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February 14, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-02-14

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" e Michigan L)ai y

Nolr XX.
Places Everywhere Entered-
Captain May Issues First Call
for Track Candidates.
w Ii srnc s ii soIng te i talis {is


11111 : \ sciIto .\ilissi
rl 1-re hr,)kc1 the- record
Coc,1 ai foreri Michga mas
the Wi llt 53 fees l s1ill es f
I formeril woI firs lsin 11111 l
handl~icp oflss fot111te10p

tse fisr
ed ascts-
Ills. I I c s
011111 shotl

)fI I'lrsIt.

1-ssss I, 'ss .ssi ,'1,.Js sON 1. i(ssRANs
i 1as Ils. sf 4I-iisi
P1111 ?NEW J11,:1 1W11) 1,111 V Ill AIZl III IlI ,tlINI S.


ofi Cornellsss hiIsra o pn n. 1
ils ilssss Isa a -issiis isa ss hes
the ig ellec Ileet s h ll June.l
111111 sI s sssss ma cc \\I th sIsa
soonsh r-isss sss sap Ils lauel from
PSra' mee haslwm5 im at
tentlions fsrsss ll over- Am ria ro
thsswssss he hss- dn t M m A i
s-sevident thats hes ssill be ass eassss oin
winner~s at thes Introlgae ssussss
srsssss \Iich l 's cauesssolnd
Iig swelIl up Icll~ g i Is ssadinssss at the. ll
igs;~ Colsege met

Commodore Peary Talks to Students
from ITrain Sunday.
F 1c ran 'isis I;Matis Ssnatsor
44ii sssss 4i l)sis 1 5111 wosussssIs e111111 the
is sis arrival, Iss ith a eet- us t
I ii ill is iiiths ssisl gllsol l 11 onis
thes~ass 1 W er geeasisiss Iis1s llll hanId'--
shaim;tisissi isvevr tel omlC~I--
iW fot fSisatollSmI i and 1h-

Party -Novel IFavors tGiven
Vtli ll Y rt Itl'i-)-a dl I4all-r-
iu i l~ sis l hch w r ledss itil
Isis s(siofllsc slits ands

Chicago Man Chosen to Head Wash.
ington's Birthday Exercises.
lsriigssssln s O sishe 4 s-iisss-- n
is Is-si lii the hress lassel(sth
-a« dep rtm nt Contrary to thelssil-sls- i ilissill
Ql former15 rear~s tisyeas- ceeis ti on l
n sill takes- slc- ins thei evs-i ngi U i
ill-is- itillsill ai
isr i he h ll isAllb rseve! or
opene is o s5the si geeral publi 5Itis an-
t iip C tat<l am rlsd Wllat
t umm n 5551t, hiag ,is aw llk olI
isisf isis a iss ste is eians
1Y s inti-" Ani il efni


(sill ilMayss s iii -
ssflisl sall fIsisraiss i
AN-ill comencellill at
will wr nsqas
4 ilissli his ibeen-is-sll
sheld 141111 Ii-l6 iii
cn ida it isi-s-i-ille tea
thasill Wil W it lla
111151 1s- hr isis ni~
tsrkwr<ir dr1(
in!; lt he h nd-, is-Mis
trac coach.--s i l


CO It, llllssi i
5e, et e 211 1 11
track squads
sil- s ar oonIlat
11x1 The --sreii

- lt) iiivu a a dsslli5 ill Atin
i-io tl( . 1 . cmll sI but11
Is d h o tiitsssss III c a - 1-
s-r tat )I-.la I-(eri .4ooNI I r

]"(Ts. is -ii lls al
1 ii -illwc rc liis
1 () } ) it" i i- - ( i
lipid s t

II1S 11t
rii 1i1is ji

antiisisiss i ts
Isi Th curren numbe, 4Th susc
M] sleifeature1s ills ii -illoo" 111
theis n(,\%. iissisa ery1he1V lent
taeQ snato iledwih111 utn: Ii
Iss s I s 1siii lm ra al n t lls illm
artsti5dulity any-i Cower 1 liitm F
I excptis ()fthei ratillsh, 1(ul11
iii-iise i lstitheI1lilsisso- Sii \ili lsisv
iiiO w 111il111 i lsC5
miillr -fthI - gi newil155 c
i--sis latisato h o11 h l, j,{ r
etnet i rep~tsihe fo th. D an ntciAl

til p p rI

No q[1
E ngineering Dean Says Chicago
Man is Unworthy of Criticisrni
of -Thinking Men.
liK T rne h uultll-mllionairellll
t .ianf~iinrcrof C iso, attcking high-
sIV eductioinss icillegess I ingell and111(
ciii eeingandagicure lllschos 11ill
paricnar.Dea A1 R.CooleysI-1c1 riti-
Sonicof th ide s lllssilsibyhi-l(r.
"Coslls-e.profesisosrs sidteiahers lre
isepredto isve 1ad5vicetoisaall sujecs.
v, . 2.0<)a yesar It-Icers they tell us
how tosillsn ou11$,0011 and11$to,ooo a year
htill 5 11111.11sn'1it at strange tha.
it eve hssccuredlho these smlart co-
Isge hisos t into 1111bausiess for theni
>c~ tls IsdraIllaismlslttsalary foi
tcliiig :; young1 man111 1h111 toIdraws big
>alris f ,ouar cpalelilosf draswing_
thebi slay yuself.
i~as ttallcsl-t1en1 continue1s "1t
s csesiirvative111 simatel~l~ that the ex-
ues-si-is- ighaeilr ledlcailll saotis nation
mnl t eat ioo41100000000a year. Anl
11is1e11-iou 11111t1isliterally- thron
awayilmuchitosis Iiin11u1ylv 1f te cuntry-
1".Opiionwhih Ir ICra
Ixrs-sdsiniith111)lisat fiss yars
itig ro n d w a 1 sy110lt1115i
andinot i ills manlimse~I l. He?
lmms~ dow an s sry ttle It
}tic n ill.Hisiplicy11111s osesii ,
- 55 sills-, nth a s-sspulls iings
I i 1mea1sure ot ssrthis15tIllsdollr
firm ;m rl tmY- li akig gooil siill
Sills si i 1arc sillaliidtoilaplr-
ciatethe eonus probsII slesisconrsn-
Silsiislntry and ihi hr Craiis
ih i llelf, ssiac 111111 f ii ls sars Sill
take n 1111rtin soling.ll H-Isfails to
apeisae thselfsndamenta1l511lidesif the
educat iinich1511tIlselinleer of tilly
rec ic- lc dsr s notlseemtoar 111oIsknw
toi 15u1n silltlmsen51hisscaii ommtand i
higsalry stloce bittare tryig to Itur,
out hst1151 s-Itwowheti thee-
hard acquired1 ilese-ipriceccof prcti
cal life, will be abe to fill the rqire-
,,t , 2 ml cti 5ns i1a a n nie ap-
prnlvuscoveresds-s byisl ii PCrve.
its ,t ity that a 11a11 occpyig the
i--ii mta Ar ranei sossin the
worlds woik could 1101 have taen ille
tim, ioinac hisel acuintsd i
th wr bing done ii Ilcollege raller
th ii sio «iefo ts andp11o1 intl ~Idi-
~illstheu~mostigno111raice sif ile real
thigs onei enineer5igs schools
Phi P Canesis ot sseeimsto le cn-
s iiiim f hisresposiilityli-rstig up
ois im ossfs stakip somelpar(pin thbseletu
rationisof1 Ille young 11111niwho is to gel
into hi~s-busineiiss Its expecs te cot-
s e r-duateitoisi cspableof earingil
igsa-lsry- at onceliheIllolmicci tilec
issil land s-ecollegse tiattiried hel
outssfiurIstish~st151niding the fact
thatin ;c for .crs sit the student
cleelisfs thseiiholec Iff1111 i 1oies
fsisssundmntling 1111a- 15-b111i15for lbs
pracsts ica tirsstoibe1acquredlrrllatir in

Ii ir curse os is 115 ssltsrN, isils is i
0" - 5555555ial"iliiil wsichsi Isri"des
everyhing, and Mr. (ranse is ani excel-
,, i -i sis )t is t.

!1 ;i 1113 ';

,lit .
tlt t
cl t
1. 1

Eii s-iss iis Iga ' d
Is lw . telsiiai--ice (
-i-si)ia iIiss i-th Is csl
usssssps inuis 1111 11 1c° cw ills t
Iii realI lilic I'\
hs ii, and his isis ll,111tilm1
ThC - is i1 s issi Isec i th isis t


l I a -islIi i thss iiii
4 is iiiItc.'
fwdI I is1Vr'
cr Is i-il s-is - iIs
th411s. s(il~t
-si-il li. siss i t
(1,I Gli rx

I1 tl1 (i
I 1 I iitl
t ll", o


41.1 INte 41 P114 ti tel- u
4(11 st i vde tfr11
ii P ted#is hsdis 4~
subjct Chr- t \ ik-
phol i or rasingli d ra
Imus tobe In us
sill n t ny tae t -
iresdilfllr hall-ifltby hot

Si,.TE illT is silnl-iS< h1 Al-, ).1'. il-
Si-i- r iitere-uistis iii i-ishls e iia nidn" u d r te as-
ist R ary is timesss it Iis aIsris 1i i, ils t{ea u w o n et o
() large cosloredi-il asis i lu li 5lst ing ills thei Is wt In . W l r (i Ie
fro 17 -1leil 190l"Ind will supplment iii lcu e wt
deparmei t:and a ve e 44on ispa i.W lisiiotarn n .11
his-i il(Ini 111110 ills sthir sill his eets n is-ieliii

liii ls :lisi Ill M [;t[CI'sil iiIIt12s
[Alen A"= l m iss's- ii- si Panline51
Rocncr. an Ir iii ianldili ii
C4irl usss ilra\s 1 islis us tur\'lg
lii l ri ; e r r-i -cslu ch i-i ii ii
l nii':il 1 cuti ise i lniti I iii -"th
ils5 llli ll I is islissChit -sci-indsussili


lci ('111
uiss \
is fr5


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