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March 06, 1907 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1907-03-06

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The Michigan Daily

Vol".. XVIT.

ANN ARI)( R .1'!1 WX \'V)NE1SII\Y, .A~' .17

(>. i1C2.

.... . ... . ...... ....... ..

tiophers Not Pleased With Confer-
ence Rulings-U. of M. Alumnuso
Laughs at This Idea.
T] 01.it New- prints theXII f1051111
hI ,fc~r iln~oa
111()1 he ro o~tio tf iX 1111 XI-m ink;7
\lolli \lo
It'he (1" ooineel in esotans ishf
lup~c h ophers, Nebraska, h
llth ill the \Vc 11111O Ilere 1:e, and d
lu 111111111 11) witdrawI) 1the iil;
ptll'une h e rn 0 oulnce ule.1Tile11
. l1 4 111. (Il III I 11 of.1 footba11
lk 1 111111 tl, <+11'c\l 111111 1111 111111 5111s
11-- ickc it 11c I'm er I ll' of 111111
"'1' 1" 11dca 111) a 1111 )Ill1'I'1" (of
11111111111 the irst111 p lace IItl1\Vol-
loj l it w il M11111) 1011 IlcldX 11)01 111
1 1, mi pr1 tc,11 pil sop t
,il a1111etic 111111 111' 11etween11the 111

1178K .h 1>11;PR 1 1N1l XxY CREATORE'S MUSIC GOOD

ThereIare I1n0two111 re1 1)11)1 to be
played011in 1the XbIsketbal111series1 to decide
I I1a11. Thursday0101111117atl7XX XIIwk
te 1107. lit, 11lay 11e '10 '1117iX1X'005'1t 1
the107 eng XineersIXX clash11 with11the111 X) en-
17)lo01''1P'rII'10000110g 't1730 o'clock
1The d11te)of t111 former-171110eXwas an-I
11111110011fo1r11iday evening,11111tXitvrs
will he awarded105to the ou11110eams01 in
that play 1'for the 01ch1a1mpionsh11ip will re-
11obbv"Lowe, he 1new 1asebal
met the11 ba11ebllIcaXnitesat the'gym
Coach1IXXI 'SII~oeexrssIX himlself as1w1 l
II'1) 0 711111s 11good 1111W Illmateria~l in
tegopmewho )net1I 1 1111 I 1111 Inc, sa1i1
he, "and I fel 51111'tha111 e wi llII all1
wor1k together1' to turn11 out1 1aXiml~ling
team.l r. 1Sanger has acqittedI11X'I 11-
sllf111117''11 Idia ls ie11e1hashadthe 11menXI
Inc) 11in I III 1 first-lass c nditio . IIe i ll101
us5 we h111111to XdoI 011111111n11fo1r0M1i111
ig n inl basebal.1 I1.1f11 51111'I Xil like
111i11s7 11111 and1A llcertainly1'do)I allin)
1111 powelr 1to land \Micigan on1top.11
Cochlo wl eet111 the11 varIious111
tentin wilillpaidtoIth Ihater'sposi
tin 1t1hepltead7 oah111e i

Audience at Last Night's Concert
Shows Appreciation ot Pop-
ular Program.
of the1' Snlonslo0' .111111 ssol .110iair niI
Univers itly I' ll 111 lst 1 111111 11 0 I 1>ro-11
111111 1)111 110 as f o f a 011110111101 17 11

In an into n- 11w1i th 111 1 1 1 re orte
Icu d onk oiII lu 11 lXir1of1high scoo
Ia 11 llay bo'bofitenIni, maingI~

the ,taCC:Lto Ih)tCI, \VIticlt ltrttke t -ttt W i t I I f(Ir gratltrato I'Irartttact tw Itaw laeett iat...
Ole Cleat-tte ,s attd \-,)Ittttte i>i a , irtttrl cI- CI tt) V(';i t

hm 1111and111110 i11 ),i1l110 a11111 i d 110 11,
anddidit 101111hegr111 ad1 nceap
ho i~, emn''n1111n110ore)Ia'terI'I' 'mo
11111101 hi, "I I 11II)) I I'~ic,_
a ra it, II(I~ . 1 th1t11 n11 11111 0 I'h '
then1111he 1had 111n1.1,11,; 11\ I ll 1II 1111111to'
1)aki011to III, 10 1111117 1 10c of)t1e Ill-s
tcti') 11 Io ed111111hs11111 , it.
f I li, 10 a111 Ii i, 11110 r ds.1)111h
115g 1clack 11 lo 1111101111w111h ven 11d011n1e1
Iet'l Ion10)his; ') I'Il,11ill " hl II r
1)10y lnu 1 u111 11111 ('it, occ n c i
;I -111(')1a10111 011 a lc~ iln
talc. l n IX 11.10 i.,J))) 11111 .I I IlalI' I) 111
C'1t1'a or no., ,iii+ ) n cso , t
hall i., h als tha heis l 'el t ''IIy
igin 111110 I, tI geat11111 ofhi
th-r 10' m t im is iiin I h
blare of th 110 I) 11c; 1a1d111eI I ]I of1111
7T10I I I I IIIII 11101I I a l olll 1
and11oval'1700)1, Ir nlou1, )R-situ':117gb 1710
11l1'kro.11Id ovrue ra IC d ec.
c1d10 lsol , uinian otvIIm ' fecoeand
Nova, thus ena'Ol 10 lat o lhoeall 17'i 10)110-
11n 21 1is m7 n

MACK S.l S 'S 1771'IO;XN 781'S
RI?11 11' 1; 7 11?I ()\ 1'H ' Ill'
It\'[" ) i. "T"1)110Id II hrt o ,t)1 larg'
''1aud 1) net in lN l 11110' I'all Last' ight
'I horns I his 111101'jws 5k made shor
ill dcrtha ll-w o th an wmll 101
dt I n'' cll 17 i l the'm'e'tin Urnl))II
t rI hall
tnc wih , 1 )1'" 1 1 r fIen eI x, e 17
1Ihmd v nig t, hellcld Il a 1)11 XXIIIo
Il'1)1 -10 a "tc qiX I op I i 1 ) Mi
11- n larttI o Il t, a n to
cii 1 Il 1111 11
Il11( ,:lid:11))))) Igiot 1 1 i ri) 11111 -
thin It h t: dicovced l th I.
'Then Iw (c nt cit to;,how hot 1relit 111.
ex eience 1)11II, atd17 i story,1 11'.I1
"C ii ia iy (lotlai "hdiso gn
in act. T e fcts of e~l Io cnnot'))
I) it, k l£i i~n ti )1 I 'I1l10lto o (sod
happ,1-1 w I~tm a d ,'et1Is ago.
'5h11) 1,17ieIs))11 50 II 11)1t1 7.11 Solt~l
11t , l~ I I v 11 ofI f Ills iI 1111111' 1111
>11 llkl li) e l1ih7i ac e
na t nc w i h (' n on, who)11' 1)
-headed11)111tlf to ugs)5)h i lorllsll" o
' 1 11 )10) 1.1,

Officers of Student Council For This
Semester Elected at Last
Night's Meeting.
Tile1ne)tsloo .51l'mcl kllHOWtt('011
coi c;{I l ieete11:I's i ll , meetn111'l
1101 \lluii th ; XiIne ly el'gcted
1101)1 i n) I 'fr m it u ir'll I ,
1on )nn 1itlI ec on )c I tl'i t.t' Il'
'I111 .5dyNmt ('I eI '7.1K '175 ri.
Jonc. ClanY, ~llt') lely 1a111
Isl ;e1110 in' ldlll and s' 1.1 I .1 , l wlo '
l'ceI~tis'))1;1)110h) or e 'm rh
17 'oh 'fileoff ielo -cll st~~l'11,
spcctcely to 55))))I'e 1.)a'sI B1e)1
J ICL f*'kASb A Il II )l
Itee N h 1 I e -l h-,a l C Ic
lb li Xlaq 110 111110I'l'loI 177' l
Che1 . rep101710.' hIt, lFare bI ts' t XViIIe1
11)17' 11 f the-) Detoi ,l ilt)1111 an1)'fill th
checker player'l' , 1)11)7 "It"lI cod 7 1-. 111)011
to )01the 1ir I lIp l 17)11)01.II ;1)1 ,Bilet tis
f I 1 0')'I ' l o 1)tei)1outI' 0)11 point
1)110K1-. ' fXXill11 I luIi i II. ''11"o reO
of each pl1)07 17)11)0,
('I) 1,r,
II Is~I 1 1)11 1)7)I ~ Ll 1)11)710
W , D . [,ant ...... ...... 1')' :t 1l
(oI 'll)') 0I I))).110 tl oI l ql 11 4
J. G . [;lack .... .'..'n
C.on 17)11)1' .1)1...... [ 7 )o
W ,) K 017' lkii i 1)100.. )1)1 l'lI'Ih S o171'
1111 11t, 1m1rv 111)1 1)7wen hyomSo
,ider that1 thei r pl ttbn .11 1.1s re nIll '1'-

10101tadit i, s cxOliejlI1 tthatthe itull)-
i)11" will he 'atintIlr'stitg 1)11e,

8117581IN 111177. 7151781 1 71171' I()R 17.R1 231I

11 Istf 101111 w op t plaryoat
'rlok Mrch 2. Al 1g.lsNwoooare
11''tl 1') 17111bot o clii r n i Ill It. 1Names7
'I'l(-rc--n;+I 1111 f ~ 10110i e is Sat-
011lti at 2 1 11 (C 1 loours 1)117' It
551111 tue i1111 o c 3, gw bil-
this 1\,(, n 11t5 )o'cocktis soh-
11101 1being, -he 17Cons~tittonality antd
I)1)11an field. It1is1exp1c11d111a1, asthe
'111)1001 is 11110 of111111t01010iciportancle,
11 1 1 11)ho1attendtIIils lecture XIII <fid

planning1ame1)1for .arch 23 'tnttlall
gYiols lI'ishling toIllometet)X are execte
lo tr1v1 out intheet llfe1w1(110111s. 'Ihe
C7arowoI Irophy17'1'lip, \%-oi1lost7'e'ar 17by
t' class 111'oo,wi'll he 'contelstelor,1
110ndsof 11)17'contestants11, and1(to 1)00111
p~rom~ises10severa11feaures which)'1 were0
theluven 11s1ibethe' th)ir'ty'-yard)dash,
few have allre ad1001y begiut :prac~tice,
Iot otorelareexptt toItr107't. All
ftttr cla11sses1 1op1e to) h111e111711111e01100
Xtice will lae given la1ter10of tetill))
of tho prelimtinaries. Theloutrs fttr
practice 71at presntlare Tuesday from
7to 15. a11d1Sattirtday from 9Itto . 1Ex-
tra htours 10a1y1117'1110d1 at1timtes when1

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