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May 30, 1907 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1907-05-30

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The Mlichigan Dail y
AN N 1'\'II( II I( HiI \, I'II(I kS1)1I) \\ 3",I1\O(')j .

Voi. XVII.

_ _ _

Whipple Pitches One-Hit (Game
---Mellon Gets Three Hits---
Will Play 0. S. U. Today,
Michl-an tiitt il 1l it: C. °r
ia,2t i- oiii i lI-lt"1 t he fourt~t~ th ititi
ctr t e L n inll tau >1ti ll-it
itt lcn t icr l llt ir i'i c t cltt~
tim , MS, 11 fo r l t i
'f h- tIll \4't aclell, ~tI-t ot ill
city i; tillcd with -"iit rt

Mat'tlttl]l~lti-1 ititilt'hs o 'l-LAWS LOOT bYNI)OJ;
t l l ~l; It
an tiei(ti ,bl e()g llt PINCH P IEPLATE
lu't' 1, ti iii illmi
] Engineers Photographed Arounid
M~- itt ~Itth(Ar -i-I af,-l.,Senior Bench After Tuesday's
\1t iit\ ? t I l-iKt t ( ,: ti'l ili Rush---No Prints Made.



I; Iy

Ii }} igii
i~: ! l-

It illh,


! -tit o cl ilcrca;
dl- h tia lit-
i-t'it' \iil 1w till --it t
4i~,; i it-e C'~w ii

, lil' titc';ly
tilt ct II]

'Ilv feshlit " " m lu illin th
Thega e it a v si-m til lthei
t, ti-it Of uill(, initil i I il titil heni
and W K lt aI i its' tiali:iiDOlil
th ( ci Tw )1,11 ( 'trol i i-rt he it "i

I- I titulfe heiwi c ,l m h
catc ithe lta1iitc ) wliciittr i ltc cn
inc t' ~i tt iIic u-;wacd i lit-
night My ,ld~i iar cn~ i whh,
tl iiwy cncwc\11c1O
i ll Ii it i-ut , w cta l it,
ittl tlt ii titti -I li tli i lciii It ut i llt
,iic filtitti'- lit ong- I I t li~ts
,nw~lttirn I(1icl l~w~l lc,,rw "ll

,~ 1't t ic a tt l t h" - t i tit , illtt
r - i l 'c itt t itt ,- tttin-tt-, ini

fN1 I-

11"1 1
1" I I l l'r
';l[1 1i



1 I \ i 1 1; I l
1 '1 il tll 1,'ta
lit-il1A O
k it *, Ii , ' 11' 1
tdn Cti1i4 I- I .

i;i s l t i lu s { ftil t
11t I lt i
I ' t ii, t
1t ir r tl l--r1 itt;
P (o It'
:m d li. I 'l~ tic ti i

NIA'm , ht c an Soe n a latt-nit aitt- is ad ta ni
lTh l i l s te li I itilt t,' ol b ie '[hs m y d~ i c(ii to h n
meic,t hen wI en '-- -t t lul il'iii I u 1o il- i:i ts 1) p t aIl I one
it t tutu Iuns lil 11. had t u-el- ti i fi r"ti te l ,tatlnt W e Wit
atihatiNI tiltnin-t-i inltttt--t iii- lu-i li i it
I = iice ies m ,atog tt &lit fiii iii ii -i--I1" 0 1
<t rie w ld at im s. l sruc (ot Ailluh" ye terd iy, holdi t-i tthlirI
1(> c se n it whch me nt il s. Ile ti-c it \ )hll uv ti-iI (ll sn--i I f l t
rcA t1po upr a ie.ianfYl 1d dsplitd
'I'l(, it nt-iel pl~n~ a ast;,lie. he looi wichh n# 4vcrthe- lit-

Comedy Club Agrees Changes
Suggested by Committee ot
ch ll it l , t 1 ,1i t'.:' I-, i i t ," \ ti
it-. c clc I-it t ,' t ~ it IIc r ,i tl !"
"Itc° tilt .> il t ill i i r tllt Imml,-
c f lc I i- i i ti it, It ci l
- - li - llt t 111,, i-
t- .illar,',il~ l, :fli I t ~ , tlt
Ir i - , Ia i ll I Ill - tl i- -~tt't ,
1111 ;lit11,1, }t hii I it~t ti -
il it - i till.c} -
FIimi - t-itt r 1 'I- I titI, - -it1.11" ,{ - 11
-cd It i- ill t , 111tk " :
i 'l-t .t i ll o , t~ , c ,: 1 1~ 11 ~
lit-itt-i-i I u-"ti--u I-i-ti t \
1lI-- -itt-I t li I i l 1:t C ttt I
till l.',l,'l - d ull
ti--itt,111,r tltc , f1, ii 1" ,I l - l I
c-ll . i r c :11 11 , ; I tit t1 , t
ti, -i,. I~ t",,t1, i, t ii, I - I it . -
'Ii, --It~iI rtilt - It it--itt~
1,111' ,I~ tt lc .11, lit Ili ,, ,1, i-li ,t,- )

Ii -' l'
. hill

111cI, It -":tti I I t -hu" t - -- i--ti--i
ri~ i tt itt tltc Ititc ittitlu r iti-


Tatll iii
il l t, I i, -
) s ii. 21)
ICIt -. - -
1'm it -c

ii j
t) t

rti> ((lt, orI&t, ig t ow Ie
irdt~cI" tl'm S I w w t )m a it ilt
I -Q i-. -i ma- N ult t itlirt N I-

N rI




w - tt. o-. .a f} liott j.h , l h1 u ttuttaut I lii tt- i-tt~iti
I".lls 1 . ..... . ...it tara t (1m illittiltitl(' luti S nd i
N itt1v--li l- Pall IrNluluut, 1. iIt t I t)lau h n in n o ~t ( ;
(lull hn s; .. . . it ; i t t i i : 11 a l ( ff h ~ a ut ,
CI;, r .. . .. . . . l (t ( t o 1 Its I ii t I It)n b s i tug : u- - I
I liii .c.. .., .. . o t o c ,It I i-litu kig- I llt 1, , St ) tuturc . . .. . . o - o t Ic i 1110 oiD m ' hK -.IrIIx3:1 ' ,1 h3.'I i)l I,
It u 1 It,;it, liii..till.I.. It;ioioIci5 I r-atututt1
o 0 0 1)T'i.I i uitla ll i li I '. t-ttu"c ltuii 11',lit- ,t it It, ;-It
11:1 - h att... i.. ... ..
it iii I -tutu i-u aNI'tililti lit NI al( -ttttl thetl(ai- itt11 lit)ituittititthet I I--,IV
13w iln w t i t i wit1 reintuu i- t tt IIW lt thu antl I t ,it- it nttu iii vriw tpt1
h tIt irrulpt- tar a a gtill tlr i lg- l .-- ii ia
thu i utu it ,utliut-aiuut ii ttu ri rt ?at ( I I t, u c titta tf t nI lau- tu i
it tutu1: ' ttu tug111, iuiti Ia ,airnd itth i nnigunirtllala t e llitaet jitutli ~ i~t ;tIa' ~y

c~ i 1

illl l r - l
Itct .--t
rr -t 1-
It it-- -ii
ti r i -I
ri 1 i1t
--tt it:
rri tt-cit

lip ;t ti(. r will 1w
lo"o-d o ('(Iilol""
11)t' Itilllt)2' "];( ,
l t t i ,,tlt . rlw zr

~fit t -
t{ ri-lu

trltt( t lttti-
t It - , iidI II , ciI

:md Ille
irolll I,.

l -Ii I-itt i llsii
it l-t W I I' -tilt

', ,

to the h' li t c kv r
c'i'ixgl iton wii alum i cr ilt>, g ti
An ou c3fcrt TO is'cor ; lit aii

''It - ltti- till ck i-ii t - llfit --I
ytttitt; yc1it-itt-X
(t A otit uu u-TRY i'I a
IU~t:1rt 'Iit-i
~itt-i-i ut-~ti -at-I- I
Ilic" ~ lilt u-u,, li11 -il

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