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December 05, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-05

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O .

Vol,. L


V Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
for the Fall and Wrinter of 5900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The name careful attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to be used for
business purposes or for fnll dress


6. He WILD CO.,
rotS L. Washington St.
lWiladrs Pbarmacy
326 S. State Street.
EVERYTHING Orspidi aind Tof
NEW BACCO--even lie store
itself is new. We have reniodeled the
plaice antd isvite all our friends to call
and inspect. what we have. You can't
beat oar LUNCHES.
9t. 1 . Jolly, 30)8 S. State Street.
0 L
(_ uAaA-l-t'et Tsiaa.
A Glood Supply ±

!!r. ~

Various Claims to Western Cham-
pionship "lile-No Clear Title to
First Plae -Michigan is
The ,aier a hi closed tefotabll
seaontof11)00lirsthe west 'hit hr-,
dSay left the matter of hanpieonhip it
a deidttedly chaotie state. I fact,
there cni be nochamposnhip irs te
light of the easo's performance, and
though two or three tervsrs a ttt ott
pre-ettnnttas tte est, Iee Sae hatd
their- eps and dowis'tosti arQt etn
as tarsobia-ttcti of a clear title tan the
elusive title of hamnpitisrtsf thc west.
tlin te light of il'eir tperformratnces Nis-
ccu trin ast inuiresata mittbe rtedl ti
attt ttotira pat- otte wlith te otiet,
t itigli the ltter y kickins aitsingle
goil ini their grime, ats claim a victry
atr'tie other. ones stock tokate-
lded frll whets Nrthwetecn so
clearly played the lawkeyes 'to7a
statndstill00ntrky dy.
Michigran was plased to tell in gianw-
lug terisoteohe inowestof tie ittsky
or-rnskersa rfer they titadseffet-
rvet tie Wolvrtine-,iand NtisittOsirer
ttint-eefthat theirsinto t" ciair-
iaotittitt irm Teititi-tttiiot gmerr,
It iiret t. withi-r tito i-tr it lrrwed
sticgtit asit.Mirth i stur ietofr
abuouirthoii-scre, of No. 3 oitttt Na. li.
Millt tirpulilts of 5. taitre tc ar riake
itin-Jt oif.-t.tot n u r -oed
itt twoihle sitsoti;saveisiyith iei
rirn rntlrter~ctai, wilttia. s lithogve
tottnsitf lie only -pirrs scred
atgitas; tertby ta hetr i tantfiltdttgoas.
Iin a grea triastri-this cantsibe ex-
ptitib y- t,- finctSiratey-ave1mm-et
nii reastly stng t-ros in ta t time.
WhenChiiargo asanplayeti itt''99 tle
Mraroanteamiiwtis far frosts being iti
te chamipinip form wvhich it t-
tatiedi tter, tid Nastrivoteri, Oi-it
rc-tedy gdzsir titanhri eitertOllitago
ire .tlii-trgt1ilth Ie 'ties s-Itt-nect
plirytit it- gristtith Ilit lawkey,o
eauit htardly nclaimto ba.,-ritopisteiretr
titter theii-ltttnttg ndmititteeat ty le
Gophtlers-.Nit, rigritt Ittintiis seen to
irieshiorec'through their- oprponen-tts
weaktnress rtieSlt-cthan b tie rtt et
stetigtsof their onr.
if tt-tig wrne,. iigrirt. i~ior-t
-nut. Chic-ao. liista. Illinois,
'Northweteni, it oaPurdtw-anInidi
ana. thitoigi, tamt thits-ieltill but
11i1notrarnd Indlia itd tin sffend
dt-fet-rufr-omt tll but Pitt-tint al - A li-
ati.'t-eitrs wtastheiihahest.sheleia
I f tll tntufite(Goiphers i-stre tex wiir
.5 tirit. Ioiwa. Purden-an Inlirsurt
lifrtff t heir liar. And trrgt they-
harve is-nitsoar-ed ottn by- tosit-tltwni
; tt-e ndtS again they havteasoderir-its
a-teted sit aility- to do likewse ne.Aiu
te tiiegrime with (Ilicag, 'ien th-
atter team wastplryin in 1eterit-forms
thntIt diditater, stindsis ritlie arrier
to a., chatmpionhipt climn. Their goal
lit-etias been carosetinttthey- wr-
i ItatS tie earthr with IDr. HStoliter's
saoys. hstissucceededl itsholding owa
to ra single scre, aid that on t aik
fluike-ai 0-yards-n for toicdowii--
'tin- tiatli ehig tlen ilt iii tifittble.
tave thi-rllicthat trtloo r-Irch -ittlinier-
btt- it igmtie i apt itoresult titas-
rr-ltrand ixt nois tr ubittldrwit-tl it
aftlnightareto- ittr tt 5 catari Ii
I Minnittisa ivir i',m -tegh-arrir-
even yr-Stirhe Badger 'brrave tnall aid
Setniswhati muff .htve been hutS thS
one acoe'on'ely been rversert. hit it
Casting tsite, the deiaelmnater of
wioshall fly the pennant tere still v-
man ancrass oanl pnion as1so the

)NESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1900. No. 60
relative strength of use -itg nine in te REGENTS MEETING
west. The aily has, its. opinion and
places te first twog. together, the
Gopher team listing precedentc y -n- Requirements to Medical Department
toe lof the shove mentioned sew, ut Raised-Virtually Mans a Six
should, they again meet the Brdger
tiny one would be rash o pmedict the ears Course-Vai ins Ap-
result. The order: First and second, pontments.
Minnesota ad Wiscottsi; third, Iowat
fourth. Nirthsvestertrftit, Ctii-sit; fie ittarentof regens, Non. 27. et-
sCxli, ASiclgin; seventit. hut"i;
n -rtti, r S iit ninth ii, Putrdure. ly inresedrlti-requiremntirs fir ad-
titmissin to tie meitsIen neprtmlien.
EX-PRESIDENT HARRISON Tie reqiirerents-arie triteott a plane
_______ awhit is telly eIit'lrtt, to ti-sriyar'
tnork ini thei literary (1 t nt-tnt-tt. Here-
Tire 'ot-met President Has Bees Se ifor, irse rdint - i t iltemedical
etredi to Sipeak in the S. L A depa~rrtmetn t d itritye cprtmntm
Coarse - Inies Band . ihs exatedi e qual irepat- iw. t vitu-
Next Number. thy inlt-tut ters- thel -tiedicrni
^ ct irs t to ie of six -- --ta titiajon
1iii- nit-ri-tloe -qtnrt-rientra its oathc-
Aftn-tsix tsomnitSof ofiortspantilrrtt ititis s exattedi s0that tie studen
anduninrenmitting efforts tiii-SuteitsttIi5 itco poper wotrIitin ernireri phys-
Lictutre asaciation hri obtaineditie is. Te nmajor part ofcif snhcr ies
i-nsent of ex-President Harrisonito turf, is treoctet in (enman and
1'ierreli. anst a knowvledge- tf at least
rorste to Ant arbor and deleier an ad- itti of these subjects is esential. Lat-
ieai in University i-ali. This lecure i in sr-rsary because that language
till as an excelitinai eopioriunity fr fg-ritaso largely- in tie trfeision, aind
Ant Arboet ettans. For ex-S'resilhe ii tteirrrbiity of training in tie gen-
IHnrrison,'besides tilt services anit putt er-sir-enres serks for itself. Tie
it teist, ban gained an inerntinal'i ,- -i-it a ii iitoigreataly eeathr, ie
repumtatton as it lawnyer, anhttninianih- --intiiii-fslitnni-fttiii
ant at iii it s aania 5 ois tt nnta . tdri otetrfi-oitr thr uture
tnorennrt sp -ieaker,-in liii-Uite, St-tt--'II "s -Ii(tei ,t n taste11i, snmit
nuyer n g n te bes o i iri--ti nxttDer it- ge-1 ie
Fits ni-i-asnetitof tien- iirrrtt m it Ias etrig,ant tintnitntstin
tire ditlitt of Viitea- Ei eu stiltaStmts-.turil rat-e r rut rsitatini
and cm bittlrernumhb eenofc o tnti t Inli i , t inrphl. J. i. Sltrprti '-ip -
iris it t to tepoiti-ihii.
tin-iltenut At-e-inleyyto heiadiSthe ishuntnd yd routItif e.Wootist.rv pourinir s-
Strtes iletin oinil, ne 5nrnmnittiitn i --Itnt inhrr-tarv nrt at: 1 shlr y.
Antiresioui 'ritiuul. Sit sub~ject e gnd!hcs wer-i-courer i iinnfotinrs
dtaut iltnIttle arttutnetl hin mufewt itay5, Star itch n of Phitlti~lhti-Florene inS
truthe li-will purbby tdisc-usthei,-Is-r'ah-lgl oii crrNra
Iitatanu rriff out rie. 14. 5tnsrStnr,-i.Sc arNruru
Int-(,next numbnteroftntein-S. LI I.tBaceon- iof Ats-en-Walter W. (o-
Coattetwuil he anic-ttert ly-Irentc, lsn gr
BandmIout Tinuriend yeni Do 13 ne IS(lro uetttng, itt-c. Cnn-nh I-nintr. FraiGl . ttikey- tn
cnuirnying ointhe tw-sir tf hula tuecttisar t Te usanuno nisxnurses at tiein-
tirirat- catdig eancet irrnd n thh1 aututiiiiwhlnaaillon-crintaneto-
tlition toiiitie nba In- eiieairy-lng a r i-ninrthltheeeiesoipnigih
hnnlf-ntrtalniopIr-ru n-sittrira tall git,- ii -ir i xe-os trti-ngli
se-nuTrotnm artn nd oper.Itt itill bt1 1i eriaigcn$: frpie
tint grimiest phirri Coin c taerr toftheIin il"Pntsryvania (ite and0 fipte,
rr. finn-orgnuaniaintht- tunstr x- >itt-ni l " fiat lrit-a innte lii htesotti
-usint- ant theiroaini, n-nutyin on ,iinutuetilt-tit,- oinecdsny tiiude nns instucnt-
Iwopllethnain Soiusna.In n. etus,-utnn to tc-ornvy tnktts
is-itt, of thun-Datiy twootarene - s istittti rust r-jtrn isn~
granms tnill Ite- irinte-, andtttriii,-linatriiis II o r ni mie~en-- ir rn-n- ire-ti
if thin- curo siti e givn au ii is- mrt-,- - iiioirh. iitp-'weepesne
itt3 tip iihoose. tWhin-t t,-legularn-hrscniIrnget-is-
--i-m an'thnield lhomoneoptnchhs-
Athit tic Party Friday, hi-)i s ni.nupart fia ttrtnt, maui- heti
- ii rci i equ-ciret. A sclnleuiic''otthil
The in-slt-npatr ttnt-e Arthtin- too- - i-tinpith teroim llrie5amounmting o
elnation will tnt-ginen noil lridray-night .yiti,i liiirimtthl. tins reentnisatniS
at ic- Wmnuerm-antgy-nnraoiamu. Shutce aithitt5.
tietiroublaen sith tie llasshit yrnuotuer lit. (erge B. Wataci, uwto- risigmnd
ining tine gy-mnnaiutnnfor i-tiansaues, Iish year, fhuntS a tosiion in teinendi-
these hatter uaffairs at been done inl departmsemt at $500 per ynar, ad
russ-y with,annt it is tdoiutful If hie anoter in tie pharmacy departmen
gynuiasn illu-tbe -given upt toctass -°iat $200 ter year. When Drn. IBert K.
darunees rugan.Hu Sonever,lt- Aunlt-ittVan Nat nas appoined to the ps-
Aststian auhas been gven Innerse of iatt ely the edical ipoition t sas
he big 'athletie roonttam- Friday timd iilmstt. -Se hasSteen doing the sork
everyone ha an opportuitiy to i-n- of oit huh could only draw the pay of
trirune ai uite 'wathlticismutS enjty ont.Se was fixed for thi.
tint dnance as teeth.Tie Inal is in Tie denal deplartni-mtS desired a
charrge of(huslers tumd !a gootSdunte i ems- iouranehimnsurgial senonsteatioo.
(promnisetd. Tie Ut of M. Bamhut of 25andmt it sallowedl as tn experirnocmt
pitteustnill furuni hinumusecandt ins- frtarIhis ytarmvii it- tir~gruistnin tat
mg militisginuormpty nlat-It0. ius- thi s asnnt ay en-rnses
,r-nnnuut-ecn ins c-hargte tin: Arranmg- IThomaussB.Coaiey,-assistantiinnin--
mm-mIladIs.lenumhSays. ulainrinun, rus- gic-ii.has uresignend siSwil havrtfr
nunl Mmiimto: nreceptuioun, fJasSttitsiitrg. SEuopetiat tie tlse of tis unmnknmrln
chamirmn, LathS.rty- Tint- innumer- Lewis lAst its-thton a tppointdm tinh-
mins havieit-u-n nutieth amit till hibtia- osition atit sarsy of $400.
nmmuunh dinnthis-Daily- oI rotfit_ ParkeDanis.& Coa of SDetotit nrne
--____- - prviedfitndstoa fete llfiowshinl utie
Thi n itdechiti mitsud huopgivenuzrun the ihygirnic iabatory. 'Chantes IB.ttvre
Ammioryt lsar eenimng lbyCo. 1S Light wsus pponted o he work
t-iuard nfantry, n-ssew. sucecsill every
wtay. A large nubint - of students took F. .1. ichlltubergcr, '0 S-sw, wa
in ;it lrop A gresa nimllltsy all wvIll formnely a mamer of Ots Sknner's
hue> giveun later ha the year. aoassany, Wh~ih lsppar here toighs-.

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