 'I 'l "St
I' at. . 5. 0/ us u u 551 /5 l,.ui u
W.1) I D INNI u11 t1'ISU\ SN 'l" I F/ .
I.V. u tA RIKnON, Citshiers.
Capital. $tO.000. 0nSrpus ausslProfitls. $^-60.000. J] 51p a
Si. flu iii
C o rxxrx cc hsa.l s. n ci .I 1t _
Sesovitegs T11
Cu,,-. Mra~trz arid Liber-ty sStr'ets. 1

uP/suliED. tI'll I s isil(-Tel lite olussiss i /8
Ole e ills ts :I / s p ltI cl 1;5,' 11 5 t icfnet si' o1l. us
tlr slr Gooidi 11s 011c 'ys for tt i i ., l lisi iil . /A u Jul r
11 s Glli101 X1~0.iruuuldisi tat" \sullisiu uisisil (mi tei I -, qisis l
11 Gc . Fi. llsio1, lu)ite USi - la sd-lll ill a tu s to1. lus list1' .
c~o t Al ilclth rs f t e t°Ills \-IIIl be1 ri is
ell s. Ie uluisuis, 0a s 1 1eallmI
FOAR tENT. il / eII1 , il lu-io.
't;1; {)c _( I ui t l i iN5 0 , ) Y 5NIsllA IJ Iii i sou ,
Iii uluu ltt'i i 55 , ult ot liliofs -s Iu- S up f lu '1 srl- I~;
I la dwo cl L, o s, usd ll su l s uuuf 1sfic tI 011111!! s chouoilso 111-1-'.
pr \e!,,c l P rlyfr isihed s lts 5f fu i liuu iususs
i- oif '- 1,olsImde/ultems .A )'cll y Derul r eisuofuuwoii i f theiui
_______-________ pried".,li llul ,iiiiuf' 51m ii/u/Iiuu 10 uljuluuf,,
II 5 tiI " . AN IItilui i i 15 15i i l t 1 / 01 11111i 11 /i w softu
if 5 Ii ii . 11C n.1 wtl s o h c l11 1 *e s 1 e? o i
iu .t 'E (vi w i efltu n i~tr"m~
iThe Philosophical Classics

JN arad Io t esi pn
Is o Ip 5 so 0101...etltrip in A menr-.
Great Lxkc are roOclscu r -vceOf.eD.C.Latke
Line. 1 i1enlr 1 .euste cntucto n,
prosf.. po cf . c.;tcso ...1 sfty and
comor. si 110 i is , 1d 5 a ' ard.
Tctio s rouol u s . u 51 a .II Detroit and
Ctnvelntsd are a%11 ie an no L o , sn ,';Iarners neither
Tlse D. &C.Gake s in sn Detout and Baffato,
Deoitand Ct01 1 si /if. csdo, Deis Mactitan
tsasnd adusay port', oss-snsDetroiLtF u itSaiinaw
andlway pnlorts.AClu5 ames1/611 be oaperated fromn
Juner25 to Spscn/usr z'), is ilu ainacoupping at
Detritout evs. royutills<<. sierlf tisp.
I p uldsylgad 55 15, ' ,ca gi July and August.
nod 2-cent anp fs o. I . / Las map.
AddsL.. . L LV , . at
P.11.MCs CLAN, PES.A A '5raaNTZ, GEN. MGR.

trII11I\ t h l
It i 8/ \i l N 1r m

63 Volumes
A colectonio u eliusail, iuooks iii
toi ths eedIofuSchuoiols anduolegeuis'-.
AI wli e tiii tuus. 't~iii foru 1' uu ilullt

Chinese Chop-Suey' P s-aurai
Cineuse Fncasy slcs.t ,dCu ts
Athinfist liss oladie fs s"l ~tt. l
5 4 S. STATE, S

ii 1 11The Open Court Publishing Co.
= ii ii at i i ii. I/u lu

'NCf/ti IS iT it
i/is/si SiS5111'

iars 1-c
Zc"t.s us N
OsI2 lo(I-

55 / 5551/
our 5

R owe' S L
O C320 °;.PftT

l't/N IT IFS NT ICE' Is / upsusCflotie r Cl
ie((ures ifoi a/ltlaus 01 Siprites1101 ii uea..
/ /1 us ru . // i have ilI stock C1, fi S '1,/ iltS S
ora10's ii le o laer f.-i/il
i1u S. Misit- 5St,21 l io or. i anlus , 3110 S ta8 1sf, 1
sit all Oper11atilsic for - -
iirl o &oS Soiis's iMtusictHoiue, Senior s' , //uu.n o ulars. Z
i/i/IS t (/Y/ . Tl;uoii. /10 S. Stae , 2 /1 flor. S
2() ,. 1iberty Streit.its-

lft"at d
T20 /F

You ucuuufind a finetle o u tlls u l irL
j u l l, l -l i l i *

P111 a lTup101'. trouset
hi_ r ad FrterityStationery a
stsil ily
divtc to / u Ii'il i ,51101'u there-
' m-' r. I.5 p(v + ao . iirl-le
(J I_.W s ingtuon St.


1 t i.
_ Y_ _'..-



When you are ready
To talk clothes
Will you allow us
To show you
Wherein we excel

Stl StreetS

'Wwalk- v r s or Spring
A. futl ic110 n11altl CilItis i iicoiltorusexcltuives
designus aitdfOlul ti c wo' sisntow's for 011 utnlim~ited
supp/ly of Oxsotuu ls iii so t rc51 t 11111ps.
For Men Your
and Women Fe
/ GG{ 'Fitted
Walk-Over SoeCo.
115 So'xth Maxim Street

Between Detrait, Ann Arbor andt
Limited Cars East Bii nd- 'I at.ils, s:is
4:5o p. ms. r'5ii , n
Limitted CornsWest Bound f-s:4. to.ill ::
1s. 11, 524 1. n.. 8:24p, nt
Local CarstsEast Bound '1,)ulrii:45sa
Ill., susisi susuphossitois 10:4lu>./iuu 'Illiuss~i
laii A 5,1 . . 5u11 'lfsoul uu i os t F')1.1
full'2:1 us. is., i12:if0 us. us. 1% 50f u. . To
c oti iw (,atsgs ii Vissihusili.
LocatCars West Bound -:5/a, ta.,'1,s1-)Its
sl. 110e +iy twot ilsu[s to 1l:l5!1). Ils.

Sier Litiks t'i1u
.220 SuthnMassl'hSt ou

Dys .concertn
/5 AVIS! 19 20=21 ava et 4 5
AIuu o iilt i
1 ' 't5 1 .(: utr t sliaa 01wps i o-
:3 , fuss usilus rusi
n1 e Fredsrlk Stark
50 o ullFairtEllun = Btrauch
~ slijorrr

TH, p

Portrait Jtudio -


31 at-rn tree

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