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October 04, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-04

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Of fa pF


I~Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to th -syles and finish of
every suit, whether to e used for
business purposes or for full dress
6. H. WILD CO.,
so8 E. Washington St.
Wilder's Pharmacy
36 S. Stae St.
EVERTHI G Ou spendid lists of
NEW BACCO-even the store
itself is new. We have remodeled the
plaee and invite all our friends to call
and inspect what we have. You cant
beat our LUNCHES.
R. E. JOLLY, 3085S, State St.
can all e had of best qunal-
ity and at lowest prices ...
BOOKS died
1500K IlIGES
Students will fid either of our
stores, Headquarters for Law
anod Medical Books, and nl Usi-
versity Text Books.
We offer some second - iand
hooks at Low Prices.
White Writing Paper 15 and 20c per lb
Linen Writing Paper 20 and 25c"
} Ream 250) ....... .......25C
Box of Envelopes (250. .25
100 Cards engraving andplate... $1.25
Best Student's Note Book....20c
First-class Fountain Pen....$100
We sell drafting instruments and
supplies at Special prices.
Sweaters and Athletic Goods.
Before Buying Your Needs Try Us.
Wabr's oostores
Up Town Down Town

WOMEN LEAGUERS PLAN I Faculty Concert. No Midwinter Choral Union Concert
Ths Year's Programme Arranged- The first Fautfy concert of the sea- The ChioraTinsion has begun its
Six Parties on the List - The son will be given in Frieze \ienorala work for ite year usr the saue eutfi-
Hal this evening, at 8 o'clock. siate manner that has characterizel
Freshman Reeption-Dele- Mhiss Rth Isabel martin, pianist; the '-otto-or past years. T'he first re-
gates to State Federa- Mr. Willianm A. Howland, barftoe; liarsal of the year was held Tuesday
tion of Womn's Mr. Bernard Strm, violinist; Mlr. A- eeing.. Over :lo) singers were pre-
Cltbs. freil Hoffman, Violoncellist, will fake et, about lf of womu were old
part. The folswing poitis-aiyill eomeiber. The sopiaos are eqtally
gil-"T1=tp ti1lst years sandar, while the
A frull atidil ut huioiric tisetiug of Sott. Die Allutlaclt"...Srlht lts are spierior. There is still oos
the exsec-tive roittitltet' of the eissi- AM. iHowland. for istnmemiber of bsasos soil teors.
esLe tr., sas held yesterda-y f. 5-Fiano solos- Prof. Staitty anootniedilthat titi
tnon for the lt--itus rs ite lie';v Prelude, f -sharp mittot'. thaisotoff stidis-tt retchotl coilserrsw-ud e
Wrine Leagtuc tarlr. If 'e yer sicilaiia all Aite ... tescheiaky oItititer thrisyea. ,,ttlogtigleil-uria-
toove ~s -sucrisstul s rot- I luic,- Bal1 lte 'Aflt .........hoittl r-cofcos-rtris ii ills'course will r-
Min eeI l egev11wtesIiss 51 rtit. mintite atte s formerly. This is
hr itrot r-rjoya-be dulsI s uts ter utiii slosrdote beause of the fact that toos much
ricil in its hisoy.I le oga-tization Noctrtne.........i.....t~olitm tite ansI trostitae is necessary to pre-
is now on a.trimtbaiis i toilit onyvrec C.ptites.-----.......Drtker pri'fr toth atirlsiirer concet anit
imains liirismemblessto-al its tnifutierlt ttcftiitti. alortthe ly tFestivat. This change
iing its sotil intl rlssrit-ile tinos'. Sngs- will require less 'time of te student
Di'.Soter cht-irmatioft ut tgeoups "Bilt "fteto Lie"- --.... Httitismemtbters, tnirla larger attesirane t
leasers' coiittet', repotou edti.i the "PetIf Polls Oliver" (ld Lg te rehearsals nsy te extectet.
stee.t.'.ei.....t........e.-i's.t......-- - - -'Tef tio May Festival concerts, then,
social ev ellistein atrranged is t5l- tii I Ies o.sLandti ...". . .Allisen will lit'te only cies its which the
lo'ss: Mr. ttowlanii. ('hotal i7ion11 will be hearl dutring the
Octobser-CoSulme party. souitas for Piamoiandsuio ilin. ..- preseit seson. The selections which
'Nvier Lilirtsoscial. ... ......... Cestr Fraurk till ocsity the attention of le mucu-
Decenbr-('lhtrity cusisrt andsl liill. 'tMlss Martint and 1 r. Stsrss. ters for troduciin next spriig, an'
Feb. 2' -Wasliugtoo paony. lMetselsscli's "lijal" sant Stllisan's
tlarcts-rasotteur Iteatrircti. Mr. tockuwordtplays stntrrtltotnt"(olenLt'teged,"
Mlay-Mlay pole' patrty. Thtursday etching. tteswill gie 5a fll Rhelt-itls still ticciur regulrly eery
Thte susccsso of last yeas tr'stssy tdress reital 055 Thursay esesisig, Oct. liI.Tiesity esciing st the School of
party hsptersuasderdlitt-e ommitte'e Seasonitickt-es wtill admtliirto tis rcc MIios.
'htit51secondilsocisl ssill le wlcosmedl ittl. Wi' ar'cosfire'nt tatthe ntt'tt' lxiiit iii tiiostitct inutiel'fist'coii
,by tall the lea r's i's. 'rit'tchattitv toi- sttitiitrs sf -the FI I- -il -wsill Iie tin- suc, doits- (i'Xr-r't Sstttl yu. i'rsitsI
sirt sill te guvest it StrstiCaswssetllsditlly welrome tot'l i'ittit' ttirmtadtht toSn2 sI to it . lit. 'lte lit smembsers
itg woill b l si-otestlt muic s. .After tIdi' iitrin llpersot ut'byi1114tti1h.bit-te-c et
te ioutct st-ninisllfi lttuinthei____-Iito-s
tylnshssitI. STe 5prtct'iedss till hedeii' -t-d'Ii Satintey st Si-Ittllic'
ohto ,tanty wolotily chart'y thtmtttt Istks tirti it=Si.Alitot
le fousidi by ofit-trs of te leaguet. Tio - - To Brng Back Atintst
patis-ies of the yearsi'.eitth'rity ttsll iil Btiycett aIlt sg Cts an rib '-li--
, lii'Nlaypolt'pattsy still followi the' ls'IpetituScI uhller 's ohtlost is, Main stt ''itfootitatll tttnltsgt'Ieult htts Is-
silily itt tUivemisrsity Irhitni-sg co-- -ildto t ti1 hi' I e itidtsattite tis
i'sltitol is. Thit ' W osuetss'sgue ArI titin'rs fr Studien-ts' 1RoomiIs .a yeintake fileIi-tlirs.of 'titt slsstomt
tri-il extend i ii-itatiotis ti it t navvy 8s os-lt-hurs Boostoresi-i'.lt S. SMtit t- 11 ii s, aeo h stll Isosor trt' yes-
friendis, woiasre died-tof Wttsti's ----- andlt ito htat csitlltaveitattnlt'i pstrtto
itigli' ttprilrges,.asdut i hopedlll te Ni't itt 1111'tthiii ltlitt t'oiiti5hliius br Ii lt-hak ithe iltgtadss ii numbttes.
genstleimnisill paidi5tiit instringtsics-i s I i-is h$i--lilisir Sthtillir's ooIk str.'itre1 tits stabttshedhi'iwsitt this'ssttm
ti te suindertaktig. -- - o -r-td-tt'u-sat -ititta. st-nh-tasi5t sui-
hitticgtsis- u-s nhsalgvnit -shgs Tstu :li reisnftsIssade-to-order.. 1i1n1oltest 1stfuts'- sdts. gs oiutiti thet-i
tvi-ithitki tltcs st Nistisitty liall nits tstuu-'Slus beietoois ts i ills'fst'yastht twhrssit
ttutirafsilti'rnoon isfrocito it . rhisli-it tushthi s sihuls' hitSil st eils'ith
siill tilks'this-formit uf atla3fstnon eai Pof A.C. 51u-tighi'si s'iut i -nout s hasrly mos hn ifmsittatio
a d is for siltnits-is' ls it theis'lu eru- il iu ns- i touisitisill"ptt.s-iontght its- gasgt ou hi ts'snul. 'hissi.too.
ily. leu-tseis ush ill iuiritthssfithei'S 5- 11- tsitT) isea fsai tt I ututsma-ager- uh uand sshs'-traier teca essmonviced-
leasgues' ims.askeol ois n iisiert'Ill-b tiuutt-il'til litret] a orokio liDi ws 11ithu e St S tluicof i th hit'me tste-
si-oyss ifouinasisih y situsul. 13lust Ills'iusthis-cil ty uday.-s ehis s ss-ilit itted u ua ititi an. it ya.i os sst'-iled to hseive
frs m n gils tosis sr istots-iu il l sit l iii l t isisOfi the ills tug t h is fail. If tes
ri-is-i' ttuliroti satiis. ii'iSW. Rsills- hiisi ane li-usy acehis'iiif diiludt tpriit theii'tutamtthe
'lTheedatsilofistthus'six 15511' is's sill te iof ti the A.Iiita. itio eur f h lii in i l'ge ti tiutOr.
anntuounced-s'latier. r silo, t o r t yi olfstheut .'.6 C.I - I sutisslutthe u Iit 'st' y.iatud susit 1tut"-s
S.ol Sua i Siic, eu'lu'i'Whe lprsidettlslof I ts' A.fti Ct'su iI'll titt s' si' . ti-u-dit tssl Suto, iiiinhse s,.cotini u'
tetaguut,. tndl MisFlorense ees, --- - _____--- h a- iigtttit,ail thu it totSi uir
S l'i'ttrori't. os-iru'aptited dei'i iiligteis ito Lilie IMetmorial Windowts' utu ltiasuitentchosn. 'h'te' tl hibu
tes' iii tae rtlioniiof YWomsens wiltus- iluito uck lturo sec ''tus-A''isirt
I 'lsis 5lt - be htuidttittunitiug iOit. 2-2T. dosituits0il5 t t i tTi o u sittsieteamutt,
'hts-rutuarrutu nngsus'ihavlte lit'sIt Als. P rotur. lniuh I.Litlit.woe ant d at t bhottmioLtuu ifootals a,
slightly ihange-d IIlsttuts. sits itiuthustitut 10 50 -ss lu''iuhsll titlt'e lier sTi. 'thls' frterinitielis sill makeo
tlederosuswas tuu'clu ts mkitfu-socia'tl IS'' toutitis 1assstntSi lo~ l ttiug ietg'hmts iuit ' ve till' usulituihtitt-
stll ill si-lugir. Niow' ths' leasdr auh n tilr ;Itars tago.nitSittitu-the l'ruste'u'oof lins aSitSliti Suits'soitu thi'salmit
lthtto ss illheIts' o i otrl'Si ils,ut. lith I'll itt i i tuchi ii int s sIt 5 '.. hiiiltre-isl il tt us tli rh~i~~
Lit-ismember, it'. s oontus usshut'findlshis-u' t't'htlt he ' es sthttttiitiretopac .reI- iitnhlp unthe ll'pr'elssotlchariu-
ttlead'eriandlpatrones'sstillconstiser i itittostusliso' mlliheschurchis tothueuses-iti- tgeir tto-rmnis. Th isil.l(Imithlest
its - 1515'ohibeciomesi' tii-titedt'twith its ,Eofthis-li'depassreidshuTui s h t iuuttis utssul- -sui -autiois sif tts'usar-hy
themss. tEach lartly f this'yeari- still bhis'csit-sidt t-i istogusby Ti 'lt 'sy itt' ess l iesilocdlrg -catos
underm' 'his' utturisious of lustgroupts, YTu nd sthe ii'wtiiudow,' sluti s no-\y listS usoS-27siiysftit ltil
woutwsil sssms~ituts-'l'the -commistte'e'.comleitt' t-, itt e tieC' lSin t.cntralt on Ocht. nl mstlttislitthelid'utstned
u'rtsuete la,i oweverl's'still hoem 'ta'htrol stl otifhi. s-tt ~ si t-u-mist thl.ea ir tth fls tbfe-
in b atcommtte wel knw-n liedediatin sttxe wilooc sr t wnd o creneus'oulassociatios ans
inth riecollege theie-ustw-u-h. The t'euregulassm i-servosis-iss-otr next iisso slstlc lu u ea'
plain of entetainiing thes'groups singly I Suisulsy. sa ae fnw te i l er
huas, as a sthsole, bten sabtandoestd, ____by55 i.
thouugh it is nmoe than likely tht ceel- Prshibition Special Train NOTtt St.
tuin sociablyhiscliedl grous wtill mueet I_____lxatliliiittiionsforWastGeBn
,occasionaly. ITe1roiitlitoi speciialht n uearlu'- .1stsuand Siiitoli ci hsandidayt(se. siii
Srtas sotedl toitroll stiishmgs of te'it s g JohnsG. 1Sooi'p, casndidte 'fr le hilitSsturdasy evening, Oct. 6, st 7
executives'comumittee tie fnrst Sittursday tesuiiidetaidall the oiler leaili. fit.hisRoomsa2-, t'. t-t
msorniing of each monthri, sitti1odeo- , canidatrtesstill come ito it'e AnnutMANGERS.
all not, as lheretofor, suiltet to cal. rue idepout eser the ieligaus (titiral-
"st4:5 pint.'mi omi Wediesdsy, Oct. 1.0. Athletic Associain tickets can be
Annual' Athletic Mass Meeting in T-le train svll sf011 oiehouer, duriig prcrest atSaler's Jewely store,
Waterman Gymnasium, Friday even- wshich tmie 'ddresses will e delered Main s.
ing, at 7:30 o'clock. Seats reserved Sy the ciddtues and oiler promaineit
for ladies. esorators Alarm Clocks at Hater's Jewelry.


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