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December 11, 1909 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-12-11

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The MichiganDa

Vol. XX.

IJ SIC LOVFRS HAVE inet oncertI tliclliMr.11). Par-
ktisnappeiaret e t ilatais playtedl a
DOUBLE TREAT resonsve acctlip.1 u ltya i ritiiiit-


Both United Concert and Or-I
chestra Pleased (Good Audi-
ences Last Night.
TOa thisael ho res istedl the tepttin
offerel lie the dlaceand theatean
betardi the conceits given last niglit by
he University mui siecal organizaltins was
given the ptteasure A Wt aring satil realy
excelleit munsie. 1Uspecialby ini the case
clubls, t willk doit i tne lisupise toi
many stnulents whoi hair forimed the
ilea that thle Mtatin objetee A such ogn
izations is to leail the rsitesior V) sere-
natde tihe girls ini thle sprintg.
liie autdiettces "Irtct lieaedth le tiwt
ccerts last ight aere luithe eritly
balanced thougha n list that alt
tilledi I-il Salhiil h all, altere lie Oir-
chiestra tlayeid, mtade biut a slight W
leessicil oni the \tustumses ofUi--
i sit)- tall. Hut thus-il who) sat tutidst tha
w'tiildernes s of emity seaits ini the big tall
iere more thau satisfiedu ith til showi-
lng tile C litttia C Itlias
\Vhile ther ftee clii lisa 11 nsuatlly fori
tunat in the mterill wic h it its thtis
year, mult if its sucs ii s- also duei to
thle careiful triningian Knii ish Iwichua
wer eidentt in last1 night's1 tiltsmnce
sefeuril th cluum ertiite t t111
cet ofi thits. I"lie Victiots iwis giv-eli
byi lie glee auit illtnil ctt lubs with tilli
swnlg that hias cauu sit t ecle
\lichtigtitts liii at 1111111p sii. \n e
cellnt 1unc of pltyer 1s arc iti the~ man-i
dlncli this ita and ii t-eir pli iitiis
win totl the itt that slilitil :tos
ctitlt orcheit- te second still r by
the band 11111 its edtb mitd
sil tot ert o th uulilt lie
amaeu badiwwrs under~i a lit-
tittialt is ut teei mtie till hic re eA
btnttet Itmpitionl is tie lt ye It showeId- itit
lilac thsiiii iti i hav illieen wer-
line tar vr- idlit elient. i
theothiritt reat \li af wat an e
donit\ailg a grou ofi amaeu liltcian
was al t til till liltra yjvc byi1111
Iitttthe Ii orche 111111 hi orchestawich is
largel comose ostiets i i s itde
thlirectio of-irtamt 1okvO
ltte la-msicalt-t organizt-i-t in hc
ltitti aie tat-.aio r n rpea

so sit-a- ilstrumtietI Ci I it Ckitusom
it-jltwith iterstt;old said tse
'uTte ll iln lit- liii- aisti a tlso cl -
cu rie asliltm os iitilleltairly iilcig and
liere itlis aitsicaatrzd b
nearlyphofgsionlclas n rilai
its ilt tt ssilti t I i-I11111 li il 11 1
Superintendt nt Exriains Cause oft
Frigidity During Lecture. t
( undersantatitiltieyliilhaetitit -
iad trouilein iheatiting-UCivttesityi hlll
itn-li e s c il 1"And1 111111ite
a1111 itilii sT urb a il ll, ini lisst in t
frigidltit t whiltcaulseth S.I.\ tli f
,Icia seiotis diiscifti "1 i it e lec t e,-
'T lit-say een tg. "Tis its 5 l ii
keeping; t til inIi 1 t eiait le theii
.sag.I Cad lnoItmeats of InVC\ n an
-till b u h m a d th s h ll'
Ken here i i l telastmmmi I tilt ortt--
tietloCiii tllituimli rtlllt. Tl iii <
=ti 1e i ls ti fa l _%stt- I l h s t-
it-in I ut asl ut I I them a1 i rderet- i l
ti-id tinl thee st nofit li ii 11111 it
ills t l,. i111,ii 1111 at 1 0
Quintforyi d= Vhstilt illiiii-
litt dthell clit eati ont o1111 eit lii li silt/it
- ilit io liiiorer C ii 'ntc Sat-
oll Caada whch il the heliss 1Rochii
ester ClissY, itis umltiIs C ili {)a iii
ellil111i xpect to entrt i ve 11111
lios utiCiliaeIt
thosesttiiioli-illoItat ereti
ifthe ow rCiy
iSp ili li t i t-iasesi-i-al- the iir sb tai nm
hav tco e srom it a n11 ttlands1 "Thes

II 'tEN ) C fiNVIt;
S. S. Walker, Who D~ied Thursday,
Is Buried Here ITod'ay. Itt.\ii ell Ragemt C hise t
I't-a <ci t ilti ti.s II lki itiid I)( lt ati titt et ail lst i ii If
"1htr d~ a i nei n iii I f l 111111k iii tttni l it- ailit l IC iti
iii iii m~t as ii ea5 tlthicli is to) bl 11](Ill ii C
itnittilil I afteian itails «tismi
gall todq. prom Detroitkisliit
is ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ) iitlt1111sm1 i 1111 li isa nd111 oseph151 1 . 111it
;it. fliii-8 tto I l poe t itl M T U G F R N [
t cr flrintoiicr ft ttlt tthe oar 1asheini ilte nd o n xtvve ,h

sill Will1
tt liit

I-titutir Chau~in, animiiex-trat-isiltei-A the
timAversita. Alter graduaitting litrti- at
A t tre h lic loi Olt clit n-
li C1a1nd 11 it aw~el liOttert ice;sOt
i1IIhilaiti i ititt lit-n
TheIwd i w e r ngh t( i s 11cit
f,,rku-al mla andthefun ralserices
will ;(- eld a the 1"p slit-ic urh- hi
a~cmm. A~ iI) an 1thre i augh
a it ,a al k g lt l f "'a na

:iit 1 ill'
lt>f't ll'
'ilk'I11 1
f lli
mill ,1
illcr i<1

i\ l' 'ililif Illy.' 11111 ' lC t )I
It k-1 f it t1 1 111 1111 I11 rt
S l 4 , .11t i, c HIS 11cr l thi-
til;1' t s lilaltit t ilcl i til it
lt tiled 11 11t" It 4) rs \tIII Ita f
itt ii l tt-tt i-s titslett. Tilit-i.
w I- ti iI( i -ill i-i-til t l tll I

No, Students Enjoy baying for
You hativiei tMett Nord111 t ali (t he itstn-
lieta s grcle n g1111 ut the re.ssitc
titers ittittga-l for iiu-ral titu in Atti
Artor tie but taesis growe1 ;it -(tie ntrl
toi Slttitititfor ti t ate of afairils its A
sigh rettit - Fre hi i lCarn111
1 e aotlt- h a ittin g 1 11111sit
it ai i Asl-t -- yearttu tti p ine (Athe I lei
spiittigre ino tliiitat.i i tult i l he
::ta th :Me iataietdvctisc fitt t(
:) itls biliardtabig-lesadhwigal
(lrngcrai p t h e-r are . 1 )rin
these h lla rs tt u ris h eenIii 11alm sts
limo e t -i-tiy..desrted, hi ch lit f
ills it k iid i Cond i lin whnt hettt reguiilar I
lilt i-iit-stiti-~ i evrtlit-sk i
- iss1 tis'" anlia u o dcu t
tall h\/hIs\benavIancd i\hefat
M 1re lans 111seems t sow tt the
lime. h atr its eenc1 is11a
th ir de ir Wiillie IM-1I-tl ami-ma lills
<(; ati, i i s armm iltnII mltl-bo se
i, e t t i itti i l sc +ft e tl t io
ti it t it t i
frm ii i ie tu lmu iras. Adi th plce mum the
ing, ar n iiiitntcr tilt hiea fcwittt
suits huts limit fowa the mu ti huh liii silt
teall C tilt Iimediatelyimm u ale m
reera ion thasubeen hul hu t o i(
slitcvTsheate himtheil tvtiltice11
«iilimit at tlsuiat to 'coka hit.o
iII Tal leh lC\lotiu aldvea
hirs t aee, o hcoushNth CNCl
limiha nt lm itnHallt afecmu dthemultma-
ofi seat o Thh ial. Ia h as
tilled andtia mutuird uuand l mit man 1for1- i
sevel easi ili eoferd frntfrol

Consensus (if (fpuuioulat I)etroi
Smouker ltnfaitrat- left to umtil
ation if Michuign.
Ill-litt lii ii' - I t i t t i} 1{
til il cIlt I 1 ' l t~ i i 1 1 ' ii ! < i l t it~
ttt c\ i 2- t i <:"r\\-- I himl"2t'
I li % 0 1 i ll h i u- i - !i 71 "i c }3
-'1" . ltt 111; t1 i ,11 " t 1 " i '! l t
-ci itCt

-hi 01~. iY att_' I hiiit wastit-
li~ile r cc i d , arl old t t- ilo t-
'li,- )iii i 1 s i m sso a
A.1. anc mitardth illn i )
,.p- l mmuthum-l th- urumu te u-li t-i mmumiu-u
"em a? liii hid icmliii-ic
a I]ot' h ret c'III ;illrt N I- N II-I
ovn lt t l asth \ Cl ang's th tailmt
;dd afa r lt\ mr aim>>h tilts-iomii lt. u
ii- mm tim 1 mAu1tt hum
tu t ( V11 m I -C tttIO 1,uuIh i Out Iii
Dr, arl 'arr ls hIm hI um milh te
min it-m hmi ttIs t 7I)t u tht he
(c ac "R s l d hi tti li lium h ul
he ha ed f it la tes it h oott lsi-it
mum my c ) spcalitretin ve
schol n c l mm a miiontutualVlssmu
ho o a n it s It I I S ith andi Chas
Ii ) Kcrn wlitlt l t ane theat -till miii
(11111111 it IAf hter a p i ctr d ili

- t mma

>>tlf i >ite

f tlitheuoratiii themc- umu-uhplayedl AClight titutui-mtwasttr-tim~ tas
iii C-hr.AlleIs momckwood wi muth tuhemer-- tintrinmg of thiesArchitctural i-h
chesttra asm. n m uuulu tmiu-lluy litubsh. Itis hhhd att het-Michiigmani Ctm l at CNA-u
iias exturmely dmliculttumult fur truth ilu.g Cr r eta e n-umiaumanilustated-u
mliiis and rhestraiandleats 1 muall hum lecturemonmA -CripliThruhIt op.

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