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March 16, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-16

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IC r'
T h NI

VoL. XX.


t't'nf'SDV,.nti~16, f., ni

Manager Cook Considers His
Chances Good to lDefeat Wol-
verines in Coming Meet.

Michiganwl ~ t a
Keithihi es nt

Act hat
a tininc
- fit ii i-

<t Siifniii ii
S (ISIdel-
in f f tin I LC'

fit fiiin cii ifi it i ii iii he \\
-1 intC a c tslld \
thi e cltfi ate i nt
ffacinli hIt c it.
for ill(,in in -- i ii iiild ifliili
thf acei inn e i iapt in iM1
wilnii k:ci o ii C itti ft
LSni-al c s Ii.il, tl~l
ftifllti eet M c ials
Lefif (t 'in t° n n h
ii thl tii l as ll'(
it teu er\cn cilS11
the 'f'fc(l'(f'ffitfffCha'f "(
sattly a\ ni ht it ilt ')i111

r KC
rst I)
ptit I I

irt nt'[
ft c tct

J C Nt I I I'S o'I"I')Il
Iniofthli veltnniestimiiingstiign l ass
Still) f t i \(,I a eb l at iii it it
unanm rote iTh sleting;itf tasi
I)I;L an good naured te tin irti edi
nt 'n Iin i t'i Iti t paseito tih'Lifft f
thin a the Ca is fams led alredyfi (i tnn
two iiiiifi i iii iiiiilss ch m ions is outIf auiii
posis f f i t' fr1ad e ilion tn it goodi
Chanc of ftfin fihe ii i in asketbaIn
sh \-i hi ap ieiiiion by ffffiinf the
tiitilng-ti e ntiassitoti eipi che
th mn o i tiy.L'uisntO'Conngtf
ad<aain Cevelawee d. edo
feii pi iii \n spteiches.t
ncs beids te eecion ()uftut a b inebal
to he mn oIgt ttia ind itpportithe
hal h pie(fticts asiiitiasibeeri
tiffr Heth iccepsiNe inPoitioni
iiiitI,.he iiii107 nlthustender

Michigan Ma
to Eastern
fin iii if iiiIi
i l t ) le'lii

t I,)0 I 1 LGtj 1; I n1actingiit he tn'nthe iii ec tffth
I n ciii ifefun ichiiiti ii fin iii le
io.e Well Known fii iii Ii 'ifii
to Corporation L aw If i
tiuliversity. It l nbyfio nd oi rslak (fe
ii iu thiiii stlii siit ableii iii ii ;
f, i;d'ic h e t "hc" ndtiti Awn it nom tuit io nui
ft eit edi.ftoifipackt- Ifio n d iiii hiiiiiiii is~i
iihqi p) " t a ak i leiikitt t ipsiii als'itt "nfhit
~ii _, (iiiiil(i hi- tetuft



llli, hl fart
sttl jrci: ,i lt

NI I - __
Eedson Will Lecture Before Corn-
i sc3 oushmerce Club.
fit iiiiii i iiniiii' i .
'ft fos it'flu'thi tijictti'e'teidt it
fo intheiiiiiiN w V r eta iei
tin ld Iis It v initediiiiit eiii upti' tfiin u j ct le
W11 is ca s me intrein Iii ii ifii'i''i

dotlht hut that tilt lal
M et- go atli 1'r"Qsst
authority (m C t) -p1 ,rash
articles rend ~v~, mks tali 4-
found ill llll' lil) to
'nccv are ever y11 byre
gals C'c)rli<)rati(ill
In all c lTm-t t<1 shw,1 t
for the hell) am! kilul
a n11 ulwr (1t the lAcr
tended to the Jol s Zits
the ads is(}ry Sy nit-m. ti
rallgcd for a rt'e'sptioi
()11 Saturday <tjtel'llt)(}i2
three t() si~x al
llasitinl. 11(1th the <t(1,
wives have heel) ills ltc(
111 order ,,o
lless" spirit, alrcadl n
the llunlczr(m s 1l()()11-d<
nunil)cr cif 11(11 a 1 {,lll
!)ee11 chosen t« sc (c to
of the facuhnwil arc

ic itubjectiof feigh i s4gtw
ta o e in tihinilofncnilsi Qnit i lrnaif
''her' i s Iitiidoubi t thath e igov'ii nmieii
fl sonheforcedl t co n'irtisde-
partent fitira oeiotnithroug
the Intrstt I't Ln'fftff'mussm
Ai.1esnis aI I higan alum~fns'and

N6.1 r5_
Woman's League to Hold Annual
Function in Barbour Gymna-
sium on April Second.
\ranimntmaindn plans for the an-
iniitl \'omii ns Leagtue banquet at Bar-
mumr gnninaini n i the evening of
Apuiitace mint ictgong qitly on for
ninia weekstnnplst This annal function
has ninnlfn' bittn given ot Friday even-
tug becausiie of the Shoo 'Masters'
Clu'ing un" sessiion at that time. Then
(lti Ins in ntichatnged to Saturday
ight tis yeincoinotsideration of the
IDeutsnihlin Vtrtins play onitFriday night
Then i nbane iltii year has an addi-
toasiniifiane in view of the fact
thati it nu1wiocur n ntthe twentieth an-
nitiersary ni the founditng of the Leagog.
Inmitationsit hate een extended toal
tlie old fitficers intl quite a numer
hiaineinwIitti their aceptance. Te
ftfair w i e moentoill University ad
inniiinii'iii, andtir alumnae gener-
hliii LIara inin is chairman of the
cmintteieiin tharge. The other umem-
tbers inill conitnof one representative
from eac clasnappotnted respectively
byiac classificnie-president. In order
mliii ine Josphine Rankin, Louise
I1 Iftlni, I lii iThaner and Margaret
\A cart. IHelen Carett is acting as se-
uea nit treasurer for the occasion.
Tie ilfferent casses will apportion
fth infork lIyini" teond the sphere of the
genti ifomiiiiittee Fifty freshman
ginl Iwinill tdn the seting, the sopho-.
moe ill loo 'tater the decorating,
thfunir w n till airnaige the entertain-
menti,indthe s enirs wil have charge
of mIt itt innethe remians.
Thetabtlilst ingi fotlows the unique
sce ifthttenpmevious anquets.
Ino n anniriiundt ctntal tale, long tales
wlraite in idiifferent directions At
fune ronunitatublt sill e seated Dr.
JatinsIn.'nngl and President Hut-
,inn. :At tht head of the long tales
faculti i nunuiwitaill preside These
in ieapponted ttbyh Mrs. Drake of the
coltteumnae.'The catering will
In iu in chrg f CMr.fiMotley.
At ti intcinoik a hort reception wilt e
held tntve ust attending an oppor-
mmm it attfmeetng President Hutchins.
'flu nqueiitill follow directly after.
Mrs.iJ antetP Bind a prominent grad-
utlt itill treitde as toast-mistress.
iA yt noi reply Itas een received from
the it-nresident of the League who is
t it the openintg toast, Myrtle White
will speaitott the suject 'Residence
fls"Futine Cleveland will respond
iontheifiitltoast.t len address will e
cocrinthen League ideals and in
iht ifwiannsty cin bi e strengthened.
nt 8 olotti thin junior girls' play
iill he ginvtn for the second time' in
tirahCaunitetl "ngell FHall. This will"
fin the nlyut opportunty for the under-
n lannu nd tn alumate to witness the
t paynai heflittuitperformance is open
onfln toi meinbehns of the upper classes.
'Fl itcni of the tickets has een
rtiledt stint ay-inteinetts and the num-
be tintedutfu to go They will e on sae
at theIcncu n reguar tneklymeetigs of the
. 1If.IPealiii'oa-'09 L., is in town for
tinteitditys.IPearce has een practic-
fig fuw nmu thi nonrthwest where he has
beetn flookinafter the interests of east-
i rsestkig upgovenmnent lands.

tfininuu .;.nttiAhro lie will go to Los
\ini- letiertetlit will lpractice here-
tPnear' ciiia a umenther of one of
l Minchign'sin ninmg dehatinug teams and
Inhaftken pant mu several 'oratorical con-

iid ll

iii it< t e
mliii 'i liiic
hal t ,litm

1'1,(illco d iope bask tall Itmitni'
Qqd y h grl i iie tinT hrm
da ii ie n II ifn ''t 'im u t Im' uuT'e
iii A t ii ill itlay- ag in lithe tsen tint'
The gnw wll b fre ito ithltici
t "'lui ma bes nfir I ueats.i

Iu i t ( lt li .
ti7cn t i~c
liteay cla-

iii ii ii'snt
Inll IOf.Itln~t
Pro flu ins.itlihe
ii I itt .Ini
MUMN it i
liii wi i tiltbe IM
pnI unft ht ii
mittcu) h
Iuts In aut

1n1 n1, nitgtir <1c Sit snifinAisnoul t f t th th utuA -
(]red nd ifti inntheflt-i-finn re
nitjutntut int ii'iittttt in
h I'mpae hage toeter tict fluflu
fn ad thfir tilifss tdus I 'tiitiiiiii hliu
i t ss «il rccci~t? ave ntitium t I id tt ir asi smntnav
illtalcit ciii it n rd ytl doIsmul Ti reasurerii i tollis
s \t he cr nl l t ;ll tn Immi Intuit tin 'luin ns t i
intuit'' vviilllintmmiii t nttnt Iliu
iftcr i f ro lven o n: tnn-lac mtndnt-
uxsid ha l nit ii u ntil id y i uit iihotin
tit ii u tht slii itt sl I f in i ntutu
tnc ec iter, intwelIa nthtl iitht fli il uno
fit thm t intuit liiiaIt
inn gin I 1 ft t tufva ltith tm full the tint
ti llnli " n t tilm Ies"aso.I1t ll limitwatIi'll
inltlltd t ui fmtu., uti ft fi tn
IIit), tftwipy-yu te I udl rsi fnw
tin hit ck.it Ift I catnt fitndin Im" l a eh c

* po Fl' I , I

I' i'' TO fNINmuI'R i

A ccik 1. M ami oitt trounit, unwitt
I~ca mu r te a spkc of the etift-
c c i7> swict i steam terI hIea tt-rs
ml stion cl~aamrs. The e itue ill
lint A I sn mIffI stufkt S 'to? i
oon 1 .Ine Tei lif ut nit9 bl ' i
i" c n t n nfi t p ii fto all.

limit mmmv fun
tintnut hi-th ein'lt1ft-t n i''tI'im
ti itl; ntdtMin thflu lltffttiunnnmtf

;I IT 17

F ~ tlIiIt 'In mI I1 Itt(-i u'm'mnfm't t nf-nm)
Mc owi-n n, in hfi st:if mnntfun nultIn
I m~11131ittasun u'ttin 'itii inn I ttttmni

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