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January 05, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-01-05

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Theh Mich

Vol- XX.
Refutes Statements That Mis-
take Had Been Made in the
Charges by the Board.
The dliscovr th3a111 J'o hiller, end( attd
quarteirback 011 theo t9tl 1(oo3b)al1 eleven
01111 captatin-leclt o1 ttte lo10 teaml, had
played thlroug"h the -season without he-
in1g earolled in casses 1in t1e Uniersity;
charges, as3 yet ttttpi 0 ll that Andlrea
"'Bill" Smiit wilter Io01 tito satte team,
%%as1 ineligil by 11so of enlgaging inl
plrofessionl a thltic beor 111niterintg thte
-) ui -rsito; atil allegati11111, no1 s0011er
miadle 1t11n 113111(1, t11at Casey and( lAt-
1kins twete itteltgdble for tite 'VIliclsott1
gamle becats oft tecncliis 111111 alrt
the attltc d10lopmntslt tht Ithaxe
servedl to e11)lil a1 11 iol 11s11al11 barr11en
ioulIwatil i be th nex 1 c Idl to
1f11l)0 Sliclii;;ait 0 secssfult footblll
Of ttte titi 11 1ffairs, that 111i itt
h1i11cr is the m(st seriou1. Eal 111t)1
the Eiigittccr111" lieprmw became Illsl tO s-1
Nfiller's ca.ls, and11 all11)1 imsigatiol fol-~
littm tta e s "a11 Min le~I"t s11
liit Ill till 1n 1)1)11 113 otri t110' fillti
l:olri',' Itlit had 1111 paid1 hisl fee no ha1111
e lsiidor enttcredi am classes.
leeling 1o1f th adill Control~ of. 1)1)11) h11
effect thtat '\Iiltcs 91Ni Il tllr and1 cap
11e dentied him;1 t'' this eleti)onl t thle
mal1c and puic alogy to I th 111111 e
1ag(111stll 1111 rp1 snttve ile
to oll part;1 Ine tha a1 ''0 lot il 1 11011 1
reiousl to 1011 itig lf heBor
in~~l Control Miller1 11111' bee11 ills bI11
Porofso Pair ter 011100 Ife ap aiis
4 the case. ]tiller r,0 rgare ?tc 1111t311
11110r l at pconl e had tlllltl 13 tate
iho 11l tottt s 1 excelO t o hath a
111100c sningy \itcw rsten for grant-i
(d ithte wul i'rlilt gultyl to 1t113
:ftersitati pbliatiron tol the Ieilmlof11
thcoariilegrhoce, Miller'setsiiao triWI
_11ma1de statient tio thel eltill ates
leite 11'I~ lil 0 01111 l tite lfe 1hoils

oilt itis clalssifictlion 0c1011. Severttl othter
nlotice's bc itaii aftd thtrought is fra-
teritity aind t-hrough rntembters of ithe
teamt iwere sent, bult M1111cr dill tot re-
spondtl. On 13ec, theo iitter 1wa1 re-

.NN ARBOR, tIICHIGAN, liii OSl 9,1. j 1
polrtedi tolthe assistatdeal) 'nd11thio fol-IN 1 ~ JM V fi
lo~glitter twtttseiit: UGLEJIMYJ-0,11
"'Mr. J. J. :Millier, DURING ImCA NO
11f4 N. Inigalls Si., Cilt)
Decai Sit :-Y ii have iteeitaskedt -- 1so--
cr01 tlits o licsecet I IAged Custodian (If loakl orn
office 'iidi iiite-oout an ielectionca011rd 1 n GeealItrrou u b
thtis semelstor. liciontally t uden01ts
11a1ccbhotntcilled hofore Itie facul"tyIto to Attack of Pneurtosa
shlolaue111 37 cli eyli sold niitI 1 b1 e suts-
pendedli for Ifiiliire to aniswer a s.1 t'cexi 1)1e i c d
lie shall not3 be obliged 11to sort h hrt tramtI. <mjl w
stich as -v It at ihid, ) >sreiitasiire in yotir ease. 111tyo)il011la Pof5011sofic lvd erit. ,eds watocbigigwt osta ato
ate octohhistigni ii iikylltm i1'it l;rt 0
('1)110 31fourstia01,0 roccilli 111)1 i oil;'Sc
retarn s Chock.' 11111111111111 .1 13doi I 1 " ,<, ;
Yoturs-cery truly, pehar ntecc. l--,w h n
(Signed) 1 ''. 11. Bails, l 'ibrar ily )) 11. 11100 110
Asst. IDeanl.'
"Oniitho' Iorning of itecemnber 3rd te a 'ee at3t1110311110 0i In, f 1 ''
foic'c answer was received:l h11r1111'' e 0' 10)01) it0'''' 0 ! 1.
Ass311111Citat 31 iib eau.of the stio'0WodyI 01').~m~l
ittt't ftrot 31111 5rat fI
10111 Sifm1 ---silla eels t icis a l Ih' d th 111131 dIu : ,>", :.
ttltl lt' lltf111 111_ i
III)I111k1 itlo i)"11111t11011 it 11111)
to. 181-1.til II 11130 egioirti',tdlil01111ti, 11tt -
taking a omb~ied)11oitelit'y cofi e 111011 JI
I Ii Itll Itil III3?i" 1)111i~rn ,.
1)110're, Ioh tel itbet1101111 ge
.)f t5logIit 13 iff is )titl ce dits 1111111 ,0 "

139' . 11111.No, 66.
liarvard's PresidenttPises Micli
ga n'sLaw IDepartment.OR ArLIMANTli
['r< iclez~tFOR A ULIIII1YIAIVI c

(,~t 1 11- ifaj a d 1 c1. "z fcw 1 a)11'

Loyal Alumnus Offers Big Cash
Prizte to Inventor of an En-
thusiasm (Generator.

I 1tntikin ofidueetc ani hrinig
Eti t t- haveII the31new1) fittlitt ong,1" til e te o r o
in(, Ars whch ass)ong b) ieenl felt. Iin addi-
11Am ito he1priz10rec1nlys offeredl lby'the
911 11 i is imme madl~oe ptbie offers a prize cf
11.1 f111the'cesteffort . Aeeordintg to
a1.0 rA ilIlls of the)1 lffer, whchoare eon-
xt ur(1the 0110d inIte tapjwdetd letter, the price
i in is d ccdfoe the "tiost effective moethod
i; c 11)1 3' 1')) b e thtusiaistmt ot tile big.
in eir c 0'))'' son;;1. lTe 01101011is Is he
inIismad b tatltrntttofilthtree, the only
1)t M mmc )f1,wit oit far Ihasit beetiseleci-
nau1 ethechahrtais
IIhcfloing le btter to self-explana-
x~rta;tCtoo nnoAtor, ihi.
l'1) SiA hv eetiy receivedl
:tiv ca rw,,an ' I us rsiding at St. P ul
oltoolo in.,a hekfor $ioo to he offered
t rlr It is 0not 11h10 in of te donorthatil
it ;a ).r1110 11)111)11e con ie e tieyit os111 gs
I ncir "r " I " sth hoc iop nt o (iottte


'1Ittherebttaifittitt Ia and'1a 0b10110
fide0 slituetofIthc Uivei'ty 1)of I:MIich
itg for the full colleoge y'o00 011011,hatIl
clii ihic, taccord'tintg to te li an pii
toays, )that gno otea'ariips eI
itfma fide 110 sit doing;-full11,-illt
"J iJt*ilot 's lots note paidt yhyits
his oil md ail-,' t ids iit ti Iprp
clissif1y.11pe)n1113glte'atoniof te1Ath-
015t1)110oard ilCntl."iiileCotsc
sit3y. 'Miembiers 1ofthe 1t111m5w0'r11111)bI
11)111)detdslwhont lt)'einespapsers c'5)''thteits
thifir list inklingof the a ffsir. Captain1
Allicerotu0r111111to 1) niArbritttcs tor-
11013, an1di.01111111d11)3y titilou l ita
M1i1)'er 11as not 'llattndinggcoassso 10011
"91311) 11)11n1t3)0115suppose0thatit w
101)1)1111 it, Ill haegolos e 11rjtty,
ittitde icmigto1)0to classes?"sitd131
(Cminued onPage 3.)
It10110 011'RD PITUREsCONTRA.50
'T110seilor lit class picture elnlittlee
tas aitartdedth le contract for this y'ear's
10)1k1 101Rentschtler. XMeitiers of itie
class are tirged to amake thieir engage-
mienltsIor sittigs0a1 otnce.

ii h$o sal eo tffete 1
1)001110 r orsaeeffectl
contlest shattibeiten1011ltsill
c1)111tiutiottn itut lbe in the
1110 comm~ittehxby iMarch i,
1111houldtoe setnt to tile Secre-
t3 tthumht Associsatontof the

ilts i to t I II.) ;dcI>
1)0s been ill the ei p])I) r
It slot 31is II 111 l I-it
thisglac for IS 1r arsIll 11)
"U ce1 in1' 11 itc0 1391
lin law sec~rl tnil) 1191l


I - 111 1110contibihlons cast be
Ita(1 1t at the h%- allcassumed 1na e, hlut should
1)o tccmpalcdby seled envcelope
I ~ti llm 1111" lthe ais;umed lIlsite andolthe
0ll ottee110of judlges shall he
i'r . ,ilbrt lot, tree\\Ih In) sso P.NT.Seott, of the
oi , c rltti of o. 'hc ol 11tt0 shllt also toe per-
oi: "nted it) vtllh i ICII arti in 'ease
Ilhtl .lsl 101)111 i3 tile e-es of the
11101) III t tits (lifr has iothi
_ lH < ttrto' ~ ,It iIbe1111n t111 tist offertas ho the
M ttil , 1 - 11coi C i I'l) ottnc 1)311utthtere 15s 110 reasoit
ciff r st cl~o rh C aly t0' off111eretd 1110 Ihe onie prize
i te tIs sar << >> clt) 111o talso h110 stthbtitted Isor the
1111( con, 1o11thpitz 1ue swishies his
st:N ro -,ylj11 w 11111dan hoDsioes to lease all
lit \-a ttj ~ltic' is' ill regitrtito tte dcisionI andl
],1tts 111;,lst l>,l 11)1t1013 arIll'ofIthe p1rizecto the coat-
itaii~llilla~i~t. ~e-trittc'Sucehta'gileotuls offer, ihowever,
IlI o I Isf i tatlII soi 1 w)11 1. lfe~tie ea olcf pro-
Sl1fc1 ll fo <ts c10'' II' 111) ,l)''-1whih wIii llithe teed, of
soilof tltsuit slltT-Yours vory truly,
1W~c rlictct1903 ](11111i) 13 SHoAWx, Sc'y.
street1wh1110 I itittitti 1Asociationt of the
the iticr ~ C ttlx'nierstty 01f'-Michiganu.

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