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April 01, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-04-01

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The Michigan Dil


No. ug.

Dairy Lunch Pitcher Holds Var-
sity to Few Scattered Singles--
Fielding Work Improves.
Inability to hit a gooui pitcher was evi-
denced in Wednesdays haseball prac-
tice wilen James, tihe twirter for the
Alli Arhor Dairr Lunchl teamlltook tile
bold agailnst tile varsity' 111l15anid heicd
thlemnialmost hiltess.
This weakniess will partially offset ill
yesteriday's practice by the shiowinig of
a slarted imsprovemieiit is fielding and
bsy the excellent pitchinsg of Verheyen
wise was oiitileisounde for the reguiars.
Wsith tile aid esf tile hattery andtwovs
othser players fromiltile city trailstile
Yaisiigaiis played rings around the regu-
'4 tars \Wedisesday afteriiooin. Thsefirst
team mn took a partial resenge hosw-
ever oii the followiing eday'biywhite-
swashiisg the seconid trailsmenlin l a feiw
ininilgs whichs sere iterrupteid hr coil-
staint teaciiigbtihtie coach.
Verhseyeii had his saliiva-sphsere work-
ing in good shapse Wednesday laid tile
secoiid teamss nl were iuiabsle to solse
his deiivery at all. As a result thsey
svere charged with ais exceediingly large
istisier oif strike-onts.
If Verhseyeis keeps tup his swork oil
tilemsounse he is practicaily assured of
a berths oilthe irst teamllsauitif tie
calnicethsrough as the coach expects,
one iii tilesreakest spots 11n1the trail,
tile pitching staff, williie isateriaiy
Battiisg work nsust he tackied inl earln-
est if the teaml expects to idoiainytiniig
in tieleiiie of winn~inig gamses. Noi sat-
J tir hose gooid tileifieders arc tile teaii
sill be iinabile tui sakawasyswitisaiiv
victoriis if it is iiiiabie to sihive
sufiieneit miss across the riibiier. tList
sear ire easciniishieithtie seasein iiths
a iatting average aiiectue cisveteid
.3011 mark. Unliess the iieii coei
throsighs this rear is a issaisier entirety
uniexpieted, or uniess the opposiing pitch-
ers arceisuchisecaker thsasnsiust ise cx-
iecteid the iniisiir sif msens shoishit tue
iail safetyysi thirud if use timle siltic
Better work ini tse fielingiisnue is
one of tile resnits of sense faithsfni
tutoring oilitse sintiof CosacisRickey.
'Theiseciiarceiiegininiig iioiearii hios
to hiaiiile teasinig iibouers siiniihow
itoisrow sis fair as 40 feet wvithsosutitis-
sinig tue balliotihsue gransdstanii.
'The iintfieliillmiibe froisipreset ail-
usearansce fiiiiy iii to that uif list year's.
The three nmen, tttrisi, Hasies aiii
MAyers, whe save berns pickeii toudc tisi
msajor iplet if tue swork ini thuiter
A- gariieii roitiine iii'iniprisveanutaie
iianiinig the highi liles in got shaiie.
Tue ceach hsibieeii teacinisgibase-


Over a hunsdredt ieisiiers canse to
cast thseir haiiots at tile ansnaleetiiii
oii officers for the Y. 'M. C. A. last
eveinhg. L. D. Averill seas unsansimslsy
elected presideiit of thse Sindents'
Christians Associatiois.
Tise presiencisy of the Y'. l. C. A.
seasi te ca'ois 'sspirited ciiitest, in
whiichs Goridois Ws Kingsimursy woil
Ws~iliamsS. McCormick w5as selectedt
vice-presideiit aisdtMorris E. Heuser
secretarysiuscdose iiruislswith tiseir rcc
siseetis e opotsisii s Chsarlcs F. hsws
seas unmsoiiuissycisesitiiiasurer liii
the thsirdsimle.
The assecsaiosnis 'iiready eoinie
tse iiest year of its existcnceitit priiisii
ses even greater activity iiext rear.
Presideiit-elect Kinsgsisuryssas cailed
ipioiifec a few swords ini whicii ise caiied
iiie iieimiirs to action.
Famous Chemist Will Lecture On
"A Scientific Revolution."
"A. Scientiific Resvoluion'iii is tse seuti
ject of a iecture whichs ProfessiirVWsil-
liaiisA. Noyes of the Uiisrsity iii
IliissswildeliiveccatI8 o'clouck tii,
eveing is the nw isehesistrsy suilinig
unuder the auspices of thse Phii Lanmisda
Upsilon fraternsitv.
Professiir Nouses, who hsas had a loiig
record in cisenical work, is ciiisidered
onse of the hest authorities ons tse siiii
ject is thsis cisuntry. W\huleIprofessori
of chemiistiyi-at Rose Pois icctsiic ii
Schoiiii iiTereiatuteIsdiaisai he iiuii
lishsed conssiderahie miatter eii the aisali-
sis if steel aiid various othser anialyticali
works. Ownig to the name ie msade fioe
himnself at tiat tlace Prof. Noses was
called to WVashuisgtoun to orgassize the
ciseisical edepartisseit initse tBureau if
Siansdards.tie reisaiiiedthuers fur fioii
ir usve searswseniiheiaceptei the pie
sitiiiniiieiiiss hiiiissas peoes sourof
ceisitry ini useUssveirsit1ysif Ilinis.
hoe use last tin ttyears IPriif.'Nore'
isas heeis editor of the Josurnsaiof Amesie-
csiisCheisclS cieuts andithas imadethai
puhiicatiosn ishat it is. ie has ass
iwritten text hooks osi orgaisic cheisistiy
sehichs hasesburnsiraisslatedtintisGer-
icssnsansdare mosu re us' d i th ti
countr thaiiin Amisca
-A iansquct whiichsesveriyisembie r of
uste chsemnical facuslty has sigiiiidcsi
initenltion of attenicniig n w ise heicd in
hinisr ofiPIois Noyes by use tiiLa'iisi
its Upssiion sscsetyfrsim s6 tos 8io'cussck
ait use Michiganiii oniisisthis erinisg. A
limiiitedciprosgraillsof tosasts his bnar
red. i

At Schoolmasters' Meeting Yes-
terday Professor Wenley Point-
ed Out Place of Classics.
I11 spseaking iss'ssl'ise Ilectelis temss
ands tir Claissic" atliii genterast sessions
si thue Setolm ses. 'Clitsyesserdiai
minissg., Prof. 1". 'i. N ies essrisedit
tiii ricipalit usis . h t s e
condsiitsilin ees s frtecniedi
'ffiiecy'sir ge r is Ic si-i tider
ire sentsicu stanv s.- n Wa r
raiswssssits ar mosic sto re lize
i'e cfe ust ii 555555tiheconstteideredi
solely with eferene to t e -its
scho ls,. sai Pro . \ illc . " 'tieec-
555ve svtmis5l t'pr5 cpa 5frm ini
ii c ises utitr5an55 ius liis, itisosl evies
ltackmilstuiponss r 's risiic est-
55155apprc iations b\_ a pcIs I v i it-,msei
leet sunt stipptsle s u nees i odistiti n
sn ui t c m oss f ,i i ger' , le tion Its
tis ss te apprlsl eiion of5m5lisi the
tsstu ssssiw f1111
.'h I sitss of tlW art '5' 15V i
to minilltainls5thills 'f vatiss ictuitre.
Issi all lutist sisill s sit 5 c,s teClassics
fisrics theie islv ill b sis ITh is'a
a seadys f ig t's riisssst essis sisess 5rs -
d's sush li ztush Is tie eformitedi sie-I
usve svs , itshuithecasi s a
tesu io ls Iii allthumansisvte ic sts', tie
sitall bk, shliuh lissfrom econtemsteey
sass lits.
Thsidist Prsof.cses stisissold tir
tush tills sitthelss iscs', ill ' ii' «,lists cli-
' Univesity an Pr it.caul S teo
tile L'Ivstit ofhicag. rof ustd

Big isroadsswre msadecyeserdasi en
tic less'remiinssg NN'oime's tianquieet
ickes, and it is a cccti nity lthsot a
,airant seat weil h efct tisgit
Dr. J. B. Aigel, lrsJoredan, Mrs.
estciniss, Mrsl'Husscs, Mss tKleinstuck
situ Miss Ca a Snows swil be ii ue
'ceeiig licneisshish siltlfoicet mis-s
liatciy prccedinsg the banquset
Inscludinsg use rousid tabsle t wicshsDil. 1
Ansgcii sell sit sixteess tableswislsitetie-cc-
wircd to accosmodssatctosecwshli attestst.
risc casss sill hase theeatrate t
ailes as si-sithesc tltisisisand'sitesiteeEls
T'wo cuslegiale aumnisissiscssil ie-r
side at ue ieadi of each idciiduleusitalsit
us sssist inlse seving. Thec affairf
comusinsg as it diss at the tume of the,
anuital convecitions of te Sholmauisters'
Cist,sil sake possiblse a large atensd-
lite f graduacs.1
Last Year's Freshmen Plan Exciting
OniiMesndiay' cv'cinig, Attest 4, tie
souhlillssil hoist a stag disner at tie
Michigan Usion. The disier wil be
precedesd by ass infornal rceptions a
5:30 o'clock.
Extensivecpias has-c beens mate te
set a neweimark for gatherusngs ofl this
satine. There will e sosgs asd reit-
sis, suppecned iby I a inmbr of sissie
soil snappy tass. Mst of thc later
aser inteded as sligt adsum susorouss
roasts. The most prominesstfaiing of
each spaker has beets seetd as the
subject of that particular toast, n-
euced by a usne of poetry.
'hue Sophoisoure Glee Chit,swhih
ihsa cs e usttinsg' ii seeerlt
ueeks of hsrdi worek, exets
to le prsenst asci ilnlt sig
Michigansonsesgs. PFrd Lawtnticllgive
Iis impeilrsonationi of1 'Ssrngueat'' sui
ofi Cutetachist, asd seialso sig Iis
Scetts csgs.
Frasscis IL. Riorda lla thsto as-
mausster andthe lice lsowsig' isets wil
steaks:tPaul Gaynosr, Caucy- Bouchl-
e, Ralph Sidr, Dr. Parry, Aexanditer
Stocs, tD. Hleanad A. B. Musoelitussi.
Eighty ticetuss hace tess issuei sui
tile ma sjority' f tesschavesulredytetess
F'ully hatt of te class iiof slsophomore
foresters turnedculout cesedayul suts-cnoonus
t orgsanizee undulelect eoffiers.Klustre
,etssssorff tas clcctedl iresident ands
t. G. NWatkinssvicec-presidents. iE. .
'lerrswas chosens ts sol ue combine
offcer sitsecretary-secasurersi.
Tn-us detsswere seectesd t rep-
resellstteclass sisnteconstsittiona
commsssittee of the chit. Lwsrence Ab-
rassuand ErtnhestrsiC. \Vebber tere elect-
cu to tsscislitstslur evisions is1tue os-
slt itui.
(lue cut tir chefctreasonis shich called
lieuorganuizationu of the classs uti exis-
tester wass to bete promote te iterests
ofi slurForestry dm1. A campsi-fire u
tir riser is plannedculfor usnte uer
future when the slsisforsersessil get
together fuse usgood tisse,

Annual Deutscher Verein Pro-
duction Held Last Dress Re-
hearsal--Many College Actors.
Judiging from the final full dress re
hcarsal is1 "Dokor Klaus" which was
hcesd last ights .t the Whitney theatre,
lie Deutschse Verein comedy promises
to scorec a lasting success. Besides i-
clinsg a large number of the est ac-
ors ofi the campus the ast has received
stost caefucll amd efficiemnt training from
slur handsss of Dr. Alfred Lee. The
princeipasave shown wonderful d-
veclopmnsnt in the last two weeks and
nilt udouobedy carry off their parts
weiths honor. Glenn Palmer who is
playing the main comedy pat, that of
Klaus' coachman, has succeeded in work'
tg himself well into the true interpre
usationu of the character, and is sure to
kep the audience us a good humor with
Iis chairacristic pranks. Stephen He
ec also showed up well in the inter-.
pretationl of Griesinger's character, E
frieda Weitz asa as usual succeeded. in
maskinug ass interesting part of the al-
eatly imporutant role of Griesinger's
diaughbier Julia. Miss Wite is familiar
to all the suiversity as a college ac-
treds, having taken principal parts in
severasl Gernan plays as well as other
canpus productions. Oscar Beckman
suit Otto Fculber are both well suited
fee their arts, and will materially
srnugthens ue presentation of the play
Rut Encothouse, Margaret Shelly and
Ida Sitter arc the remaining principals
stil thirci work will e fully up to the
highs standard of the rest of the cast,
Is speakting of the play Dr, Lee ex
pressed himself as wcll pleased with
the results, which have been obtained,
stud wsa esticcially optimistic in regards
o use final outome.
Thesesat sale, which has been going
ous since Monday at Wahr's, has been
uusualy good. However, a number of
gooed sats are still left which can be
rcsercedsitciher at Wahr's or the New
WhNitney -rTheatre.
The all-lit dance, scheduled for Mon
dayureseninug at Granger's has struck
a oularss chord with the students of
lice cariouus literary classes and from
present indications the limit of 8 tick
ets till he reached before Saturday
nouon,nhen te sale will be discontinued
Ticetes fete the affair may be secured
frosthue prcsidents and social chairmen
si th vi arious classes for one dollar,
wittio extra charge for refreshments.
tDe. ansd Mrs. A. . Hall will act as
ceuronies. 11 the party is a social suc-
cess suiteffort will e made next year
so organizecs literary club similar to
thur sucessul ones in the law and en-
gineerinsg depsartments.s
linteslsectioun made by Yale fresh-
muenssCiiyear, English and Latn are
agains the ost popular courses, 293
meccn out of a class of 305 electing the
formser, amd 266 te latter, There are
t2f4 registered inu Frenchs, 187 in German,
140I intssuheatics, amd 3 in chemistry.

whis o use uoftiefr e
sues us this eusuits s's. d
of "'hie Clics ie 5i
tisuu.'' I tthh isv Sits'
treatumsent ()f'its'C;
ti-sltsthus' sill of

sussuvi Latinss vel-
Is sit usitu this skire
ia 'cf hrVs1

Isiulsus, theis' porta hiss'% ii te' conii-
Injuries Not as Fatal as Was Feared
At First.
itenhus ciC' Jtsscnu swsi us s in sjusredu
Isesc'ssnih tic')isuuus lii froit' a
Michtigaussus Irisillclipres traillctw
Ylpsilantsi ,'sss:stNsi t suaithsctnight aut-
Jttsscn ills prests 'is il "i isjnr silthavinug
Ish1aid is ii mane bone s h 'n1bus-its'' hurts-s
itgh 5oc ct hus suswill s1011cb f italunless
thur r e s s ic-us rr iju i suwithc
sitn u ncsils sttn si luh u b u s th isis ustususn
abeito dehtc~ti ' hcnll~v~ ut-
sileg an tis id s is Juruitttc t s-
sushi' 'ut 'iihe jm'es''he Fil
p sty 55c ii u~st us 11. t us Vc e suhy
hi workIs the is sh'cr wil Its- tnn unc-
hel t sl i in b u enliiI'lm n eritof
itoetss t c ittIotpuaus sushi vi orabisi , se
whi ilst vi~tt-tl. ~ vI sush

r Is his leenusdecridhedhsillsthuomke puici
e thur ressults of thurLasw Rev'iiewsnoinaiss-
tionuus wichiniswere hseldlWnesdcay ubs
-the juliosr iluws. 'The sisses ust ther

rssssisug issanitmhiportanmt us-ritsit she- musnunomlimsated llhbeissubmusitteutaI thus
dauily snitch Somuis iof5tesmnsareurauid-i Ieits. c ulsstyuseetsm'uswihs will beihieltshu
l' lesearning the prncipesuo tet al- s so su uPIccssietrut schinssremurns,
awiay'sluiean tushsprus able thati ifc isibabuly misaufew dys
tile)'get masears hrst ti-se sssoe hugs .-Ncrinug iiithurusual cssusadn
itillIce itferestner sell1 irobtabilytsr heliiat thur Unionu
sortlyaluer thuri~ng vacausisumsfuse
''lst-stsudentssit Coiliumathusaressposrts. the ur oinsiig.musud itu'omsinsg eirutsesas
Btetting onisishisscaumpussflosurishedstusthu facsuty mesnusThisesrditeneshemucus--
c-xis-sitthuamltheisvssesityu usthisutins shIaitedl enjoyable in iheslurs mt andstheissu
toi issue'seIsisasdesireu:his ksc up tihssrintion.s

Tuesday, Wednesday 'EL! £!'Em EN 0Balcony
4to6 P. M. 1 *Ed1 dltbU35c, 5ct75
W A R'~ E7~AiB~7E KIdU~Parquet
Thursday, Friday 50,75c
Whitney TheatreFRIDAY EVENING, APRIL , 8 P. M. GleyCoe

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