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January 16, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-01-16

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AL. O r spcial lineBar Examinations in Ohio Prove that
Ouupcil ln Michigan Law Graduates Are in
of foreign and the First Rtank
domestic fabrics The last number of the Legal News
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has gives some interesting data concerning
examinations for admission to the
arrived and in arranged for inspec- Ohio bar. hell nder the new rles of
tion. The same careful attention the sperior cort.
The Jne examinatios ray5pro e
in given to the tyles and finish of iteresting as they were taken by
every suit, whether to e used for graduates of aitnmber of law shools,
as well as by men fromh lawe offices.
business purpones or for full dress I Tie average standings of the represe-
oocasions. athves of the various shools is as fol-
G H. .* u CON? niersity of Cincinnati...83.8
ro8 E. Washington St. Western Reserve University..3.11
________________________University of Michigan....83.0
_________________________ Ohio State University....79.19
Y. . C. A., Cincinati (Night s) 7.44
Baldwin (Night school).... t...760)
Columbian of Washington.... 409
Lebainon ..........74
thio State Uiveriy.....8.
Wetstern ieserve I .iiverit .S0t8
Un~ iiversity of -Michigaii.... 87S
University of Cheinn i.... 71
toluiiiiaii of Wasinigto...... ti.0
f arvard . . . . .. . . . .. . I3]
A da . . . . . . . .. . . . . .7 . 3
______________________________ - . 1.C. ACiiciiilitiNilit 4.723
1eseIii Ieserve Uliviersiy.... 82.09
AND]1'1iiver'sity of Micign.....8092
SMOIEOhio Stat Univeri...... 084
t. . .Jolly, 308 S. State StreetliiA rstya f i7eiinil
Laboratory diistrie the disilvantlis ider
Supplies othir sttes lborsin it1akigi teio ii
theimostiprt i. 11111 liii'sudiets at thei
A NlinnO h \i l li s ie sp o c i li i I in t r u c te d
Dijssectijug tiesii xaiisl loI ks. UndliIi5emts ir-s
'v iioN11 e i 4i n ill o ill s x
Instruents l to ltheiiiailliioneof ewilC eiis,
ATltic a te ii' ciiis luti e is i is. tihe
j L~re 15F lt'itlliel iii) lll it ii
ii liiiit'Eliii el in tei iwl io I is
.~ csiinily aimllelirlri iini-
+ 4. 1.11o ' i ll ic lv i riir falil ed.is I islv
? SPPNCPR failures see friml thela litofie, i8
perientoth1 ofcme failed
4 extracts from the diary of * Ill June, 1900, 75 per ent of ill tet
+ Lieut. 13 Frankland, a pris- failures were froms the lacy offices, 7t
} oner of war at Pretoria, with ier cent of the office mes failed adC
* portrait of Gen. Hamilton, ,p 15.7 of the lawe school mess, Of tie
+ a colored map and several "3 school iieii taut failei two-thirds cam
plans $.20 d' fisie the nght shooils. Ii the forme
London to Ldsmith f these exuminatins 43 per cent o
Au account of Prtri r. Church- +thet lacy school mies stood above 8,
S ill's experiences as a specialĀ± while oly Gi per cent of the office me
correspondent with the Brit- w.oere above tait gffIde. I the latte
ishi armies in South Africa the exasiunations 51 per cent of fle
S from he early days of the sihool men stoid aboive 80 aid 14 pe
4. war until the relief of Lady- r eelit of tc office nei. t would there
+ smith. Containing also an foese ha h as shoshv
accseonlt o the armoured jfiesei httelussh~ih nc
t ra. Mr. Churehill's de ten- . ihiiiliillitly trvedl theiigroludlessnesl
'l tou at Pretoria as a prisoner o3 f tie chaurge formlerly wai~de agtiiisis
+ of war, his escape and subse- * them. It also becomies eviet tha
+ queut service ini the Natal ..toiseismen who halve ejoyed thle ad
army-$.29 vatages of systematic law tseeo
tsci are much better ited to pa
W A H YS the Ohio bar eaninatioi thniitos
whobsreceivet their trainig In an

President Gompers Before The Good THE CAMPUS WELL
Government Cth
Theadae tat on haf o th woldIt is Practically of no Us-Analysis
knows not lionw the other hlaf lives." of Waer made y Prof. Campbell
apillies with narked emphallsis toi the
wsorld-at-large usd thle Knights of Secretuary wude whei mlerviewved
Tabior. concerniing the operations 01 the cam
lroni his loug pesiinal exserence pus well.lhas this to say:
anmiienient ilualitications, President "After the well hati beei bored to
Sauliiel Gompers. the present execes- the detitiof 1500 feetC salt was found
tive. heuad of the American Feedratiousii great qulntities; iii fact, enough
of Loaior. ais perhaps no one else, cuam salt was foud iii a pint of wuter to
tell is "lov riley lice" iii his talk oi fill halt a smull-sizetd bottle.
",Tie Rough But Ennobling Struggle of 'A seaim of water had 1; . revious.
Luibor." before the flood (governent ly struck at 20 feet de 1 ...ii it was
Club. cmnsidered of no prlctin.. e to bore
GOueif fle umalrkedl features of the belowo the sult stratuim ..is ater
past cenury haus beeni fle successful wa'us then examuiei.l.,u,,i'vell soas
andlpocwerful orgauniationsof labr. pugdblwthis 250-it. ,Pctais withu 14
From inumerous local guilds or orders feet of plugging. aindltflu. ,:-.singsgci
it htas extendeed its irguniziaution ,adusute. Te cater cui- r. c brack-
throughunt state sund unutions untilues'. ishl uaid remauuied so ei,-.'ter the
wheruever civilizatioin exists.cnn fid pmighdbe-cniudsm
thenesustin luboni.aiied andlptn- tine.
tectelbyhisis - uuuusu."Prif. Edwacurd Casimpell of fle ges.
f's'utu'ulioution s llnot olyu3-biein tflu' rust h-eistry deprtment tounght
tendecsy of nuiniess enterprise' tanil ci- thaut this isotinuedh bruckishnuess was
orgy hut hliior. as swll. haus sbjeteil due toi uuleakuih thfle pluggiig, aid
itself tii tabs iufineuce. fromi a spirit uof eeos'i)fe fceetpugn
self-preservuationuutilinloc' amng the wshit i. Esensthe these wasno
manuuy tt-usl imentioned wei'aislas chanilg' Illtei'caten'shen pumping
ii-luie flu'"luihir trnt.' we resuilel-it still uemained track-
'fuhe istry if the grossthu uniuipeI- isl. Because of the sunidess of this
fecin of thesi' irganizationsiis 5a last pilugging it cwus seinflit the fault
stsry 'ielete siths failures andsil l' oeheeele
courilgiu g cnditiss, nnouuutiuiiy 1' Therfor Prof. fuamptbell cocliuded
thin idiggi'i persever'ane hnh self-sacri- thaut thin'eccase siime other seam muear
ine thit ills riiught to i imtills'e- bhy.conescuetei withi thalt iii the cmpusu
ness. cwell. Sarnh was uaccorigly imadle
Presidenit (Gompehlrsbeig a llihlllrlfor tsrmusimsihur seam ailtSschu a se ws
matihlhimuusel, a i'igari'lllhei'byItrade.lifoundliinKecni's lunter yard wchere
ll- l iitli l n a ihreting mis- M. Kiech luiso ash a scel. Ani Oilly-
5iii'l' tohi linoerers.e. i l'itris nxt ss f the ccaoter then's' tr'oved that it
h'luishiy e'vC'iii. hil. 1. iii Uiger-1wsul similar"l to taet iii r e' anip~uss
siy tall. 'Tiikets fr tieleirtiui'i'ill'well.''
of1 salie a 25i. Ills'usuiaihpricei'Of ad- SenureIauv Wa'~de sid tatlitie eli
miss5in. is prncialy wortless t>the Pi.
'11 'll' nre'lei'ii'l I othelr leilurire toi ceriti- andiithat swor'k cill nt be re-
n ii l" i' th iiiousl'. as follow,", suiedl illit min~i. -'rom utie alyie
l., 1 -Bt ehi' T. wishiiugiiil.belocw i owill le seenu tait tie water
"TlI''hNs'olProbih lhlem"epossesse i-irainu ueicinaulol ihlitites.
Fiei. n -ayr S. 'T..tone. " ldeinhi Analioysi f cnmuiucs lcwater Iear
Mhue in l'iiitii-5.''lier husie. i'Olh5tdth- 1 i1,100,
"'"h l 'iihiliiss.'' Iiis. J.1. 'Sihurfrmlillhei'250fool seam.illteporteil Ii
Marchi-li22 hi-o. Rlhi'il. E1:1F,''i Cm.TIis P.C- G .
solio~nlu C uros.Te 'ficoxlidehhli.. . l. '09
M. Done' - lMI. D iiiin 'lii'inni- ii ull. 7 .11
Death f Gorg S. Chase Soi l1, ill-,ii... 7.1 2.i11T
' i'iiorge S. Chae, a suetnilit iitheli' Alst Cost fweve Lives
ilivelsily. iiidiied l tSatilurdy aoh les_____
homein travrseCity l~a. Cas -I Aterrible anelt cwas iaverted Sit-
ifs mlemhllleoftheii'ihlirti'la s shuly unigt on tieState streethlll.
son of Dr. I). JI TChise101mg deahwsTilogdciue is crosedo at the fot
sou i 55. 5.St.fias'. isdel~l s~sat a dangerous agle by tie track of
coatedhis yid i' wscl'nshlisiway5tie Detroit, Ypsiaunth.&-Aunlrbor
nosuraned 'llhs'lii'so-s o~ ius cayelectric liue.
houme for tie Christumas hoidays. A big party of studesisuon u a long
- "bobl" 1ha11left tie toll of time lll, adh
eDr. Israel C. Russell, professor of ge- oere suoting alsng at frightful speed,
Dology, sin Iis reenut lectusehuliii'e itu- cvheuu fle roar of oe of tie huge greus
I seun Builinug; tolid of his experiences Aunu Arbor cars was hearth aboe tie
edurinug tco ascents of Mit. St. Elias.in diii of tie rushing sled.
L1890 and 1891. Prof. Russels expedi- Itt oas too ate to stop, turns or fll
rtiosuwoere made under thec jout direc- oif. audunothiug remaied but death-
floss of the United States geological or luck.
isurvey amd tie National eographical Tie glare of the ieadlig't aund tie
asociety. Thse higest poiunt reached by fsh of tie "bob" seared. Just us
rthe party was 14,100 feet above tie sea front of tie scheels of the 34-tonm ar
elevel. For tw'elve days they were dashed tie sled and 12 lives ere
rcampited in a sunow storm chiech finally saved.
-drove themu back. lust recently Prince
eIssultge, snepihew of tie 1.ateink of A grand cocet will be given at
sItaly, foiud five days of peasant tie Athens theatre, next Sunday after-
s eather ini the same canmping groud, nio, by fle Royal Orchestra, for the
,andi usade' a comsplete ascent of tie hicnefit of a ree bed fund iss le hs-
t- mnountuan. Prof. Russell's trip wvas by pital. The concert will be given uder
-l no0 suans ussuceessful, for much in- lie auspices of fle local lodge of Elks.
os formations and a gret many specimens The Royal Orchestra has for ifs mem-
c-wec gathered. Each trip occupied ers most clever musicians and if is
s hot, three months, The lecture was sae to say that the concert will be of
Illustirated with stereopticon views. thle highest order.


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