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February 16, 1901 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-02-16

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IfYou Look UsOver
You will agree that our $3.00 Hats are the grea
possible values in Quality, Style and Price.,.,
P117 M

Atest 4

4AAAA443AAA A-4 i a 2 3 s s a izs ss =

="_s c" c aaa zc a:aa asa aaa:a

an CententralntU. 1of11 locksfall
M IhGAnFAL CUEtral UniMEETcitytfrom Buffalotethcrsal armo 3t. iu 0e to $1.00. Fin
NAAAFLSRUEt tilf.Ile will represett icitigti higllhooltan. le ran the quarter thtete FiPnu
TiESOTL -tis year ini the rlays. and] wan the cross-country list fall-- Watch Repai tinga Specialty.
THESHOT LNE-thas. Dvorak entered] fram 1Lewi a adistatnce of it/ miles-int 15.23. Helis L. CHAPMAN, JEWELER,
itstittute itt '99. lie wats inrytIrotni- a protiihigcandidate for thei'distane ''!AN RB RTvntilahecshrendwslced111.20ManSu.
catinofthieicr ttrtiakti nani.l Htlins. ~Mi iS
liCtlHaIterCAGO tan.lia Leland I. lBckley, dl L, prepared tl DS 50
evenO ts itt rethe iaole-vanlt, broatd and -t . -lid~llehigh school, Ill. ie CAI
NUFFA ORK Ih igjms ani scusitb t roat.uederceloped tis athletic's here,Wolit t3 it' ie
ADlBOSTON s a t it iti etit t o t chaplo tt uecas3tatp n izepateni lamp, handles
NEW YORK plac~~~~~~~eviitclss etladsvrsil ei htw1tt lliada l nhtwater pan, absolutelyth
itN-ttBOSlTONlia 'liigatti record of isnor(Ittg narloodwork in the stritstabest in town for t 8 eprice.
Witht direct connections at Chicago for St,. 14E intherle 101alt.'Itohn 8. Roiotn, 13, hatiledl fromi tm A ~ e
Louis, Kansas ity, St. Paul and the west. 1i. It. Armtstrottg graduattred from the ittattaield, 0. He waas catintiof the WmAnold, ewle
Ere information and through tickets catl ont l)(trtit 4letiol fo~r Itoys. .),adte his lhgh schoodlteaitm there and lattde
or write toll.W HAYES. Agent, Anti Arbor. cltas teantii the first year attdtlittproved hiarkts intthte sliot-putt andtihutrdles. He
raiditly, tiiakittg ht-ae vrsity teatlitiurd wassecont I e iLeanttittlte hutrdlesFI
holdi a 'ecord of t, feet inthte htighlust year andtholdls a recrofat5-1t0E S
RAI LROAD westert initercotllegiate ecord itt that Nieilt\%nw ,atanof teto- L I A
evemit. He is it irotitisiig competitotr ~ ~ Ds,'ipanh ot
13N3 Z3t_0oritiace thus alar1tiag. hi, etroit cetrailihigh schiool. Ie )at-,
TIME.TABLE ".J. .J. iter. '01, eniterecolliege frotti iprotmiemnt incavcry brancthio at ltititis). IN TUE CITY AT
Taking EectSunday, Mtay 21,10559. \N'titehaIthiiigtt schiool. lie stieccas- bitt tas dieaoted his ettergy toatball
Trains eave Ann Arbor by Central Stand- fimlly comtpeted for a ptact'a1ititie cl~as andthbasebtallaswhile attenintg the Cmii-
afd Tlare. tealil tits iirst yeiar ill Coltege, httuts am- ri." 1ki ' taai'teheat t
SOUTH 'NORTH betae( bltttte t eotiPete tuntil ilast set- ill tthe saest. Ilt- aill (itt-c the shot- Iiolmes Livery
'N.a-ti .S o .~ sont betauseotfiijutries reeteiodthtat put ildthtgh ;jump). POE 0
*N.6-72 .M, N.1-85 .D.ya.H olee tChicagom last iPHri-hay6, 515 E LIBERTYS
N~o. 8.-11:35 A. mt. 'No. 5.-12:30r. F a. liecottpetei ittotIrtettamswhilcti as eoamittetd
No. 4.-8San r. m. Ito.i3.- d:56 r. m. i-car .t1tdti asssecontd to Llbeiii. 'Thitaillytstertlay's Dailyaweit- -igntedl tt
_____________ __________________ yeair heii sphromtinetnt ini the ittirter lat nghtas hallowss:
'Stun between Ann Arbor and Taledo only.it. '0)2 Denmt-Hierr', Iulot, oas Stins ..- ~5Z-
All tratnn daiy except Sunday. Cht~a . titashii't, graduttedtit 1rihle, Ieicit, liasley.
IV. T. WILLS, Agent.
W H. BENNETT. 0. P. A'" Isitieititig hight scitol andit reptreseniei ') ti-jtedro, 1 .0h 3
'2Atd-Md woLwsLok f thaat scitani iii thes u- htiihis. rela s itti aoo, Newbherry-, wishter. -Nesacottit. -;
H CKN V L TIITY. gained a pliace 0on its class team nt md 'o its-larrtt. wl ulucy.tog litfrahhei Ierisen Aik {xrn r owt-
The Railroad that takes -the the telay atndlttquarter-mite mitt the Itfir- hi'lshliht8(
Business In and Out st-tat.iihts l'eetht-t iitli
ofMcia.Walter I. hisliligehg nmtered fiowickelht Ieght-. Artnirominitfer, t
SOLD VSTIULETRANS tkoVicaw htghi school, Cichago. lHe (itisin Dvorak.
£ SLI VETIULETRINS A wata thie-most tromintetit athlete there '03:1Lasss-Liter. O'Commior, It'ihhay,
CO UM U DALaBTENdit hield thteir recortds itt the- hurdhles. e~lpet ,aut-.ohntsonm. rurct lm-f ,
TOLEDO, CpolIIB S maue-aultt.brtoodti iliititandtwasa.t'1 Ehhts, a. ~tBreast.
and ATHENS. ititnthir of bothi thitasebal thl miifooit it- tei lt' eith. aug;. I lmimtlu
Blehaiis. Ilet-1.1stdothet-ix-elle-tt i S+tnitieoni
W.G . PA. . Tray. Agi. Ladma, Wrkiteili.hits('hiss iitital n tmd 'I Ii .its-h-tiimr, Webeir. I Imimt. Pt-A EYE OPENER.
Wtuhsmbue, Ohio. Detroit. Micli. god ri-ciarmds i hut-I)Oe-i atili t' tutu1.1111, tiimi ii. Ottiel. It will open your eyes ansEoIhe candy silo-
budes lt l sexlt el fI~1I -{1Ii llie ~cctIaumli, on it you liave never visited Haul's. Urnp
Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Ar- httils tmh sehttelo uut- 'i .tsn tii.Itch-- t inhi there today. Swipe sie af ear chocolates
bonalwylmgit. llttyts. ceetto Ev erywat akSe andSell at 3
Caslavoer DRta nda yp.ilanti t~iith \I. Swame-y, '03l, prepa~redl fir '112 Lat-S'ti'h-t. Dosa'iig. tlis, bcent .Ey natil i '0 y oElcudyanfthE yu
getii Sotmxlit}ly ight schottot, ha. {Ini-i. Iwasiithon, i16 So. Stale. l:. S. The only
every linur beginning at i. m. on- fSeat-titasplace in towsn t eastern served
tli 9:15 p.e.; After that to Detroit at tHis ecorda tiioftlbahtut an uthtamtter ottl '0:, its -Iibittstttt.hitsiati. Sas'emy. lnernyityle.
'11 . 3.Waiting roam corner Antefobl elli sfiin to h tri t emlties i't- its
rod Main Stn.; Detroithll1 Griswold at. dtitiho 'hri Millhi to miidilto es-try fothittas: Pickwick fhllierd n-frs,
Care every halt hour Saturdays and Mliehigami stuldet..ite will emter the Dlta Sigttia Detlta--11t0s. St-gi tut. UIIIIUIUrhW,
on Fridays from 2:15 to 5:14 p. in. qumartr-Mti-ttile a h idis fair tosmiweeedcail.mlii-.isacm-.umt tmi'. 1I ii ii Regtulatien Size Tables,
MONEY LOANED Wmt. S. Foster, '02 L, graduat~ted Zit 1D-lta TT--RI. ttisimi. loath I otmhmoar uhin
on Watalie.st-DiamndsWheele and ether Per- lamisitig. Ile udid his first track awork iornc.Ale-xander-i. Everything New and
sonal Property.. Office at retidence.3'1ESt.litre it theivi 'sersity, hteinig capt-danty 1 SiinlI'l!i-MAet'itch, ttllit, litimmi-lari
'hberty street. Alt business confidential. y , Strictly Up-to-oa1g,
Hours. S te il:3t a. m, and 1ito 3:30 and 7toI tS intitittlit the itttg-thistat-Srutts. l t{ttmtittttsimiFourlith Pag. I 707 N. UniversiiyAve.AnAro
P. m. JOSEPH C. WATTS ( n ro





Is unequaled at any price. Our styles am-e New anti Excluisive.
U.ofM Barber Fc steaming and NCCI 613 East William Elste
mnasage a special- ENO CR MILILISLLFuneral Direrear VV 1~1 7 g f astoehlf b llkwexs, IJ
,ho anltan b nlteat_ tawbdig l indsa
i 1Qpand at e a rhrni (Be li 9' 1 C C I *... n 110 L~ nn n 0 L_ VkL _ _EfI atr na .s ..tt. .

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