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March 26, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-26

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The ichi an Da
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, S 9ffRI) Y, MAfRC H 26, 1910 No. 024.

Vol. XX.

Ithacans Hope to Avenge East for Syracuse De-
feat in Dual Meet Tonight-Wolverines in
Aetter Shape Than Last Week With Leger
in Condition-Indoor Season Ends.
35- yard dash-Cornell; Blass, MacArthr, Baker. Michigan; Honer,
Craig, Reck, Gamnhle, Ross.
40-) ard highs hurdles-Cornell ; Nixon, Stiblust, Ranolds. Michigan;
Horiser, Craig, Hammnon d, Hodgem.
e4o-yard run--Cornell ; Nixon, 1-Irllurt, H aselton. Michigan ; eck
Ross, Leger, Gamlle, ohnsack.
8o-yard raun-Cornell ; Putnai,, Rersole. Michigan ; IHall, Saxton,
Reck, Leger, Iolnsack, Towsar.
Mlile rot-Cornell ; Taylor, Yfoung, esoler. Miligais; May, Beards-
Iey, Toswar.
Shot pt-Corinell ; omns, adsssorth. Michigais; 1orner, Arthr,
High jmptsCorinell ; Goinilock, Pickerell, Helfrich. Mihigan;
IHoner, Haler, Craig, Crisopher.
Pole vault -Cornell; Flack, slAutremnot. Mihigass; reene, erns,
Relay-Corinell; Nixon, MacArthsur, Stibolt, aker, Blass Michigan;
Craig, Reck, Ross, Gamblle, ILeger, H ornier, Bohsack, Hall.
Watermns gymnasiums siill le tse a sisgle evetay decide the sutren-
sceite of a crucial inter sectional track acys
contest this es-ening sshen thc squiadsof The local coach akes little stock in
athletes represeitiitg Coriell Uivesurststtpresictionis of 'Traiter Keae of
meets Michigan's track team is the last Sy racsse that ~ay will withoit ub lslt
sdual niet of the issdoossr seao. wl the mileiun. The Michigan eails
The Ithascanss sre no~tedI fusethei tiii sill iiot -ly atc-to tieet lDe
streeigth son the track aiid te invaral Goler, who iwons his rc lst Sturdsa
have a teamsnichsiiraks swith thy est it tineswhichi correstioisds to 4.27 fr the
in the east. Tonight's iieet swill le the miie, lit le will also have to fae Tar-
itst uiintest ini shich he Crnell siuad lute anislYoug, two of the fastest iieii
compiletes, so little is kiiswsi of thir awhishve esrwirons spike sheun ani
actual strength this year. Thysmarks easterns tack. These last tsso mnsare
wh~ichs slermasde in their Varsits sieetat their Ibest ii te tsvssile adsid ls
last Saturdsay give sassurancc situesire sin st n ith e Goy lee iths trsyuts
that somse real stars isill bohe and.I ssi last week sut their great seet suit
The Ithlacais are sdetermissedstotusil strenghs sake them eseciallsdaige-
hold their prestige assilhave enteedl sis. Taylor swson the tan ile race it
their est mes. Ini tider o le inite the esteessistersholastic lsir sprisg
bestSpossisble shape the came tIDetrsit setting a ea recr. Mihigai's csain-
yesterdlay. 'earful of the effects f es of wisiisssg pinists wee impoeds
Anit Aror's fisod assi water tses stil- twhes TowPsar esterei for teuile rns.
ped tvreat te Cadillace Isstel aindl sill Tswar fiiseiahead f May ii the
rest there usti late this sfternioonii. The sile ruts at Camssbridge ii Jusc'but lik
full teanm is sitshansilansilreadsy tus shots several f te uther Mihigaisrunesev
their full streength. Acorinisg to ete hisisbeess kept frssis traisisg easse
port fromitheec-tntthe Itacs,'siissre ef ass ijuedsleg. IHIchas biehe i r-
dosubstful(f their aibility tos defeat tiisglits a sho ' n adi it is diounbt
Michigan, basisg their fears oisi the lv- ful if le cast f a^cril rae tnsigt.
cisive isassnse inich iesthe Syracsies' The ha -4 slike Ciesell's
traits uas Ieaiten.race. P lskars ii.7
Inths~e liseal camsith~ter- is ieteesisisa- r-5 Sltur 14- was clsse
tien but little csssidiesnce. Csrsell's e- at Ihis heels.runor has
sistedilack o(ifesidssenceehisisnsot ceaet- fisisei iti Aark
eI ass) feelisig of assurancsse here as this year so at de-d will
everysone realizes that the Ithivais are have to e shwn rra
always exceptionsally stroisg assil aill le are tos secure ete r
prepeto utissipststheIavidest insilof The squate ile e'
a ight.doutlb e si heart
'As neary as I ecais(igure it oisisbst Coriel has at least on
threse or foussypoinuts will sepiasrate te slng he sdistansce itse
taws teamss at the finish," sidlDirector will russ his first ran ' fr
Fitzaticik its discussisig the tiossptets. Mielhigsasnt le is isiss
''Thters issstsusilttsthIerswilllie-tast esale imhtsto -plcee
manyis-cliise' vistelsts. The iiwiinig isvat Cambidige. e irane
lisosig(f ti sesosid sr astirdlsvi ir ecorvsv-s foIrsethe (illk n

Ross arc ini thye et of shiapc Iioiwever.
Giambilis enrterev' tt i ieh svot
rvered fromits injuriies lie sustsain-
e'd liy fatllinsg in stsetso-lapi ristlast
wveeks svecannois n hsi estrae.Is
must lie vessiliedinsitovsidiserinig the
ircoirs fadeiil y Corneill mensuthti theycs
ran onias oudoorbar tracksusig
delend-iilfortmst o her I its in tsh~e
esv-iissts o site.gymnas tism flosor.- Horsier
is suit'ofiii tssnithe1 shot i list hissas
secondstcossist5ithre ansstirisilacsies
cite poinsthiswsill Ishelisbts little towartid
victory- sisless thIsv sstersts aibeas lvpre-
vesiteri om itssecurvsi ingtselist twis places.
"lDv'ssi" Ilvgiless Who' tu sirne ofthe
irs high lisu-iles in ii te-wstsifour
yeasagotints it ii isIs ldtle It- XXsc isisis
gytmitittim record sslIs livelight Ihsrdles
is still its esiscol iaidtilithoghlie is i
not t u sierte igh ststicsslforsvetsveal
years lie hIsslens I visitSudit}sees-ire
fits thiis.cruiclal ciion~. Itest isnr n
IHaller isil lihvtssis' at teiris sit 5to
taike thss high j ump is lihefCstnellme
ti upg;fes- to50 isvst-? .ssies.
tien \Iisill alsitseifvrcd 5to extendi
(Conitinuced oni Pageo2.1
Stale Peace Oratorical Contest Won
by Converse.
Gnis C.Cutsvirisecif.I lillsiltle Cosllege-,
wooltuirst plae-in ste\Michiigani Mate
PecesOra~torvicasl coiisit ihld list fighs
at .llsis's - lis v'tjci is wa s The isss
if Hliier I-arties ic.". A tizseiof $75
Clasudes-Ritze- of O1)1tsi, itihs"Thei
vrice' if 'eace"'wsi- t tdil Ithe secondss

Coach Rickey Holds Evening Ses-
sions to Instruct Players.
Evessinsg lectures is te latstiissethods
whiich Coach Riches issadopsedi to
brissg his call pitys)vitostei ghess
possiible stage of desvelopmnt . 'The first
of these evessisig sessioni swtess te rvis-
aissd ste tricks of the gamsicave discussed
wa s held l'riday evessissg, iihets Rickees
gathseredihis sqiuasdtosgethser it tesiffice
is1 teathletie associations. lie gv
ans inspirinsg talk iss sihich lie urged easch
mansti o miake esvem) possile effovt ts
dlevelop hissblasehal lility ansdi alsos an-
nunssced Iis future plaiss.
Today-te squielad illbehis'tidsed it
theu regularis ansd te yitussgans. ''hssr
ts-s teaiuss wall pits)-regulatr ga-isisv
asgainsts eachs other uisder sll te con-
ditiouns of sictusal cosntests. Eacs teamss
trill he instriucted andsri iilleed in tetaus
hilts). The coach also ansisunisced tut
diurinsg te timonreminisin g iseeksisefsire
ste sprisng tipthue wnusdiuevothe te 'mist
if hiis attenstionsuto te issdiidsual in-
strsuctionus (f thestutento hsave uitosi
ste preseint sitownrsste greautest ablilitsy.
'hsis is useceissary if a formsidabslein-sut
is iii he developsedh5osuie et te southern
schooutlsduinisg-sprinsgsvacthions. 'he
master-vtsiaat handsuhis comuparatiively ise'-
perienuceud autuconusistenst susulcentrvaized
effoisinuecessarvyts toita iningisn
ini tefiehld initir essecks tisse. Aier
vacautions the coach isill agaitui rnvihIis
aittesntionssthisthose isho it d in ot diuspilay
exceptionalts ailiity humusng the vimly
The evensing lecucrses outthe atvosfi
batseblliias guvesshis-RicheyefoStir usce1
fit of te canduidates siill cusstissue seumis
wetekly-. liv this mseanscste cotach ex-
sects to tesichIis usmesssime buasebatll
thaanslhe could bhisngirith thu- uin isg'

smpile if $, o.
' The judgscs wurc
t Detit: C. C(tu
Fviuuf k ls:i, (Cs iii
Dueroit atiRc v 1t
-vesesnt ths S Itu'(,f
7Intcclsleitev 5 titu
lfast igiht sus-ve thst
S and I. 1S. N.
hDm. Did Ms X. .'
e ce taiti , sits C(
still supply.lu).ehiss
cstcei(tuiss i 5
7Postpones (Granting
e ter the ti,
ntitut hld1its asit
ul idaites- listsCOs

Speaks on New Business Ethics
in Industrial World and De-
velopment of New Men.
99Wih a small attendance Gerald
Stiunley Lee adressed the S. L. A. audi5
ecre lsut esvenig on "New Kinds and
Ness Sires of Mes."
Usig as Iis theme the feat of
\V ilbusue Wrightswhint he flew over the
cty eof NewirkoitandIis modesty in
vsefusinig o accept te pladits of the
itsirus, Mi. fee developed his lecture.
"Wheiin Wiue Wight sailed over
tusts easternsity,' said Isl. Lee, "New
Yfontkbecame the spiital capitol of th
wusulud. They ireethiuking one thought.
Thieytieretnt watching Ney York btt
te see) soul of New York. If only
Chicaigo, anud ever)'lage city fronm
eosuit ruostsroud have undergone the
ssm'e eperienuce. It would have bene-
fited thesisasll. It was the \ilbur
Wr ight spiriit. Is is this spirit that
masuu tr iviiization great. Wright's,
secretiwass that a humns being can be
morepowrfnltitans the world ever be-
lievedlandshulthuecahed the imagination
if Iis oblsersvyrs."
.M. Lee ijioke at leugth ott the new
Isusissss ethics whiich aenecoming part
'if ts'industasrial world, declaring that
hsonsty hasscomse to ave a market
it is imipossible," said the speaker,
"to invenut sems things without getter~
suew mstesn5tou gussiths them, Today tse
pracicsal sman is, the ose who can make
te lest guess sui thin morrow. This
cmitioniius isakes a man who swees out
intos thur fatare. The cnscieene of any
maitu s i) thin futhure. Thus the future
is umtiniug a neirype of men. The men
ofi upowerv tudsy2sie those who are en-
sitive tot thi n ukown."
Iscouncluditg Mr. Len spoke of the
gyress inflcuen thin spirit of men of the
tupe ofuie misuseHughes and former
Foeste in ~schovt would have upon the
peoptile of hin countrly.
us i J&rsceo s:tnte~r s scue TAM.
Trvvssuns for the Wster debating
seam wiser enhcld its Wester Hall last
night init uhichs. K. Grimstad, A. L.
hoos vrstudF,. 1. Klewer won out.
A. IB. Batckerwswchosen alterate.
Ti-it muestweeot for posiios on
te teamu ithich awil represent Webster
its tecutcdyats.
PrvoflessorvOlivin S. Tonks of Prince-
huutonUivsitsy, suse of the foremost art
crviics smtin esounutry, will deliver a
lentive nsitsiMonday evening at :oo
o'closckin tsthin IHighs School auditorium
upo mithesietujet "The Growth of
N.aturalsmsin tsatlhin Paisnting ; Fra
Atigelim s, Filiiipov Lippi asd Batteeli."
'hltreeis the given under the
ausice mf the AmsusAor Art Asso-
eitistsandmmiiilibhe illustrsated by ster-
'hlecietuvie is opn to the gesera
pulcadisprimsaily for the purpose
of arvousin g inteest its art among the
him'se oIi f AlmsusArbor.

id . rtat1ushi IIu

u ~ pd. She ilr, 1 stsesast ernosuuu lclt-.
I. I '.C llint _'otll d-____________
le utsmmii wi- TENNIS SEASON OPENS

t XIIcisgui in)itime
sIi wIsIs i sli li to c-
it 1. Thle schosui

Captain Ayres Calls for Candidates
-.Courts in Shape.

t7Y{>st held ;
_ li t crsit c

tAlionss 'ith than ads-ntsof wirvmsictsh em,
>fMichui- tenntis is riotminigitintrominencre umai.

C., Olivet, I lilda.lsTe 'crysfheistcosurts mine uniing cosmdi-
tionedtt atitiwill mu'enuiriead sr lums early
- mmcxt useck Psiwmu st shun rearn uille i-tny
s .uMILK sums Simm-. sevd fr te vsity squadui.
suit still inectumevat =byrs, capta55itsoftiltycam's varusit.\
Sundayi-um- i- g o1tug am, ess irsems time nasmes usf all tmes1
vs Xl ilk.'" 'lie Fi shinug sumten- fuse sipusure std ivrsmths
n,7 lx russ, ol this sill ishi huhdas earlyasspiossile.
Sutug AutsAo'ivss GaI.mses sith Cousm-llsit Itsaa
isic beins ts u:3-0- nimmiColliege sit Scsemertemit -N. 'i..
ill illutrte i iu i uist suh av lreaysi been'ssmscihhele stud mest-
tiaut tituswi-ik othereaestser nscholtime
- pinlug. 'fle eausterns trip siill problythl
ECTION LATE hukyenthine eekif MsAy 21.
Is. A. C. andh other westernciliege
- teaumsscciihe mstsosmteiulmbfore June.m
ig Honors 'Till Af Nautme s mmf caundiidates shomuld in gis vs
lolidays. Xiv. Ayres Stodasy. I I cn etus ry eached
av toum ess1Mssv hais-bytelnphonue liestsiem-tifc2:30 sit mitt
suu cis-ctiuos. Ctmtmii-o'clocktchth ie PliiAlphas Deltau tse
s-si difosumutlim tcl-houuune I89

S bu no elmte at~nwilllietake un
til fter sprig vaatio . Sim c iti
the onorry sientke 4ci lustn
chooes is me her fron th me ial

_ . 1Sussm ~N mix sum; sum umus sumIstitis m GIRL.
Sturdamisy nigtiatlj7o'clock Xliii
hisse-hIlittCelmhwill gist- iavrecital Its
Newbery)- lul emini ' The Ilife
Stoiv) f a'la mtiumedhaunmGirl.''Thin
vritaul will lie held undermhc- ie auispices
Of time' Christians Assoceiathion ntutuhSum
pmuble imae cordiitialyinvitced. 'The r e-
cits1 mmiitt- besthroughssith ii ampleictmi;
forv time Mickiguum-Corunll mens.



6:130 P. M.
"Indian Life
in the Rockies"

V, March 27 Presbyterian Church

7:30 P. M.


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