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December 09, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-09

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nounceinent I THE VALUE OF GYM WORK Societies Choose Representatives in Judge Carter Discusses Our Election
Debate System.
Director Fitzpatrick Gives Figures
Our special line Which Show What Gym Work is ALPHA NU DEHRATEItHS. The second nusmber of the Gooi Gov-
of foreign and Doing for the Students A fair-sized audience greeted the 1 erlilent Course 'was given last nigt
tebaters wiho contested for a place on in Uiversity Hai. The lecturer of
domestic fabrics Gymnasiumn ork has en mlads the society teahi of [tie Pensyvanathe evof ngwas Judge OressK.. Care'
comipuiisory by many uniersiies and prelmiaries. This team wi i eet tie Chicago.
the Fall sud Winter of i900 has coiiages because it is fuiiy recognized Adphi (tear and the two will meet His priminary aremaks were of so
ed and is srranged for inspec- now0 that the body must be rained as the winners of tieldy ddeartment so historic nature, treating of prties and
wel as !tile mind.lic simost of the cietis for the contest whicis wiltde- cacuses from their beginning. Wash-
The same csreful attentionl schools only snake the first year's work cide who will hold places on tie team ingtoo, in his first adainistration, sat-
yen to the styles and finish of (telll11uihoty tile University of Chicago thht Iti smeet Pennsylvania, Marl" teupted to caidudnt the affairs of hris
has gone so tar as to require four The decision of ithe jtudges was well auiitainwtetteddo n
'y suit, whether to he used for ear's gymnasium work. reeived. They grilted Ciadc MccGee parties, thus ddavrtg to suppress
sesproe r o uldesI Tile University f itici iau wants to first sdlae; J. E. Thompson, second; ave, h faers o u"cnttto
ness prposesor forfullldessarrepresented by young men and Oscar S. ruluble, third; and Rae TI wee also oposed 'to pty dontnatin
ions. young women whvio cosmbile tie quali- Kiteley, alternate, and sught to supprss paty spirit by
tisof a sound mind and a sound body. A LPJPtbttA E. providing for presidentiatl electors.
G. H WID C.1 he agnficnt ymnshun wee AE1111IPRELA AR1 S. Poliicos parties, however, have pro-
6. .bILuil, t heremso asten ablie teun ts ere Adeplit Liteary society held 'their en to be n excellen tcntive 'to
E. Washington S. to ake the trainring of tile body co-el- preiilontries for the Pensnsyvania de- keep awake 'the patiotisum of 'the
_________________________ative with that of te mind. It has hbate last evesing. 'S. W. ITey and peole Public officers are also more
been found by experience and with tie F1". ,Dewy ted o-c fistt place; J. tikely to ollow their line of duty whlen
BATHU T Wat rd of statistics that ithose who take Wa4 tkinus on third, and Geo. A,3IMathiey know tat (they must aswoer to
spart in various kins of physical exer- conwsrs -delared alternate,ieir pasty ad tie people for teir ac-
~iti lul ES ese are better able and more fitted Ito Tie debate was not 'largely attesdd .tieno,
AT do their life's work than those who ut the deisons of ~he judges gave Sice 1840 we ave had noninating
ALL continuslly "toils asd have no time general satisaction to all in attend- convention for purpose of selecting
PRICES for exercise. one. Abut 15 enteredtie contest, party noisinees, Pmeios to that time
FOR Teei, ovvr n hn o'ew)~1F N L FR,''I1 tisispiower was ested In the legsia-
OURROM R T E YM guadel gaistIngynn~s'um yokIt~eLIMINARhES. tmre but tim eontat increase in popu-
UR ROM O TH GYM guaded lganot n gmnasum wrk lrest iteret i -beng how- in ti stomsosde necestry thedelegate ss
0n mmmii is verwork. Tie freshsmen Uetitrs:i -igsoni h tel,andmthmlaterhas proven quite
are especially irone to 'overd'oisg the lai prteimlment in tiepelireinares, stccessifulTie delegate systesms an-
exofeises just because of tie iordty as sthe large nusmber of enties in tie noit te doe away wi-tim enterely if tie
,gldr P arof a being in a lsmg gymnamssimmwith different societies will :sigsifyAtostmviitt titlhe pepe is to be exetcisetl to
fimme apparatus. Seve'raml of thins over- 40 -tereu theis Webster anti about 42 any extent viatever. The eletioss re-
-326 S. State Street. anxious oses get togtier and dimm tie Jeieriselian. On account of thint turns of Cook county for the past six
s 'tutsts for an hlmtam0ro unsitil they etraerdiusriy large umber it hs years'shsiow -flistsIt only one poo
RYTHING Our splendid line____ of.mhesaty o' roprmhnoumfaigue.fInebesmufound necessaryto 'hold iwo pre- sitioss is presented to tie vOters it has
W PIPES CIGARS and T- 5wysoel i'sta iitli os immories in each society Friday and eels foundc that about 75 iper cent of
NEW BACO-even the store 1 little apparsatus and lestseiglmt Saturday evenis werevte devoted to 'the voters cast baillots eiher pro or
fis new. We have remodeled tile work, 'esides tie cltmos neck, is u- these deb tes, mnd society fins miii co, while in case :several propositioss
o and invite all our friends to call fiicent. A1 cold shower bath t tie end be leIdtonrrV evening Tie date for are presented only 10 'per cent -iave
inspect what we have. You cant mmes one feel like a new teing. Withm intersociety debaote -will be announced tibesm found to v-te.
our LUNCHES. uch modern exercise a pesou feels re- ater. Te debate was vemy-y close amnd Tiesahn"isgvstnsopt-
L. Jolly, 308 S. State Street. strdesed and oetfer absle o tsake us his tie judges found it no easy tsk to resn- niy to exercise its rpower shaply be-
________________ Tuo. a just decisiosn After consides-able cause the people are too busy to take
goyhowh asiaticsm r th conssultation, however, the first lalcetie proper part in party poilics.
nei neD.l'izarikgv th -as hwarded to ... Osslingr; C. S. Several mehds have been proposed
flo incrto a a tD h'Dal reporter. th etar- t Webste, second;,.. A. Downisig, tird, for renetying 'te various evils, but
- al P w d r r s ow ie i ce s n t e nc s r-and I ,'Coo k, alternate. T me decision their success can be determined ony
ooth Pow oer ~~ou 9ts earesntve or of timecas vas greeted. withintp lue.Thmose se- iy xperec.Fwsatshv oo
of 105tiss yar vereosespndimgcumng places tFrday evening ere as plsoory pimay 'laws. The best em-
mmestsssesmento takemi-lst yer: folowvs: Perrism sanid Rowlamnd tied for eiiy is ,tie aliotion of the Astalan
Has all the desirableqsal- 151. 1900., fimst; laosetirt; rvise, fourth. hithht systens t the primaries; sake
itiesf the best l~iii.....i. 5. 0. Ie Jeftersossims d'-ateo resuslted to exienses enl; have swrnffiers for
and Weliht....; . 13.0 lisa 13h.0 lbs. folows: iFriday evening, lheistramk. primiares and create sall eleton dis-
adSholers......15.9 55. 1.5 1. iF'irrester, Parr,-Scmositer. Satfdsyitr'ob.
Has none of the harmful C'het, tras..t ...10.4 i. 11.7 il n ingKesler___theC____nA_
ingredients found in so Ces, ait., 1post... 71 in. 7.7 in. d evmmsmget'fieralyie, otsrMndaym
-Netk............. 13.4 m. 1o.6i in. srw.Tm imlmii-et lsdm Fritz Kreisler in Choral Union Course.
-ay.Chest, mmusular -.. 31.7 m. 4.0 ti n ________
Chet, expanded 33 1.0 in. 35.9 in Tim emset Choral Union cocert will
5c\ per Bottle, . hst cotracted 31.5int 33.1 in:iomeopathic Hosptsl Fomally Opened e gvens Tuesday, the 11th of Decem-
\1aist......... 28.5 in. 29.1 in. b he, y Fritz Keeisler, 'the eminent
________________________Hips.......... 35.0 il. 3.2 sin. With ,yeserday aftrnoons cinsc the Asir-aian violinist. His appearances
_______________________ Right arm, down .. 1.06n. 10.1 in. openisg exercises of 'th new home-
.....4. .444 l4 ars, up .... 11.0 i. 11.8 in. noiic oopitt-ial ' uleudd snce hiss arrival sn tils country hae
THY HAE tJ + Rghmi forestem....m 0.0 in. 4i. b-henvery successful. podcig the
THY AVttME l tan ows .. 10.0 in. 10.0i. -same impresion as in Berlin regard-
t .a.ii , . 10.9 im, . Tinatetmene f iitr vioso nw-hichm the citis of that city were
h1 et tforearmss. .8 il. 0.3 in. speted the building within ie last uusssually enthusiatic.
)R, C. C. II'UB R'S Rihmt thighm...19.8 in. 20.8 in. timee dys, ut as nearly accurate a Fets Kreiser's name was unknown
Rihtlit calf ...13.3 il. 13.1 in. can be calculated about 2,500 persons to tie Berlin cnert-goers up to last
h eft thighm...19.5 in. 20.0 in. were conducted taough . Universal nighm. Today he must be classed
┬▒Left calf ..... 13.4 in. 13.1 in. prase was their unualified verdicts, among the geatest violinists of tie
TEXT BOOK 4Lung rapacity iesn..Tc .230.0 Shdl 242.0 'and the clinic rem ad wondef'ul op- present time. One admires nt only
1111K erationsathere excuted caused much his phenomenal technique ut also his
Jie Wisconsin track tream stried formed 'a number of very difficult eye Saasate in his be~t days can be o-
heir wviter training yesterday. The oeerations yesterday morning, andDes. pared to (this young artist. Kreelser
^ Cornue aud Iinyon- several oposaios made the geatest and most sensational
OF teoaus illar unde ri e smagemnit in tie at enoon. The doors were esuccess of tils season." -Klens our-
CoactshKpasrck. se3!dfrieeo nttothron ~Open during these opesadons na.
-Igseafm Cbentrled Ule'fede c uad the general pubict Was adsted. The following is he program in full:
IV I A - i inoo A pfost-raduate course was given to Conceto fo. Violin, C major, No. 1
I~~E - sue n Mal; 1nae
, S O Ogu eaoCnta .a.U ndoo mee ll enjoyd tesort course Intoducton-Ad-gio-Fnale: Alle-
A Good Supp1ly sos ilad sionMay15 Cicao tt
PtY 4 C icago on Say 20; ntercoiegisie at ani-e med reaty pleaed. gr, energico. (atn)
flltaargoon Jne 2 Theprospcts re : t p thevistors Sonata, "Devil's Thrill" (atn}
-Ciitag o Jne2.Th posecs relreict a great future for the homeop- +Saabande (Bach-Sulzer.
At ns eybih tteasrn em athie deprtmnet of idhigans unirer"- Chanson sans paroles (Taclssikowki).
Thbe.Urilaflaachoir -ilt render 'The sty and its new hoslpial deeing in Scene do (Sarda (Husbay).
Pilgrim ad The it~hnugr," anew an- the finest and bet equipped in the Fantase, "Non plo Meta (aganini).
4. hmeapsod hy F-ved 'ek Pease of United Sta _s.___
W L il R 'S f I ai, -this uo frg. 1isa i res That th -eprcetionsna Fove P sde u nt - IIwill give a st ad-
11 1- \1 Sri' Tylr wllsinig'n .i s id-os're sste an-st esk o ten aedrs ~iire the UirsiltyY. CA.


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