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November 07, 1906 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1906-11-07

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The Mician Daily

G\c . 'tI.
Several Freshmen and Ineligibles
may be used-Stiff Scrm-
mage last night. it dtr
,p n :t e iti tlt oi l(,i i iift st of t l i i
rie , io , Iiitht was in t Loit i t ic
t ii iii i tkill i at linferiori 1 ll i t i t iiie}t
;i1 ' a f e r 1 p e lit iil rl r Ir- 1 t tiI l t a r < i l ,
hi t ith t egula ieam t te ) I ec ,, 'Ill in
tO i ie oN tlitti i itti I i- t ksa d to ~1
)n'-h f il ngtandtilt I, i llIi l,
i crn c perin I p iicr in .lit-it I orw,-i
itt' 'n R hiI sl"' , l\tt -"rats it' "L tt-i
i t' ht ili t ipe ft i li lil iig i s re- i i l d
11 ntiii ili t ll e Io ihii le I i , i
: ,np -d t ;t h il i:it t)1"oitethmp
Itt' -il clcn, N eil --ll 1<11'sNN
\rkor. u dc liiI, Ian ititihaei as itt _
,itr ttii ie ''itttii -i ll i o i -
hchr1wIt it )IMit itt ~il rlok.1 SI
'I'h, c of tilt ;tlitnii M lo lto ac
fi- ti-it ;it - 1; e T-C Is i)1cc-

Tl;e le-islatttre has ag- ;
w,(,)i)rIated St(?(),(7£)(,} for the. Ileli' Vt{'terl- j
"ark building at the Univc:rsity c;i Pennn I
Vlvania, which is n()tv ill the cc)ur e 44

NN ~i~.N A:,}Z I~lI'tl \, N l-:tl i NN' N \t( [:CNI ri> Ni i ft-N l I, «7.

INt-i \Ill()l-i
i-it D I I\ t t 'l-i - i-i' it
it lu-ritt th-i it
t{, ithe riititiii' i-it i

Ptt\N till-1
t i-i' I ;tt
I lr it t<

(lame is thought to be improv ed
t'orioatior's are not yet

;,I. '1'le re iclil3 i lii ii ' 'iii
( Iitt l tlt ii t,)t lt )e c
Q I"t itititititti cttt
Ani ai c ittit tii- i 1 O a
itlitt itt" I i nti slrt
itt' ili t ti iti- a iti iii tiir litti-itt
N, M ate ait it it - ti irc1 f -
f~ iil il c e it thiti'' , airt'I
t. :m.- 7' il' it lt tiutu',)
ii itit tt -it t iii~ rixl
cli I \ N'1 t1' liiit 'N I NIl a ltc'
tiltihiiit ice.i
il 1i ts . It'' t it l itface
Sil a )it-i fi thIei I t NI liii'
e iii c "i liituthe I )ti 's \Vi

(I-itu-u t i'

worked out.
3t t t-i It-it li- ilt
-lt-i -it-i-i 1 ti- i it

-t-i-ttlIt il
i-i-i--it i-itoitt-i-
i'''liii -i-t' iii

it itt, Iq) it-i ii iM y -i
dcc-it~t I it s t~tt it A u ptittJ Itt
) h" r l ti -i tillot itit o oI~ o i
ti-i1 t hlt i tt-i i dit kit k ii )gie ii
-i Cl ~ klttu oa l~oreta
)tr t -t,)np otq Int 'it If titibjec
i tit- ilt' c')tnnin" "a, to h it''
i' ll ItitNI i t lw i-tiN i IttNhree
t-itt-I-imply cd s W lion- i f the
' til r(' II) \ he n t l t b'tItI\'
-t c il i ie it -iifat ri' t f th
-it -it'\\itt-it l it-i-i -iit xi-~i -
-i-it' -it"I R kw , iit -ig rl- it-i' ofi-tiii -t-i
- ' i I ,tt i ~ 1 t- it ) It tii t ii 'i-i t 't itt-tt i---i-i

Ii -itti-i
li-i <i-i i
it> >tt-i-

tl ri lty rf ;I p l
Iaii la lt w Il d
lit 1;k le ti 1i
N- : li i i t 1' 1
--i-it '1 tiit l i tllii t-it
iitc)t- t itIt ti-i- ii-i-it
Iti t filttt-i- i i -i-i tli-
t I I -i ti '; i -I tt

ii - tit i
i-it- itil tit li--
i-i t ll i-i i

<i t i- i
l i I i t-i

-ictli-t-i-i iii
-it-i ic 1 \ ub , \1t,
llt c ; c t l t lc 1I ' :,;
ti-i c ~ ttl ]ll .ttl i t

tkc r tr attt.
IM, i- tt(>t
;t clt;tttc c
rc ittc
irlc lti li -

- t t: -it-i

1(-il Owi ldt i i
h-d-it-i~ im

Many Patients being cared for New
Course in Insanity began
In te -i nti ll ofttit i e- i cal'ti-ii fa-itlt,
''i ii iithep''hptl itt-it -iofitil ivest
itt, taluet I ttt it i - I. ittlilthospiitt oftit
k id connvcti d wit ti))ttn -it 1 t u i
v r itt --ii tt-ttt tint 'ppropria it t i-i
ill itx t a d t ":I, c t-ii-tt-int oot .
The pu itiip ti-iifIthe -it itt ttlt' t'host-t
p t t--t tit tt p o i' ti othIt-i tittl intttit'l it-
ttil '-ttfti " t'tifinsiatity ti i'ttil its ii
tenta titfa te, fron t.litttt I Im
he f a ien, o w oe d isirt tt attit
Ir-ico nn d tin .T--titiit(, seio rs 'tin
the utclitl li t l ititt-it-iven'it lt't
ietl i itiii i tttititiiit ttilit itn ik vm-, ndt heiti
tt ''iitst in ,i pa to tll m i
It, he Wiort mltt'' i titrting; workf
tilt ' ll idoneitt itit the t ol og it-t lttt-it
a it-i''ioi-imtntlIi itttt-, t t htt pres-
itttm alad a ce t udent t i s it r
iit- I-iit il-itit i ti gti otntt.I itti ilu-sini-
lIuit m itt-- t- iit' ittit o tit g -t tii tl
-it ant-tit- iorttn t -t tur lift-i-it i worki I'
olr i i e ietJ to proit oft- It
I ia 'ii i th p a tialt 'itth utt o
ti d iintIrn m , it voledN inh let
talttt -it-it

-I, !i "' i t t 1it -t Itti hi Mlt o)Itt,'' til
ti- li t-i rri rt tt'-'r ! I -ij~ t i l -i
it git ti tititi'l

N-i l M r ;1 i--i.
-i il w i It-i-i,~
- it "~ l -i-Tit i "

Itt-i- it i
t Ii 1 l

t, ill l it -
t i t tltitt


it it tl I c-t c t iii I It
'''cdl i i" t i-i4t it iii
tt-i al ar~w u~

itt-i littl

1'I ~ I 3 Iti

+«N tit-i-i-i(''1ttt-i
lti i ii -tl<,1 t i rf i t 1-ill l~t <- t ii-
-ii ) ii ,t~ - 1 t t i tIt i 40

-iINI' cl'.l t)N efraNI th
IIIIIt I ( I 'hh IlN t etP

} l'tt--l 11 ' tutu'10
I t-ii- 'l- --t-
- r~ i-it 111^ '

/f y


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