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March 30, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-30

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The Michin ail


No. 127.


} With But One Week Left Before
Southern Trip, Men Are Work-
ing Hard.
After long outdto or practice the Wol-
verine baseball team is ronding into
the best possible shape for the sotthern
trip swhich conmenes next week. Al-
thotigh frost present appearances the
sutadl caln iino) sway be conparei with
that of last year, Cacts Rickey has done
wonders to work the material at had
into sonme semblance of a ball tean.
The job tat faes the sew oach is as
entirety differnt one tsansstat Ireset-
edt ti Coachs McAllister last year. Not
sotly dit last year's coaht ave a veteran
otield, two infielders, two pithers ad
a rcatcer to start swit, btst two at least
Sof thesnew tort were practically assred
Sof p1aes ott the team. These ton were
bthtiers and Foutntaisn.
onste cotrary Cart Rikey faes
ass etirely differntstproositios. With
te eceptions of Lathsrospsadill, ot
anssirtfieler or otfeler of eperiece
is att hanis at te start of the seaso.
Basrr and Blansditg ave left sholos,
]'eat's nest is its poor sape, lenisg
not a an who ao pitched a hard6
gamse for the varsity to tesdetieil
uonsstis year.
CpltntEsszerst, Ltrop sand pos-
siyMarlins are te oly siess swhso tre
sre of positionss ott the tait. ill masy
be tialle tos get itu the gmite. tilt the
pithing staff Smithil, Vereyn, Camps~-
ell asse Elliott liner all sowt ttp well,
litnsone of teisshave as eel shosn
antyhing tat mtaes it Ipossile to pt
them n 5ass euatl fisitisg siht V assssg
o tr arr.
- At telit this sar's tesisshis sosn
nosthing remsarkable, Cischsic Rskit Isis
ing Ite'unsevible tsk siof iifindigguusos
itters wo atsalss lay te. iters
arts of the gamse.
From te preset outoosk it seess
that Conch Rickeytill tae swith ins
ontie lesothernitrilat s emssscomposedl
for the smost lar if te follswinsg smes
Itste otield, Lathropl, Haysiandss
Myers look te est Mitchell's batisg
is Iis stroisg featre adi he say be
taknsias a utilityttites but Iis fielinisg
tsate has beets fr bitloicpar It
H-Iill ats playheits ssusired sit the frt
basse poi~titon.tirill its the sll Isarl
whets le sdoes it i1 ut is sut ai se-
pendsable atsr . tiblsand sisl ter
mussst tight it stit fost seosidl base usiless
Mlyers sr Llshrop re blit inilisfrost
thesistieli fistt sIpsitisn.
Malsrlin lossg'ooidslat ssorttop ad
its well. lieI is prctisll ssussred of
apsiionofsethfls lid1sasemse, Slly
liossbest ut tIt1o1i1t sillle entich
weaker thasitIws wenusba~thers o-
csitie the csion.
Bosts th se isis Isassilsh ws silt be
takenss slsssgas cacers Itsthe pitch-
ing bx hisleschoicesli s tiecisthe fosts
mes aess d bs tlefsrs. Vsrheyns wits a
little Iprctt e soldesl aible a ostrsl
iis slivasphe1stre alhoisugIs le lias beets
extremely lilesal wtestswsals in the past.
W~itlocngsiss tipsills tslssslslsmake
gosodi bist Ssfat lie has tshssow s igt-
eouss sas si thlestenehi nhimihasndts
shsows si tsndsiltties wass t totisstrikes
s-ryone-uss i tisteadilof sdeedinlsg osn
hiss it-ldes to ssistsextest I'Ellott hast
stecl lstt 1stalss lk istois1Smithl
till lprobslybe tieItsaitsnstay5)of t
teamin t the ptchsg sits
u ITioe,MADEIAtiei, r' sssssies sIt Nt
Dwisg toaii ii isseerlssst errr ithle
'u'sdaisy smosrig esiisssositthe Dasily
the Woms e-s's banquesl estsa sss ose s i

ta i sg let oti lridsay evensing. 'The
cosirre tulie is Satnrdany eenting, April

Many Original Ways of Spending
Sring Holidays are Devised.
Apart frost the three trips planneed
by the esgineers, there promsise iii le
ninny indepesidessi parties amonisg the
students durisig he spring vacation.
Filled with enthsiasm nsd swhat is coms-
mosly termed "pep" by te early ni-
vests of spring, smsall groups are lats
nlng eeryhing frost test day salkisg
tripis tes a visit tis Nesw Yrk asse the
southierts states.
Constrary to te tssal customstfete
will leave for he tes. Seeral liner
tilannued to walk te rails to Chicago lits
this till be abiout the farthest pissts
west of Anni Arbor reahed by sisy sit
the tpesesriaisisAsother pary hss
plannsted a walkisg tip to Adrisans assi
toi Kalamsazo,ssswthssient iafew wilt wll
to Detroit.
'The idea of ridig frights doesesnoti
appleal to miany leaese it is tiss slosw
asid the chasses of its beisg a scess
are smsall wihs an active traits cret.
More edarig thasi sis.they plait to
riede Pullmnits as ight hasgisg sit to
the roof of the ar whlile going at x-
tress tsainispiedl Tis till at oce
be fast.ansdlexcisigitfat just like
ass ato tipIif the einders be Iarrei.
Half a sdoess will attempt ts reeat
"Germsanit" Shlz's sunst of isiing
Mammssothi ae itKenisusky. T'his is
quie a ways oftsets with fsir sck its
escaping sectissnIhandis they ibeliee is
a tossibility
Yesars sit eostl eperience is taught
the farmsers serouetol le twary sdurisg
the sprinig vactiton t b5gluniversiis
sasselthey lire ass extra Clog for tse
ocasin.As the "studes" hlieneever
liens knoswns tcarry stich stosey oss
shis tript hey stibsist on the ludr, were-
eer this is possible an pay ihnt there
is ti esaients of esapisg.
Department of Education Suffers
Crushing Blow by Prospective
Loss of Dr. Johnston.
Dr. Charles Hulghes Jontston, assis-
tsnt lprofessor sit eusctiont, yesterdayt
declsredl IisinstestisossosiIrsavintg Mihi-
ganatsst te esiluf tis ecollege year. IleI
wilgoitohisthe Utiviiersity sit Kanssi
wshere lie is toi beoesssd sensifthei idieI
lipatsstiof ethcalits.
r lOr. tisailes Walsls EIushttil, ofi dli
1 smesical edepa rtmsesthas alss hash as
suoffer fruiatshsler sinsttutonsandisast
present ciusissse rust thesmie'
t lDr Johnisns Iiblieisat Mihita
for three yeais ieIsiscosissierda
valsisslse irsta Iby the univsersty hlit
satd is nell likedh by the suhets whot
hsave Itlenisworsk sunder huts
F rof.tEdmusss whoehs l sisthe ecar
t fMeia IsMeieaithesisseial ac
siulty, hsat reevedlass offe friisLelaI
IStsnford Ulistsersty, sitthe scIsait is
Pharmatcoogyshshsis thessmsits mod-s
ernsniae fist Mtesia 'hM et ''i
slfer has hieesumaitseilblitseeently isis
tehieiPrscsi nI' slsssssssis sitousisly isis
, slurig it hishalint asyetisayeI
s irsof. IdmusssssIsihasase restskasiy
Ifastprogiri-s i iIsssirftessosecom-isss
ug inthie shorn shire fuse yvasn
si thdes valuedhsmets suitthe siedi Iliec
slty, hle graduasstiedhfroststheisrit
f VIihiganitt uo, aath ifersahr
termssof1 hosphital wrkis w adiie s
sistanst ltorf. Cishisey Is to5 Phrft

iCessliey saccepteid sitsoffer fruits this
tniviersity (if Londonrusasish Dr. htlEttusls
Iwsspsared its the chair, If lie aceceputs
Iis ltoss will be a severe stir.

Martiagan Introduces the God of
Things as They Ought to Be
in Song.
'Phi- ji iior- gilt' Ita% 31 sits sa ,''
given fobr the seiila lst nigin Sata
tiaswell VAngell IHall prisi eveit
greaesucceOissthan itsiue5' e sctes suteils'
thur sdrs-eelssersltMondaei en 55ig
Thegratgo P~llke, iss Hye
sud e li t lel sit ry dic i f
exceedull1i hiss wile\the \belssac it
wslnItesisl i"Imt iiiSc woda e
nuts this lists ieihdsictv if itse ha,
bohlls iiiiii)amt'hac''ing
tillte ,us's useis" ims tI"it' issu
wi its thisaudi nce is r Iss inisf i s-
NunsArbVshisns, iiii. ee aes
an hiechurnus. (u(.ini1 55, 1a
tush,"th sui 5 i s us's' ii sit sill car-
smutsby Florsncc IaI\, s a decIsird e
ht.ii shs hi ii cord iigise s e us teld e s
andthemuic a, enere wthstigs
s-s-cels i cht s siss sg, su1) isse withsir
was tel u cc iltd. n'sis thetusos eD
tee I Viith us incst enthIus isirappr-ru
th s," A tit ,illo L c i lls, w s
this partl of this priductinsibhi)its orgi-
isisnd lught-sits liis uuwitdeie-
e lls thu s htft ure Isis ay
Coidrabyihhi uuuscnir ssiiti its5caseu
by hsu itstiis s iii ilmaeupofiiteset
shutaterIss VVisisthiscursin ros e 015
thi secondssus t ruits , iithislittle sits of
humus s iiught oi bincrecsrl
arundiitthi s tagy'5.. din o
"nuightie s" ii 5 5 t he nek. i ss
Mamssuit usti ws Lrd must~l ri
Jessius n ustsrVt sejsies iltitsce,'Fsr-
eces Mttrs. AVele aie, " es ott
and isis seeIMaeu ureBllk os.
Misss Ali u '-tt sis'- cuss- eSit-e ll)-
Mux of I'Matrsssis Mnmsa altush
HazelCartr a,'1 w~, 1rit P litse
WIttv '5 a 'it us s-isAloft -shel''se it er
stwikeshuitos fo a sc
Th gtuirli to 555in th pal o r k -
isrs we t-us-'n tis- hi-i s issi rlof-.
hiss thu-shs I sin R-i iss -sis Itall V eun-
t siderblc ai is tis ,I , pis it iii 5 by
this makes t [) ofilti 5 ar cfrs
(hiss I thi st eai s tic fsahurIses of
a thusentilts lrfuts iii iiiyis s' is lon iss nhe
if VSet sse n Jo snitusse- su v4rsums"the
atesssstsr theishus c oe.Ei-
iet ily q it ln g us s t 'issles isf this ho-
uis ithadsitadisiafters-thisasr sates
sitlls Iitsfust, IudeIbarste shutsres.
C lMsi ii thu ''is howevr i nsI hgeeduns-
tli ntidihi" o palrticiat n s f
dli fors sc -hiss I u's-us-Fiscer l ayedilur.
This latsit hc ts Vhistiisiisssscopyi
nuwll he iustheiLans is ,fiitheisn' utes aby
. lts''ght IThiss ic uits alt1 the is ntiunhg
t o si's slytattsit i s '.petedhsdh at tthus
boo wit, cll Ise is(,n is-le l -th i rstatosi

Maiy, sit thus-eis-el-tesst. "VsiaishetisuI
e iuit thasiet Iis siar's Mb-hil"'igeisM
s ill iis inu e 111111iihotihitthe1s' tad
strut sit itilt usee' s ihlisehlhirteviou
ismui~r-seity susisis1s t.


Near Uiraduates (lather foi First Time PEO LETNTKAU
Beneath Tappan Oak.P O L I L U
tEncoutraged hiy-ass audeienuce numberhi
inig its thur neighuborhsoodto t Iu hu i,
solue sixty seniors collectedt airsunss thue Hunmorous Characters Will Add
bencrhes ouder thme Tappasoams.ts set Much to the Presentation of
esveninug andh mnce the terst seniosmismg the Play.
sof limesear os img sucess.
Ie ciiyisPe retyIDosnovatnithisdmurus
"radumates triedh faumiliharutllhesogs Tlhur li rus zumetions ins Doktor Klaus,
tinse poustlar tarodiies. IThuedthuerustshe so must its chli sthus Deutschser Vereisi
uspatsmnts of thiseuivemrsity wuse is ti rseisent'ae e1pccial1y good. Prob-
abuhut estualyr 5eprecsented, shoing hit-sblthusmst st cousmcas swell as most
Isges pirit mlihs i Oss t tucmmen 5555055 esli earace ius I bowski, iKlaus'
andsu fostered.litisco a n.Its his seems sum tir Doktor's
ITlucre lust heensum m eiss ionssmsm adsess as sv icrsom ifteIslen years, and oh-
yet sum regardmto ignetwe.this usIshue cs--t assrcely rend he pre-
lcth saiftem thme op rumsgrecess, thiysus ssie sto nwa grent about medicine,
usill his huelhhdtsrissrt V Unsur susity 1111 hutnptiunsts scalluanrthusmssaster is
in whic smllitthis classes itill piipa e.1, ()tsithisdosli t esitasi te for a monsent
Tlice toigstlier wihmtime s'seier affitsitoitkes' iaisgnosissosittime case and
anmithe bandsuu cosncersin the- pavons' - Puirf Its rmus-ty.I tits lmtmanner
to hueeectedshossrtly, -prosmise lt ak isuyshightlyamisisising incidents are intro-
mhescamuuhs a tas-orite gattherinugp slet it is Iwhichs addu usmuch humor to the
fose s tudents itsthureeenings. shtuat i I-IcHedeighutsin usting longs
________________________ Iat ini iiedical ierims, nasolutely meaning-
lstoh m stndreuntsly net consider-
CERCLE PLAY WILL abymxdu. hichrtewlle
s-sums byGl n inamer, who is sure
US ORIGINAL MUSIC n cr success. De particularly
SE "00 s eneocure s nart tour when,
peas'tssish, se psc art swill be played by
suns Sitelse, eutesste doktor's office
Valuahle Manuscripts Have Been 'suitnts suistise meiine. In his mat-
Imported Especially for Le tee's abssensce thmesal-uise coachman pre-
Malade Imaginaire. seethes a remiesd-, hot gives about ten
ise tim ssosuchet. the thisiks tie has killed
Iis patlienut, andusthis excitement and tear
'Thes mmerns musicaltceatioslare is bosundstoisprodluce htanghter.
tind 1udtheirwaty ito thispridction Wu I a Sisher uwili imupersonate Marianna,
of thsis year's Cercle )traturass ptay. s oldsservanst ot Griesinuger. Griesinger
musmic lisseelieuu mspormeIsiricih t rills us ,rmustsolsd ibuegher, who is greally din-
Pais ntmd is tir origmitlmuesic wmrIt tleaisesd nilsthurhestylishnsess of his
feur thu rtpherformansemum1673 .Vftemrdanuher's husbanud, the luarosi. Upon all
a search throngh tir i'nchmur~ s o tcsitsMsariaun nudertakes to ad-
hosusses ti manmusscrit copytofthusoas sitssuet tndrvden rebsukedh claims the
chsestra scusre was discovereud andhatis etimes Pe4.
serumr (Cosentionulme onlomiaslee4oh)

"Le Maladise Inainirec" out Aumnt 29.
Wilec a piano score si tIhe originalu
munsic ins beens printed, mus copies sit thes
orchsestras scone have ever been pnlishsed
tumd cushy a tessw nmnscripst copies asu ni
existencre. These cannuot be bsoumght ust
it stas only- after antextenuded osers
thatt time copy- wiihmisstolie usedh tes
Nlhusic stays a great liars itt "Le Ma-
tithe Imatginaire." The play' is emtitledh
ai Ceoumedie Ballet amid is perhlapss nearer
to modsuernmtusical com~edythiitansay
siller osithse islet cltssic formss. Unlikse
this modtie'e msus.ical routiely tir msusic
is byr tn mieasusthe onuly- thinug itsthur
sow.su -Nes choerus csonstnty- appheato i
sruwthueauduienuce aasssy-Ironim antalreaiy
stsleerplot, amid thur development of lime
stay itsnt subiordimnate to the daci e anud
the msusic. Hess frost the otvertiure teo
this moust effective msicm ensding, thur
msuicmsfhts sitoithur tint itself at ush pt-j
isismis s i .m
Dustosit his Irencmmcli iiIciissof thur
tisse of Losuits the IFosuteenths I. AV.
tiltptierme wsrste time musittcefusetime
soriginal prodcton. thurpntieltis' ous-
hauteduttheis des of finieriethe us uthssr
ofthe hisomesdy isinscmpottssing thmesnmusic
Isis thlm ai y tush asseferievle sscore \sess
this resulit. Tieme nussicwsslhtse er-e
redgistbiy- Ssul Smels andssa ucompl~etc
suethestrascorsei s beems obtainedt Isi
use by lteCircle. No subsrtcshy sal
Shims scosumsexists mumtlisscosutusnd iitsn
prousct Iiomnutilhutneout st hss sts
nostal huteIsilumres of time play.
Is tiestenutingkILe thailtelustina'ire"s
thus tires i uscitusousstissuoe ins this
.'Cotmedh'i' Frncinse"s insPi sm leavins
st suet ittthis esute-nets wichsfn
tiushy pruc edsitwosulsd mmke thispro-
ductus iontusotimng fInsaumodsseremsaumultscs
Tiii tomedsy iroiduscsceee ariat
lis famosuusoDIenchsistimealime o5555hIes
sssssis-essury, smith it hisas epa''eatsheatl
sfits otriiginialipotui'tsy. hss -clionsuss
uaid nitihse introutionssssosfmusticaul
nmbrs Is-namsue time pti noselthatisire-hI
soususai Insistsmhbegsisninmg toetnd.u

Forty-fifth Annual Meeting Will
Open this Afternoon.
\Vls th incmeiscclii of lime classical con-
feenee ati1n:=1l ts afternoon in Sarah
Casosrell Vssgelt tHalltime forty-fifth an-
nuausl Vtlii" tn ScVhoolumasters' Club with
rouse to sesson. At two o'clock the
Viostee language consference with meet
iss rooms ti-iUnvoesity I-lthwhile the
Phyt sii'grap~hy iconsferenuce will nmeet in
the Mussemsslecture mont ast z':o, Its
this evsnins" atV 0ooochock Prof. B . L
t)Doge trill "i-c ass instrated lectnre
oin VA Jousrney Thrnouigh Roman Afrira"
ins VainaitsCasttelilVAgell Hall.
Vmingsiproiilent educators weho will
attendsthue mieeting's of the chub are
hr.Eisaussdeltind of bHarvard. Prof.
ton su n'.eifsthue emsinmenstLatin schol-
sins ot theus ntrusmly.Prof. FaumiShiorey
of theUrivuersity of Chicago, who is
also tetw uelltnownin classical circles, will
steak it-. mnt uiversity Hall tomorrow
insi inis" r~.Ilesnry Goddard of Vinie-
Ilansh N. J., asin mof uationsal repuste,
south aedess the clib ou thsiecutterv-a-
sione ohtse child. Prof. Noyes of the
Uitesily of Illinis, who will give an
addresson Friday esvening, is editor of
the Jesuitnsasioftie me ~serican Chemical
V Sciesty.
Shudetshofsithlie university wilt be
admissttedhuh the nmeetings tree of charge,
all itatiIs ccesary us tunats they secusre
ai tickeht it hehadqitarters 151 the
Vhies roominsusswichelwilt be givesi ho
v hen seedssus iii slay, Secretary Joce-
Iris usumsaituitthuat time attendcance would
bbteens buss tnsel oo. A list of rooms
usl vareus snsartm s sitthis city is available
ill the tumiromusssatnselcitizenis of
AnstArbsmor h,'hivitsroosswhich they
dhesie to rumsshntsothus visitinigschool-
minut les sitre requ estedl to eave their
uas nssdssmth dites ses at ste head-

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