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October 01, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-01

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COL. Xt.- ANN ARIBOt., MIiCH., TUESLDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1900. No. 8.


I~Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of i900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is gives to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to he used for
husilness purposes or for full dress
so8 E. Washington St.
Wilder's Pharmacy
326 S. State St.
NEW DACC-even te store
itself is newv. We htave remodeled te
place and invite all our friends to call
and inspect what we htave. You can't
heal our LUNCHES.
Rt. E. JOLLY, 308 S, State St.

Annual Event is the Int.erest of' Ath-
letics to he held Friday Night.
Ottl IrittttY sight of ihis week the
Althic'.its'associationt ttcr'toses to ltold
its attttutl imass nieeting to tisritet the
intere sts of uthletics in getneral ansd
footbatll ini pariculor. Ats inth ie sitti-
tar meetings of pat leatrs pronmineult
plttyrs attd oluittti ill -adiress tte
itteetisig. The coaches antdl managers
weill teli of the teatm, its prostpects and
wittit it tneeds for a stuccetssftii season.
Metiters o the ftteulty wits have l
.atest interest. in thte wehttre of tihe
Usiersitys athletics will also speak.
The position tif Miciigosi as te chsasm-
5ittt of pturityin tt slttics will bte is-
e-tssed, anditheii relatioss f athsletics to
i-ollege life tisit of lists essentihil they
tire teone to the oilier; all these wiii
ite 'impressetd uponcte students. In
short, the ma55sn eering otters to the
nets'student. at Michigan the oppsomu-
nities to learns briefly of tie history of
"Michigat's athietit's, asnd-to itseold
onsT he clhtuce ttt hettr the tien who
hoa's helised miake chat history, and
with wh'lose fares tthey liars long biesn
Jfniltltr. iteak ofte hat ties fouciht
and iwon.
Esthiusitisni sill c-tn at a hith pitch
if the sinmilar itri-tingo of years preri-
tins cunt for auightt. Itt4s iieressttty
tlitkitslioculi, for sonething is needed
to stir iit the studeitfhotly andt matke'
tetam. Thei' Ias(ettisestton «-tts not a
poying ton'. as had weitther cit ott
tratie amt't watso, tis ltrtiys. i ittiseay
pteisivi'foisttall schteduit-litthasbeinor-
ty seeitthe, stit iit iwsill lie inecessaryii'5
i. yt'trs pttst. lTe frttttriities litie
ito less notwi. Ltost yt''r otaw a suttsfript-
lie yetar tbtfortit' 1,2001)siraist't. The
tnt-tdtis is gri-tit. iitttc orgrei thciin
l'ttiiis tril lit'li ittinttuoiith ytti
tic ta.seitititire'st'ert'd far ciii'aties.
Latt ye'ai'rte sitroiti's fill2S i e thiii

Foothall "cores Saturday.
_Mithigtist29, Hi1llsdale 0.
Chicaigo 16i, Knox 0.
P. atnt S. 6, Northwsestern 0.
Yale 22, 'Trinity 0.
Htarvard 24, Wesleyan 0.
Pennsylvania 27, Lehigh 6.
Wisconsin 50, Ripon 0.
Minnesota 44, Carleton 0.
Beloit 48, Sacred Heart 0.
Ilinois 26, Ihose Poly 0.
Cornell 6, Syracuse 0.
Purdue 39, Wesleyan 0.
Carliste 48, Susquehanna 0.
Notre Dame 55, Goshen 0.
Alion 23, M. A. C. 0.
Muskegon H. S. 6, Allegan 0.
Ithaca H. 5. 17, St. Louis H. 5S. 5.
Mt. Clemens H. S. 38, Pt. Huron
II. S. 0.
Lansing A. C. 0, Olivet 0.
Alma Cotiege 40, Ferris Inst. 0.
Flint Deaf and Dumb 5, Durand 0.
Leslie H. S. 13, Mason H. S. 0.
Cotidwater H. 5. 21, Quincy H. IS. 0.
Kalamiazo 3, Alumni 5.
D. A. C. 11, Orchard Lake 0.
A Student Forger.
On Monday morning of last week a
yountsg titiai w'alked into State Stinsgs
tk. piresented a Qlheck for $15t0. The
check scas signed F.P. Rtaussti, Detroit
The young feltow was given tthe mion-
ey, ,and he itnmediately deposited it,

3837 is the Estimated Total for this
Aru 1:31) p. in. yesterday Secretary
Waide giive our tie official figures,
schich shoswthtthcie Daily predidiion
of -a fesw days .ago has heenniore ithan
reatlized. Alt departments show ,an in-
crease except the pharmacy and hom-
oeopqathic departments. The largest In-
crease is in ,the engineering department
swhere the gain over last yeac is 74,stu-
eduts lor 30 pet -cent. The medical do-
parttnent shosvs the next largest in-
crease, 55 students, or 12 per cent. The
followsing are te figures:
1599. 1900.
Engineering sdepstrtment .. 246 320
Literary dept..........1,159 1,219
Mtedical dept ............. 435 490
Lass detr. 691 724
Dental debt. 231 250
Pharmacy dep.... 69 63
Homnoeopathic dept. ..62 60
Total..................923 3,126
Summer schtoolt.......... 138 250
Registration after Oct. 1.. 461 461
Grand To'tal .....,...... 3,522 3837
The registruation after Ocit, 1 for this
year is tissumted. to he the same as tht
of last yeiir; JIthru computation the
gttittone last year is 315.


University Democrats 'Will Publtsh a
In the aftternootn le returned to the Weekly.
tbanmk and drccvocit $25. In the mean-
timie the check swas setit to Detroit and 'Tiei temocrtttic clubhldlthtfirst
reitricl. ft'e Is)tiroit peopale claiming . ttcillg in it.e -Wqut<irtetr4 s srday
titeres 'sno sitchliattasi ftertiooni withlit a rge attemidamnce.
:1t. C. Peterson wtas urt otice etigaged lT'etmitst impottrtatation btheen was
tis go to wvork on the ctase and as usenlthait if votig to establtishi i deino-
lie got his mant. A sccotid check was critit' camaigtin ptilt in rlite t'nic-er-
tiresettedl last Stutrtday hy an insnocent st y. 'Te shitet is -to belt -iledth ti Ui-.
tarry for $12. Slr. Pt'cerson soew the N-crsitr if Slichigani Deitioctit, intd
young mn whociipresented. the first' cwilisewel ni eeto.Iti
rceck in comtpany swithitwo protuinent tt beiof'it le sattie 01 leDtally intl
society young ltoAics Saturday evening iiitib dtied-ii iitoantotnceeieus or
in Ypssilatttti. The arrest swas matde yes. lhe tti;cs tantdstork of the clubh.
tertlay, hosres-er, and the unfortunate 'liis is ti distint.ictteitrttieanid the
youtng tian gtave his nanes as Richard firist.pblctotofthis chatratet.r to he
ltv itf Stisist'. Iet'it endit.'hle IP. of issuteidt'>tiacolcgi' poitcal organictc'
St. last yetir. 'iit' tittitteis tie'doubtcihi .I adcdd osn he ee
tt fctitious otie, as it does unit appear 'gItieesudnsctlou -latya. s,.o tic_,ti,..cli.g,,tif the ut.ioitt

toll e tadof het qiml- lestiir theofriterlitis an gaset-irthi
can altlr-stit 'fitdfrof-rbestsastl tti-i ii toiw contfesseid hitsgwilit.
ity anid at lowrest prices -. . ttut-itliuate sib ined-i thuriiemntioni to
I o a ~T~ iutlii Ilit-uislvi's iniitat r'shteEt, titdtl cruhIs Hold the Varsity.
O Qlat irgei' c'i-ti'eiittttiolluoft thut.'___omen
if teUirimy is lookelor f:. Thet-I -r -. hitil tittcultli
hittMonuay. ThireNvceiri- sfenos-men out
COIL. ScAlE ST. and N UNIERSITY _AVE. ltrytiitstuit. At. its close iliii ics, tt-it siIt--a ifiut t nk
oulsrli'liii gymm. iltcctiotettanis for serhinntutits tohutri-
ta eIihit tsi e'htgrtt -s thut'stamtt' hiciemmtlihe 5tsca ti sot
andvio ttlar i~g inth-its caact~izdil
OO K r. Spitzley a Benedict. Sthtitait thirtitmgiiit thit'sitasoni.'T'e
ALL /,'/ l1 1 IV . A. Stttzlt'y, thuecNvoll-knmowt-s tttoros for tim.crbs uceedd n k
ALWE ASK IS A TRIAL Yol-siur.sigeoncm sf theue mt-r-ot ftct'thy, tng thu' halt init-the ',ttrsiiy'o 'erritory
smithoituscitehoremembettre-dswhite tilcutist of ttime itt,tutudtever-y iitt
ground twus iusi fomight. Neithuer silt'
Stutns will find either of our stcthool as soloist. onthte Glee chub, sts issceddI crn rn;te1
tores, Headquarters for Law mtarritid on Sept. 5 to Miss hlorenisucc ee wiais snofii crsgci'1
mid~~ MeiaHokadalUi Iayes'o. daughter itt l'rs'di'rit-k -w1'. inutes of liay, iamid a grest dieal of
andMeicl oosan al tnl Hyes of Detroit. flue ceremtony took fumsbing c-awititicablte.1Wee-ks, pliny-
vereity Text Books.pihuce at lime tirsrt'rcstbyterianust lsrth l lucsarterbacik andmtlthtg sigftals for
WVe offer some second -hiand its Detroit, stud stas an event of note. the college teami, iearnas pec iiaml tnest-
DR. 1Thtley who by he ai " houin;by his sunifornlallhy goodt scorkbto
hooks at Low Prices.Tr.Siteywisstthstyson
A FEW' PRICES. of tttesiost touilar piersons in Anni Ar iarticuislsy by hmiscdefensiv'e play,.lis-
A FW RIES ior, botti in and out of schsoot, has 'hue srastsiccsuiedl thme slee atnttiskle sum-
White Writing Paper 15 and 20C per lb best swishses of his nanmsy friesids on time cated by Waltker. Othuertsise te '1'ttr-
Linen Writing Paper 20 and 25e occurrence of this event. The Daily sity line-ipsis Sts thu sameiste 55htit
Ream 1216)-----------------...25C sviomst oswihh osrttttossiicht opened time gatmue vithil ilsdale.
sheto oi'ithcogauain.Box of Envelopes (230)...... 25C Before 'lie serilngKee lzpit
10 ad nrvn n lt.--$.5 Dr. and Sirs. Slitzley csill be at rik itsmae enei'itltt
100Cars egraingan plte ...$1.5 rckhailthue 'ligmuest practicintg
Best Student's Note Book ...20cItise at 306 E. Jefferson si., after ,Not'. "lit"mtu ntrmniis ocn os
stirst"cla ss Fountaino Pent-$u.00Con
We Fcssell drafting onanPe.....instruments $and 0_____1.____siderushie tluttniossc'uossicit s als ts
supplies at Special prices. goaul keickig. We'eiur doinigtheur lsmt
Sweahers and Athletic Goods. A. C. Steckle, resbsaist of last yearsstudicl.bust stork in this lisetsi sees
Before Buying Your Needs Try Us. 'V'tsity, stas ill too-rn yesterday ispesuu- thits-- your ito hie thu s entinment that
ung his tinme with the football men. It ftiough thcou gout lkirk sttosid i' sh aot-
UOOKSIDO S is ttimoredthtat he csill eniter ittisti isheil, asi lontg:us it isthere It huatd best
Up Tow Down own rfuses to e hfirs or deny- 'te rf s ouites of time pt q111gatide lhto Eusr
STATE ST. 01P. COURTHUSE port. u sc h nt e it'~ e

(I~ltlutiiiis tim Weuhcuisittil. A 'ri'-t'Itiom
-otuttuit i-'ttee vts at~ilteit'ito at ilttcon-
miot-io It-t vc-ith the coutiy t ttiittee
itht Iut lt atu colieisto Acill Arbor Ott
Oct. It.
Training Table Started.
titus openedtt; tina ltiSli' ueirsot1t
tmgtiiuust lttthoilt. ''ii theisie Btisshtas
beelltmatddeitil ttkitithei' tiloccilug list
r'aiiuum-titztttttl'ih utu-_ Alanaugerm-Bairtt
cviiiltalso tie fondt: Wilon, Kelly,
tl3trkenschm 3litso, White, Stnows, Redi-
dlenm, 1tetinnis, Weller, Wttooda~rd tutu
Swveeley. Walker wvuus witi them origli-
nallty hut he heft yestertday for mus lbommue
schere urivate ssuutc'rs liat -6cuitled is-ns,
It is sssmrtiimlm ethetrrhue ctitt returns
ts coltege iss yeasrsir snot. To the
shut's list ;the statues of other cuindli-
dtises stitt be tadded front tisse to titms
its thet' muencshotw-autforsis that wst-it c-as-
rtssut ths'expensse o ot iasrdisig huesm.
Republican Club Meets.
'flue officers ittuhue U. of St.tRetpubli-
cust uisuet ltit oight for the firt-s
htinue .lis year it 'lime psesirlent's, 1Sr.
F-. 1D. Sect's, rooums, 604 Maodison st.
tPhinss for (lime commig cusmpailgn iv'ere
rawnvs ip, It beling tecided to hold a
ltirge itmaSsmee2tising er-ysoons, itsorder
Ito titing ottill tiht'.reptulicas.

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