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December 18, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-18

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Announcement ."I
I~Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to the stytes and finish of
every suit, whether to he used for
husiness purposes or for full dress I
6. HWI LD CUs,
rob E. Washington St.
FOR LADIES: Wane Crest Ware, han:d
painted with geld te::s::::s's
FOR GENTLEMEN: Eboy Toilet Sets
FOR EVERYBODY: Lownev's Choco-
lates in bullk and fancy)pack-
Wilderts Pharmacy
X ma 111 boxes of 12 and:up. X1
fo:r student Rooms M
A on lions In pretty b~oxes A
PIES an:dSmokisgArticles
5 just received for Christ-S
Rt. E. Jolty, 308 S. Stage Street.

Comparison of Financial Aspect of
Football in the Two Sections of
the Country
Finoancial figures 010 the fool ball
seaso:: whichs has -just closed show
that: owin~g to the extraordinlary cx-I
D~ense atten:dan:t10tolte game, it has
bee:: eminenltly successful ino the cost
an:5 unsuccessful ill th~e vest.
Harvard sh~ows total receipts ot
$00,000 an:d expesnses of $18,000, lean-
ing a trofit ot $42,000.
Columbia's total expen:se was $42,881
and her total receiplts $37,100, but it
should be remembered th~at Columbia
pays ae ren:tal ot $13,000 tor. Manhattan:
Fieltd and $1,000 salary to Co::ch San:-
ford. Thus "Billy" Lea was ::ot the
highest priced mini:th~e came.
In0 the west 'Mich~igan asnd Iowa h~ad
a tiglht rub to see whirl: had the moost
succeosful finan:cia~l seasono. towa puts
h~er profits at $1,000 trom: all sources.
Michigan put $1,6251 into granld stansds,
$2,000 into the sinking lund and h:ad
$320 left, making a total of $3,920.
Football figures in the west will snot
comupare in gross receip:ts a::d expend-
itures with those of the east. The total
am~oount handled by Iowa was not in
excess of $10,000, a::d it will not go
very far above $12,100 at Michigas:.
As a whole, tlhe season: is said to h~ave
been:usnsuccessful for Wisconsin a::d
tChicago. North~western: reports a small
profit, andth lis demnsstrate-s tlhat
Michligan:, in: Chaorhli aird1, has~ one
of1 the b~est manaogers lon the count::ry.
Hoarvaerd oand Michigan: have- about
the: same:neu:mber of studentls. A comn-
larisoll between the receipts of thte
two gives Ito the oast :a startling :prom:-
ine::ee. The following tabtle shows
lbars-or's foo:t boahl:accoun:ts for the
t::dial::};anteil..... $ 4,500
Unoiv. o:f Penn:sylvania gamle... 17,000
Yolt game .................. 16,500
tOther gamnes.... ........... 12,000
Sole :of seanlltickets an:d Iro::
other sources.............. 10,000
Ind:ian:gaule ..........400)

Small Pox. in llospital-Offieial State- Prof. W. W. Campbell, '86, is Mad~e
ment' of Hospital Authorities Head of the Great Lick Observa-
Given Helow tory
A pa:tien:t in the tUniversity hospital Prof. XV. XV. ampbell, U. of Mt. '8O,
has dleveloped into a case of smallpox. has been chosen director of the Lich
Th~e ma:: has bee:: isolated in the i-osraoya ucso otelt
fectiou:s wa~rd, which is quite ad a me1 osEtoyKse ucesortothrlt
tane:e from: the hosp1ita~l. In: reaching the decision th~e regents'
All nlurses, studen:ts and p:atien:ts will comsmittee sought the advice of the
lie voaccina:tedl oand their effects will be muost eminent astronomers of Cthis coun-
disinftectedl. try and Europe and nearly all re-
No new pat:ientCs will lieoadnmitted1 for sponses were favorable to Prof. Camp-
a perioid of Ce:: dayo. bell.
All visitors will b~e excluded from: the Among those who championed h~im
hospital. were Lewio Boss of I ite Dudley oh-
The roan1 who haos smuallpox occupiedl servatory, Albany; SIn.:: .Ncwcomb,
a: privoate room ::nd ::o other tatienlts superinten~dent of the goe ~tnent oh-
were exposedl. servatory at Wash~ington:; George E.
The studen:t body sh~ould n:ot hecomse Hole, director of the Yerkces observa-
alarerd::aot the con:dition: of affairs. Icy; Ormnand Stone, director of the
Fron:te very niature of the situatio::, Leandser MlcCormick observatory, Uni-
tihe patien:t is disp:osed of in thme beot versity ot Virginia; H. C. Vogel of the
possiblemnn::er, an:d te authorities Royal Astro-Physical observatory,
are dloing everyth~ing Cthatcaen be donme Potsdamn; N. C. Duner of the Astro-
Co prevent Che sprtead of the contagion:. no:mical oboervatory, Upsala, Sweden:h eutwl rbbyb uckSrDvdGlRylAtooe,
stampsin:g osut of the disease in Ann: Cape of Good Hope; J. K. Rees, of the
Arbor. Columbntia. University observatory.
Prof. Campbell is 39 years of age.
Senior Law Party a Success He was graduated fromu the U. of 11.
_______in 1550. In lhis academic life lie was
L~ast evening the sitior laws. ttt.lltttt. :distintguishted foer his a:ttainm:sents in
lug their custom of a year iago, gave: miathesmtics :00: astronomy. and upon
th~e firot of a serii: of panrties :tt grotdnt ottti was appointed professor of
(11-aliger's. A limit:,\-as se et oi thethese- scien:ees 1:nthte University of
numboler oft it-ke-s fo:dthe:,s were Itolo:ratdo. 0:: 1888 lie succeededl Prof.
eage-rly taken: up t vti rot ldays ant. lit- S:-liaeotettr int:he otbservatory lhere :and
tttetlstlllegonl 5-i: sioftt frniishtedtheI:-his com::et obstervationso at A::::Arbor
mtittci for twvesity regudltr an:d ive tx- atti-acted the attenotiont of t e- scien:tific
C:n: dancst,ollti oti::g ovaltzes o1r1 wrldl. In: 1890 lie was en : :ge:1 at the
tNo::stelts. Irl'tIsy it 8:,3U the tirst Lick obtservatory 1:: sptectrotscopic
stttili cridtsilit:- tit -s tothe ~fe. ovworl . .. He had charge of te Crochet
livil its of het:e-ven:intg otdithe lit-tl,-ecliptse expeditionts-one teo Intdia with
rtttiitetl until :1 1::l : ot.iii. OPunchi:eleve:n assistan:ts and ontt to Georgita
ostis serveti. wit fou:rteens assistants.
iiiis. .tlittsoitt and Thompllson. The Vesper Services
cottttittteeto: whbosteefforts Cthe succ-ess
BolnI~rti: Iiiiitj.1. (.5. Ashley Thte followin:g rogramosswill ibe giv-ent
andt 11. II. Landiters. at te vespetr sets-ices th~is weepk:
IThese-class patties :Ire - e Ittint~o toTUESDAY.
tory poput:lar otffairs :::l :: oub::t fltti: lrel:dt. tPasto:ralet.......tel:ac
sn1 bsorlat nighit will ca:ll It:fort Sotl:, -1 Hea~rdttell~s 011 htist-
repIetit iton:of1ts:e evenit soon::after tite tots LI ty" ....... .L. Hatton:
l1ii:.O--) I'tme All Ve Trthttful..
A Lagoon us the Campus vIt; It-it'Stee Amtitithe 'eWinter's
1 tttir'...... ... . . West
Alssooo: as tl couserse in lmari:e::- 1 Potst itit, "ltoatl:-l:joot thoru:s"..
o~ ~ntitmn::: nt-or>c 0:: ieee onisct~nier grit "" hh"" "" "" "" """ "")A ""Yane


Tooth Powder
Has all thc desirable qual-
sties of the best
Has none of the harmful
sngredsents found sn so
25c per Bottle.,

T::iv. of I'entnsyl v::4 golee. , -
Vole lsgo: .. .. .. .. .. .
tEtsier gamles ...........
Sotloeies ::f ::tt::ll e it. te'oi::l-
('. tc . ..................
t'orte of fiehl................
I1:'thlcol servit-:s .............
Craini::goitle ..............
ltise:'hliote:s.......... ....


Tta~l- - - --.........$18,000
Pr:ofit- - - - --.........42,000
The tigures it thme U::iversity of
M\ich~igan: foot usp :eltroilately as fol-
lows :
Illii:as (nect) .. ...... ..$ 1,648

$ )IIowa (nmet).................2,084
A n nU A rbo0r Seenm other gasnes (gruss). ..2,09
: Athletic Assocition dance.117
containing about 75 Mass meceting subscriptions..- 1,040
photo - engraig
ravolgeBigs t'tl..1,3
of College nild- Totsl.............1,3
inteee n las Ar-
ingsandplaes f *Deficit o11 Sept. 1............$ 1,500
inteestin.AnnAr- Guaran:tees (rive games) .... 09(1
45 bor. Attractive Interschmolastic loss .............100
slk cloth bissding Coach Lea ..................3,500
CG of blue and oil Seri: Coach Talcott ............200
vol1 an excellent TAistan Coc Bege ..t... trck--------o
50 thsng to take home Footbal11 supplies..........,.....95C
wsth youChristms. Grand stands ................1,029
Siking fund................. 2,000
~AIA II 1 Q Miscellaneous............... 1,029

wsell under way a::i experimntal tank'.11do D3Y
will be n:eeded. A modest estim:ate ':iute 1leistothi Symiphtoniy -.1 andel
of is tank that wou~llbe large enughe ~ih-n,'0 Csi.teemro
to u~se in:testin:g Ctie'models uadle by l-lan:.." ...-----------. . .West
the studen:ts is, le::gth 400 feet, width: Solo.........................
t30 feet, depth: 10 feet. It has bees: sug- .Miss Younsg.
Bested tha~t this tankh be built as a etss::. .110:h11 to thse Lord'sA.s..:.
I 0011 alon:g the east side of the caulm- Sed'......................
pus. The pon:d would th~en be useful Sos"Naza:reth" ............ tounsoiI
tot experimentinig, anmd at the sasme Mr. WV A. Howlansd.
time would prove a pleasing bit of Postlude, "Noel Offertoire" ..tG'rise:
landscape for the campus. The proba-
bilities are, however, that for the Ares- Pruf. Dow on "The Papsl Church.'
en:t at least th~e Huron river above the
damn will be uscd in testing models Po ~s
an:d thmat th~e exherimental tankn will Prf o gave is lecture Sundahoy
come after lime new naeval coursssbe-nonathUiarncuchnte
come snore firmly estabishmed. subject. "Thie Papal Cliur - t. He dis-
cusseth ie chutrch :s it wvas inetime west
+++++++++++++to+etwveen: thse.11th: a:d 141th centurie-s,
censterinigIsis stusdy mabout Htihdebrand
President's Office, Dec. 15. or Gregoryv Vt:.LHe gave a genseral
"'Owing to the prevalence of view of the (condsitionl of Europe durintg
smallpox in several counties of this period, oand of the refornms then~
Michigan, students intending to insotitu:ted, esiteeially durin:g the timse
go to these counties during vaca= wvien (Gregory was pope.
tion are urgently advised by the
University authorities to be vac- 4 +++++ i+++++++ +"++.&.
BegissFriday Dec 21 (evening),
Oomplete line of "Adler"l fall suls Ends' Monday Jan. 7 (evesing)

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