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March 06, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-06

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....Our Special Line of.... DR. MOSHER OBJECTS Mod Ballingon Both Tonight MAY INDUCE SOUSA
Foreign and Domiestic To Having Floor of Barhour Gymna- Tonitit hIWill be aniiiiotiii or un To Play Dance Music in the Gym-
siu Waxed After Promiaes Have llsul0linterest0to1heti uCodentsLeelore
Been Mde tothe Cotrary a.oii-tioiin. as it will e the irst itie Sousa Plays Here March
-A Rap at '01 Social Ieialliyvyears titi 1it wonano 2hUderth Aapce
FO SRNG cmntte si-lo, lo ourse A. Mandet-io of the Athletic
Ililintet o Isti till seno nrte Assciatien1
fi thei- nitor olte IC. or iD ily toslioft prisotn refortm, itotilo lrsie fot- 510 ttitr oeso
has arrived anil is o- I hI--as- i, e it-ietgi gtcol ss torteStly ttlntd i- to-o-
alranged for inspection. t;toiiottu 0Y000Oasltnitoo thetoe l-- nilt-sbno re tot e e s . atovofl eA ste r- - So til t l liltvthe tw-
We have the largest as- to-1 ssoor and jtoioot icttsseos of the sxcot. o ts-teoo-o--s ol te.Sis-o a i e , teo ile b oto the-bottle tt tot-
sort miet in flhe Cit ttliole (ept-too o-ot 0atli-Itfie u-stvom ss lotoirto iu iersol c ottito-l Ottdties to othe ~i.
sr~ rtieyal od wl~ u oe- it tolis inoatt restooe-ts a0 oo-oooi -Slooid to ltue ioltooo te Dioly
ind tt tottett it.oo-e os a0- od1.000 pa001r
*Gtoo. ttH .oo 0000ios ooo1s000 her to: withotto I to 1 00 o-siy autoities, the
108 E. Washington St. Ibte 00a tl too to it 110001tooo-stutoe-nts 51Mrs.tiBoothtois toeol- oo a ii orooo 0- AOlolt i--osoi--tiootois enoirileitoo gie
I oioi 1 000 ae ott a o rt t n-u-0 00000 hi rturoft he 010 (, o dioo flouoloti 0h11p0 lit wo dances00001d1100 00fito-- ai-no- toeurgyno-
ofI i oi o ligit. will to111 001. out oolniopay oto ooea . Whty sin W ha e el o ed nc au
_____________________________________First__of_ 000l. seeooosetohe slo- oooooecotous
sl itoto te 100100itsion1hit :ltneto1 is'oo- tlsi 0ifte 000L,0 ittot i chtlto e000goigon00
Hel - a g Follow Stude~nt uoooe cnt iunooofor moolo ito i Aooi--i-o. 1e00-00 HrirIo 00001u00 ot sttcessfilt too- still slfer
GUFllo UUIG I he 0000atou oil woox to ro toftloor toas o"t"owortt. Sthe-is 100totoootilht t e too-soc -fito tot ncelooo--loercs tt
el rhhtoi. Ccii to ne00s to mosO bloted 001woioool anot te- lu.o t "-
Ou... - htoIs i1 lloiio i- 00 tto slot-is t o st0000t0traoctite oil l e0000i 10101100000d1ni Auto Aoo.
at ted i'eanus ulhas ooooi oledtootiotoooo theitOiit0000"We h utto i ooreto 8.dWSou i t te o
wh Sa woring ise ayutrug oulst1 e ttioiv dopet he o ooo t t s ofli- a oooootooan-- ottlisfthe ighs t ool tyi-to o llta- itbitot ot oucithto
hr otd lwsttu eev d fesh ai"1sol o ' u othooeoooofiiteroBlanc- o ill uilr.000-i- i l00 and00 ann01read IIi 5 it0000 vlooiitl 0101 tlt
helpsoil 0 ott oilyooot-epiii ii 50 t io-i t 00 i0 i 101001 o t 1000 t00 p li i ii'h-u too-c ototoo c t het
whoiis wortii-to litiritoohas to s Iiottotoot oo-initdiis 01101 an00 tu t 0. lilttete oflie ltheore1ito i
WonLOEestPH BMruY-- - -Inights,-ooto-r thtetooatie olooso. T ao ii Cotosi s ued he- o ao urnoo oots ertoitts
coll-1-1000-tiy potundtyou buysli sil ti00ols 10o0 s iii- -5iot btilteit 0
_________t_____nun;________________00tcs wo caustel iiiut p -I 01tiittt i-tt1'i oi- t ut h loioottooo-oyoo-o- too ooo andi ootsotto
ever doot-01t .iiioilolidte.ervisooigoosly Coettso
YO K OW whre to ge o uintherelit<n tog it'd t oi ioi"it 001siirs110i otittti. s u-u-to-to to 0-si- too r looog ito oi riet
00om' 0n a t 7o'clo 10-00m t0-vv;1s1tito lhw511 1horiIshiiio000001 10ssootvooedtoo
toot too- it-ill- I tot ii lotOInflutticei is il Otto Ititi 00000
oftiitl h i ti w tor n t - z~-~ ut O c te - lih 1ittitolo t titoct li h1i bttiii grOt 10100 t('ote0000-. otse, So isa
Y O U K N O W w h e r t 0 g et ..... eels u sed th fl oor w o uld a v e b e onl "h e I Iiiit o r iiitt a nt he ulgl adm11 ist i t ts I-O tve eto-i o i ng s ko oo l it t i- a e l ~ . n " s r y t a o m t e i n r n i s l c u e a c t e u e t t 1et tt i r l u e t w u d h
15E o13,30 Sote Sre t. lii 100tiit 1700005001 to so-i ti- h010 tit u eauset fltt i iortoe hit-to
.hh8 lh~ AND or f5o010 un otibeprvete - ythso roe f s. inth till Ito ur ioooo otto.o i titus-I ihetrotattithl es t it I toe
S M K E.hll]I, _blget_____ eIh_ 00'r w m1 to i i m wtot itlslioset tth oiIlbIitiit t i otto ts 0000 tereot5
~~ I liii- biv~~~~~~~~ttts retiil ti ote opr tBase 0 of ooooo lo ou i t l
Dai Prcreito litt-eos.i tt100 i "00l iit tono 1iiilts 00par t ets ermct1oto so
Choolaephiut on07:0init1 ilheOtoy1110.
it ill I\l. 0005>5 i1 1 0100 c..0 cani be stout ott111 uis toohis own. butlrteiii
IT (,lo Ott I ttth 1 1 blo suoou- 000 itooo i-stu ol totwil beitoi,t at it too oosouuloinuot it re uest otatoit-
t _t-i I o-ho- si t I0-t too tt u 2 0he lot11 s ottuhtu iootti tc I iii it l ile - - - - arr- ve
IiIN Ow b 101 50100 t o il to owto t i t et-00lu - siutltot(I today. tll iogouullsofli tooo
1l o9 A tgFfI 00. oo ooiBalloooooiuus0000 ot :uo oot 1t i t vorsooolirt t iui*ss -o i ls ut l-
gO111u 'jP otottl 2uOhttsour-u-Itilth5to l -- - - -~ tio
tvn stn, 'h ol wl out 00tooto- 000 t 01000501e000 ti n tho iiis io oor i -00- obyoos 000ilt, ut
CPinD>.i The oie ttof till o rd, ttlit bo e aO t he ololooo00000000toi-Itooofte I o manuix - pas i ttitibii ol i th
TII~l N ME ON EV RY the gt sel o aclOtter. Last oil 111 ampA. A. d Will Plot in I te- t-tsoo 00h0 -lei 000000ov ,10ititnhs be 10pr00
jfP A1\ so-lt bo t 1120000ieril turnoulb , i u ool Yardliii tlt lot 1; ('ve tts aoil to00-yard
-boou th oldvt.ob iluo w oud lise bothaveT heLeh ( tiit ottohol big dah _2 y rblot. 60-ad ah
{FO R uto-t oteou t ha tlo wheouotsuneut- l'ull's.bobo u lett 00 d1 - 0 th. -i ta o oo llh t t- it 1111u110itt ttt ii-g uti imto
( A Dt - 0s Olte m a i l o t o e t o ouoon 'irs Ito tu oith i th e foot 0 tetn t o 21 y i s i; 1oilh u-utod tlo oti oouooioto
CAM USoOUGSTO Et and 000ntheioutret itqui lit rfit 1kilot w nmlcfrret oa. b ris.11111-bod.uur inn
.1. itoo iitotot500 0 hoousuoolo o t.00wo ~ ouul totork.10i0001 ti ole toutitt.I-s ti ito;-
- so- 8-t ooe lo ts o hapo ved txr005 u 0007 ti11t0007 00000 ii itth 010li o -pii iioundl titios
+ FOILS 0:07 sit-U~r i uut o too-and oeverto-i g boo 1111 1 - - -rareribquarter0-ude s 0100Cotti one-otnio
cednedpe ple -$3 0 of 00000toly itood saeritelo t btimyitaig oituti tib 000000 00 1100 1al1t u ttor too ts ito iuo t s tosil 111 t t iitttcai bits.Uiat t ,
+* T!S-'j I~j hit ,/E tsheWhibth t ht tuo tutu l elgitoutulo tol-.ou t s Ootto I oWendell07 Nut to f blotuu-lo tbo omlstimtaryilotilt ti tt u t Mo
gurd om e$0 Iu CSot ub uI to qt t -sirh oots olean s 17 tootv. s I ~ttle lti 1ut Ct Ifi i- in s-t,Ii ce ott-ug toutoo- Ioootet
Soige O lde boI t LS f -13's ch- e it-ide o e %l lut 1.t-ts107 ttoo tturts07toa 't lou-toutboboo I roill o tu5btt uooltu sit--
ha nd l wo bln d ewit 'lu touough fot ott ot tiuhdlos 0101nts eni Or ft 4 h oeifrne ot .i oufrin naleet. Ih i
4. h ndtewtus wtitle nh go- 0007 ot to hb olee o s - IiNthe ots Ioot A.ut .elt ofo- a1u I dbt--oilu oo~ ooo -t- utilr i e - Thou-lertoo-s ootsuotto
+ red ord, per pair...$200 +
Che , soututo 50-bttooto-ustto-il I tot to-tu-i tbtr-iltotssote tittig o'tiblot- butt toofitfhou- tost tooi to-lo-loigloo te st ill
MAISKS + totm tend boeotte ro rdu-oo s wtouldt iouthou-0a uope t ol otloioo0ltoofhOttoylot o fttthe hveIn- os nu-tou t ha01 ot of 4Otto- totol
3' Fine quality toire 1(resultust titoioutoaoddreossd t oowardothiolditohichtothe tortepresnts engraveoi t he Ot
+ maskeclose mesh trith -,t _ 00iiso b t on,:11111111islvt e u-op tto Sl it o-uhis ots
1. ear and face guard, *Fresh men Adopt M inentous lMeasures 5it Dssttod tot stilstill booetketon ot to boo-tor h shoools of Sihil tOhio,
4 per pair-.......$300 4.itttoio-litel7 looig o« riro Otohtolul buttit 0lliouobsaotooW0is-osi ty
4. 4. to~~~~h g of thoumetootit noilthatufthou- t-sch-tool toil liee llowe heeeotol100ussol-us iou
+ GLOVES t. Th'10 14 hit 010n0 stgioouos Itill tueet ineio-i- ittee ltofthf to oooeiotioottwtill u-til ievsot Tl O ts t a0005500 5swill te

to'For right hand, .I Cauorday - tt 4 p.oto. too retotot S),U. 01, lreou- o-uoguoiuo-o sol o-oeryoseri yloettSle-;gousts of thu SloUtisoesity Athletic
4. heavily padded with to o ettsicettit t hletic sit ltibooooto5 ndtoiword thoe w-llitog togo-tloor oftte i-el- ausosi i~tfon uttorin;thg laoys of tto
S gauntlet, eank - ...$125 too 1elooo-utloatrodof eoutttol four coass li-go-s 0001to aosruotag ussoolt-ioio Hluston ot. eS 'flo eontosOtr ill he unoden-te
a. tlleties. refers too tsr o stiverities itn his letter. rulesraotiied -by floe high st-hoal seetiotn
' The '04 class trill attend Sloe Penoosyl- Thtey ore supposed' to be Choieago anod of the EState Toehers' association.
± H Rvanios odbate in a Iodoy All osocoobors ieltigloss tast year's meet was tory successful
of She class ore requested uto meet in ________ and the pr-ospects for this year's conl-
SOUiversity Hall before 7:40. Alarm Clocks at'HALLER'S. test are very flattering.

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