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March 24, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-24

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a 1 a~~~evs-ITT iiit.IRAN O SH F
A~1J ~ jsAi htenti-e -spu ut seint rode-
thn e i('iiilt(i I OFt iiti siuts T ~ he ''00''$3.00 Shoe is the shoe
Publiished Dily(I ti~ss .ruptediiotssii t-- s-t i- to wear when the weather is uncer-
College tear,- fiB i%. tin. A little rain doesn't hurt it
i dsr i st We-i ha te'i
THlE UNIVERSITY OF MsICIGAN l1 stitI t tisT i tl~esisy *rej while it affords plenty of comfort on
N~~'. ~ ~ottvilt cst tlehiofitaei1ctil cs-Iosfr tir y the warmest of dys.
Aergis.Mse t.a o *S. eae s it . i inhl s ,dtics sssi t hm is it sit But of couse we hve light shoes
ustha Phoittie. Ni« tei Ssiissi ;1Ii}-n IaLalt otla f for right days and heavy shoes for
MANAGING EDITOR, tiIe rti sttii-i ttsli.. itll IVi rainy days if you prefer.
o IT AS.o 01 h u.Its olt i- s hi p betij htetissld ter te im ?
MANG1,;Its-se not pscs tithe il esst-v GL S S SHOE STORE, MNGR L19o anStet alIla v otp' .Itilw
n ily ' ii Ivan-t o i i osits v i ll' s
EDIORS. stt--,I t se-iss.nut. Yet tte prososed open evenings until ANN ABGR, MICH
Asoo~i vs Lii s. Ciiis.sic Iss. n il il slvestiiitiititliD dt. 5) riinitge
A.H.bstsosrs. ss(.i.it G . . esixviss, 5151 tits r sist si ii' trsttlientits its - -
Miss L. K. Ssiss. (1 W. A. Kitjm a '55 L irs si etu c-s irdet -tit Tithl B tc r 1)y
h . i . W O i osv s i , j' i . u '. Lt . >i B l e ii 11 ( i- . , ic til i i i st t n ?I f O NEhAi t
W. A. iE C ts- os.i, 3 tP.5. Hsii -is it'.. otsit. -ii1is 11its lttii lviiteist itlIs sstrF
iini.'Io h eit -5 5 iltiuioii s it l t , td w ih t a o ii ih in
___ell_____ _14.1,11-(tssisttfstnss ,s i siisis B B . iyu cn btain lCIRE VALUE fist
Aldty1nftn( iisi it1,1T O h yet h Iii toiiiiii i I li t 5555 15 s i 555 Ot ISt
your--sioi s ci t uit lst re tie e }«hee
to(. iiipIt hul liii- I I sat-'a otn-lraoi i~ii ii ittl otl ls . I o ae n vto bcgiuow.; tv , c ;
111 i - cii l ls i fi c i tt i vls~ ]il-s ils ss It- is- tis- i iii-N r i ago d tm to b infK
lis [44e i-is its Xolii 5 111(lut l .iii tist i Weuter Uf t (tI n ) irih.
if-N ::1*t5t5n5155 5!II,,5..l, 5ul-< N . ;1t11vboth l5ilt lc he W ite vercoats 20 per Pce. FF fo
t4itott , nk, li bie )el i t 5ll ill itus~riss iice M h te :Ioe e All [Furnishings at Equally Low Prices
Th liiI ihciist ii c \4iiis'55dean.shoul is -. iitis isi i i - til slsh i
I i t liii sd i t ii-t Illi t 5ht'ti i 5 5dti n N 1i ( e o ar Iii -
Iiitl~tthell, tal lt0oohe l411~ <1~ic I o ht- AND WUERTI'
flntl si-st Th ltstct si us t -son I-i- ii itttttn i isisits ti iti 5 hisli
pni b oo55 list-,iist,1ud te si ets o St - IZIi slali'sti-s-ii titl I rt Is ot s ptil. b
th ci Si t at i on.iicrhiti ivon tsis-i of-S - i tiss visit isi Wo
m te i i'th i s- I m , iii 5t ivttar i i c (itit Iiit t 5 lll 's I. i tsa i t hi llsA T HE-N S T H E A T R E-
sf4 it hsiitht'tinsc sil ieds- i isits-titolaks-slitA his- fitn ivr it ti's-.d In l~its ~ .~ D& .' 4 , 8 p n
itctt and thi slts- t pastiptal5 ttto sts n t sthe iuii tililti Ists l do- ot el-- ---list
s(iot' it utitts. -list ,'eat sssss iTssAR.ls is PC L R ic iO C II
ii ~ ~ ~ pc to do t hsslt -sisitlsseistteirsit-is s li to- tit, ttis-X Tis S Nit M RH-4, 8 p . m
itithinti iii tlyt iiti Ihotttn"ii alterviin"i51i-irts'it in itthe is- [Tsitssits a Che A abam~a W rb er
rils1epe. 1 i si s vei ~t isi is sitsiut it-is ss-sssshsh ilitsBill suiet A. Colored osgarnizationtf ierit introducing
t4 l s--lfiithise -i i-irt -5 -aptst's'ti t l the is st ihs t o5l ,i t he 5 li- hih-,itt---" l 't
io-i u l sts'~oirt h ec lriest. l,,,tha olt ,ueitiieptts..sshll 55555telt iiiiitwoe f it i its si -stssi ;lttsoleeo c K N A S
ofth liots Is ii pois 555 itnt h l I h I(.de s ~i I s4.e~tilt , 155 ii -
is-i is isis-is l:s o si. -is st i s tilt thi ii - s-risi hises sast ;seiti liii ea 11tt bes-i-si 102 5 C e n ts to a n y s e a t in t hie a tr e
clit bode.isi Iatudtoui nd tu kwor. i it is l;ts iil it ii It t~eisti ii i stn il of 1110
dilteB ro i -i t us l 'h ea.[ill tt 1 isi i ists l .'1 it' ( - U S A ,M R H 2
to ,I "ih rp ll ci n h ll c i l c hu l l tils 1);1ii1 hi-urnia- I 'si ll 1011 ?- ~-~-it Uui.
ti. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ In S i lne t uut(11(olt lwl.111t~i} oc4v t u un's Mnel 1istrels
tsd 1:l ,of'tile onns l ui- I ow) .l s,-si > lo,.1,h iol 50 == ALL W HITE ARTISTS == 50'
t<I;sp-,hiid 1 pht 1 o 11e i s l :111t i ac f r th i lgesit nd Besitf Alld
1 Xi- islad" 4fist- tills 11:1 hetsgitict4'iliis ciii twi inep its1 P ice rducd or hise5a41In ptito5, 5Is50 iglight}t
D;jh ~oud ei, is 11it-is i st1 , h110 .u1ii to s ilthis pen ij t lii 1 I. t is ii'Nowi'i i " -i = t
gi,1 .. 0 lt10t - nd ll I lCe 'eve xpse n nieseI
5c~i} t. i l l t p lsri 11 IT(,IV
,5I c1i''i i1nis s1 Wa to, SaI, and chamupir
ed 1o 1. 1 ' ll e 11'I-I1 tl - ii tstii'i---'t. ^(I-I'1 51 TATE ''15.5 Ii
iii :tI i t 1 ! 1tt I i-s ' , i t~ll- o 1 ~ t~ d II,'1 t ( r I ,,a .osl '41 sh- d Ill ".t is- i x -
55555 Cii t11*iIo od 11 c b; ao c fr i t oo l is, t tXii iiiI i-it ,
() srI-5 he 5)44 is l10 alo Ii o c ' o II
I5il hi r~s is lii Redmond Kerr&$ Co,, L A A L
n((, t~t - 1ls Od ndttr ANKElRS1
411L (ewT ,Pdc, r wls_ 4i W tl Street New Yrk 1ss slss i E f in sAt, 'wtst slt)ANDh I('IA Ii 5tllS
til -it i hu. ~ 1i hit ul lrN-Ist udsittei t tus tt , cl Ii C C (5' t [ O L D S >isirs~ i
W"' is h issIsis this 1l (t1,ITso 1isI1I SANITA RY PLUMBING
fi- hit, lln( theI.i-i h rdsoe hs no i' -IGIGAO N ISM N ['s I 1 r:*41 ANDt tlll Xl s si- i l x V.
S its sruucsssss -comeh}}'ssi tt ho. 1 iii 'I GRAH-AMV, KERR5 & C . IG 1515.5 Ut 1 15li. hi-t s c AN'hit I li-
bt ll ilusis-i' tiioi 11 oslt- dIc /M~'.ifj ~5ii/- V AI.'SV //\A 't VV t _' 7
- NI 1 d! I r1 ' ;,

II\ -is -i's rlc l 7n lwl '. Xloui (asl hB ty tit. .
hi-~lsitl his' 1 Hsii c tu'iiii ii:I111 5lilt I ln n n -ii n hfr fff
hr.Fily1 Il e cie su ~al] ,P it-1 t~is ttlshldus1 ft ii ,rl V UG L !ILe t! $343IIUUTH-E JHOE AN N.
1, oe, lt1fPItill 1 111g11 1,i1'?I, - r hI. .1 it \'t t -css'k Throusgis218 S. MAI N STi

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