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October 20, 1909 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-10-20

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fie 1C-lain
'llga. l D a.t

Vol'. XX.

1\\ AR1BOR, ,1 I IC 'A, \\ IINIISIAV,'O'O, 108125 20, 1

No, r4.



i211C <d'1sale11

tit 1'. lno'1 1100 ll'
t rsIS ~in i


ofs i(ific s n a m oi nabi
wereIhil 1111 .ila W , 0 i &1 as1' 1111 o-1 I
tinc , I 11 ll loto Ilsay drat the 1a1thor11)f

Noted Explorer to Speak Before
S. L. A. Audience Tonight--
Big Attendance Exoected.

Seven rlen Are Replaced in 1100111
tLine-up-Benbrook Shifted to t'11011111

f1110 0111010c <10t 1i001i111 IUpperclassmen Have Right to
Oc 110 111110 1110WMak.It 11111111 Confiscate All But Symbolic



Wilh \Iloo'oi'o', \\'.o'. l 11111111 , 11000 1 ;
- Bor11'osol, SnolOIh, 151111111 l, and1111 s
managed 011 too 1 1011101 110 tti t l bi lonl '
li .o'( Wolverines10 111 presnte a cur 0 1
111001 smoiltlloo wi1d patched01 up1 110111.!t
tins11 onl the reser01 s.0.
PattenoIgill ran1 11h1 team theenie f
Ml10idoI hnl1 anld 1,a010toll . Int h line' t11 '
00000 joy Allero ant 01101 ne at10 ends111,
att center.
-thello af ter onil Iot, onl l l 0oi'llt' a1nd
tlingolo 111111'ly bu1 11111111110101 th11
1kick-11100, fou11 1 f Wh1111 ere(110y
lb hlio, too theoo 110dl ofte;ied i l
m ot i evor lntac' 10110 onl did a011110 101
tl ed tle runnersil' forloses
ooaelso'oooo, theo 01 V a tknta
reua 1 squa1 , 111.10 or i Iles-
da' ci maeadi ohl o rk ol- o
0001011' to tmpo , he"Apr11ava
shift wa th l'1'1o101 o loo I I oo to 10
11001e 11t
0111ring- 01 thea prt oothe afternoon
gttlo g theIo o ra oilo therun s1100 t
nes 011s oft t1,1 n :A o e thn1ta
is ca10001 sdrale w rr0s h
1111ha h ~vrnshaelm
dive It and1 hi111 had bu0 flae1e
hreaeoo y w 11 tre menonth
that 0 l ine. lIll 1 I Irto step IIO th Igoot
taric mutfc 0rmlio o nt . itt wllt b
gaml cotnuly
toil ato an" tn lthi cr h ogs
0r0111 ofteatru nben1o eet

011 ts . Itt t t c Ls
he s c ' c It 11cl t
th0 0 ii lt a k11,
101.1t~ tcct.
lh ->t 11111o0semi
0011 It iiecl t t ' I w
,>tlc t i 1{ 1 1run 10
m0000 - the 11~c

11s !01111'' sr0t
day hto 001th
0110- $ 4tttl O
n1c1 i t 0 11101
hel It ,tIlt10 d i)0

l r 1 01 00 100 0 ''llll t o ap1 pear ()II '00 l'l 110
0110101 \t I I-lo I ltt 100010 o
c 100~c 01w11111 iroolooooaotCaps100 tll

I Ieauycar.

l 1 '11 .1 111 01
lI1t c0011,31
i i ' ' t I ' 1
111 0 111011 t'1'
imct I111 t
iit i1 t 0 0 11'
il i 0,''i ' t'

Ott ar, ootsci o oila
lit, 100, r tol o'i ooao 01011
010 11d 111-100 ly m il
1110als()1"m0 ticat ice10 o f01
ofal)6 1 100ler 11
0t te am!, >f t1e1 Ill

Ilcsth t cr obf this a011rtice. If a1101 I
s0 o ll"! IHtIicaoo boot I(;s m si -
livveotatOthe storyIi dw ()
hod,1 cas1 ( cc1In0001ws1na I_
too 1011100110001001I1i1frinds Our 'It(
clas 1 1,01010 1001100100 aoo i gltolo mr Will
110011 11 > ; towaslo t Ii 001001011 b10 ,1110 n




h it l l t


Easterner Uii es Varsity Credit
Long Withheld.
t111 i atileo ()n "''5,10110 1 II olc o00" Itl
lbc N oot btlo lt 0 \ 0 tom ha
t "A~ ollorooallloit i o l. cf t e .Iccl
tho''o lo)t 011111 Il 1110100 k t1 001111
0) ha lvc c c to l ttl'to o 1 h0010100
link's, tokcla11000111,ik01falls 0o
11 1 ic iIn r(d~cII ht (} t1011
nt()t p\(,fl 01of 1l 111n" 111011ks
t ll~tln 'w'11i110 100111 1111 's oa to
WC1,0 )t, nd i (_ rtis lt 11111l 10c
nmi-khle mil .s t tottr
"1 I 101101100 \i101111 01s 00i1ker100
than \'ce cs ( ()ltnthi's ftuou 111t
rttn c ) :tn folm c in cl-f 10 t^ o
110101 to otstrf t he pe 1%. 1110lf

tii j.

t l

lolAL /\1, 1NN1 ,1 INTIS 0 1'(t'
loo4 i; fI h K~t'1 12 0troo a .oott I il
1)(ll t)<11It. I'll,' 'itl lteoo woil boo'vt
I) 00l1x1r 01 its ) to lattto, ta tt ootl 01100l
1,to oorito lltoll. lootloo'o'tl I '0001i
0 I 0 10 11,111 1 1 )m ilo,' to 1,0,.
' t 1 nar ~<, edf~rtt
to t). too tol lot
1 11lt Iclst I III111000 11I 1.01held 11fr om
c) i l 00101tiat
D~efends Action of Junior Laws in
Violating Council's D~icfates.
'%/ 0 (I Ito 5 0llro res olll
0 f r.)10 l 1 < <. r ;, f ilt oln
"C l t F lmI ) t \ic ialotDaily:o
1 - tollt o ll m I t lirct0000 t(1010111
tI 11111, I ca s a c~c l lc

;Il.tto 0100I0 11011, tloott'lI, llt11c'
11,0l o ts \\c 011.(1 0 1' 000 1 1 i~ ctl
1a1 S 111,11 111 lt ote l lo'oo Is)) 1111 11.'II
li tlo 'It t o,' 000101,1 to.i II,' )itooit
W i0 ] ''. 0011i Hilt tol~c t t)) 101 0 011111
C 1w1l1101\\ 10 o oa looo tio tt .t1 ..~
10 loot I 'of1 1,,' 000,110\-c 11 lll'ootlt le
0i 11 0010 01 it l I,' 111110001 'tl 1 1':t))
I Ii iIIII 1 12. 1, 1 w IlI ' i II I
Jhtont, Sstanined1c"Broken L( eg.--c
Bawdger Qcci(il nterthausiended\-it
lotoloo1110 sis (f t e 0 00000 i~() s I i
oos) lc~-o I,, lothlog 01 0110l o )fth c11
01111 til, s' r t r ~ lc l la t l i
'Ihnton Susl~t ined rotnl Lg--
1,0 1011 0'lolll , \0't't'0ll1'l'0 s1110 half-
b c , 1 (1000hs Iy0n0010 t 011'!100' 11
001011 010011 111111
llrtIi I tol h r hi, 01 111101 ecl Ill
in ur ,00101 111, i ll(' to )n11h lw lIk
was 0101 l l ool lo t , Ill, 0 iilit 1h
ac i~cn w l k el lot)ll! oftl(t 10 t
gil,,,, this00 Year,10 to l u 10010 0000001 chi
ra0 a010 10 11 1am In s ca il,)f th
of ol-, " o I l o l 0 o0000110 tim s h101
I l~c sI,, llta ottc 0\.a rt)Ito 1()ftit
to1t lo. otto)n1the Ml, l t a ccvcI I i
00,11 'booolo onli1011 10m1 r hest
()f ccll'o oooc o t M ollclcIl 101110 Ito 01111
0001111S)) 0the 0 001101 Ito, cllalsats
\\ 11)) \\ Cooooooo " tt000l 1)lt a'o;I11oll t)t

_%,Idt) omfthe 1110001001rs, not11by rne.1
"AsItttoIt01 claimstof lr. Cooks and
0~nlne 1'00ti I spoke for sust-
)icl) P1. 1 togl1)it Itt'0111 fairl ay1000. Their'
)lc~r w tholn 'loaillityinY11
11 lt 1thtlt,tll )ilal 0,obsoerv'ationos
lack"h Co and lyotory tore opubl
0 1 to1110 thsp'l con1tverso shoould he
;cilcl 00 00l1100t appearanceof
It o o ',1 1011000 e~ts, 0areoaoable at-
111d11 (11' too '1( 1t'o cceptlb,' statemoenots
ih ](ti a0 ,,, o 0) tro ole
oealn ll.eto 1wi11lbeon01stle 0)00Slate
otrs nlo MaI stlreetdoonroo wn.vo
tod~Y, ad atUnivrsity hall, where
01 0 11.1 ilo malo 1001 tmad1(e for tile etire
too .'Tile p111000for IDr. Cook's looe-
I I \ NI '.R1f I 11,T>11 UISIIAY
I'll lust101010111Unonmembership
1i)) r ))f 0he 0111 I to teohld Tloorso
da c . ni 101he 111ton ltololouse at
A lim tlnumber.of tickets
vv il0 )O aei~a attheocUooiooo and
I\ ill 1b0 0 0111 110thorty-fitv'centls. Poomn-
110 )n l o loo])))tit of 01he'fac'olty antI
11)1 ol'student111011, till gi0' shoort after
In 011eatlnglot ile01di1n101r, President
11ti 0 0 0aid 0 0110ex 1ctIhatthoc
Tinll 1 even0 00llig lot' oooersllil oinoners
\\1ill 1))Teel itt1 th 'oes, ooootl if sooohlo is
tl~e c-,c 00te\-0w0lbe ooied every'
1111)Isthelastcl ttofoeoohooose
at 1 0100111 11011a1dhereafteroal sers of
(-i pii 111-es 11011ustotaveotmeaubership
In :t ecent ditor 111the ioooonesota
1011'' 1 111010 110 101' tooholoog ttoe tontual
111101111101 r111 10001c1010'oruslohbehain-d
1111. acs I inteded too onakethoe
tight patt t ottotteAlnsUitoo Carnlival

<1 1
1 l ti't

)I.1 0 (erc oo looks tonoighot
l~nivesity- all. ,00ortsfromoothe
moiltha h 'tt oderfuol spoeaker.
ich immr)v(rsy asrso'nioregorod
001 Otato <'tsof thettoarctic explorer,
1 ww Of t 0001 srungIuool Michoi-
o tt' tl I o oalp . ()e scetist t s let-
01 d o ticwkct 11110too hete greatest
'm '10 00 o tottand tother 100claioos too
111110 101m1s1u01111 io roggorolto c1000
o ototcm000110 ,1of tlot tils'eakinlg of
Moshgi al-III Satdat's isooe
11 it Il 011 1111)t101thettolontro0000
r,\-. 11_ phra 111mpu ig- 1011110010
ott.1 Wlt II Iot~o l lon oooe d o i 1,1a

111ct ..i. f oto 'c l,00 0'toot otoototo(4(

IW V 110 01 S0 loOt RIt I) v''
Cito 001111c j Ieal~ I lo t . rd
I ccnt <C D t t C jtto 1c, wasl t he
Mly 1ruo 00111to tootte 11 inah s v
f+t he l cs choarspIed10101 In

tnV o o ttticn o t t 0, stoot u - C; C tJi" tl t te
1pt outot Il ofte tru'gglest toitlt ('1111'got
t_ s l 0fth tottlcl, b t h t s lia an i oooooottlo. ''' t oootleo'ool havoot o, - '
o ''0 lot' (ott oil, tool a pettoo tioo n lottoo lresoidentoo Van li0e
IS for our itelectionsi areot'lcon-
0 0 x ir i t ooIio'as t ounlt mus0 t or ot 1lootoottno', l ,(llott o
\N. Te ototitiio n as ad'o o t eld010 loi'ooooooooo by, 00 to I' t
01 01 Io l aito rl 01' la otlan lot 'olo I nda otCi nese stooo 111 ot1 111 t h
1h 0 Sa.0 day111 1 1 ltt'' it't tooI'o'IittlI-,"am't l olt)th oot y i o d r to g t



Openis S. L. A. Course Wednesday, 0
More Solicitors warnted em..t Ono.

Course Tickets $2.50

Single Admission $1.50

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