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January 13, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-01-13

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The Michiga n I 0 v


No 073.

Promicent Members of Faculty '
Are Fighting for Health of
iSeverail elelfers of the Uniierlsity
faculty are actively engaged in in effort
to secure at hetterimeiit (f sainitary cottdi-
ire hatd it tile extretie.
These i n crieed tite figiht ito thet
ttiveersity nalte in at resoldutioni wh ih
ealledt attetiionl to tie isd o (f venttila-
tiotn itt t'iiersiir. hitdhtts to till utt
sanitatry dintkitng elite to tile ditty witer
couttses oni tile campttus, alnt tii spittitg
oni wlls antin hu ttliinlgs. A counnit-i
tee csoposeii iif tieains Vatughan initd
-intsudaie anld P111. Wiltiiants as 15ap-
tointedi to ivestigate Thir tretiort twisa
tresnutedi to tile Setiate Conild atii at-
prolved to till. i Till Senate tahird
tie tatter, itosielie iaii tiltned i haek
tel the Seniate Counilet sshere it 10ow re-
Iti lt1e report, conidtionls sisie fuilly re-
viewe. Onei ofI till recommttentinsli
hilfdingts tie piledc in chiarge ofi in ex-
pertfljanitor or foremian whos sii olie ityt
it shall tie to see thtat the ventitingt sys-
ternts oii the eaiiiuii 0 eitl) iWork as
Tiss. ieiii haee iieeii investigating the
niatier staite thalt the task of ventitia tioti
is die miore 10 neglect than i tol iiadie-
qillie of iiie systenm. \\ hue tiey are
iiot wht they shiould tic thiesr initeffi-
etn tiecaulse lnlt poely n led.i iThe
11111 lire fresuni t ((in opIleralt1111
The suitjeet of sanitaiy diriiiking fiou
versits iiihotie ls iave s~c noC ac11 ttoti
iii in i he matter Th tei I llw mad1e it
nleeessairy ill remove~ tlicl puli edrining
upin eii liiir (flieIs fing on i sain-1111
iitary llllis illove int.ioiil dning 111 at
tillemen has iice substiill d for it
((liev(ne iir. i ii 0hus ie
eD. ill 11111ilh is tain anll~l :ivtie
(iftrs in1 tiii aiis aid: "Coun itionsli
on ~ ~ ~ t the capu ar isontel nti wha
ca iie obtinset . ehilbendon
str es to lit I(iis had i arue i tr
ieeii" lsciiy c ii ili 111 (stcll lie
histfo vill on1 "Th itlIcahelho
tae tuee Ihysiyal of lifftilI If al oft
hesngg'esi in s thle I erisiy. g Thes
tfehmeinhaer beneaieits (0 1sliIli111tres
ipectel to w1111111is 1Die iireiitpto
beiovered.lilt AI stuensi whr isef
Coei cn:i ill, ales he mnedi of
lil(Thes iii, asncw rl~epostieioty

tonr oif the miidile nvest eisiting seeerai
of tihe larger sehools, lee no1w onl thir
wcay itomle ailli stopptedi iver for tile day.

STUDENTCONI . Iactrc t(safrtriyboh
'11a 5 ntmae fiend.l ius evidence
w s on ine oll iisillc tiolls andli at-
HEARSWITNESSES t N dedlIn;tile11111111ootball 1season.1
maem t il"TetIaDeltai f r1 aternity
Testimony Leading to Verdict hue a exisCalied. ties eveidee

Reaeipts from Opera Greatly in Perfornmance (if iThe Inispector"
Excess of Those of Previous Vill B e(Given by an Experi-
Years. enced Cast.

in Council Investigation of Joy
Miller Case Being Taken.
Twoolengty sessionls of iie Stidnt
Counildwee theid yetedaintill ef-
Iortttcer liiitilige to'cilcietllo1
te joyNifter ase T i tdsesoisf
iecilileary yeserday 'aiiernoon,(when.
the Board iCttrio f Atilteis;i Dcee
hits I ic e capli~n of thi1'(01 footail
team:l a itd'a etose frien ii roIll ]Jil l itert
fro De1 iltroll, gave'thirii' esthililolIt i
lisaferslid iioclk whnOw1a,1iiioisth
win1 se fllO l5 iisied.
Aft er aoteessfo e er lee,
iel-iIitillsss lid i tcie.T heyii were
lite lietiefordlet Nrein 'iwmemblier o il-
te's urtsrniy Jo'fahranto
tersonis fiomnDitroit Thiiseonses-~
ion lastduiw11111 (f teri11111 Ii
Inexlaato o ite in ll~o ih
till motlie othtis htian itht ofCIllitingt
eoery hiti o1evuie e thatlit call ( ssi11
ierdin if utl h\11 l o h eie
obtainabl has(bee smitted111111 Is
liii' 01t((ies lof th i tnlesses.
orsncdstileI cuncl~ ils 11111
ing the inveititiond l hinquiiity ich
it it niiNitusitiing en1((1itls lis0111
ctit c(aifnvetigtion11a tilt'ol
1(m1tit ofirignt m l h vd1
it ado ted it pres tslan, 1111(1 , thI
illcnduti ng lithenil liltil io lt th
foem ofatil
ale 1(111ilC illilt otil e 1 counci,11011 inthi.
illnti ll tswi lt hr ohro m
lie onduceiil tinntespriiitiion.\iiitniee
,fIt111 flilltilc a111(1 yp rsm h
ca ise amy1inflsomaithttmit t
tln ll i in de ill e age. Cl l itil
elsed,1a(1memter ,d 1the1 co1unilha
nactirequstthataJ tdnt h
has1heed htll N ithties 5 lilrl 111meet11
him111itlt (o'clcktis tnoonlinthtiei
Tuesdaiitty seeralismemberls ioitshe lilte-
tealliofithe wsit11111ses1whoetsiSiletii lige
* icl~ies'rligleraumogino ilt lficti ha
* (ills istlointe ll ir.r0le ttr
thse frsthiie snfoent ofiiiteihoard

wasp ilas ason fn ~ lltosI a lly 011 givlli
tothe c(11(1 ii. tie tdetailedi every let
and Ii 11 (11 ill h tcud heo el l
clearing up th'letl((l'
Jot-1liler' fahers1111 o er( lle (11it ui
rltillg t)) th'elcounlt ile fmnp'ennfc'lns
th tlit hat is r(ieceived uifrom uisits (liltl-
ti Is h for1111 til s'n0l( i lteli. tt
DrcoofAeicsnee.NG.ti'1 t InI
wa h i i ill '(ti te( n ig 11t fite
Tmai th lililil 15 1(f bewil tenti (ni wieth
the.i harig Illevidtnce.11 (11 it ill
tetreo ill tth(01 facith at new wi t
Thet il Cl members of tue Itunti tuill
Nh (I it to(( lul ly0 dertouud tatl
Ill Ii areutundertak(11ig tei etgt
wit pzry n ie1n iw; zeeI
F~iormeroilaitor seagute Sar Wi
\'ethe astdtleVasity.ben x
in~hd, ft'all . feride n' has s'e Ngiell
Vil e .N sder'fd and a vecrdict5 given.
\11 th ver ictthe )>ti'ill-iluahs
011111 str Lage Sitill
Hand(ii ( ~uilullarsi~ty.ls' nf
Mihigan1 1 1th is piug.sulk114Iil(5 111ll-
I I hulen o T itit is tu suisnie(1
'ls-tu'ste 'oad f irectorslafri e
in otecntch . 101( (cin thVe cautu
wil lcil i t1 dialthI lull rheo en
ill" I()f the 11 secndsn s er ton
t ll oh1()f ti o n h.~i 0 ~ 1 ~
eh ~lrltlilyhiickIcv siiiun ls'i-
til cn r er u\-tiut e'(11 auei i te n
lilontht teseletion o R1(111 i
('10wl 1(1 ohetgodon n

it (Intlzatuus it s 111(111(1 III I Il
Oreu1lzai n th nItthl 1(11111%ta
11i ll hitdc'itic-u.Th till t fr
1111 ; th11 eit(1111 C_11t~c h

lg t'

this }ear's (IJerflg Clot

r >n>iclei-c

or lihif e(c5 d( 1.
hli lui(much credi t fo t t I ' n itls
11(111 iis ud the fll I n I ti nc t
Ti stll111(5 E er sm l
ills to he aid
- h _1 it) Kt i (on handth f ckl r
eyill (( i 1' ialldan w dop r
ina c t o f i it Iil ho l t it 111 e( 1 I '1 11111

lk-t)(1 117" 1(c 1 1111 It milII
('it i tihu 'l l (SII~l I C li
loets i ll lrt((ll ndi ltha11 eachl
il Ihe ll t c listlt, ( 11 (1 lld )
C (I1tee1',Ill it td\-il ~
<til it lin ho ts t Io h
oh cs(1" fill 1 iretill-iS came.001 i
that 11(10 (0(11 01111-mui l~rlcm
111(01 Cd o il the 'rlc m
the perincpass hie fronteelcc

\\ th t, p r 11111e o "itt .uiedIn
et. c~ll c;1 ista t te ei ll t illy
11.' '(c,,j~~ i I;I IIof 10p 1111(1ig ilthe
-., I '!ao 1 pla i t e tirehitiC or.
(Ile t, t 1'1111111'willpil on te s w
"c,,,ili;. iat is It t t 1 toan allta tr
vey haacer Nfio tile 0ilii
i11 1);1 w llh, cpctd )ils Ill lu itd
tctIs ,dl ha e ,:,n f{,,"tntln 1 tili
\11" -I I. "tV v ~ 11il 1115 ' i l ,lil (I
011111 ' I itate~ft i 1 1thslend11
'is rt C'ly. 'llltls t 1r i lts itms a lu c tueu
1(1 11 cotutu hitmtufwil
it1 sc tr. A hesm
11i.. it -%c o uusiit tuantu
II th-ttticlI-
,- r ', 1,y~o it probablyti heI
it iu la, te 1pa 1of ile thito till
~tnt scpc lac . ]; lt tstartuttfistu
tt licti;;ut ill the 'tro rmli e i'ofi~
'.:irm A.,i Brn elm" ihllu eui t Curry
:int t~w tns? r thn ia t tf lauits Oit
1, lr~n~liccrtic ,f te C icagou e c-it
i-ali M . Itn 'o nn ll I'd l t
to elhiltc ad edto hs ae ls ti
d, rllr' p - i cd lss uuutar IllyIdh o
:'ecl lrar~aitne lrmhis (i ilh e lored
tl~cnet d ci'l d ucc: If 1h 5islre rise
c~tr il Inp~tol il i ve I ((himi
lil11110 l a it i te leits-
R.c- "'istfntef~, c- ilt e th
Nit 1it 11 :sholyttbieoetheuu
Icc I IiiIl i o 11 t10t11l es

i ,

ii;'ORC I AUTtf('i Hl If T Y i jN ~Il-lullltuco
\V'11,1t, tui f tN ANN Ntfi1ttf

2,1 ,1 1

Studen (ts (If history illhtesafforedutan
I 11(111 is illti earI 1111eof tile greatest
of tut' litspthistial uthrittlien nest
hPro CriVNth11ro 111ill leture til'
Srtiu Casunltnigellt tall.I Pttf.iPrcu-
hn 'tel tone1(1)(f tilleturee editorls of te
faoi abi'lle" I itnr(i'll Secries.
11m- four yearct15 thu iipre~sident o f the
1(011so tn' 11' (If iliilili0 andlthwas
1111 lrhlo it theie se hledla 1tint-
,mmca Ho, aslwrtte iiani iystortical
Sl~ ndteatiscs.111 trig the sndu~l
semster1 huitll11etuire ait lt'sarit
(IllrItl 1 l iiarivedo in llthus country
ill time I1(u)iiuttend hensletuig Ioftie
meialilsoialhasotcia~tin 11and
since1 tht It111e1iihosutuu leturlinig- at
' thfist l-Ieuu-u61tbi i nt i4:11;
1't'(ilay fl'i'ncbni on the subsectd"Tbe
ll litfttheTird 'nutueon illits
Compal~raltie Stuty- of Bilsmlareikantd

i11tf 181ilsitit: ill \(1t-E
Ntas lathe'll1-htrunTh pp'e al,'tuul-
decide to carge 5te t's'e roll
in theuca- ftueItda (111111 11111
:lll Irll hnac ;s r slat (cl 111
Slito ithe ll hiti he prpos an
aim( )f Ntlli(he -tdit C un i nd Ik
theinivlol ftt u ( l111 uttupo l and carry-
1sf Illytdeuisilt tha t the onleI eto
fo t . l n tilhert(s iii l ti ngcuttecut I i e-11
urgedit the i to loarte ictilass 11 tel
11 sfe ue lur -ch t: plas'0 Nutiill tui (It
te sielctinohfecub tembIntl

-llt?"ill '+>f Nitsottu'i

titd atootyears
oat, ll.an ae-
crO tlhetisl

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