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January 25, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-01-25

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The Michigan

\-'ot.. XX.


"7 HBC 1-1h CRIST"'
P ROYFES POPULAR Dr J.c awonofLodo, 2g
mon0 S Oiidt eveing0 ini University- hall
Second Year Shows Large In- nit e t'ic L i a tls Christ."
b. crease in Attendance-All De- -.A11 paths oit thought like us to
nominations Represented. (Cri t esid to part. Ite is in the
i worlil todal iss''inig his commao'tnts to
Wiiith an enirotlmtent tip in th lic dat ys his disciples. ITere is tot a thtoutght int
of clnse to foutr hunitdred an toifhtt, the ittr litvcs but is cooredl witil the thougt'~t
conutses offered int the Annt Arhor Schol o f him
Jesuis did nt wi tec ai sink Dr.
oif Religioni are enoin g man inreasedt Dsitont continiuted, hbecautsc tie wrote
attendiatnce ntver last ic'r. It tl) imtself ito cevcry ibirc of thutmani life.
expectedl tint tthis ntsue wc sill ieac HliIIs cthaitactcr, hits itnfiunec fits teach-
niehnrdin text semttters couses tg, r ticle seces of' all tipp inecss andi
exceedting liy ltso hundtred th ticott it - goratneiss"
tellteit lat scar.
1iraeiieal cevery itetiotitti (ii isiep- 1910 LAWS TO GET "J. D."'
resenitedl atttt g the co-operating nt's-
izatitons embitraedt ini the Ann A t Honorary Degree to be Conferred
Sechootl of Religitti. 'flits is tic seccndi First Time This Year.
year thint ai systemainti et ffort hit beccn Studentis its the lass dteptartmticnt whe
stadie lt oiffer etourses on religioin itt itii tace A. tB. degrees atis whto iwish tot lie
cersite grasde sutter the styl Io f a school graduiatetd Jitris Doctotrit must secuete
oif religicon. Somte otf the couirses ire
takeni frtott thes regula-r Univesits cur- recomdti ons iit ttii of two-itthirdts of their
tictitittt andi crcit is rececivedi its thc issitits. T h'tits perceetage ttas beetn
Usiver sits tot tieses course as beo c.ie ists tht miitit. tecomttnttotia-
Il tieaktng nfth is hol Prf.K.t titits wecrc firist madec lst year, after te
Wenley, itrcsidecnt of ihe exiecittiv i - regestis ti-it irisvtdil for the ntewteitgree
titittee sid: "Th ttempt~ ha onl and memcberts of the laticlehss of iito
beets ts offet stimple tnd etitntar still teccivei tc J D.s for te first timttc'
coutrseson religioins witch sitall be f ri c ticotit cu1 i titn w silt tie mntde by te
frimtti 'sthetoilogical liciens Th Iacults nitic it tecleose tif eaeti seties-
psiitiots if thc siatc tivsrsitys oni to ter sunt ttise itterested tiny' secure il-
loigicans tuctio is faila to ll frin at s io teir statnditig by apptly-
nug t tic toffice. of the detpartmtetit.
"Some iicultyt is t ite natsure of fitly- ttise stitt te recmetsiotdetd fr
the stiltjets taugh lt srise fro tih e ppc th liet's tdegrese wh-ot are gradttates of
sitar miiseontccptionii of the terits relot i appihrotved cilleges. A loitg list of at-
atnd thenooy Rel i ic iers liii sae prvdcolgsticee rwnu n
relationi to theologyt ft-sttature doe I toi rvdeutgstnsIet rst ts
sci sopen fur instecetiiit itt the offics. Itt
scisnes shre Inttits ipporetuit o tgetneral, tiose eiilleges twere placed oni
iscusio as iotets of rigin t lie atpirovest list whett segrees are on
bietiween Itihtew ltm tca be isattist eptteud is sufificietnt to admtiit tot gradutel
the ~tudiy its the leading uivsersities.
s tepulic minitd, suit whatever tiretite Secsirstiry Gotisdard sadl 'This tne
therc' nsy Ite towacrdts intsrtuctioni its re degrec' is ptieae-lly- ai reeognitioni of the
ligioti wideir tutni'ersity' ausies ma be acttha for 'ol'ge graduteics the late
'nurse is realty gr'duate stork, It etr-
"Atiottior stats' tutu Crsiti oifficills resptondIt to te highetr degrc'is that are
recogizces eotries 'if this Ian ftit( is giv'e for gradutets sti-rk int e othce r
cuirriculuom, hy- ettipowieritig a ciomtitee t eat ents.
if throee i timers itt it facultsitu . ai - Mietmbicrs of tie etmittttted litlawc
vute it st-tet coutrse-s oni tlio arei de- coss if this tnitisersity- swill tie eigibtle
servinig of uiviersity grasits It is t althtoutghiIi t ihis- haentt reeeived their
early to preicit whti oitison the Schooli 1 . I. at the timte of entratnee it the
of Religioni stilt acquiire: hCrit it presCt lass deptartmtenit. 'Thoise whtoi coeti fromt
cot tin deisitoetmove onait be made sts - t otiter univtsersities wihere' they' tint- situ'
scttrs dtetertini it he ttus tfcussiar comitnetid ctorsos si-it he allowetet s
ott religiont ini ite I. itsrsity It is t tithe advantiage of the te rulitig itt like
lie hojesd that sometsday piractical couirse - terms.
ott rcligioui stilt sitd a pltace ott th U__________
Cortits cuorrisctltm hich shaItxlll dea i ai H IAlRVAR) PtLANNING TO
lostitts th it mnneitr ithl thises stit-
jeets, than is ticssa rs its sty tsresnt OUST ELtECTIVE SYST'\I-
Ioreo h Phlsoputihty of 'hlig too"
Itari-art is ptreptaring t abolisith tie
CIA ~-I \ J C ~ ~ 1(1 tre sent elective sistout. Presidetnt Lots'
CLA5 I DK1 \A1IC ItT elltitiks ttit theo mnethiost of seletistnt of
l1 i "'tItitI, IlR '-C' t itl" Stullos s ito t aphazrd Ite newii n tc is ruts'
-, -- isill sna ki it ne cesssary to tak skittudies
itofsitur tiiltitt s chiss in dra- in the frcshman yeasr wih Ii siill
tin-a ittieaiff stilt gise ti pefrmac iitai rgc-ts odi-er tittt the eletist usritig
of Sherida', itS cho f stio r "Situdait in te entitre undsergraduate tcoutrs Ior
Sat-til Catswellh -itgell hasll IThutsdat if- in stnss it a inst sceir manit takes inthtlt
to 'tintti 3 Io'clock. Th classii tillsv ostucs hei mut du ritig te remtiainsder
givtes tne' of Shakesteare's plilis, hut of treeccars tak a fixe uitiiittir f
' this ycar ha s takent Slitritan's mster uatihemtitcourtitus
Iseiclitmesmberitof thlass acsint tn Crtittioti says:
aeis not in costtuine. tCoisids-raile -cIsatgs its the haiths of thesisrditiair stut-
Israsetie, h owciiiIsas bn I sitt ini det, wose tt sitseciit ost coutrses it nmore
oking ft th l iodts briing itsiit I clii tha Imiesttt itrss hit wiillits'
tte tu ithe t oits til t hum to lie ve. iT stuenitis whoi tic l tiitet
adiitsissin il ble elharteit fir lie her- ste'itltit-t in the pinst f itarrowetss,
fomace ad heloafters oste eploitng f to
isctv syte las iiti mastery of ut-
svati iiiii- ((i t to:v ts ciiiiicir. subjiect. ITie steialimst still to reqiiredt
Sec'retatry Shirley iW. Smtithsistnowini t raetesout; s the stut il pursuit of
thets easst visitinig asoi invecsigtiing- the 'sncih' courses scitt lis requtired t cont--
buisiness systesi o tony- of the'easte'rn( -ciirite'. Bflth lp roceses nitt tt to
coilleges. Mr. Smtithi with visit Coirni-l~ellte satite endi-thie trning muit f sil-tt

- IHarvard, Columbtia, fts' Uiveersity- oh rnt d tolmien, eqtually ready to oter oni
theo City of Non- Yoirk, 'sale andtotJi~i- thesir life-wtork or to ttirsits their stusdies
lily the Untivesrsity ot hiieittsyeainia, ini a graduiatescoethiol."'

Skating Party Proves a Sucess
-Proceeds Unknown Because
of Intricate Bookkeeping.
Twso-siepttig (ouerthe icte, tetoiptioff
toi swalttyitug imptossihbl- IDhtch tils.
toi the ttse f a hbandtIthat te-ueI its hst
cbeis mueodiusiithe firt satsing ciru -
sat tof the licomatn's Le'agu (iwa s (ir
siuedtsuccess frotutithe isewscint(iof (h
skaters suit thu-t iofthe Ie'sue- Ti
meuansthalituthis party scotmuptlset its
pusrpose, il c'iiiuuiiuiparsites the girl
maitsetmoneys' tatdutmuchiofiit. Just hitu
mttuch thety wecrc tulabtuohciitelltiatcalts-
husrhlst ight tutu the irl'i shavee
rather comtiliictedis temiitofi tl-o
Severalmerluu ssofithe Ieague tr
askedstif they cotulietitesisl thetroits
hut they gaiv- tunly tag'te--sts-r, tutu
indueinite toutintotsprit. SetsraI
hundtred wee-p rsent iand(5thic -uttusi-
atihe legue membehurs sto i is t
skates spetouteiilir dad' stitd cred
ifr couffee an utuluisioitwich tieyhai
aut ine xhatile suppltu.
h cyOt y ortItis t uut sit iiiiiitintic
there'iu iincuig usucuuute-us o teiiin
tituSthe whoei mdet aver prtie i-
ture. ii- ucsk this'girls hduh, th(tuta
ightws-th mont ws ll and
plil isible-castig sranst-e-shadtowttus
itt this'skaters oilithis icelTere utas n
lusk f icolor asuits wstsrout ut tn
byth iduthif i ((a utulisnitghtts mund
this meton.o The ''irs si-u-it tt co tt ut -
hucr thestbots anth (tutusidle oflthe ('(1
teas contiiuautlls tneutu ptl o w ut-t it -i-cs
itt thec fair setswhusftund no prtn i iers.
'felue dtsisappeartro iri--'rt to i-
formityi-whtithi ia tttedsoe ofthu
recencut chass dace-sfits-this-ided l~t -ot
the gtass- surface cist igIi-' b
t thuecrowdedltistorttu
illcies agrt huhskateis itltheiatite-
sut youuhh it mtut sib1usneuss Afte
stmtitus--ii-ilttalih ar ital
shifter(t hets- cusustnmsuu fle h agu
anditits wondeul orklastfrl hom te-
toi thi suticcstof le skatin art
h"Dstytutulike skating?"akdt
youuth, aniouis t shift te cnte rsttin.
''Di, yes, eout see it's godexecih
suit theu i gists ytou iuch saffgood Iapi-
tite. I canu just smtell this- tgentu .c-u 'lti
if thu-t liiotiltff suitnd rs 1n.
hut thisettouthithsi-ght susihis
irouuse r posckt was untittutlitnd sit
dule iagnaio culdtot (itconcetiveC
ofil( thsceneutus sie urt rut-d out hle tu-rots-
yeitis atieutuii ii ht(tutuoI---
I listehubhut'siyu Ikntsthis shat-
tutg is mintg mtutuethus ittllsIutugu."
"I cI' hv it akyou itrdon, utI
lusts a frtnd uiswuthlie ushoiis oni
sate'sIfor thus frs titus suitI rll
tuutihlhcituasltouii'f hi a it tuuss
your uuompany. (fluys gotu I)hc.
Ant thus midenuhaying donet'ht ehstIts
for the league,- turn 1 'toutoe ruts.
tg siubjets
Oniie itaittitas iaccusted iwith
tutu gladtosei o, ndrmebri
mustibtingit"all f y5u((situen(((s in to
hunts sotse.hot scoffeesadsuit s.
Aftr hehd is osit edutu ofulIfue up
ofitht tte ht cfee tuunIdsuitry huls
thus suttuu dectds-dtthuat itw t (it-cr
thcitehed f theimot toiIfingrther
mtuuchi long'er
Tfafcuth inuu-chassidheftre, sicre
outi ini force suinss-or-ti f theus' n~~uugr
membeuucrs f thits bIty its ithe effortrs f
thue tutureutnidergradiuate- i the- sth-
is-len it camtte ti fncyuu-satsitg. 'sactti
tietcoutituittethmiti, ut hutdtutuumeute
success thanutini the cassromus. 'II u-c
fuirtnisheoutamuuusmen't h tots presunt,
hoevserIn- try-hg totbruslihfluo

1ufT filue ico -itltithleir ears.I

uuiuscit b (((((tit ec
tali e h 4ut elt n
-outls u(sed-il rn .I
list t i--liv ihxiti
-ut nt eednI t.-it 'll t
tellMabel c for
cIlh n u thel ltut-,

lldll ct( d
()(? f<lItlI.
c'rc"cili.t c 1
cd It l% as
l 111:0 S2()
"\"i)ll S(,
C,''_tll t'<Mcc
th"tt alld
1121E . 1 lC'r

IExperieniedI I-h yesto Present
-'h ttur Kious" in Latter Part
of MIarch.
lit.- hlc itc-t t i), - ,t!cr itu ilctcttctic-
,r1<~ lo~ ci 'atscutcttIl ta'
tic )g11 l I S(M11 s
I t ? 1 1-k'outtc the v
>tt1 i-.tl1ccctl i iic lcoty cc iuhut
I -c ct lt?) t c )I lci 1c ccIc,, I uuube

Professor Hlussey Busy Collecting
D~aftaAbout the Stranger.
wathedthene\ co cc . t lt ci' itsa
'after6 "A w, w ust. ~ i rel
ut e uni,, it ( e at r c r -
thngp'uiu ha hi I d(tutu tttu I ic
vin hi t (ttu inta t t - -la h s ak ls
u-ot hats hec,,,MI e c--cc&M ,,
(ltiffues and iuh s t cis (W itut, IOO
r>tcts a paa c th sh cl uio i cc ccc
_ cie"rlit cci cd atth oc l h
citt t asl a 'ol ill-I pct's i15c1 l~li
ink icad -hen-lIi1111



It s t lc ric 1
stl aistFrjda t h.l
thei c(stiuIhut csc
Wieti~ tig tutu th r
1ll, i t. <.l - t11c -I t
tai), tu it, he re "'
Mihital III, ii ~ I
I111u ' iiit (is h i (r l

chit C'-
I i li,
c~ cl-, i



s ruin' cite11(
itue stollct p.
thlis lii such tic
ieats. 'tfter
this Mihiganctic
(lutese thu chicl,
tfir ttelasi tt
ttum 'sihga

r(ut ; ct(I itll
thi-ie hut
holing- u-c ('c

lit) illll_
1C t;l
tCS t151
X11'. <lt t)
t' t Umill

Judlginug y time convuerstationuu ci sev- if the eight it
eral coedus, this'bouokkeicnug system tint--both fl uit

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