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November 24, 1906 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1906-11-24

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The Michigan Daily
:\ N RB INI I i - NI It \ N V I N I)_Y Nt)V I *, I nI _1 9



th inaln1 n i lt, ite- ,
Indicates Strength of Michigan with -ti--t i- iii nw-i-n it tcn ti-n lii inn mil I
Curtis in (lame and gives Clainm j tnitii-i-nand thl 1w unii it'-tn tint on C
to Western Championship. tint n 11In-cru IFicl, t rclinrk. -tb p
t--itti arc-in !_-"d-ti -nli tint ld ,tl
1 r tttcI n --Ictuin ,-l1t odrii a"t her 1ai1 rei1 i"in :\1 -~ie tt, 11
oft c t i lir ofi h" C nu ' .;1, 1" rn i i IailitI ofiGO-iitt huti
diai~ ftileliYNos t,%t1t "fiiti al
itt bit( It) itnn" lt of itilt il i t(,)111itlit -1,1 1
for C pta1 O wl ka iltttr~k f~r " trdck tfcr1,,1 1" n"111ri o e iit ell(
ikt r t i i tte ttl NItttuit lih in i I"_it1"bi t o l, ft" ltray d p tt 11
N~ (111 h , l itncl i ilt i i I ttc <<rit B i, ;11 r n acr "I~ d ; 1
I":t p ,,ll 1, t~. W st, 1st it a< hc 11ilt c t 1itt ,- idcl Ilt, cll
d~c~ i ly kkal] p n- li1ntttt u ti-u I tt" . trin ta 1i;1a-I ik h it " - 111,
butti(11 ui1 tiiutmnt1(tuttii iiitit It t it li"rtiti teFtl-1 1rlli
1,1 . 1ich In r~11h~ d~s n~ Ilt1 li ,., nt~i~ittIT,, tili"t(,I
il (iiwlli o i t 1\c i itt-it "111 r fr ,I11ut 'ii 1 ii ~ t ril
d, ll," i 't tiliti pil i I ~ lll i til ttiI-- 1 s l i itiiiiiit Y
d C1iag~ hpel -lk ,,1 ~ll'l(111,,,111ni t~ 1111," 1ii it(nl
I'1rI Ii1f; t, ilti A 'l, il, "let~li"liio toi1iii~ tI k~ r
l~c ()nt11 l r", als" vi 1dici,: t1" Claiwan I~rit~I lin n"I iii
\\,kii ,(11 eelc 'u1l-"i ~crp' ' 11 n;1( tI It l
11(; i i, tkiI IIttiitt .it it I t ilt a t " t~l t r 11 l'1(
il'":Ii ; d~ It a,(, iof-Itt luil,i< iu I fit 1il 1,, fl th d I:"i u~ ttc i
t1"i tt " h Ilin ke eilk~t ie i rtl c r1titr \ d p
oi ii n ,hil ii ~l-i., t i~ 11 " 1, !-: 1 ik i : f _ ,i {i
t1 ir klt tttt ldl ttIld ki ti Nall itI ,) t ure I ,it I t~ I t ddl I l- 1"I-N II I
i t n Icct", oe w l a ei~ i I ii --]ITtIII kit (:1 i t I Ii
;(l~tt t o-ti t~l~ fI iiiitt 11 1tcr1Nit1 (1r1it" iru~ 'I rtn
of uri, ndit ~aly i~1tgrted : li~i1_1ne1(ri~ t1-i-filt til i-it
lit np I t d o, 1, po)c C ac "~ t it11 nI I(,t
Yo l ( Il1 tl 11 h )1d .... -i(,la ('1 %, 1t i it d itt -iit --t
b -iti1iittiit i- t-it i itit a , tl (it 'd (1t o t eIt- f n il c p 1i
,til 1"t1a" 1e1 a~l( t) <(tckitt it 11' I a~ ' itt1"f~talte1
itt k ttttiift II ti i :(1- itnt 1 . I1 f i "' n, 1"1 ilNI ( I it-i ii
tt ititit ~ ittt n-i-i-i ll li i i- 1iiit(, ittitti i (r : Ia r h niitt la 1~l ti-it lit

laur conduct- second Numbter
tioral Union SeiesIt ami
Troves an excelleit'Cellist, ii
tl -tc " - r l i : ,il ; lt i t

t'il- il- t lll r ' 1'l giit tt II
1 ittil c"iII. t t t b titYra llti l
Il lliiiitiiii"t , I 1/1 It itt
I~t, rcId-it-ti- -c
t l ccl it l j st llc ri llt It II Ic i-

liiic 14t

f it iiti t t-i 7i

>t3c .
ii i
(t' t'
' (,"..
) t
ti i

1 I, t\ i i i i t " I ll
it it- Oh tl

!< ' ,1 " i , - l c1 1 , \ i i a i ti lii--,
1t ,1, tt~ i iiliii it a y w y t itI it ti-i iilit it.
I N-Ihical ah l II NI It t' N lly
- iiii\1,uyl~ t i it iAit n iii- - n Mr
kr{l-c 1 ilI'- h t iii , it-i i-i t lr ,I
It'.N tt1: itl tutuI
1. it-I-i -~, AM

i-i lt-i-- :- l - i it-I
N :iit t . itg, 1 ti5-


c1 itt- i I it-tt - Nh11,1i1 i 1l;, l -
,1it- Ii- t{"-l. '111tii i i1 itt;{ i----i-ti-

Alpha Nu meets Jeffersonians in (le
final Contest for Places on
the Varsity rteam.
'Il, Ir l i i ct- hi n- -It ti1v <fthnite
-a it-tiliittl I t - i , c tt itt Nia t 8-
it tttt: iit tt,11 tt, n bilding.i It
i, tc in l colle' lwtyvel Owt lph
N6111 1' ickedit ntl ~ igi~t i-itt t
itl il ia ttI ittikunt to :r ; tat
'Ill 11 t7, t ~tbcii,6111It , w t1c i
tiil, dl iti li iti i " tit, ti l
i-itt ~ d Vkt tit-l theCarta
'I'1 tihict to l,1' t -it l it: R,
ilct, lht-i t h tg i ii-- i itt rian
,rttc t i--itts itltli-i t-tit itt c'~ l rl
1'17 :lbirl ~r,'crt~diltt b ilt
iwik-~t,,- ,177'11 tit prl iii i, - ilt--t-
"1'11' p -i~l llt , til a t i-is;it i tti a ,
o or itt~t~t~t r of or Ii1- li'i -t Ilt
:{rc t nr ittltr lliii . iti - tt be ti ttrt
itt- ri it- i t. :, 111 - f - - r ai~
cc t i it itliit t l l liii :it t o
;1,I~wciicl itsliii~ itn
1 -- 1 ~~ it-i-t - itt-tittt
;itticl , i,\ ,,tttr i tt' tIln- ,itt
c~wat d a, ;, Ittrit- -i
t,,, I~tl~it itttitni r
d i' - ttNiiit - n-it , - t i l t~t c
-i lt I1';l tl ii t it-- .rti' rt~~;
lra m , b~t t ,y' il, 1 fr lltit tt ill-
witcr it tli. tia-It w k, t'1'1o' m
I - I t N [ \1171 I. ic r
J')1, titit~l al i t t li N i ft
i-till 1, , it,( v : n°i t u ill d
P ar isl' il <ctrnc it ,tclI-r i iii
Im tl-i' h t y ,1 iitt

I Iattll- t~xlu t ;l- t -"Ir-, I 'II t

ii tt lt' itt-i 7n;
-IIIi t cc-titer-
- %:i ,t-- 1()11,

i t hr 'ii i )ti

liii t -ip,

' 1'11
" >>> r 3
I', t3r

itt-n- bliti
Co I r tt- Itit -ilt

l- 3 C ii ; + t{ il i rt< i- i
ti-itt1, . N 1 - ,. ;110 it i1
i-c it 1 ,'ti l i itt {,i it ti'; i r

1 l iiHitt --~
art '1Nt 11it
MiI,- -It

r rc i i t 3iii l'
T i, lic-i
,i 1 1 is f
d ~tt~-i-li

1< 111 , 1) 1C' i ( -
n- ( t i i li ii rll i 't-
a C''s~i lt):ltl1 1t'lt x) ilt
i-tic;I IOt(itt o
{ it itiiiti- tl ait c -_ I

Iit" ii

IS --l it I,

wi llt r 1t
it ti-i-ilt-i 2{


Tlr tall{ ti its ilic-I>>l) .
if rlict i rr tl}:ill "Ill.id lti\


tiie Pennsvltailia gamc. and no doul)t C'oltimbia'4 registratioII ligurc.s as (mt 1)v 11x. P;mr.
+ti of material air I to the C'()it]IIIAI( res 411o%\-II I ) v t I I c C'olun11)ia sspectaIor, 91 VC itr t'> I )NIw( ,* tit Ola it
it) coachim, tltein on the casters st ,lc an cnrollmcnt of ,3"MO studelll4. Tlw Wit, sucrccdc d
of play, sl7r ws a clec"rcas, since last year, j nilicclit crestvc:wlo ;t

r "
I lac 'pl-l-hiliv "All
lllil 7 r<ll, : E;I7rtrlcs tc l
it tirt ttl >tu ,u 1iglo
I}t k , 1, tti il iitt, 1,f, e

l{ tti, i , 11,i.

I) tn-cti, itiiL .B~t Li-ls , Spjuuc-i, NWi--, Nb'
--Ittc-itt,-itt n--tilt-, i(.,-n-t(-i lttuut

W ill II owlI

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