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February 09, 1907 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1907-02-09

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The Mlichigan Daily


_ _ _ __

Perfection Acconmplished j in aIid '~l(tl(,Olat'1.A~mTl
E Very De ta il. President()1ta in1 \ti\c>t4m(ill.

Angell Headed the Receiving'
it -'ccm ,fit P a,tt pas tlt iltSinto
a ro ' ac.tliltntiIta ill Ift i hi at
t its twtllnhe arlpuit
:aendtivi-. 'liiin whichs- ri-s cIst n-il li
liv to -ake ill s10- natu t Ini The
iiiithfli-tiwithN thAltokplcis
the mot elolncnt estim up to the t i
'Pilt-antceuititselt%%tn Iut inallyat t
ti ti l t 5,jit ( l i-i i-niliyou'ng
latir viaitdth ilro t ac-i
dlk cldytmg t t danctint >IItilt
in ii i tt lf ou toit ii t n it i. dtojl
thil tart silt1 i mit iak ll ofitt t-
ial. t c t cd hoc, i tt th at ti -
ing efectof di c It pd ilgtsut thie
tall int-utllheluau t aroten
lii lii I iittiitimn as-Mom.l ifn
Teari~ apt il 1 ted a more a ut traie lap
pc Ii t t it t i i t eeii ilinvti
i,: tt asi n ltu- iii Av titireI larn a d clc
fii't viiitos Iht it at I itd tall
I-Ath tutuan t ,ct litofittttttttors.
a.I hav anear tilt lit utior h lopIin
lhi~h [ltc dc iti l I cr sp ttl 'nt
ho . ot Ig t anuai t ; tihganann t
n-i ha ]wcnicosetoucIhiiii thcthe
'hIts iN folthl as -titsell tiat I liph
hoop aia i I tou ecetion, howiti
tit r a d titcan-li, hi it)thetir Miss
lattls ophuning, Imeri lapeciii omttit hesit
lit ten tiil ii pI atinit til trllit-tan
iltui- lt itbfyltheit roness"ic ,it I eta was
iiia Itig tu Apa lcd as4lteaietredtiahttu
ittrn ilti alt a t rIic attids if t n l
ii aandnMtianic ttBarn~adthat
luegitrii, crosed thnilooacdl rete
irltialt iltintcitata theiliarionses.
ia n atiirt - 1 iaumbera hith
ltncsitnacdtasnrnilie1sanhen Kaplta'
lrcpailtr a rc tahtpeudem, Ialte-
cla ittiaPresigentAgPlt, Gase- Pl

n ic t ntttttc, Nerc as i l glititti: i
Ilitta A C f(,4)x, aite lC aim n
1.1 \\.1C0, )L ' vsrr
Iliu et--sttti -i-t
Iii iJr t. I

lars J. (It Iki-tittails-. Mlan
Ala . ILIS~lilt i-at r'
Alans. I i . i 1hts-, ta~tit.

J. C. Patter.
Glas. BIIc

A.Al. Giii it Airs.1'(I.-in- atter-s-Anr
Alus. I 1t' lit.lt lnarAl. irs. FI ll. ill
W .Ala . Caf I rl
() (ltheIt ecitionttiti itIce iierit
MGMngll I A%& g ii fmt
A.owr _A f 1t rtt.tCt altG llign is
Alan. Mc au hli, in. AT. 'E_ hotlIt
Alas.V.I C V hi n.m is.II .Y.\ltch
iii A ttttC.mitt II ll, Ili .itti st it
1;-4 ittt I1. I i ltrcts li
ii-I U tt HSi II iit i ttt" tl i
lit-f )\til :inttutu ltmtttltii\tt ;t
Tt- i v ituuut in sicaIltClu-sli vet
ite annual tn i n r o ih
on he owt tNow iiWeitb atns t t a
ien e t oen to thii Aa pbl
eih )(l (I, n t notmoliiin.a
gre tt Si rofmkiporIlls, lakafr. h
Alht a- he n cel~trtl ttt be clii - Ifiuptd
(1, ,haf a tni. Folil sreso
the fistntnrbr il-bfplyel xatlyt
:et o o it'scocrtwilbeo
Ala t. lit it n At atti Iliian limelt fom re
Amu tit, aftnmtm t f a T picesfl a angc
'ndlt- A -tat i -s as
f li itl Afnililn CItlt

t ili lt It it i I ' ni t it i , it
II )v~ihit. cIi
rhe Following List Shows Guest
Firom Many States -Nearby
Cities Well Represented.
i. nicti 'err ~f ii ii inuitr}itit in i
tf;in 1 iii An i A lni hat-'s ,,
irnni-t-tl- V, mu11 ;{, iar it hut tit-i
\\ i'hrig olt;'ld t t-ri~s a , i 1t1rig i
to tlAaa a d % ltii i o t ,)Al
Al,,t Alit t l t ut ltit A:'crlm
cit) ittt i Athe n 1- andhut Al A tit
tutals I ,1;iii ,anlit gi it
i l t1, li't toIt l t , n h p r~
,tool iii th, r cri i ilt a- i
f~a \dtt MlnhiA lolriit. (l A i.Vitir
\ ;I~11r1, A~s. IIaitt I;.Ifti I l
sil, M ." ilir t\ tn lt iin A\
Hcni lt Al I tt i mi ii i
th ilth t llthialii Intu ;Htn" A
Aftlltiin in lt A l:~t
fit VlrtrAlt: r ~~ tbe
Altrit ;i I't.tW illia ll iv
illsk-,, thu i,. l,,A fe T ,
tt ou , c (, (ttt L'~i . 1
on L eilc . <clI t i t IA tli I

If I 1. Ctt-faglbĀ°1 ~ ~ tit. (ms-Jtk. Vugimt
Bruil sh it-Wetlk, JitaeIt. (lark, II

livls.ilt-. -:tin Lar FEATURE AT THE 1,101'

zct IllII+wk.
Mich \kIr\
l hh
Mc {'I'IIllcl;,
'. ,;I v, I cIIc ,.

l ii i l"- li

hl Lc 'lth I~ t
lliiti<{ i t E l t , . ir

I i


Ol II I atb - Fisch rs
04 .A um~ber.
ilit, I ini "O's
-I t { 'Iti tt tt lvii--,
3i iIi , I
A I I , i 1i
: ~ a {a t itii It it it,
iiI. llc t l iii
A tt-I I-i, tt
Itttlkiuk N. \ itV l
\ r, I A l. lI1 1itI

11 '}; { )I s
111 ;" : r;
Ii ll 'l~

s Orchestra Played , aanFurishe
; hand flayedbIttIIis:,is us

'A tIlt,
{it tt s-
- tit I-r


1t + rlt1I l i it t I ' l{- l
o d i d \t ;1i--lt :tit 'O c
f~ 'tti'tii liitiiilt
I11'i it-i I !, i-- i t il ,i ' I-sy
-i il-i iilii li

Ill p (I cit il~l k

tiA --I i A
I.v hil()I

ii liii

,11.,c Hanchol, Ix;criac t
I'l d ( 1( 11 1, A I

i . .

Ilnticar l If
t cr, Nktrv
i rk-d 1y, a)I l
\\ ztirir'-d
\V'tir>Ier. '
SI 1, ,tii",

f'It'1"a' ',

Poll ;li ,, X, l 1,,

A. >> l r ry crAcuui
at-. lcr;ic~ l~~1 lit i cii i
fh i i c l il { t , I ti tC
itN Il cI . , \ ' : lc I, II

l'tiir tt I j l k
lil it -,, t l,.i t II 1t .(- 1
Eli i ht I -I (I

cilciiOIt- li lil- ilt-ii- i



I l I I I i- iitu I

- cc i) lli r''iii u)-hi it-i
Ic i 11 l t t I it- ') il-i;
A a ~ lt-li 1hoI INI
lIi iit'" i n ili cn l~ r
to "t,] i I l~ tJ t ), t hi r
a11 (4 in % it iil )' rLi)r
lr& rn ;i hul lt-u ilit 1iii
Jutl( \Ilc , tunt thup-i, it

t i-111 -ill i -
lintitit t ti-
-it Itit h i cr (
w, t l~tit
i-i ht il it il itlt -
'( w rl " I t iii uhi 111- '
II('( lI it I
I hit-I--u r .
irt lctii- t
- ll 1 ( lII'
t- o il -
i-ut hi ftt

lc t 3rit t( titi ilh
c!tt1 r ft 1l .' ( rti
ilr t I t ti; t ! la{.

A0 Ii

1-c l

patil iii "I Iic ( z1 ij". !
p, riit.1 e b t i,-I i o 11 1
lu-u ,1,1 li- I ? lt I i: I Ia
li"1t'lutilt- liii ! r l
i)1t 1 w, liti tuhuti lii

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