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November 27, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-27

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von X1


No. 57

Announcemnent "E PAN"MN EARfBiBl"Edwards Helps Bill Lea--I 'VARSITY LEAVES TONIGHT
Practice Good. , .
lieJunior Lits Wlt Not Protect Them- Srb n otr olwTmro
Our special ln cusadRoesFlo arwDean Hutchins Condemns thc Act XIi{}tiI 1 the re ik i 1110onSecalTai-Go iea
of foreign and i -No O@ ne sGusto q. Pil" .(; i~rd amnti pr-ae ,'if tition Going.
dom-estic) fabrics tillteary (-i--its 1'Ifactoi- ogllel 1- th ll XC1'I a ]slct niihi +il1tte)11, an
1-or the all ansi i a tel i s T'olha ealIIr l ary i ss 1(.d itTi'- '~II 151(tIItill itl i tlIt i ii11 i511k tt ir115"4 leS 0 '3.oss trl
Frte a1an Witrtfort operas 1,i f the ilouts mu- ,i - l 0 yle sod- lranf ty 1.r-orki ~ ashnfrItue.li e :
arrived and is a en aged ofothenuse -s-soifaeiei- 1 1111 .the paiuti-higus tenleat train. They isil
tion. 'The lia~ e caroful Attention il ''n1YIlt. lI Wn'>a ole-my leo-lotsi1. KI;n-'.reehene 'Ilstiao aeaao i sd e{ en si i t'lx aO etililte Ctstier tr aini s~ine 121
#' 'eIt .°; sn-dItt ii 'rellt' s-f rp'sias iwheel lw I i- I I'rl ie l 1 iain cl t ie i (1sy i otr~a~ i
is given to tit;styles aiiil ho 911 of 6 hei e itt\te iee..lit iseal^i n h sll'o h~ ii ilstoti{15' 1 5 k t lied 0 half j1(e
everysit, whether to tor i soil for i s:.(i, al (a -e, ill 11(Y1t: t 1£t llf) 11 tat- 12ie 1)talit1usr lo ihg I gte s nd;jits ina o I em
business purposes or foir foll dress ''otr-It Rles fesred h l 1 u 1111 ha t 15iith Ih ~liil e h sgt I^ i) lleg3otai.-i
oxssoii. Isl;5~lI ~loI~tl1n t (11'- 561110 iii il tih lllt lili4t i he rnu1iiltt l t;; -r~i 1 i{ Ili 5tie l'tilsei _ll-. The seslt. 5511.1r
. H: WILD Co iii ski ofit ts: demnailisi(tim t he r.11;hrritisr thill Illl;sb Un11:1 iii i. Tle e Il Iselilil
tl te ju ir t i' lx ti n;l htiit s1l 1)('1alo io f l , t" tlt ' (hi11 )';1 raaa h s
j ( tI ici:ttaten td,( a intel - f,114seel-; - "liii xl thi e i . B te ttiO 1h it t ti 111 111li hl-l't i
sPI. asG toetsh ili hah5b ikl 0 ieii111 lli iiii 501ll iii ii t t I i t oihu;t-lito111 t'~ l riii
BA I IU LL ~ 1' ~n li miis f iiytitit-i l l triietgetoi 111111 ut lhit llt l adI t ticetGA-Iiase t( ieleilsoulIliit1{ A ail iia
1.I I i ti ls e e pul ie W s ihii( th y hul, ' 1111-II(>:c l - lleh i l1itt (,lllt' o xi'illll eniily as ekii
AT 15 511511 051 41i re s.ou moe e i lt 'u t reetl it 1.11 u )1i -tilleittetti -r-l 'O l t~ l 1' ii I
ALr, iitIas fo ter tlodra li. 1551ii i a tr'( I eg Ielit IsttiaIICi' iisttI tei ll:l
P I Et~ if'4 14 a ttsi lEy It -a ix l t h ti~t 11 11 I1. llt I i) lI 1 tlil' i 11 I Ihu tiliat I lC L' nti t) silti 1111
1VOIR OO O IIE 6Y ~ t s ellttlt ltilil 0 d-l I. w Ih,) ld tnt-hil li las: t'hi vx 11111 io i Aili l t 1'u111
)i't ill;ti ii t lil t'iii of 111 l i tert t l'Ie 1111i(Ttl t ~l I l Ilt. 11 11 1 whIits o' l ie 11 ili) ae tlli i tt i
ill diiitilttilaliltlnnIllgilleI?.all -1are t laei11111
32 .SAtetSree I llilli el u t111 _____he_______l+_(
lit11'in ot-ill Iteta ' lor ti 'n i i 'frtetil i-l ii li -Iiii ii I il1)1 i4
PRICES 41'111 111 tl _______________ 111 liIs Il t - li il iitsill is t Chst l l lt.r'i h lalt(1-111- I' C l'le ,"°1 lii it ' l 'to11 liZ i
~1"lI.I F O ilt tie o il o11111 I II1111 I Ii)
Slt O 5 i il' 1"11}1 1511 tinlt1111t" 1011 ,'tIt t, the ilt I ii osa,~ r.1 tliil 11litlli 11ilt11115i-l
G sel is ien-.'st tasE enostlei th H-I 501111t~l Ia~ i-1 1111iiiIit a )111(I t l llil lnI 11111i11''111 ~ieiitl-l
phoo sitinvte it ou frens Il r l 'lxIllI
a {t w a il- ~ tOn QO 11 1 itill a? tI tre!*xtt liltill ,I z -a " o LiAI-1 I=1i-i.1h
lit. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ gtoi :.11111:os !11t1S(-ect i li I Iille'I 1101 i i t I 11--1li e1 111 II-i liiwi111lti
______________________ 111111 it" llwore i l t t lt ;l i ' t~ 1- lb 11(; 11N I tn: i4 _il~}(lt iii I i 111 Ili il ll- A i
:lio~lt;311lad" 1 lii11 ii ihItx ~lt 111itIilit- ll leu t'li1(tallli hiill 1111 I iii '.'h tsft(1
XIII- -' - - - - - - - - - - -t 1CI lii1x' I t III 1111111 111111I ' '' 1111' 111t, ('srI lli'~i
ills- tl ittl t 1 1101lirt' iait a l -ille- h e IIlit ' i ,I l~ i i Ch 1lx "'I fs hr)III I Il ils 'Afiie
ji1 IN: IllalitNI)s
C 211 t1"
326 S.St te tr etDean(il t I - I sttnhi11(ts Sc re' Il t is i 11 1 iiI 11 i xit 1 1 t~l Il itx I' 111 i i xt-i 1
thil n 11 1 (a s ie 111 . I t'hie i ilt1 1rll Is ll 1111011a1e1 5. iI.
0tA r s-ii--I )f (i~ t111 ,il li'i ll ' 11111 ti tal 1111 io si p.ll l t l 1e111 lispecia15 I ii I I tI I alie i ll
L ilix-t Iirii'eIell 111;1t.1l of* lilt xi sl Il
iiseltis new W e ha t reut3Clelea the} s-aiIllfIt' 1 lIs ltf tI55hl' lt liil - Ss sxl ixi1 elxiiptills l i it i i II IThe : 1(1nl 1 s Il - 'It -x a '-lix 111111''{
plaletandIiciillateloillrieIds to cilillx.
I ts (l I ix"i 1t h Ilcl a - I le 1 i i, l e ix h e--st t l 1 111c re.lt t1'h'c1m-1 t l l " I lt lv I st I'i i;IIiiitt- te(
andIlnl I liltt e have YollcallI
f'~; r'tit i~ '"l1 (e :l'illi. ( i I e ntI til sIs t 11 I l I i l Iti lti o rixiy x ttl'txel slxtxi I llilg5l.
4. ,i
ii 111 11111LUNCHES.111111 Which1 1 i IV( I - I 0111 ,
SD. C . H cIJ E R.St 1 'it is ii.t Si wiltoi-i til

-I~ih * I -~i'ill 1T.Ae11 tsllxi xl '! 1i ll- l E lit .
1 1 1111,:1 t i l (xSi h i- I l k slt-1.C.A.N#e
+t l K 111111it lxx i t, i t 1e - -;I a- I-- l xii ('111 - - 51 M.1 C.-i A.x l otltI-sl. ii
,_, 111 11 11 110 II-il".xxlt i
III t , 21k1ll111 li tiii tii xliiis,1'11
-~Z4 (111I ' ( adllk tliu1.11lH1 x- x l i) iill I,
t I1\ liht i :(11 1 s ouilei f4,'wok !x I.C.A 0it ills 11xx-tlt <l ~l~x
H I II I I L I.t", ixt Ililill NI511 1Ill xi xx-ili- l e ;1t I c n
4. ll'l tt ~.111O1 '' l t1 #'l ixthI-Il-ilhi'-k1'i x
F. 4 r - t Iii 1tS it I ( It i't m- Il11
+ood10pp(1l' - I tusili tlIs"" lliy iiic l; 11 x cIIItl~l Ti il li ti(i i l r iI -l l ,t <1 ii
+ i Contradicted 1'21111111lit1ixt araxslftiiutxi-i {11 11 ~ "s
4.lt-e 4. tt0 .-,1'iiu' 1111ind ' tlln e-' )Ivhilllll ()1 il w (tt 1.f
4. t 'Iii hlsir el21es(1 11h liletti i v. -t 1.o r~11( 111, C . ~ l lxxi 1 Y t15, Ai('ihl 0 '1ii't o 11
or t S tfsi i ltiitt O Iii 1 'tit' l iti II ji(1) ki21-2al-4. 1
1kyC I-2 tf iv- tany d il n .il te l i t, tllk It t _____
ug r a 5 - In

Vi As - s -i 111 tils IlVll1 lx 11
Eacil r e usix l f Il( lto
l. Ilix'il".lts-tVlOW11hlule-N
io lis 1-11k1 util tis e 'u ll tIlseirztl ll
01. tIli'lt o t in'thetih 'tii 11 ll- I- liil-
tillS 111111 l111-x s lxi 1111'
( s ile Istlit ll etiiualiisri il
iixh hI i osih ldi hixss stitt ii 'r ltl-Iioli -
fIle t tux (1 101 t'i e i, s t i -ry i-s stat
1 "t,-tiiy ~tt iitimm lisor sissei aiiy
os- ietliN o hi i t tstnt)if'nrn st R' 0611-el-
if iuds'Int<gaiits tbi.l Ii'0t r-
fvss I shoe Gamt(e n,-ut (Yyste- aIdI
th 'Ftulptigar t ROit"ssu Y'S.u.1hu


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