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November 18, 1909 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-11-18

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- - - - 'V41 Mf f4fdAN B~A1LY
cLASiFILD ao R~tiw ueic anb Mrarna
__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r____________o__ ltttoti lp aptcututplt. of Better Clothes
t ii les Stuirdayrittght, keturito i'icPrid, hi 1hes' ait plt Mis 1~'tt Von
f"o r.1 1 Liberity. 14 'tiril. 39 ItIttihr" could _____________ha______ma____
Los A1ctld \p i slu P il l it t t it t I li it ' M trtl Marv i
ii 1 / ''11111' to 60' . I:cs ntc I ititt1a\ulldt top d tC ll g
______________9___f____\________________ l t It it'll t ,ni no
ii ~ p 9 I l~tt ii it, ltt l i [ l il t It t l ag Ii' ' il
("old,~~~ur opsh tatn\nts, uin
'; \Ici ly \1r} \ i t is i i p l ti I hic
Fe,'l salerl~rl attl QU RRn th ,tyli
Moe1ond It01to nt I .I~s ovrcas,
On fac Ilia i:z T %%,A \dati Missito \-i: ii \ iki ii 1 tl irig\
ooto 7 heo Il [ttoitttpto[It
cac hatn J e w e lr re a i e d ru N t) r -- C v l ii i ll r ' s1 1 i ti tt i l iiv"71 4 r t t cl c ~ i t l il it e ch a
Bargato 10it Walhl moer ciaood cuiir., turn Pt Ma IIn an tis'hilnri.rn s i g
Ofic a. residee 331 QU RR' Lilerl IOH ____________l __________ and auut half fit -0111 1 1111 ltt l
Annll Arbor.fr<tlitur~ httMs o( 1 tS
(,?rrChu cttt~~l.t i3 tt l XX tit 'hI' I I f 1 > \rn \ I ii i eltl d
Money ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~J Lone WIJ[RTIIva t",1 ~ot.I~r.t, r1, liit ,
Pp. tou ( r ic t i< i
Xltlt'tt '. tiltl "it iic tiltrlah\ itu~ic
Wt che ' a ndR AND lr rpaN i redB Nt or lri-1 es alc sute eat c tui l' Mii , \oI) \~k nb r ],]-is 310 Sotthe~'9 l~'" liei iA'i.ilil
Genra n Baclo asi hoe i o fo thee t2p30i li "CIrr H4c slay t~~lh iJctitlec tth'eil~i'. i it
Ofic at litdnc 33 E. 314rt St STATE STREETa~ig ec ar er~
ThnA n Arbor.vnsBn TTTL O
Haitotu tt it to1 :0a lm.1 tlo 41110 4 an 11?1 to \Vt \\i itI t i 'll 1, fnHitis ao
ST T JS V SEP B. A N KS lit m \i 7'< l "i t hu':i' lit:[u '" citu r I t RoNp1Lor ilC .tH~ O w e'PA Nn
li ."litiI i t c add i' li "; t v tidtlt. H sih M S O EPo
Win. Arnol and. V. 'n Cl Vargoa. -b'it"."' Nrask l(X. itn tel Phone At
Poitf. xe t. re. t C arh t o.0ci ury s s hog l Itu~ ,l' itr \i lttli ri <1111 ri ! il 1 ntintutttut M OE'S) BARBE SHOP Is o ]tala~ignlci
. R ST NATIONAL Bis H . arr ANK r .-u \r1- ,i~ tc iItrilw~ ut ~ ah.u 3i '11J1'pitt' Htl
)Di, i~ ,oio Micis Cli v. I.l tik Mitt' '.,litiClaeshithninAn'rbr
l ~ N t I I ird Xltt 'Itun stoke 124er il u t' 31 AT STAOVESTRSET
t- - -i 't Ir. 1titi \u c'n iti -111 't'an iSIhteJ t, tVpattlll
IVtr I~i l itc tuslNI 'ie ntttttitdclit t t n' i \. , 'VC t1\, got ali ~s cri" " - -' .- -
Th lnn Aro Sa in sBa k ttll ii 1't 1i l1111 tVt l ii Y AT ''l~'' ITTL H Ctito.tt lisl ti ''t
Capital Stc0, 000 sit'iitloti l ttillo 00004 '11111 iiiinc til veil Iica siiitg- y 'lae
I o uiton .cniea6~ Dno Iii h, tO r~ Ni'kli' titi tliir iL n choo
A)11 i 1eea Rankin Buites Trnace i l cc I ' tu'tr. al: '-'4 lq.. hgs ilooo-lttetoiitl uli'''tlg
C e e erim.isc Pr.ee D .'alp ,-dIvY l vt nX v ofI i, ,itun' ao Yo'nt', i ai nd 1 i'ne tin. ofonfeli onr
Cr~e-.a M a nEd Li(t S0,-ooter toii li Ci i I I .c1 al C r. .11 IPtS lt nh I 1 Wegvestif +,o sC m a dse
Justima Vin A new. lin of white andie cooe shrswt
-- - -- __......soft colilr tt lahed-irs Pu ar pie
rtl' tl"YIIi tl ASON Oborat Uuf an_ I~X , fstva
W.7.Roth___\____. Q32 B we N . Ferifth AnnAe oran
SIWOmIS L[CTIJR ASOIlO Dr4JCaaghnZNrksone45 ~1IPoe 5
1110 lolilo Lii Is Il.utiiuso in;tih kints ofl ni 'iit hiii ii XX4-tkiILimited Cars 'EastlBoundrd iii m iR'H.
Jhn~~~~~aarer~~~~ t1oK c ti1t 'iuc Ian \i1 '~ ll lc;i tu i E S
lilly 'iH.' N. Cahr Henr tWi Doga ituenes I.o~soe Ii..ittld $EitlitĀ®i
Christian~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~Liie Carsi Wesante 10. Zimmrma Slhl 'oAf'm \,~nflo~i~-l ic~tci ldlanadIaent ton~1
The~~~~~0 Premie Lec*Iersre Avese. i. ' ~ 1

of A mx evicae. Tickt. miuay lit piuroiultiii roittl iiii t ror al Localm Cars Eastiound--, 'l~ii a'tiin . i
Ii. S ACKLE ON I lota. t. n i~adilful i ntot ii4). c i
LIET.ERNSTH. HAKLEONUniversity School of Music NAtt i 1it It 'latto fu lti.1r:6 it, [lo Ii'. T
Who has reached farthest Snuih MAYNARD ST.LclCr etBudi4 . i1 t
[ON. ROBERT M. LAFOLLETTE m_______________________ ti.. ,waltory ticulliucilu Ito ii n:
U1. S. Senitor from Wisonstin
So ciogist, neforer, and Oratnr LA W BO OK S
GER_________________ FRATERNITIES
lnneliiolayiianLetrr40th yser DICTIONARIES 40t1. yeare Silver Links
'Itnns ciirn h otAsnn Aribor LEGAL MISCE]LLAN Y Area AtrboerFb
irlnd -nrmstPet, AuthortandtLecturer Rings
---Callaghan V441el Co. tiL co210i I
Watch for the Prospectus Season Ticketslon Sale $1.50 Are- Ar-boe BeStanh. State Streot. Opposite Lawe ldg. 220 Snuth Male Street
Portrait studio - j~~ 31r9 East Huron Street

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