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April 23, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-04-23

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.Our Special Line of.... BROKE EVEN Freshmen Accidentally Shot
Foreign and Doniestic' Spring Trip Not SO Succesoful as That ihonono sW. Cloher. '04 1.moof Dtot
of Lst Yar-llinisBoodooeci Mit.. nonseri osly tinjured on April
FABRICS Again-Scores and Avorages 12 b hen' 1'1idl'n11taltorstoror of
revover.He lns lhibtit.n t o 0'-ci
trl1 he1 ci11) aeillLnn re i~tiir' the lti1)((111 111) '11011 ( onplle 01 tin(ier
turnled' '(t o nn III 111010 y1111 1 1 (10111 1(1 112, th :t0wo t0f.01 ii (,t e 1110e
ranged for inspection. the 0'nne n11int osot. . 1,3o:t y''o ru o Iie tnot oizo, If th(I llt
'We Itave the largest as- otitl 0 of o O nwIo nin the111'1111 11 5111 itctt 1 oIocnto t. ii. t las
sor t ienl in the city, tat11 nlxi" Mittt l tler thed t i ttlnt fi hNOsiiOno werer 00100'
11(1 1 won: 11- tohe res t oilte Beoit 00001' tr a d irct.1110lo 0
43 I.WILD CO! lotte ra(as'edi 1e0(111ile the ___'ai___I
Plaaute Patieteo t,OtiOht
Wo . \ashington St. ((0))))))f11last1ye1ir1sho1wedM(I'l((0(i 1tt 1( .'2noIo o (it1
1n j' (1110, 1111' p resu11 s(0011 the 1 1(110I ett 1111 i-(0 ('(ll (1( Iit. 1)000
"ADAMIS' f.lst tholl 11 11s yeoo'o, 11)11
snatsfi h i h1(10 111, IIIda e Itult l d it11111a 11101110111tn tillt
SALTED wr ad ;I 2 h1ts'001100 lel 11(1 t 10rit 1111 111001(c 1 1(11)onl on
PEANUTS u111111 1(01 stoa0l .;it rrr,11 r' tI (111
t 1tal h 1s110 was 12. II on1e)1 t ;her 111111 eo erel an11: t110 (01111l1the road(
received fresh sri ' 01111 id hehl ttI'ilth1111 111 '111110411 110 11 l l~j"te 11111 tiloill
every day. ka"lik fever).011 11I t)) 10 (ionl-d Po. o1' ateolclltont
te.'1 0 wwill iijo~ vt h
VOU KN W wfteestongtic tohnttlt ti o we1d0
('((((0 Ill Toll ) 1 t1 (((Illinos' isori lisvi1)1u0 D ct rs 1r1il
(('I I) (twic11'))+01111)1111"Ihi00s'n 't to (till))

Slides, Covers
Containing the official
code of playing rules
rules for 1901 , together
with the annual statis-
tical record of the
minor league and col-
lege clubs of 5900o and
matter of interest to
every lover of- base

111trtliie IviNhod solllt gilt ecigal Imll
hind kept _ Iirl i <ril g'tit ssin", until the
lust inning. ' ho Urdu Exponent
sef"llml to tl hH, that th ' "', now was
allvayg have laid Inck storks.
At Chicago Alicili-nil 111t4 tier Water-
bmi in thv Lot inning. The t e Ott res of
flee sloe- gaincn of whi& Ow last ho
nings w-two td; yed in (Krl.lws Nvvr{;
tilt, c"ontitlllecl hattill," of Polhill .111(1
Ilae (A(vllent field-Np: oI' % eiwr.
Atkin ,,a ready for AIichigall it
Vhim, ~Tile 1 t1: T Wn lmullogl N".
12 hits.
Ili the Wismon izi game I>o OU hold
the B;nlgers (town to mw hit, but \\-a

set in, )1here ii ill sth(((''(11 of
l(101 t Fiu oto ' I iui IIllll. I ''Hare
It'l)' ha ( Nin'u( lo'etl ri t) IN
w il ti tittil i t o i ie lit litr
(It li m ii orate. 1(11 in1(0)1

F themoe to Build One Abandoned on
Account of Lack of Funds-New
Laboratories to be Started
Thelo ((ott 00'isageeable'newsthat
has toutttothe (Itirso'iy tthtiio
1)011 ((in((a21'y'it2r0)' i;ttr te erab-
Ill'e tlliltn, 1'0l ,si) (1(0 ' i I('i )'mustO
(((I theI)( ((v(1 ('ol2' 1((0 no farthe
hone lIt. ((tie (P Ililtli tihanir of
Ra 'v i '" i' ttt)'lll el l lin)11) f r th :1) th
((('21',i(1)11 ('01(1, ('orhoottohoteri
an 1 i i'('ii'vaiv,eadfrteelf
of it ilov '-c owded c "l'iioie of te 11
'rileIfacteriologitrs folort1h0() oite
tllpe (((hnt iof(11)1 illllysicp 1110l0bo0r')
1t(1(.1)n1111 rof. tl'0'(at I'i o tter
tha I Pm "(nire. t'o((tOlhj
t10l11 ll')~till (11(10 lotr f o ttheta oco i t
itot on1(1 ourolug.-sote fosotf11(
tisersesotoo. 't'ilfttiot'eo(hils w1oliraiiI
ntto oftcklen hrin, oPln'it t e
1T a 'Ili hs amidtongt iwtthe
itnte adero 15et. atis'iidttfliro0sn
io gotfeaturelisfrtte joroi',The t 5to(( 010
thit.Iiii farogliP(((f1 A(111(1 10010 _is
heofsooore r atnd t ge the nU'st
orkM .igtoethe aitnd nttivly,
Ilevie'o pl tis, the lecin prctve
'ecidedt stare.as tiagthsrisogthitetri,
titeoite ection of i ealsersupost-
ticn h tich bens lr eil hy hey
aynd the rit aden tak teis care of hy
Benes, sa n ow was 11 nt not on hand.
the pratic<s e nistedof inwokisig-
doub~nl lay id sn taiwoki
towsitfomd te deep fbield. wt

'('21vl' 0 imt ((( (00 esix o~l'o I 1.11s TratfkMell Begtn Practice
Itl 4ll i .(lo1 tPod n t hreel is. Diiiot tt) le'' 0 1(11to' l\ii ti O 1s l 0
iOti, 1ttl, '(11 l'i()0 Oithei're l( (('i'll 1 (st1 O lht'on'1oIre1k { leom 11r
('1001' Oi'ie0 il ie(1 firt liii ttii'lh~l' (001kto 10(c.1)11' t reio'ii 1v i 11)1if elulet
11't((l o '3'il Og iiO uu tl("l v1 11i et o ;()( (l'et I t im 21''')) c'su teoi t ii'ti loa
a 1,111s0' f((('00 i'o'eii t .uI ho teu, ii- (tl1 i'i'w 01o(1,4 Vihte o ml omo orif .'114i
'll toil ot etoroiii iil iso11nt, cti t 10 ii'0,lisi'lo' 1 ,11 )5>50 re l io toolsthe
(iov1thtett'leall ontirely n. tt ag 1(1 ''ll I 1 0(1 (('ll 11he1raice>'i1(u oh
Ill'('1' li 100 Capst. 1tuin istii',n'; >- (l kr iv el o Wiil'trak attill 1tisi
1111 theuso' 000 (0 1110 uiraldilhil teooreoar.oiwo1st l ito'mreeliiimerrier,
:Ilgiear soe 1(100 ttsefor theservor x"11 s -________to__in__h_________ c
ag1.1ed and sinsuast ties: . wtlooe t lh }-eseni.n treotet
tht~w ovr scond<.t, ast 00, A, im- , tl'loossulr l( ueeo.novfy10hon
Mill issecn ltef .,.,. 2 ll 1 0hegroglislionl .ehptreis f tiiit isiled r
Benowarefriven detailed s0ore2 of0cArthut, Brosviiernre ted seral
'W ltaer, is and .. a 0lsto0 sthear o th ioais asaver-e orgs
agles ns'. lres so ..,,..00221 tenoritl evnirng te1onms, sv
Toulitl. 15 ,. I.,H.4 0 O.A. 1.poseses 0inehe1rmingplsariloe voe
DMion, 25...........0013t2I3 1 's're tis' othrchparticiantslaTcepr-
Maowifs'.......... 0 10 20 2 grathwas Horonryendoyed 'lirih
Wtbe, is.............1 10 2 ,0 out.bTwo of Mr. Braow.ns late conspo-
D' ies t ..... . ..-si20 tion, HeonF.Bertowas,tand "Clti
Tlnoals............1 16227 1 terrend Ered nd Robiidngrotwap
Tunnlbed.on.Second1 Page.]1poassessacamn.aioevie

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