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December 08, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-08

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An ou ce ene GOOD SHOWING Cmmunicatin. Athletic Party a Success
The Hospital Circle oi King's Dugh- (The Daily is glad to receive and print Vh icett athletic pary of the season
Our special line tesAdsed aiiignd comnonicaIns, but is no t given, by the Atheti Association a
icaossAbde fureany iunent .s abhe at rman Gym. last enig, was
pFo oein adrcssed therein), a big succes No soix' sis we
IFUntil about three years ago tere Di made tht the affait- wul
dom stc fbrcs fund which could 1w usd to Sc' ' ~ ~ ' 'formtaliands evryone ame anha
help needy patiens in the hospital. c. a gocaodso fashioned time. The U;: of
for the Fall and Witer of 1900 has Iteating this Mrs. i. s. Wait o- When he matter of h eaern coach A1. 'ad of Lb pieces discoursed the
arrived and is arranged for inspec- goaizect the University H ospital Circle and i=. high salary first came to the tmusic and reeled off sixteen regua
of Kings Daughters which has, since wrter's attention, as an alumnus, he nd four extra numers, besides r-
ion. The same careful attention lhat titmt, collected n vaitos ways O poe oi. u tbcm v-spnding very good natredly to about
isgiven to the styles and finish of neary $1000, which has ben used, as naty entores as ter'ower dances
wih the advice of ..oi superintendent dent ttt the otaliies whicit make a Teiteitedance was very good, about
every suit, whether to he used for and attending physicians, for the bne- brilliant exponent of any particular line 10 ceiples prticipating. The chap-
business purposes or for full dres lit of 37 patients in tnounts etiying wiil not nee ssarily constitute the t- rotes were Sesobttrnv Ptterson,
ssaon.front.'t5 to $80) each sntittl of eadtrsfip and the abilty ttutchits tatndiVg t.
oasosOfthee iany histbrto deiedentt on Tie attores of this ptry insuresa
l oters have returned home cured and tinrutotesThewreafwslitittorec cssful tint for -the next
CO, bleto sppot thmseves.Sevraland last party of tie- s tes, whch
H. WILDUU~j ale to upport hem~vies. Seeral toth iplay atd oaichl, lot they were notit t'o'vntitri dy.T
iave had their sigisi restored anti same r ~;hd ilh vnatrti,,d.T
soSi E. Washington St. have had their last days made comfort- 0 be itad.an ae Srabug n
It was further eosoed tds-isblo to 'otto ae adJs tabr n
a bie in sa ty not. possibe in their tct' eoniit'eo islu te cerdi fo
-sualt lol itot ,Amon, tsaytoet res lott o e tl i no ro u foniotbaltsaole st'vssftinmnagemnent tof te
DAT I LU st hat woc tatiisc Witosoeraft it iio otetof iso' 0i'esl
~ TOW in ur :;rtuyoy thot ~. toot'ouil Ise' had only by tin a tcpe o ' av-t aqe
AATwth tt a dlem'tpurse, hoping itoa tt f iats toatotssctroeo, andttsta enato lornttt
ALL tovhslc to oosrt'ont itsraaoges o sufotfalmtiost antirely raw rtethot irotghIt i' lot en it' cumstoof host yeas'
PRICES t oigt'toou fsrigh, ttoottoiois ,ot'ltt I 'o"ittatt iLawetitos, Ito gieato
11 Duhtrf tagh adao ifetOf tthe 7ettoa tisisledobythe Kngs I.otoI is itisotsi olots reers, Trtot hto" oso ithingtthyteoir inititot ya ncoiiito
ou~ROM o T EGM 2tob +3 tewere' front iifertt'.-o, ootit'las tltet to Tog e 'ist.',tloots-salo not itcutotthat
too ton n sai .e t tor 1. . iiooii ettvu t o heo' a xtoo i -u r o tt lt' el tetlo . te
] ± tit stttoivts and tosot c ''-it"'it ttttstt trt' totott ot'- tor'n ttt .iu idotot.ean h d noi+-nI for't ai lot ev+"it. A ttt't'ttnggo'0 i
(ider's I'Darmlacy du itt C0tmedttt'(hr'bb OydtI lis'0't'sbo'0o'tto.lrrwht 'tO nne~ioito. tottost i nit' 00tt toetotos oold Ottv-tltay
f jj ive t oat1y tee'osttti 'l ost 0' t tn'i t ~e o ll, ott -tto'ttt'o'negto[ ittiiltot'as Ocr< "n t icht he tt' OO itoititO
326 S. State Street.' Ote titnoetherhr ltr- 't - tttsialto t tla ttit'tt oo's',' t ' " I to(l Ctisato. l otutts' ~ tito
E seif is nwG e "" iF ieei hn tl}ottity. 'h is 't''Ii' - tdlt'i slo olsta's-v1 ot l~' yos to 0 to's to' l}t rPtotot~a~l ittith alt csy' otittab
piemee anti invite allotr friend(lsto (ail I1,ititatitt'ti'oh' o o' rb, ou 055 tto' of toanittest' s 's 0 i s t th'e- tt t 'Ooaovstsse
and inspect whititwe is". Y'ooo untt htto'asouthrstoughtottlies ut_,aheitheitt t~t 1tittolitse'll"sanod unfamtilttt' oith to ie otaItl,5itg eolmtttttt's hive hel:i
heat our LUNCHES. list of ansnuals au rtlats I osostit' Itl co'nsetquentts iis'tlyutoo t aat aipttootts ith . Itto " h . ,, strtny as
[x. E. Joliy.:308 S. Sate Street. gym-ga:tgttie goo owork 5issudertoo lrlia-st-os art oto t' tentaos ' "otto els'hairmattt.
tnot sohtirooiou ts1 it is eosutousa'in thetb' ne<,'_touittO'' .ti Wooruf, citit m ant t'.
- - - rlotos.O e n semta, wt iti'ht 'sus o poto tI io tstAbr'ioss ut t''aot ~ Thint,.. 1 . Iiles, E. . An're vs,
, ( r Ae.el-uprhgwir-o uvuao' htr g 1dveom t ez i" A.a WootC I,'F. Flimuh 'ha. . H.
th'oganuiztitaaesoolu s soa'a itosrrls.hs'gogtr;1aso e hnsa U llfsnlosi
Tooth Po~vder Ov.. 't' a'o~t'tgainstO 8i L.u..satee it oens a ioos( ,.ste y St f.Iofao.
Sir miing Carr'on.? an eeven tiat ayed w~ot~it te 'outhi]ra10. i1toI . Iture.
\'ic-t'ttlo'-Mr. att a' ot'0 donethat'' lst ososts sottul so ela 3Itiuttg-l athetos. It.K. Har
Hasalithe desirable qual- Corestoryingrs. hotaryto'lsmj t'rt'st.-. g' a'uvak ons o ot her nv~ls'' joats+PA. 'a.itmtos, a. it. titi'
ities of the best dewtoess Lo'Sogthioo.knosahow -to gatrdol 'sogolusweak hrandito. I".LI. liygr.
and To'asus'es-Oir. tottool it. itti. Ots a'nd tout t he os t o a' oushl esofoilto-
Ha on fth amfl Advisory Ilosrdoltetooer tnal']'-loot'- ui Ostadst aotnd os r~solo auolor ' Jde Coo er Tonight.
iingredients found in so mrtOms .S oftsiM~ hryat t ti t'alit-o. Iit lothe'woilhculot'010te
St ark.tit-to, owoiting tor 0s'oyt othe4 sool ndat -f'ist' Ccardtovernmen0'5500ttt b 5preents
mnty. ___----sl'o ilto:' og rssieTha. its our to ts I- c'to'edtutt uutsotr of tix o uset'to-t
Missfes Rturs Fro u'tTrky. lackd oa Nt'ty atortlogistlty' too r at:oil toUsio'o'sity tHall.
255 uper Bottle. knowtc- at oh er, andolIssoo'h'stohouss' t' it'loii'of orhresent' irimsaryc eeo
'Osiis Oldot tsheabos rtaroed t h U .Ito.'r (cap~tain. lHe ,ojtdtoll t o'-tots ysteuoantolhe remeoias tera'or,
teectoodfor 'o'toothe g'mn cOros. Isle so'ithllot' diseissoed. Judge Carter is 'seSI
_______________________________ -'o~et'olcochingtsrsee'as 'a itho' imou lm' aose, otol tsagto's tot'-ndstou oCIts oto'adltissurbjepta bemauoslt'e
+ ilsaellaeg' tit M aenmttulh ' an asd mul orovo' s'.thiis stlooryi su- ut olt tsofatChicags utt ochoBount.
s~e(.ait ossa'- osths her r at ork hatoeodisputedico le hction wouldi ototist hot'
THEY HAVE ODME. grelym toroutmo Ihes' olitandtonal ens ast Iioeehhg.Cettob Leotknowtooe' SastOflssMei
(iin theumidst of mostI ctyng scnetsmts no s hoetreon osn d hot lost At anctiog ofC'hs elerlter'g
DR. C. C. I-UBER 5pitadwee'Se al o il'1 h hita Edao oit ftee ametn ftr eirltrc
Ci1rga orislchuochnavr bciniyeCste Imaitidal work, whiile s;t t' same cas heltS yesterda y afternoon a ax of
thilly Intrsted Ito her work anal x imeuooeoratimng htrumoousy tr 20 n~s osas voIoh for caa football
tent a om~hl ls-htmtin 3051105 eamto'ou 'rk. ito best 1teoo~ts-s lot' a-ern t'05 oastt -Acmiic os t
present Shuday es-citng at 6:30, whesm ing of l+d TDavhes, chairman, ehlhop
she ha kindl conseted tospeak. commoitiomstt An Arbor, 'aostlos thead timwa pontd o ra
TEXT B OK hahI kidly cnsentd to ~k cemfidmce and goo-wil of teelinen, fo two la oass os otbe 'held a
tF elminares LstsNdht. theabiit tateach the game . future dat . Tie regtlar lcass coi-
Mcincan thiamk iter - 'tsar lat' oteco 'ave nt been apluee s
OFmunder the conditiions sle wt oust yos.
OF I~~~~uts evening the firtipreiinaris whiped clear out of tho harness. Sie_________
isotie Pcnnsqivanisadete stwre hedltos sistsed a cedittble esosm, and
Sin t110 0 titig ocietieso the lawv d- should kepo item' present coach, as at 'rtack Men Attetion!I
HISTOLOGtoot tot tOn aceommiiof teage crititrotmie chamges sre umaista'ble, --
U monioo rxstired it was de'iedelti select whiat those as-iounmd'rtanoi policies All unosho %v'arnat to do work on the
± ~ ~ ~ h lato deisriiett teamt, 'by fourhre- sre able Wo eay them out. "Neser traehk stooll mot 'fail he reort st to'
A Good Supply i moorl'sthree inmacoah society, and tiswap pss whie crossing a srem" Gynm.tt 4 p. moo, today, Mihiga: won
on ne o.ty h inr fls Orfinsstu1.eri idtnt h hnr n+h etls erad

±n h ogtl's moul th tnight's debaites will meatt hoe 1u41mme "Michtigan" has 'no magic should die sov again this year.~ Caprtama
h ofdeio'rmino ihe society teams, tom that wich omes as the result of Howard Hayes will 'be present and ox~
4 I ii tI ox ster 5 clety last nightOhheoorld adhuihlienhoffonrt; nd oi'iese, plain pSanrs forthe snoon. "'Sveral
1 Z 'olti was as foliows: Prin analtppiied to the' material of noxt.0Tar, insar me'ettan 'ttiot' duai ineI
4. 4. land t led fo first; oose, third, wrill uga ai e in. tumph th. "-Yellow with'. Chicago, beoield a.the W'arsity
W Argi4iP . ~ fourth, The decisi lo a:the and Blue." -' ' ack-lt ad ntercolleglate 'ontes'

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