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May 12, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-05-12

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o o I v

VOL. XI. AINN ARBOR, MICAI., S 'NDAY, MAY 12, 1901 No. 166

*...Our Special Line of....
Foreign and Domestic
has arrived and is ar-
ranged for inspection.
We have the largest as-
sorirnent in the city,
* .WILD Co.
Fo8b E. Washington St.

A GARRISON FINISH antl itc.'innis. "Tommy" iched ant# Yesterdays Games
oile of lengthy Faltenlo'c''s C'urves'
andl slammed it dlown to Matthews, (Olc'cihl Telegranito U. of Ml. Doily.)
By a Combination of Hits ad Error,.who oasgnidiiig 'tile halloon. Mlcfini- 4:S:< tit
Michigan Woo ini the Ninth Hiss miade a feinit to runbhome, Mat-
Inning hews this time threw to the catcher! c Hor-cocc, 14: ilouoico. I
who ran 111100ol0e(listalnce and then
fthiriw downc to the tirdcitasemni to ' i(licCCico5
\e, er lfcf ore in the history of Moho('leliOl'(colo.w-tt ls!,0 21; .Aies. >.
;ri1l;b1) b1v011iwsothere such wild tand Ithe c-atcher,was ratlecd adlc(isthow i do 1; inneli, Ii; Prinreo._.eimc.etuis sN C.inse vswl. cinscosdth lt rwo eret'Fedysera.I e~ol %-titewnigru n Bfr in
cocc oliwliog;ncacl, hatcs were loosed croe('conid it acc-os thce hsnic dlate,___________
l crood 1had snrlged acer the hil
arciicd an cocrycil iit ci nighc ancd lhoited all11cc' ciayCisro n00tioeir ACollege Trust
in the ribsojuss: fromnslicer Iiild*;iiy. shlicciro. Cocchi-i 1101' and~ his icnn_____
Mticliin had scon aficer oi ci tics'ilesileitly ocieci litheir wa'y to thei'1)ius,, lic iicdcs(fTl'E
grocilol opiill lihts c-el- pcycci cii c ci cicic 'iicle1tilHadceyicerio-hlimiUniversityty
icooeatest uphiliiifihtaoler ciyedoi 1fO;coic ccf.licco wth a veryicgciividco il c o iso-a rcent 'cdhiesosto the sitiicents of
scicrciccol oie' thcefield sticciicccthilis' ic. 'lTchc-'crwd c'c'-scis-lv IosenthIe -cccncicdeal oycmt of°ic it cccctiolc in
ccc' 00 ccii sOily oncs' alccuic s ,couctci. ci o ccccd Inidet adci- 1c' cciil c l ilie ii. i, illticc' Ii'gc' niiocf'ile s atthe
iiliiicoiicmcii i cccdbttr ali cncih11cc' cay ciocIoii. cicoitry shcculdcijinic 'cc'icldiit Had-
wolcic'dii hi s'tcclf cofcitheIfiftIci'llc'ik 'is notcl uci stcisc'y 0 abciontd ly esivcsc ict11 cinmch wotiildclicc waileci
thec ;cic'r todt o utlstcccccl Ii 10n1 11cc'ic'cccc. fcc halcscct i iuuicgec-lipsc ciftcci c'ci onaccl rccg.'ss cud eccony
I gcccc. I tio'y' secs subiic-tedlccifcior cr(1ytlcicIciisc'. i'cllc'lei'gpitlcd I c'i -c it c'cciicliondicios cc l auclcigiiim
Filslhe'i, cchcc haidi ostcrted 1t c ie iiame cc .I cc ccl icico', til1 cc' ct'ccocdcthltccis (5 ' ccc cccc" i ccc'ccii clc'ge's shouild he
cud "''lorry''bclcnkedI ticcicifcci' liii' re- Ii cc', y i' ccrd c'ccc ol c'l'c'cct iiiy pci ci- i sup can cci y cc iccigc' c iicicctioii for
iiciiiiii* ll in 5. clccscwing conly occIii'Yc. ,As i11 cci-' cccc'lcsscof te ('ietlcho 1c " i ci ccciscc ccc''nc i tof ic'i'nii.
ii:. il c-clccc c'ci c b - l iii'r iiicicill figlict c(cccI'Iela{1it cl ii cci1ccss' dcccoi. icri' e;c' c 'cciclc' if icc' cxpectls cin dcacocctioiial
ice lll lu11g cic'iiiine 1c. irun c c i cciciiwoin cc otldic hiis cncrvc' icc..lisltict1a c'iccicc c 01 '(iso.
ith ' Sev-enth lc. cc ~ic l 1c mcctche'fatcl ci fnsilcic'. ( icc, t1i1;l' oc'ccs csi ."c-111 - ____________
hlfc f cthiice ccinint. Ioccc l - ci ccucicli(rti fyl1:1ci' cIccd tihct wss-c
W'eicer' l it of withc citwoc-lccsc' hit, ''lc-c'',cc. Ici.c'c-c cocci tc'j l nci their ch -ic'r tc utilit Base Ball
Ulecy sc'iciing himicctccthird csi tfc .i nicci' 'c'vc''' ol'thcc'odds 0~ce'ecacciccoti
sillgic'. 'hlis got l loc-icowdci sirtci'ic'cI alicc. 'lhiccir 'clih l c '-igcui 1c- c t:cliu gc iicn'e of' lcccccll ,osill ice
aliotc orlc' 1'ci'icic'i sawccoc' lclhe Ooci 'I" - c'cccccc 111cccicc y cc"erc' cc 'co-'.crc p'l aydc c-lcit11th'e "cci' c coidcs ncct'le-iis-
in fo 'cit' i. lc-iniiis hitlo ec o we os Lot c it o100000' ic'cccid cccithat c'lcir.'occ ic cc i.' cc cii : 1b.1-1c. Th ccltc'st-
Slccci'slcclc Matlticcs , wo r iediccto 0iclufi l'nci't icaoo' cc 'Iccci'odc'' liccl:. ic 111 coci sl ccill ic' 11cc' eo r i l' cc'cicii-
'o'c1'( i 'iccrinc rcniciiiic lic'adc tusn h e'1cc'oc'ciicr sods i'cchl' ri ic add thei cl i iihiicc ~s ('1' s 0 1c s c if c iovil
ice thre'cw'wscd ito Adsit wos o I h 111icl wc d wichNeccl - - s heaiidelc'i'ti'cilc'Ic'-Bc''rs.T'eliiitci'c'rs
loch 1p off t l ccug c a'ctch Ic iii c ial. 1 lE71 "1:c 1( ;111 Icc' i'c'11ciiill'c.'ci Icc req i o h owos' cly Ii lie'

Artists' Material
A Complete Lino for
Wmater Color, Oil

111. lcccOI)110(0',0(101Is 'i'O O'ito'DAY
AT 1.1i11cO(ION.

Coh ti
v~~' llo !~.

OfINNiNc fib' O-(sl%1T4:fHA' ICA P M 1' sAN. c1ic-c (ci- SlBS 5cci ccc-u)
icO 5['(II. i.)1" HE NGicl :i iti'5 yc~ l
Il cioi cc'ccc'c,) Alip1c ccl Fishccr' sithl c dcc.('0 lvc 0 cccc11id c '11 cctt c-c ,-dl' o' v
1ore clc lccccc cc - Ic ic- ,for I('13, o ci cc l ' ' ccc ico cc-cto1 c' lcil
cic1-co'hicct 111c ls iat~ iciccccccg 55 ('i'e is cmil' o,. the Icc 11'.. .c' 'clii'cl
( ril~ Ilfib, 'l~ poer"wili icclcchllc ci cc\\hocwill
11,1 'slOiS d-i c ciic cc' A nthe c1111 i.osdeicc lic. A
IcIt if. 10. I. iL. ((ci'm (cilthc a 01SpeeId colic icr Nsoul icc'
iii claocdci, 110 ..1 1 1 ? l ad at thel 11cc iccc plcc' e1"'o-'c I ic cno
i'l'c'lc i-f -.... ...> 2 0 0 0 rI 'im"c o ci cicc'i cc c.'to l c'' i i ' cciii icc
lsit, lb .. . .. ..c . ipic o ittedi. Ncc ('cmlcim1c'1clcy Itickicc's
ficcic . '- - - - - - - 0 scill icc' ioococ c ilolo tIo thi ctccllta
I iginis. cf .., ....1cc'0 0 t e coc lic is fr'c'c.
Ilcctllc'soos, so ....4..0_1_1_5_4
tLciicciil'i, 21I.....00 12 Crols County Club Offiters
Lcctz, If ......0 0 0 0 1____
Flcilcihcig, 10 ..... 0 0 (I0

_ t1is icc' iccibsc''c lull rcodicci couos.
JO I..1IJ4Y'S Ic cod ic'cisc'looccec. 'ihc'1)1.1-
q ~ 'r 'N .]' * o '; cche c c-cwd ,' 1110icito . 11 "111,
1F011TIlE oto hfold. C occchIcl11f11'oc t li-
4 11k rc'clizcd 'c l ?1114' cc a'sc 11 l cococ
RIiI' T'D RIIN iS tCci 1(1(1. Acisocit; Ico1cic Se tolli rcic
161111dicl lol'thoe sacuc' plac e.A O' ico
bet ent heci1cc cocIci's socco cc'c'c'io'u
Idio1t. Aclsucoll o'aeIthecrowdcl gt off
theliehld, bhoctie coldni't sdto' heyell-
CHORg.in Sicowccaocicchoto badredcliinc'onoci
CHORAL ~~ownccc to llcctticccs, thilc ucorc' oI lt,
UNION culMthw tidt eirct h
10a0or' ty foullowsiing Sncowcotoo firt, putC
~~fICI~II31 tSnloog 1dbout, .lliid ct of'eedincg the:
t111nceIV'lil' woh iodole ii, Incocicgliii
BOGH kDSOD soroe I6too 5 inc hivorl'of Illicnois, cocc
BOUGHT Ann SOLD Illioscalliococo= s '-beincgccnfcatecned
foi' its acnscionc, ttccccac co aoii to
AT idit snot heo'liso favoried IMatll's'
woithicccgronduer. Mactthcewss throwe to
tileectcher, btnt iley howled ihinmov'er
ulcly and lirongict icc tce tieing run.
This was i sigocal far 'thec rawd to in-
CAMPUS DRUG STORE this time -well up in the clouds, Ton-
lull caine to cbat with only one out and
megn on second and third bseBlnoes

Toaccl............ 6 8S25 13
it. 11. P0. A.
.\'llicccis, ecf ...... 3 1 1 0
ihnocw, If ......-.. 0i C 2 0I
titicse e ,.,...0 0 3 2
'riciill, 2'ic) .. 0 0 1 3
Daiees, c..r...... t 1 2 1
Fleshier, sos .. 0 0 0 5
Ciionc, 1ito... ,-.. 0 0 17 0
Wetber,iO .. ... 1 2 1 1
Fisher, p ,.. 0 0 0 2
Utley, h ........... 2 1 0 3i
Totals ............ 7 5 27 17
(Cotiue o 4ngs2.

- lhe '1ccirsi cu1ilul meeto'inug ofthe11cc'crass
CIoucntr'y 'b1i cv"s-cia eciiiyi'o'rihcy of-
terncooon iin lhe 'Trcioiiy liomcucof W'ctcl'-
E. mmcuc Cycuc. liicirsNsee 'curio cifour
1 theo'ns'icocng y'crl'n01111 lii'igiciCito5'crea
0i the chii emcib'lm 55505;i'oollo'rre'd upcnl
SIb h oldsowhiuers iChic rcent Wcrig;iut,
'ccci',Co. ee,i., Kelloogg, Faster,
0I Vasricels 1Perry, Laoee.
1 'ries'eolcoors score' elec'tc'dito serve
o unctil Mtc, 190:
o Prlesidecnt-Moiris A.'mHi, '01, Fag.
C Secretacry-Roahert G. Dillascay, '031,
Captain-Nelson A. Jtellag, '04, Lit.
,,Directors-IPrank S. Law, '04 Mug;
Walter B.1Pemry, '04, MEg.

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