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March 19, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-19

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54 PaiI0


...Oar Special Line of....
Foreign and Domestic;
has arrived and is ar-
ranged for inspection.
We have the largest as-
sortment in the city,
6. H. WILD CO.
io8 E. Washington St.

Was Willing to Play Grand March
and First Two-Step, But Wished
to Delegate Leadership to
Arthur Pryor
Saturdally u'ino'lng, WiV(11'l's drug
00100was10 ((1(1(11 u-nh (people to secure
sealts or101 811100 (lle('1' Et t "tliir-
day. The seats10 ((('1' lol; g 1 '00'V'
fast(1rtthan ('('011(10(10e. (and11 P(0111 in-
(1(001(11(0 1((111 () ((10L.e argeot 0au1ience
Uioiversit-y tall has no tertained011for
years. '11ere0ave10a(0Wboy veryhood
oua W whih 11ve0 ((11 yl( '((('01 1(11(01
(111(1 those0 desirilng s1(1s0 0001111doweol
to 0001110 11(01m1 ((1Wilder's as 0011l1 ((0

U 8(1110sa A-(111 1(11tl((ly for aIll Athlletic
AD~AMS A ass0((ltio la 1(1(1 after 1110s('(1(('('('
JiIt-Lfhetre (next ln1((((n((gill. Tidas(1
loon il illy leterallined. after' long 110-
SALTE111 11111110 10xvi1h 11e1faou111 11111(-
tide1th1110 1(111 0111111 ((-,it m011a i (1101111 0(
received CE'(1(1(10ir lout(1of the 1111111111(11,1o
recive frsh (1(10t"It 10(10 l(''le1'ay to1 0(lllilt
every day . .'1Sousa 1himself (((11d 111reorl Bird1( (1
11(11110 e lol1( 1(11(1 ea I'ldi('agu.
PHARM A CYOtrt (tV.1o (Ir 11(si0(10100 . ba
at Lis offerd to1low111- 1110 11a(01t1
YOU KNOW where to get... 11(1 11111 (1(111 Allllo1Director (10 lodre.
A GOOD LUNCH f1(10 dili 1(0 111 lld olll' ((011(1'1101-
AND on )11111 ig Sobaa0250 1,h(lly the
11101tlhonr. tgsa ro('1(101'(. sad i(10 1(1(1
SM1OKE hisospealltraill waold lealve1fo1rle-
R. E. Jolty, 308 S. State Street. (roil Iofooo 11(that 1(11 01(1111woul ealoe.
Thi «-11 he a re' 11(1' 11(11(11 (01(11.
to1 (11111' -iv(1( )((('1(111here,1';I(s 11e' opl
THlE 1Ei1tAND FOR,.... (1111ort l tof trig(pinll' held tfwantasic
Chocolate Chips !\'escldtloi soito
(THlE ORIGINAL) dn110(01010. te il hesesol
IS GREATER THtAN E\'EI2 Slly Ii (in'o the11 01(0 f 1-0 ilPii
LUNCHSouaa'o ('111 ((i'l l 1of11 l lllo' .10(00l'
LUNCH (0111'uite 'll(llal. Nol for'ein( of1(1
IS INCOMPLETE WITHIOT 'T i 0(111(1' 00llel1'0t'1e111'cc11(ss00 111(
TEEMI, NAME ON EVERT l11xllal'i0- aord'd(I'll 00,1and(11his lowl
(CRIP AT ill e'('('('cll(tillellil'110 .IllBr-l
(('0 's ~lllll ((mum so((Ii 11 0001.-
CAMPUS DRUG STORE .1 fil were'01' Ico01( ts01010 1(1 loll.--01a111-
(('tll 11 t'(11 0 01 1 {11-;1 't('11ll1( ll-
+* (01 '(110 01 ('0 ick 1'll(at' lay tol' tilal'
La tch + ill t hou((1 (l1(l'illl111 oochilyh
4. ~~ o ul'l'll 1 ' lorwa t'he0'it' 'agtoillte
Q_ ousa 1l0l It aldall g. ceonw(ld 11onor.
tolw yWetantyou b(aa ll Ia ter 11w1fined 'ill very eit
to come in nd look l 111111soial *ndohatIa 0l l oo l'1The
around whenever you 4to1atten1d1(1 11S1111a1c10110001 11111take 1a1l
have time. If there is 46obtlssotn00111fr'oll .t1110A1110010111 1ba0d.
any book in +our stock Trhe baud If 1110 Queen of Hol1landllat
that you would like to the Halgule telegraphed t11 0110 lnaage,-
see, yo u are w elco m e "as0 k ing)11( er m iss0'li onl t .o f a tre.th
to-do so. lheerfu~llly gra~nted, a111 at 1trel'1'a in
Remember you are t-1o11aull, the regimenltal ba(ald OtltlIlo(1
± - always welcome at 11n t111t1garrisonu met the A'11101icl2lu11-
4. icians :at 1110 station. Sousa (binl~gs
! h1110an01l0 1100 ifor a coneert at TUniver-
W A H sty 11101l on Saturda.y eveninlg next,
W ~ r K-with Blanehe DutfieId, soprano, nd
~ ii:: 11 : us i;t:.Berth110Bucklin, violinists, 'as soloists.

'('110Senior 'Lwallre hit 111)0til1110
110001 pl(11 of giving art April tool Question as to Advisability of Mihi-
party on April 1. This iasOsllleti'lg gan's Establishing One at Detroit
lellirley 000' it1 AnnI Arbo, a0(1 noel Much Discussed-Miss Jane
tiesof a1 unliquell natur ill i1be((ntroO- AddamnsFvosIt
lucid 1throullghoullt til en011100e'vening. Fvr
'l('il dancer's''0 will 11e kept ol 11101
gu~ard for jlioke. 111t111lit1tui(111d(1(1 llolg tht' 01(0y'l11(0' problemslanow
(Itogram.t Coflrontng the soiologial a10( phil'
(tanie rsaemy 11(10 10011 00-110011l ttol'O(1 orkers015of An Abor tie
fo'i t'he-occasion. 11nd1the 11a11lowilLe 1(10001011 lftfouning 01rlasitig a 00'
,ee' itlle c'allge' 11(10 1(a1110tile 0111101'(((00'The e1'altslt 0lt ~tof scalIilsettle
harriesla (rtit'la lll(100ll'000sfn1 tda year (((('IN-,'ll I'aIIwotk h 0ih, if Iroperly
and11 (((e' llo'('00 oftthe funcinlis as0((-('arried-Io01(. 011111101fail 1o exercise a
011010. Thll'dellvtldlfor ticketso polksoadsI(II1"wgifluenee 011Michigan s-
weIll f('110 t, 11(0l1'I('0 of (he' atair'.for (('1110ill tie 0(100 1t 1 0010.
de 11ill 0(0 to thoselna e ((01 ili(g (10(111d111110s'trit'ian 1Asoiton owould
oros for tl0'1(. Nol 11(e owil 11e' 111- 111011 1'Idevotedl to 0'arr0yig 011the
('((('Ile111101. 'Thll'1(11010c 0ill 110 (If he All planslar((('0 1(01 ll(OeloptI.land
A BIG SOCIETY EVENT (11(00 Snn-lt and condct'd0thlI01(. r
Miss1(0.tdlwllt((0tllk 0wa1s (attcu~larly
The Comedy Clb's Performance This (Il'Olitl1' he1tuched01 1 po1t1((i(11few d-
tail (f t11 111 11(01'se life, (tellig-of tie
Evening Will Be a Success in 3(5(1r1 memb111000of 0111(1 11(1(1te o5,0ti
Every Particular - Seats ((('1(11' 10who 111(0e1we'ekly (t1 letre
Selling Rapidly 0anti oneet. ((Il(11-('((01
('('111'I(((1I((' If (0110'e(10 ((0'Work done11'1(5'Mihigan
ht higO'o l(s1titevey orallservnt actlstyl0(1'Chemt1(ivel100'10
i1'l'l; ail tvileotylodc'Tilhit tlioldt'eit
Pe((ts",:'Mi Al(un a foo~it ('(Illhit
wellinded: ail ae og 0.1(11t 01 oest -iio((f the w0111(k (f 0(1-
Lace beenIllcit fo-over'a(Ionth' die of telil( r -eee
indicaliwlsll 1ptilnI toward0',('('I( 500(0
1(1lac i~00 In6n f t ep a .Ai .itil ixt'o't o ps 111 1((1'ho'se c1(' o0o~t of'5 1(11 oplel'
t he 1111 1' (1' sal held11 invlire (S. ll t o 1 l'i0(o1 to br111(01 linrou . the
1(15's andim the(Ifene1111 (1 ooiclto' in te SI'l (liosof t s(aoI(001 ana'l ('S hoI 1(111
yhtI'nes0ttis tilo edybotwtail ie~agsr(c '. fllts 111( a1110o a-ec
fl~l (lG 01' oillerec blarlos tlat 1Ilbe m' tter ct l I til(1- thetloOS Ilta01
t nlwl.0'E11n100 so lietl 0'1 t nu10'f lb (110'. Ill 001110 (II b ttorit'0Ie it ers(1 L enp r
'10100 bsisan uilgeasry hee h'ii flao y 1101(1' eIdls 011't 11(11nder ll'n111(( 1(1ti liO 11100'tiItg0.
111Cr We ave 0(1(0f~r 1.20) ((100',50 ting1fy. Pea edatt. ralr, C oo- n
1111f1t8.51111 pe pl an be u lld -- ai t tlnio011000 1(11011'h abnt illtiresion alrad
of1 of1 Ow 0(1010(011." t ill the rt dan to0 atte' pt n owfde l ( ba tew
-lVvd(leeplala olthosetlenent
the tltcrp1u(ti)s.11l the on'ro ie..11lagdta'emnepealywo
I.~~~~~~ (1crwnan wo'rtsotha (will 0epr tTrpyRom t73
wil ule oiter lTesdyev '~eing. March1 WenodnyeoLlikeng. lh tre
20. ~ ~ ~ to totliosTePhl-pil. oedi HaYlc ftE ,ct s

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