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April 09, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-04-09

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hm. 1451

.Our Special Line of.... ROASTS MICHIGAN SPIRITI F. Hopkh5ino Smith Lst Night MAY BE BUBONIC PLAGUE
Foreign and Donmestic coach sexton Gives a Very Pointed 'itt raic-ilbit-icr. iiopitoriiii Stjl Mysterious Case at Universty Hospital
a s interview atd Hits Ssnlt- Base i-i11ii01-t was oe othSti most ejoy- Causes Alarm-Medical Student
:: RICSBall Players Quits jo iie iiioisro'sirci il-SheSt- is the Victim-Thoroughly
(tas ct e soi- ttiou ht oros ii.
FOR SPRING Hlst i ,,itilt ('Nel ier d- tIsolated
Cow t iiiito. Wilied terri(oi iii yes- li 1c0-voie ur i s ii the sitct- intote first ihiaee it solotd e stat
has arrived arid is ar- dayciertnitos'teo srs o f te los t f i t uulioce ii outotiii. Ilits,,ithat thSuiuc soulidt not eone
ranged for irepection. tb-tm. ad I tshis o y: "I do not i shot 1ar cateri otctitiand initroious alarmi d ttii-te varios ruturs -iat re
W e have tie largest as- ito sy oair}titiis iii itc .bot eIci- it 1I fi "tseec inWis entittledttii "('atiltbut
son tuert int hle city, ;10cicr tl-timgI5 to\9 i-i iiti-irry.I . iii tiii i byi S 'ii- ti-ti Se t. iiiot t-r tti r o blStck odett'I'he c ss
W Il iii iiable toi ays o reiiiiijuii o re Di i ii I The imust itiiitrs tio tisel tii (ititeter it iS i sotiorstgtyiot S ited.
iiO i t iii- o 5ilti i . 1 t. St H ~ iii iettcn11' ;e euu iiiwaso11 t i st toot. itiiit d~
g * \ /f jj i ht iait nii ll tiS !ou t i thtti 11 o it ii ito ti i D l iii t it tut i t Lot S etuott t. Si~~-
it * i t i TheirS iworikt;t i ih t intti iiii i oa rnit o n ola i - itldtoi ttniai iii tde t h
toS L. W~ashington St. ta t lee; aroatit iu3.k.IoWueVit 'Ii d-ill" 5oi-i-ind iii i- - ottiirutl o iiirierb ickadthevseotiturnsh
thrrae tt un~tnt ot i t el.M . sith uttt-itu ii1 Oo-io- r iio uiiion i0of th ms il St r sitis
-U 0ofeac.relin \ uoice ;11(1its 0tOOie- .5~ Io tr istuuoeou
*I 1,s oi t i 5r i -s liiiii iit-oeii-~s o it ito antii- iet - th ii s cciir tp beor te dic alto
A D A LII~'ii meHittio oiii- if hitttittiiT piiotflsio,
SALT ED Ier 11 Indu tit i-itladoit'lb t . INAUGURAL .BALI.. 'ibtictidethiii" -iaimiid t i n tIt ts
PEANUTS11 l;Oat l{tc Ntt sv =l y Eetetd Daily Bo d NiltGive ScitiSt
received fresh iiioioilSCeS his ar ltco eitt[tI hrycBanl Is a irii h clpia si
ev r a .tu itii iili io tales to Co lee-Witoliv 1 i ~ ino 0QI Ct 0 i itW-, ttottuo
IsittalNtiiii-iii" sciims0-ciu tiitit iiof te
- iii iii iihar t iiii i-i-limt!ln, iiii i-it 11 Ia tg o D. idItwa slro'~
-l 1 A/i[ (' T 1 i-c t', \tclli;iu 1i. eiiti clin,, lttiiiotiiii itas biniiit aiiraii it iliic iitiis Stiro
ii i o u - i i i 0piii ii io iitit 0 iii i i i tiii iirt t a tju~ > l l e t l c i cir i il o i t b u r i o i i s o o tii i- si
-it looi Iut inisott 1plti-Iuentootid
YOU KNOW Ywhere to get... ' l str. s t i i --si-itnt fr ] ,iciIrDok .c dt ti SS-ynot5
AI G O D U C1 ,i i i i i 0 i i ; : i i ~Yi i -~u; I t i'' c i l i e lv i l , i i i l l t ei 0n t
A GOODLUNC ti slcoi eiricolc, ei :iii - i oi i ib 1il ottt,i-i iii toid ~I0 N e o h 1i ho I -:V
ti , lc!I _ h r 1 t e W 1 l l t11;,1 iti l 110,0 lied 1csis %\;]I t i o f th t i i i i o oii- tii- io c i i
A N DtsStioiio W] ti t iat. Ile mait oit t-0 ii, o u-i 1 t loot I Ii ti 1;111t , f i ttiii 0doii) \ ,ri, ioi n t iit iicoti
S M O K y. bel i ,111it 1ifiru s ttit illor i cornt. dtiuttu l-thuu- ou out l t Sut-Ottult r:i11 l(. ito 1 ,i t tr c.
, tutu-tolhe k tp:ail tl, a d ipor11 pso i m11-it i tutu lit t u dtilt iior -il be -IIC 1-010 01 utome lil I o'it iu u Tre
.l n s m o li[ u i Iiee e h r s ] W to aken S i u- il o t id uuotu c l- I n t d a eut o ot ii irii toi e i -Si
..tl.l Sl l topondi li iui ttuu t oftt tt tlll o 01to cu- l it-h ica o 11;tu-thoeof l ak-dto t h .lt'' uuu u
S"uolt1tt~~ e. oal it oalyw l111slt np]ad 0tezt ftiie Moreot n10liiD"tuu. io tosailduii.tuinurefer uce tut
.3.4s..3n c n o(~lt :1ro h ir.'+. 3 i p ii tu ttoue1Inilot it Io lu Stou. S i
+ r I I 0dlla oa vr rt:tWho;, n t n itIlay, iltlitine usuoil ouut0tutueaStt i, i ll i u 0 osi ii.oatiot Silo
c O iiliii tewSlililo I ifor+to ml v xtou tri enc10 o c101-lu ;1oil kith- in:;e e otenIowIll elti n i n ("t t5tlo lltni u o t ot1u0 St
Ilii ct iilt te m t0n,\0hi .cI1 .\iiil , t001t e tilt o i ( ttnuut c il b n e d.1.d
i i T ERitii pt o UNDAl ouoiuttroouooof moi tutu - to theree a uf i o ]itt t ii t iicti- o o u out Stoo- like:
datto iit1t thellc 1d tiof all teo' -at (0t0+ llll~tili' pu ututubu--utwil1 toe x t ot3
WtI-n lu,. ~t-o "lrolWi et ll to11ur nitiiS u uuuurerst iti-out it I - lu-lu Ilu
nd. 00 ilsoi-tiandooiis i ce T II t 0-li s Wel il n n 1 n0011 ,S e, ,-ll;t 11 till uuoiiot u to tut tlo 11011 o utu
i'lmlis & I. i i ii b tiltlol},ei l iucii ic0 Ill tii tiito il
QU arrY' s Drug Store, T i ineup i -tinre o m til! 011 0111"l itu 11 fudO o r ,n-1 :11lli ;ri ei roliiult
f - cins 'I......1Ii it t 0 t lc lo, tn~ t.rdo dfr.tiniilii- OStiul attos I tSuli(wtte
Snow._If_.............ito1t0 01101T]"' ihit iw io hr oVii, ou u util u ]"I; ls ica ii s, itot oo~tIn ut ii Sfti
,f ( ... oiocne c111, uei
11p aieYd(. .... u ,ra l 4l- i ll eI b it I 1130 li 100 etxueouimet'lul l,' bob oiiui
otolt to' D llon101.0..... t s U 0 i to ii iniS1050 uitiiiuit d nce51illlilt otiut.
O ffi cial1 ii t ho ....... 1it 1. o I.or . i Teti. , ii 1;, ho at il s ome-liNol ofotheliii'tuug nl)otits
it oo e. ,... ... .. 1 0 0 oo01)111 dt 111tsef1o ou lo il" nii th il c ndl S i S o t 0111 u-i ti s a eh o - I
B a s e 'lii pN ...........-0 uit ; 1 0 ouuuto- u nct ot ito i i 5 o-ulut hutailedu S lo-i ta 0110culutured andl his soS
B a lls c.. ....... 0 0t i il ronlit ot 0005 is:O p 1 1. to tii 0001 liii ctu ioi l tiuooog i aoraitoryt antt ptout ,0ulii
-- -- !ltI - ceiuoi0110uitt toohelot Oian t he iiWt .
G u d eT tas .........1 G : Scit 0011)]y.an opiiu ti tii tot kite u tuoo il"t' outtiutoouiso t to ttrobt-
toil- i t Iuiutrtity'so tiruttien ien10.i tstil(,( il h i eiuu'il-o stiouden ooot a ie
Containing ithe official it I. tO. ..l;'.ati4:,Ithe tioof ty, i outrnd loot ut te b too molltttog i 00 o-olst'oitiot-
code of playing rules 1t i'uutti ..... 0- -i 0ii :ti 1 1;N lutwitll be tactil ndOtto t10ttttotui tr ot' e c1iii m o tuitt e'ts intihu latbhora-
rules for 190, together Soy-.t------t i i iios sittttus t .
with the annual stati- Ptoy- to - -....,.,.- iU t 3 S1 ! h 1itt llysistottita e a000litt r I'l(, o ungnto 'ti~s ntoiti os tioarts B.
tical record of the -. t11. iuttre Sit - it..... i0 5.1 2 1t 1ri. ormaloutoe ut S intorderoi'too hause' taire~. -ut O u'e ic. Ite1rs-t ng o ol o m~si-
minor leagtue and col- t-i-oSher, o - s o to0 a0 2i i l 1 re~ iseo f al 11it he to ro-ineinosi tt10 'uitbls i d sit iso ut be ieedsthStat it
lege clubs of 19o0 and triutts. f......,it- -It it 0 tO0 roter 5Iliotsllihe iristuittiis. te' sol sotwiproveuaeeru s ri ono us t'se t I i5may
matter of interest to Coley.st Fi-----------5 0 0 2 ha Itis 1to iiie u tgs'tt otiand Iiio(' tItfoititit. tukesfomotuuteSu (-u' situo totheete voes
every lover of base Shaw.u t s .'.........1 tt 0t0 0 Il' ii niito itllisftoarpst othte il- for tuti tto- orot- moite sdisaose.
bal. I' rc ri-'. 0-- t 1 ti (505 talltist ulof Si'tu 5 theryee tdto arduii
- - - ofC Eitorus. Tte'ouriontosibnioiiti- 101 tAP'S An) tGOWNS.
10 0 Polk - -..-.. t1 2 5 S tosohave temto'-saopoittoted insiet fi iiscomtmuiis' o-itt to'itt roomtni
l~ ~c -- oor.oTe ivuittis sowsre tsset to- It. H., froum 4 -o t o i n. eveyda tuy tins
't4 NOTICE! day. so-ree'lStoo mseassnte for goonsis A lrge
MielCetnig riststoi aftenioo. 4 numbr hav tuse aleay odetre thtensi,
o'coctk U . H o vry lit atid 5'ngieerC Thuee tsoariof tRegets of tuosos Unit' stieSthose obw s-isa oncustsand gowns
1-I S ~~Intersostedstins guardiing tie lans ns-sni tsitylois aptoiteDr. A.A.-nipe souseoete ommnitee at once
__________________________ant onPRES. 1ntnaKnSLr.E. -fill Professor of PhysialI ratninn. ttMChim.

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