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March 21, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-21

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_ 2-i suit of the holders ot the oki Stock 333333313 ?333133333333J33?3a
~~ ~~ ~ ~ aning on to it ntil they were of-UN V R I Y H L
f_________________________ eiudl inre thou par fr it. P'ries T d
Piubished Daily (Mosndays eacepteddring rngd roM111rtc2hpe cnt23y~~
Clege rea, at 'Ito-iran busiiness is ow) in tic le q m EvenM arcO'c8:15
THEU INIV[RSITY OF MICHIGAN for ea onnui ide. IrthM aeloe
tiohasnot come the 'P~- -
MAIN OFICE 0BRANetHOFCEicsreson li1'05iha (le ast denand tsrl' T
Argat Bdg, Min S. 33 S. SatSret. stinetniatl steel tor titildhiiis.g
Both'Phoes- NewS~at'Piene 'l'lere ivil cit iiit le te len (le' 'PU
MANAGING EDITOR, cesissits' iwill be too)1)gceat furr (i'te-' 5 0o
. i. HANS, '0inand. What iwill hl liii len is aii
,. IrsGELOARD,°0i L 'the TP. ('. teet 1'd meitiehoStse ND HIPB N
c('iiriig countroli f ill the cesiiilies ino sw P aR,
EDITORS: iiiddiii i uhlk h Tiethud '
As r.i t;rAo cis-s clls. DOva rlnnldintisu hiktiemho s~Used Is 'ibintr e at mte t--'.ii i 'Fresh from European Triumphs -
-aiidlthe Reading (oal Co. flyv(le 1mus TPii
MAs z .HiSos LL,'5iE. A. rc 'OILh 0' eisl'aiaamiludcnotun' Blanche Duffield - Soprano
bj. H. sonsoss',55 W. P. CAitse'5i L imii iied hi lol (i P '
W. A. iB sscos 't,'0 E. I. Boussus, 'Usliiivie went ito(5 ew Jersey t that firi'Pertha Bucklin - Violnste tb
____________________ _ ___ Con'iiiii r 'teuimitmis. id og'niizeil 'P . _ Athur Pryor - Trombone W
the IReaidinGoi. W1iii' ti'ldd ts tc i
tor thei-si'parate stiiik of the rilsi isT Th'P stitv suprising characterisic of the Sosa Band is tle almiostW
illtnei-coalilitie.Simiilarly the IT S 'P incredile discipline wihich governs it ad the aslte 'eyelash" pre y
- seilsisks 'eii- iuld fr di' Tii s clinof its playing' -TAGEBIrATT, MAcSNCE, GRMANY.
f the Itii'iiiis ltho- Federal Steel I." BENEFIT U of M. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION w
THE U. S. STEEL CO. ti.. thei 'i'iigii lCo., lRocefelli a flu 'P
iihicmills aidson. 1i ii'lrilir. thi' r. m PRICES $1. No extra charge reserved seats '
Mr. Thomas L. Greene Tells How m rs. Steil nsi'iioiti'i hili esii Seats on sale t Wilder's fDrug Stre, Studay, -Machli liin. 1
the Most Gigantic of' All a ei'ssciie'eiithelilillld firiiiie falls °¢r eE:Er EFEEE .~EEfGr E Ee3c
Giant Comines Was oi'i-'S iiniig.' Anid if theii' liilii
Formed tnofinOishled liculili aeeeds the
deia'iii it ciii urirthe mil lio slwart N ve'is
isars of is history. ''il orinatilhif ut ag i atiiris laws. Smnis' f
tile Uniteid Startes 'Steel to., letitiptogletilliiWa'll st ri-etiik theii reDioraions
known'itas5the ste'il rust, nippiedilthils iiprleie pokeiI sy 'iill i'oiie--nt
iii'l ilbu."'o ulitos kep i 11i-i'lli i'ies-bt i ndf l- Fa ePse ons
'Thius Thomas L. treeet-e iWa 'll ml rger marl et'fui Ilii-otlilma inn- oserM uns
asii'ct finanlcier, itro'u d- his I lak to beith II'' Itrad 11 picll sei-
tile '. ut _t1,IidistrialCltilieeiiilt. i tha ' lhe domestioe iis 'hiis ill ti-i-- Don't e deceived, and all Art Supplies.
he-u'st-luonmuiin-. lhaded'illier f (it ao uaIis bttl otic rui'liifll" 'lTrade mark stamped
punit luunanCarneie, "lt' r tur fl tue ndsela reular on sole of every shoe. DE FI ES' ART i~ STORE,
anotticis. AitteWes are o rce ta cu e odnl m so!te e o eui C.i av agenddsps f h es bod twatIeaeioeagns.
lii N-i' he ii'lnat o bine i.isdli'tine uuia. i oiller, 27 S 4th AVE. ANN ARBOR
'n~h dii-niaiiiiiiiih nuisiieauaihl imosi.thiaii toriiiion half G o viir
:aid: ldoes ciii(ii tiere isill lit-a tug olti ial
''Tlii, Uit st Sati'. Stel 'Co. is Ia illsti iii raisd. It si-leu his tiahi- yo
at e is' eil)iin indusicil i'uulio'itth s. mie is tere' iill uc ite a liaga witthi
11 kniw i' m nyanyvgnuat cominidc, tI ailroads, i'"lii li hi T NS i E Ti-
sucisthi wrcuWee a It ruod ~yclilac n heTHURSDAY MARCH 21
madeiup ' lanihtts all autiageu in nllk- "The tiie iviy io gt chllhipni-s is ht fashionable Dramatic Event The Distinguished Romantic Actor
inig t- saimel.priodiuct'. , Ehl-ittis5:Ill throng-tidostneivi. hiat t 'iale itiR. AND EW ll'O
it way i t il ut' tip'othuei. 7ill.this till ito make iimoniuy by inaiug ii i'-M . N RErOB O
neusust i'uinhiue islidifferent.'itecu-sm- pnoucts.anduiiiherueiforei'ire leai 'hulhh" IN CIIILItS COGHUlAN S FAMOIS PLAY
hiotitit phihits arc ' 'ulhieigagtd'in .___________
111u1iking siu' t ifr-n,ittlsrum TracyMcGreCgor Tonight ' " TH E POVA T
1'''s't e'teioi ttselie f lilt-of lt'the -he -open h11114eh.] o i te 'Silalt
5vlr inacialwarisimoif oi' ur islin etsii-m' iitn-- s-siis' PitEtNsTriWIT E,ionArrE CAi
'nit''ai uitml T tu t it -nll ililliu be
0he tiiunalTu Cu.clumit ntlit-c tltni-itt o , ti evetig Iby iTraicy Mici rugoir Prices: 25, 50 75,$1. Seas now Slling
A ure o oeta 5pre1to fte les ingu'ininssiiaiiOf IDetrouit. - ______ ___________ ___________________
--- --the Iitflioutputitheht l'alli it as capableli'heI'lwi, l-cs tb-cs il thei-coarise-lii's-FR I DAY, MARCH 22
of prsuching. t'urneigie' demandedthiiiy' hu-u-a disinstg this'ladvntalgs oflar. PA HTHSBENAPADDB OETHNAMLINPOL
tile tutie i'cimpany-tts l io utiy' hunt' ii a suoui sttlemt 'isttconneuctionu
lga li ittofhenu. the- thretcuaetned to 1s11thi it uiesiy. -anuty ae- of lte THE BIG EVENT
buimldt it tuitesvutuih of his oun ihut opinion that if a settenient s st~b- LeirC'S' iia rdtmo tHL AN' ma ly
wiouluit iyhis pg ium. -Nows'if he list-ut it shouulI4)tuesaliishetd inDe- L F - . o.s ptthtiia1Fouto o ALAA')erPa
Nauiitional st'be i. suth d sll mlyCil- ut. I-ill'haiiiri)sonuu31Ar. li-(tceguuu'
t e r u - u - i l l f i t o t u u i t - lim t i s - u - i t a-h h i s b e enhu u a R e d l l t ou s i - h k f li s eu in u g " " H H R S TA N
is-uti (i utncgi sluhul utiul stiltuanotther ot helit'ondutitonus it Detroiut. Simgle "
pal tmiA ladmiissiiunuwill lu' 15(ceints. 'T' Stu- So PEOPLE ON THE STAIE
"ft'eutmaut t ofthus'e m i-s--itituis duts' tCuisthiman sssui'imtiomu have ise-
(but it is iiuno itut na itntiptuoimigi'ut-eluto gist- all sig- adhmissioim fu-is Prices - - 50, 75, $1.00, $1.50
Jpanmis buut iuuu'luulus tie !olt ie mutes, ttie Atedrugor Aission. Seas Three Days in Atvane. Carriaes at 1030
thur ke itoauts. thus'fimu'uuusaces. 1and1 fle
umumuuftetorits. All ties- irenowt 'eont- Oratorical Contest Tonight. G. -
troliled bytonte cotmpatnty. L A. Tickets Admit.
"'fhis is easy tu say.lt wsshardutot __________________ EVERYTHING NEWI EXCEPT THE NAME
necommuisht. .. Pert ilatfAttgumutia ot Chef d'oeuvre deo - AT
strictly- itlprimottr. its-is (le immutu
Fe.Charles tFlint is tie romotessr 'xoiin nvrel
andaery hooratteit-anututm. is unde-
stsooduthit Mr anuimi did not1 soliit. Walton, Sagli, and Chanpier
OtherssacutneltoIshitm s the- tinanmcier, ADDRES,33 SOUTH STATE STREET
wsantfing hts help) um aroidhing te tut- The publihesor this ws-h received the
peiiusia ositiontoe its excellence. Alt works old on OE
der irsu'symdi ate of$2t0,0)(),O()R dm n ,K rr& C ,
witsfocuues to gihve prestige to tie smut-L I R P A R L
4)+Ti 5wst tn ed obr AES ip mui totus(he stock of ally iolers hit 41, Wall Street, New York
fle variosiscompanuuies to be somuuhimetl HIGH GRADE CIGARS, TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES
who iht ire s uiwilling tuscter ite Transact a general ashing hsies.
mmes euriuou'utiush They iould be ivemm Receive dpsits sjetts draft. Dividendn CID ND SUccESsoRs OUTH
tim aslfernative of soilimugait to tida and interest esleted and rmitted. At as REROEI'GAEE31'T T
bFisal Agents fr o and negotiate the issue of ^_TOTAT_
symdicume or bavine to 'husk tie cni- rairad, street raiway, gas companies, ete. I(kL DS RSNTAE 1 S R E
Securities boght and sold on esmis-ietn.II ,/..L JTR E
haines, Members New Yrk Exchange.
"T 'ho stock of the various ounipanie-

ttled $450,000000. But whets unitetd ,DEAL INr flll SANITARY PLUMBINGS
000,000.This gain of ovetr 75millions Line of enrrent oelerlen si nn =ppsseaason, J , U 3C U a o uet ae u wster-PILDLHA 0RRiNRT.STEAD AND ROT WATER HEATING,
wa uet atrhtwa h r- PIALHAOOKREdsOE. 207 E. Washington Street. ARTISTIC GAS AND ELFXTRIC FI.XTURESS

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