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March 26, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-26

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The Mich ianD l
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 7sf NDAY, MARCH 27, 1910. Noxis5.



Final Score 54 2-3 to 17 1-3---Keck Again
Breaks 440-yard Record---May Makes Fine
Showing in Mile---Relay Proves Spectacular
Race---Horner Wins Shot Put.
Michigan took anotier eastern scalp Cornell iseth ie Michigan missers were
onto itself Saturday hy defeating Cornell hutnede. At tie tree-uaitietee mark
54 13 to 17 2-3. The meet sas feasrerd gan were 5 sssunhedl that it sas almost
hy eek s reasin Iss eeor intheimpl~ossile to deceide tie wineAfter
by ecks beakng is ecod i t ecnsdeahle con sltatinitndlidsptete he
tqtarter-msile and the excellent rnning jdges agreed that Hornet was the win-
of Captaiin May in the mile. ne-wtBlsscodadCighr.
The .Ithacauswent one etier shnHr e as unale to tie the record
Syracuse y taking first place in the tm hc'h a aei h w
haf-mile, the otly frst ter setteetinillpreios tteets.
the iet, their other poits beigath- 'lichigass grahed te first tsts tin-
reel fromstsecotds antd thirds. Teig e nteso-u,-h taasbig
suririse of the tmeet sas te greatsentirele ssutcasd yHornseter ands
superorty esf Michigasn over the easten- AtrturitetsssMictgniietie. Ir
ers,Micigain oulcassig Cotell i at- tts otinhstsal fsrmttd nilyil
ttost eerevencit, athtoght sotite if te putt tesweigtit trie nie 45 feet
races were exceeditgycloe Artsur shtved the pill1techl (ler 37
Keel's wse: n itte 440 was iotiig fetfr sendilltcee
shortiii siectaceilar,Iecipinpg afull Crtel'stonl itst swas i tse isall-
secottd fruit the sark of 53 455 ite b itle heItiascan, itPlitn tkintg tsat
hisis a sweek ago. At te cd of te raeavvsexctd Hehdotit
secotnd li e sas fortrdsit hliiorIis victr louivercis15all pu shtiei
rear litbit wondsisirerfitispsinlt he us i sitotiitie fittsi antdlws lititaiari
tools Nixoiisof Cortell attil sots hitel leiiditsi tthe ettd.
yards. Leger celehratedlhIsirlst a- As swas epectedl 'Wolerine itetiweie
pesraice initi varsity neet tlistsyeaie biithe wisnners of the iig-tumitnd ipiotle
nhositng Ntxonoustof sesiiiiiplacei talt I iece on lyIsadstoigolt fil ieet
a close' anitexcitig fiish.liicies tii tsrefis pacein the latt1eils,
Iforne repeaedlhisisperfotian(ce55o Flacisthe leiing Coi1111valteI
last Saturdasy1by'wininiieiiigihisduuatl rai ning his celomw'while attemspt in'
otors siths the sm usi nttsle rof pittat hieigtasoilesng forcediito wisth-
as previouslsesenteenthcingitcorellsdidrawitsKe rs Flaciand 'iiiliiMtre-aoll
by hituftomt1(st i his sht-ut(ianiiil sitedthe pinuuts fr seondandiiiitird.
3-eardledasis it tie frfirst l ti the hih-Init the high jump liilie iiiid I Hoirlis
jumisp and secontd in tseriles tiidifiirte leainig psitotd 5 fet
TIhe ightudleles sectmed'toible Mihit iehes (tutu o (ckgeting tirtd.
flutll srticulari ciesillthe WNlsinesm
grahbin g siery plice.Stiltllthetiltl i Te relic nias5ilibe itiftl rie land
Coresel imatiwhoitl:ikthe isark5sew see (,srthnheoeite
pestedlthe terforma(ties tf the Srcusiyacu se mCeiitt. EicslihiiIiga mnip
inrs. Ii ii 'sitdidti nitnuth ue tiet orell Ilponie tCaig strifiv eli
Trainer IFiri ck dilei it'lthe' lst yars titthe goodlCCaiginireisedcitisi
minuitte that lie wsntisnt1onduilitin, lai ive liimireyrs- s Te prtin-
Tbhe sautewisstrite of 5tiss r ite l eaturie f liiieeli was tili(ci
mileCaptin Ma andBearsleyeingRossr a agtist hssIte leinltg C tie
tu lle ies toakietlte irs alsuum tell sintte.Nt uoteut withhlinhtt
thouisgh hohniisasc setpuser Ag''-ist Ihi set litestphomtrutum ertsitddedt
Captain Hay'seere' NYotu"gTalit aniti o ardito ltthe oe tt hadii bee
Defiotlyerlthrie cckus1easten diisaice calmlitb}iKek. I rierisesdithlis
umei and it isisskei like iihariItsk frl ds biyitsi coupile o i rdi ndCri
the plicyii ler tilaer titalie rmeaii css te fitisi welltstse
first place t the ii lfisile I (ylriwa"tiood
letintg iwithi the otiher tswos easteri men Theiismmary: it
trailinig tbieh i i sd. tso ads iehinitdthe ,Sh-ut-ltIlistrter(N)firstAt hut
Aas' inc riascsihis pacissadticrept itit(H), seoitt; ioiti nan(C)tiri. i)is
eeni with TIyior.sse Iletwitweri'evnccciilles---45feeti 34 ichesi
as thihstl shot nnucei telat s5yadcitast.iFirst heiat-131ass (C)
twitlaisbut Cptan Miycrept aeditfirst; Iorner (H) seoss ime-I-site ;
an finishiedffoe yaris ttthe goisn 1-5. Secndii let-iecs () fis
4.26 2-5 oe asecodbtelstortaniIsisCrig (H) secnd.ti Tiime-:041-
tiankcii lst Saltuday. ina -Ilornert i(H) first 131lss (C)
T1he 3-yardi dasit itIsswe e the seond;itiCrag (1) hunt. Tutu-
closest atthefinish f ayrit atts ( 0415
mieet. All fufinhualistsIiias f Ciiinell 4-Yrd igh hurIt le ls-s-Ca it ()
adKeel, Craig'iand IHrntsriof Michsit (Cntiued on Page 4)

t'C'ttsUi sAN Toi iCeesa.
Profl. L(tidean uif t e t-it



dprmetsio f Ist slits 'sit isile isill
gioe 'ialce 'I'iccls t 'eing'on the
testiti" ltsotsha tistittionstatle
weill discus etiS l le sts sof i a tsica (gsio-
lines car s iits ' i iistle effec t of idel st-
sitimp sitio tnde l it u s c its' geteral.
'LliileItures sill bein s ,it 5 w is'click
Ili the wslt relt roomssts of i thehsical
Regulars D)efeat Yannigans 13
to 4 in Seven Inning Game-
Substitutions Numerous.
Tit 2 iatidandt's1 itti sided gamethe.
iRe'gilaietleft'sts1i11it'' Ntnnttttssn;to
On' s-ti ne igsrt os tf hshl v
((atlt d sts tutns h s ad 'ros
tht 'heSc(espi t 1si t itu nu disgust.tiitf
huh l oits hits weecraldI-th
lirst sutteam innst attha it '' atee
3 litu inls, h1> 1t 1 -'st's I n i t h l oo e
stit Cu s f a stl htchesis tin is 1
couicotroli iis ttt. suit he pusses
fire slest issld lii l sts.( itn lte irts ivis'
innin s of linest' C's andstut is i silless,
tosgethser \its cops~ioss eerrs 1by' Iis ltist-
mate t~abld th Reu ts tits'r
so uits its lit.e lirt- trc in n s a-
'houghthey-isuriitttitC ('m esthit tti
S-itveraIll's'ss' tl pich rs ssr - el (utrlttin
155111C ilt's t'lltn,Sihal ~ibl
w hils 's -h I ei n, arhu 5nd \ ill-
hus. Sms it lo e I vs is n )t
riot n th li\(, i it gs he is iilit tt
Co ])it hlts keipt, its iss~ttee u
list st silt m ittittmust ''eath
ed. Fxrt~- lorl o I C psill sI, ii l-
litSt tut' th e t l i t' the sit ilnn n
i t us t s s i s t s l's i t l t t h a t . is n s t i n iinn t e b x s o l l r v
thi bad tis or t r the. 1 ut i t a
ls gts speeist WHt goodlut sit 5ltt ti
Ntt siatchrIt osi et h5 uit rry.t ll
silsu ofs i lt its c 'lidto t e s r
lial \(111t 1slit ' b5 p'sned ha
itchessl l cetacuto e st i mss
Is ast he cuse fanerois Su
Ivs ius st i ltwisg sit' tsr Ills'ic lery lonct o h itcher
i ii Ible tsits e its o "R bbi" Iou

aege numhbe of ases were hatded outi
iecanse of pone infield woek <KLA US" E T S L
esseseASs. AD R H PG A F,
M y rs o . .. 3 2 0 I1 0G 0G B E G I N S M O N D A Y
Sesilly, 315 -...3 Iit 0 t Deutscher Vereir's Play Will
Harlin~ss-...3 t t 0 4 n
Hill, l ih -....4 2 (31).1 Portray Two Social lasses of
Enzieertiesti, ...2-- o r o i Germ any--Plot Interesting.
Snyebh -... r a 0 0 2 n
Smsih, p -....2 0 0 0 I 0 I)oktor JIas, the comedy which the
Caimspbel, pit- i..1 o0 0- 2 nDeushe Verein is to pesent on next
hsueleske, cf .... 1 0 0 0 0 0 Friday eensig ii thur New Whitney
'fThetre, is a stdy of middle class life
26l i3 4 21 tO 3is msdent Gemsany. The chief interest.
1 sN~rut. Alli\ R H PO fA ssEucetes us a young aron and his rich-
W-Nshter, 'th.u . 3 ti us r ifswho springs from the hurgher
Beardsles, It '.. 0 5 o0 o 5classof scieity. By this arangement
iflirknilu~e ef 4 0 1 0 heiutor intodces a difficulty that
SLithicsussf.. 3 1 _ 0 f nxing two social classes. At this
DrnkCc 31i... 4 1 5 0 2 (pintuDloktor Kas, physician and
i'stBwater, s. ai tsle friend of the wife enters, as a
1as cui3h0su1e8 h ,srt ouf a-preidig genius, and solves
N's~~th p iisuroblem. As a means of testing von
V5erheyen, p .4. r ost1 3 min the aroin, Klaus causes the re-
iimli iiii eu ...h o0 0 oii ss1m-luto he circnlated that the one time
s rich fa~~~~~~~~ lther-n-law Geusinger has failed2 u7 )adcnecunyvnBdnms u'
*ditceleh osut fuse ust toucehsig fi sotrehus family himself. The Barons
thulim /."." 4567 aitushs himssef wilingly, ad is in a
Rs'guas ...; 52000 3fir a to snceeed when hie learns the
Ne uuPilS 500i truth. Thus it is that the prolem is
Sutuusut}ii Two base htus-Sutllssmolesds-by compelig the aron to
e Hil. 'hre bas hitWalter. ou ervehsimslf a real man through his
e t ulas-VereenistimHurburtiitIlll tososnseffsorts uand ot y relying entirely
Marliii toI tncguiesth Stolenseus - pnhsf-n n ak.Teato
SculyJul Snder SmthF~a mi asotas Iuli'this opportunity to show just
CesisuiiunHeDake. Base onitballs-tiny humuw muchi Klaus is devoted to his
Veirheyeni5,y Simith i. Sruck-hy hpatints. This is done mostly' in the
Verhseen4iby B'arihasi , y Smsit 6,isourti act which is considered the mot
hum3 Campbehlli3. bHit y pichtelhit- efectiCe part of ble play.
'sithuelt iiCimubelli.Passedi bals -isn- fUnder thurcompnetent direction of Dr.
zenonthu IWashlI . fScrifice its- Alfredt Lee thur recent rehearsals have
NIcii meuutsSsih leiih own' humaem araked hpovemet. The seat
'1(21, uthucum.U m Cspie-Pdridge.5 sl ite nspus oniState street Monday morn-
I.. sup The prices sil range from fifty
S. L.A. NOMINATIONS MADE censtohu seent-fier cents. As another
u____msisais liiiganuingpuhlcity W. C.
IElection to be Hleld on April 2-Two Tusscmuofuhs u ie architectural department,
dl Tickets Presented. 11as desiped atm avertisng poster which
Quick. workfwasisse sf theris a illssi he d ispayedi early in the week.
litmns Soiltthi Sstdencits etire s sossia-s -___________
tuh itnsuite ceugin ishel Satuidaylmit ning. TE]) ART CRITIC
mu hum shout Is-usminutess Preietu\V ) TO LCTURE MONDAY.
tdi Ian usedsitall(eelhe metntoetum her,
isihadthis costituuuonu rddalh nsmin- Uns C ivsi nt'studints and residents of
si tils seesmitsisefterewhchilsthis met 'suits Arbsor wil have sit opportunity to
'It ing adjoiurnehdhhearimute sof thur foremost art critics in
it TIwo tucets sesie presenstedufobus th bsesountr' Moniday evening, _when
is vaiomus officesiTe followseing hu-tmenee Plofi Ohser S. Totks of Princeton, will
nomsminatimlosutoslurtcet: Ires siesthS.suems tuter thur auspices of the Ann
o- Dle Sute, ' ''''''vie-esietu Ar'sitr 'Vt 'Assciaton Prof.' Tonks
It Gteorge I,asston, '2 'usw'recritngic- sithseums onsst "usThe Growth of Natur-
l- etains Phiip sIsnskernu's us ;tru- isum inmm It usnPaiting;I Fra Ange-
r eesiHowared Youngui eg .; cmi t'uls Filipuo Lipupi and Battecelli. The
Iht ertrands'1iiecgp;Thums iLCewis it adsubisS w itCe given ii the High
hissaw W.s' MetK's1 i w;hiss eiischoosilt S i ou s'losh and will e illus-
I- buHilyts~ iiit;IFrankf-Murphy 't2 li htis tem1bhumemuss isof the stereopticon
it 'ble othue tidked as niminiia tsdcon-stil hmsieakinug of Pof Toiks one mem-
d-sits of thus folointg:President0 . le mu thisfaculy said: "He is a most
lv f imiisted ii law;sHaroldsHIasins 1isiseusstmp leturereand every one should
r nip; recording secetary Cs Bowm'vilathtiemsieves of this opportunity."
'le ma, usii liit;tstees P,1< Nbay, 12
-la;R S.Tiplulls, u's2ia; Wad '551 p.s515-ipitrs TANACT 'suSINSS.
n- Oier, '2lit; LorenRusobinsonmi'13 t a meetingp'of the fresh engineers
ni rump.; Robert Lausr 2 eng.mciiiyserday afternoon the treasurer's
at f Eectionumwith beheiriSa thuyApsill acouts wsreeplaced in the hands of
cr iniv uesityc all thus eective committee pending the
lb _______________ selectonusof a nes teasurer. William B.
ke iAs-us oNts cuPt ';AM s~fur elmsGra, s as elected treasurer last
Ini this tlyouts at the Alha Nnli-usy lll as compelurledi to resign his place
ae sosisy lst eveninighe A C olnsm-onacut of seious trouhle with his
u a S rse aidsR.KMHSuydr scumseesThe class also transacted some
ih placesmmiitheupsitteausi CU fBstimelor usness us regad to their second dance
lie wa"s cen lterusats. rCirtis brof that(isllmiiihelurd at Grager's on Thurs-
.A Fihhter'sandlMer.'Friday' acedl s judgtesmisyNIaret 31.

hitl' iiithucsissIs
censtertill id. tut
I th is mt ila iiit
froit shosumts'ls t'
bunactlums.t ill its
stiltadican5 stmic

ill t's'r
, i r>i

s~acms 71tenis
taIst t)'(sngl

-is Rclau'ts casuiteft
tutu s~ll a d ltil
icss r ts- (sit' l h

r a"


Dr.D. . Cowie
Steroptican will be used to Illustrate





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