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November 22, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-22

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Announcement TAKES TO POETRY
Prof. James N. Martin, Head Professor of Obstetrics in the Medical Depart
Our secialline ent Writes a Poem- on "Ann Arbor."
of foreign and 'i -114, ltts aitnow' t. st-
domestic fabrics t 't iti';fr yearstpitls ti~i-tt 'ittort
'or the tall and Winter oitz1900 has ! I11 it ltt .tt<. biftttW,:
arrived and is -trri at ed for inspec- tut Ilire-v it' ft'sorit t' pp',tt'' iliTe
tion. The ,4ticcarefu


is'given to the styles snd finisli of
every suit, whether to be used for
busitness purposes or for full dress
io8 E. Washington 5t.

ttt'tto l. t itt1 ' itttt'titd t . it' t Ir1i a il ~ ~ dI'tPs vo , tt'l'] 1it litl
1;11' (lpi1iilw tt'Iit r 111:0 Sl ijT 111-tiitt . Iiti illjel
g rIIt i1i i Iliii 1Y :4'II : tll ~t1

Wilder's PharmacyI
MSsa's"St. c
EVERYTHING Thr spendid andeTof
NEW BACCO-even the store
itself iso new. We Stave remodeled fte
tilace snd invite all otis friendos to call
and inspect what we have. You; can't
beat our LUNCHES.
IT. F,. JOLtLY, i3l)I S, Stats St.r
Chapped Hands
Rough Cheeks
+ D)R. C. C. tHUBER'5
A AGotod Stippl

t. Se-alitiful X11,11 A-1-hol", IIt'St-1111'1'' a1110ll " frui=t-lack ll hilly'.
11" i'th °,tlu I 'IIIille (d* Its -114111 , Ni'ilirh (,vel- 11', >tihri'll;s
And \'oul. 1111.I t)II :s{1 ra.c t folly 'NA lllclill" 1m ra:rd rishlu; Of Mill.
'1'ow),i:ll . the fltr-li way lr11)i1. mllev t cltl a? iirll a 1, 11es:ull.

Ymir lawns are Ilk, viOn. painrol xvii'ii cuter,11(l litteirop,
Aims prur ht'clml brattf"Iha ttVIlIVS (h) fr&M VVVI J IIXWt,
Witlt your (, It t l't>r the c itc ol ii 1,.- ti it'1> p}ttitle ri pling,
Alin fix .1m.t'g 1110 t' Iy :lde.-.,141c tleeltckr rook-l-flO c d rtvitlo.

1'(';! I II.

Y mii. llit'1IIS h* v y(;Ilr 11nroIl.-t1'er 11i11s and i(ihro' vale:,,
Ave -Bliss chat'Illi11 ' .111 (t 1)e It. fah-y t'a4c"
A -11d w1wil hY 1(n Cn(1 , the s'ttltl('1llC , mind 0'e1'_IztxQ(1,
He whnk 't3111-mign r1ws( 10;It'llwo s, ;111(I his hti:t+ill is 1°elnxed.
I 11avo vii lved oillI tracti ins t'r()1u 11111 iio vs 1#('asr by,
_l.nd. I-e('all In". Soul' C'l1n:i Il#s, I wis'll ilo, ' I wel-o uh 11,
WN11 your (fh11r(II slllrt's point-ill". nlmvard OInl.* fo11a", _111"een.
Alld :the voice A' 011"ir Bells ro 111(,11ow [ihe seelle.
But, of all you .(III (1. :ti n . W41 l1 tired Inin.d needeiill rest,
r 4e ;Lo-,Z ld wifiditt,: I'loulvv!Zw d is certailrly f1 lwst,
Fc1r +ii1e vie-w,, irolu cle(lat" I>end inspire b ly and S, j ll,
ti('11((* ()i1't4n 't.: (y14 s("1# Its 1>IetlSlli'1'ti ("I14 )f((' +1411.
Itlmr You I- lle;l1-i. Is 1.1 lt' (;a'1I1lms, FN-1i11 its .I(<<1l. ttz1111,1.Ii11 of* 14ovo.
clrteI-1( :s 111 w1,4 hill;; like Hvers 'lil i.hey- I-(-,I( It eve y h( rt
Hvei-y till-oh ()f tll;wf ilt'art 4)1)(°ns 1.110 tlycs of iulle blind,
F; r [11,e fr( i 11r of its essels is f'A.()d fr iihe 11111101.
'I''Ilolle.;It tliotlsatlds are i}nath11 I'l-o-III 1-'(;111 (leel) lea1-11iIICs 1'(1111iii.
'I'1 1 +!"I ( ni t°ht it w! I. Ill iI , +and as('ellrl : t11e 10 ll inioittllt,
The h(,whcvs I-e ill it [-and of r1lejiiesI1'.(;. clea:ltt.I1,
tinlt' 7t1 (',1111:"11 t- IrtIIn 1-1 le he"I1("il-, W411E l-., -1 tt-111 'tl 1'1'U1111[:111" t'artlI
Four 1"'or(I "nuucII(')I t11( (teId t11 Iited f(lr I I laukind,
'(1u :\I(1-1.1-1 (<1(s lc t-y 1)01.1ra, utI ilic IwaitOes oil' I I I i I I f I
Yoilr I)11flis:1 1- did (.4,1!,i11, «-i01 fo)'"i(- VP110X-nen,
VoIII. E (Fi)4e ln.lflo c1c"l1' 'lie 1':1\vs nlt) t 1xrofolind.
Your Wlnehell d(41-(d dec11 into ,111(1 illliel'11r(le(I Il il" scal' .
Your tN7n=t;s-oI1 reachcfl oui; :11is lon". '11.111 alitl --a-1111ered .11.1oire Mars,
Y'(ijir Fvieze sva't!t-('nett -eed.\ {off. 1e1lne1I1e11 t, UIi?(1 l)tir('sl '(Yf arr
Yom. .Angell ;huvel.cd o eI tllenl '11111 (lif(t 11is 1'1111 p,1111.
No)w )Aw yo+ uth of all (-liIII( -ll()I^t'1). soindl. east. n11(t west,
DI-hik d'*,,cp -lilt: ymv, fo11tlta'i i, anti return 1,1111 dt, ze' t,
Y'e't aide foinvil-flu is oe1.tl(lwj1Iv Enhe ; r(!:I . d rain.
As S VC H 111 niu. 4101 refill it. NNITll ,11ti:'ht. '11(1 t hill 111'ain.
_Nmv You .are blesse(I wi111 tills 1,I)II1,1111 !1vI1'd ilt><rro,1,111".
(Tu°air(1 wvl.1 y-oul. s aereu inis-ioli, and all 1illalr ift =Means,
Licit. Thu. seods s'(Avn in lionle4aind au (1 ( <1°t t( hed lafar.
Avill 1.('.,:(,1111x10 .111 111'1 fi'a't°e r, 1,11rd PoIltt lt!o y.,mul. Skn-l%
Your 441iIill+r('n Iilre sW:111' )'red 1o 14111 foul, : ialds ;o;f ("u'011.
N ( t how dear t(> allr Ilralus i, y°011:11 ONVII .1e 17 111ed; llle"urth,.
llh0,11,'h .vxviay frolzl you far wv'nro siti ll . lltmlad by ;y!oi11 #i r :
Null .-we'.re tl11,11I i11g and INOU'ln4 to fal#xhl yr(xur (lv'sitl( .
011, !tille grand work yo11 .re (1(iinL,' fol. Hit' i1iglilt!
()I1, Aille ticil 4 ty ou are Itt'+arin.". °to lossetl 11)0 11i, Ivt!
May your 1" ttl'i'i Il('f' :1'll( l'f'tt (',--t'1'f'1' 1111x( , t'1 ('1 'tnv.-
We "1111. 1,01111 011:144 ren, ,t t'P pr 1;1' i ll 'fm- of-I.
The I(-otiur(! lu , " Toltwfi, Tone aIitd PJI( f. 13eultpl -will nildn-*- - tille +hil4
C-61or ininctl: UTse "af T''he .Pi il,1'l" w111 he 1o-i(,al sncioty 'tiauliig!h+t in P60m E, Uu
g.iven'1t!ortigh+t; by Prof. Locks lolofl. This vten, [y Ha+11. He % ibl 'take for hii:g 'stf
leoturt -v011 Yule jAaee in Fi'iezt Ii.alil, jL-et, "T.lw In'te1"prtAWt!imi, of f111x "Seei
and 4110 b1dioattii'cals ,1re t:hif. he Nvi11 and .thoIvgeriptibwus oil q1e I alvlr Pr,
lliavr, Et good, audienee. o11t stiue Clot. alt. Patis."

- Want to Play Their Game on Satur-
1 day-Athletic Board Sya 'No."
it-itti lia' 1rliii. i-bit by a it SaI'iitts
bo r i t't' li i's -'iitn ilt'' t' ' tt t ittit
ttic' tar ig'L tu at' tile-i lt' ittt1t"cste ri
ltw't' ellit' t (tsi t t"alt',butt.. 'flitor lfu's
(to'it l i ibe r 'ttu I ts I 'til tittiti iii',
It r c nntvt 114 hi l i otntti lii tltil b idt
titiuti- t irs li'i gatit' eiii'ii u-i'. cl.
t.1 itt-ia liiit- i it t -w tt.rolii tt _ u-ki
I i't.' tlit t : ii t l' u t I t-li iti' ti I'tt
tat'netilttitfternoonlHeli ttti iu-
Stt liii' u litst ilu t lttt i t rotis il l ar't'ett
ln t' litc c' nli' r-suit' i' i m u ut
ist d titiulititi cii. [folla' -u
ofallyi'tit ulii I''ltuatul I. i ittilint -tili
suivott heytu- llaftlt- 'xu toltf Tlli
'at til' iii ii i ' hk fera x ttt'toi'c
Th.iaca ututu e c tt il', utitiau-
ltt t i't ' liii tl' iiit 1.-'.i evI iytita-li' 'it 1
rh ai 'til-tt''ilelititutiuiluv e-l
Iat cututult utu tHliWt itu(ltIfflii'
t;dicl.ttuiutvui u X tit''riii I'u''imu t. l it-
lThe cubi ttu1 1w toin ha'Itit tt tout tt
1lte tur~tu'uuiitu'u' to li i i uit
,t n H t e r t e r , tt n du iil e u n i o rutu t It i l l'X n. t t 1c. I
A~tltt'li t' tit l l~<'thrt i to l iftl'y SCt'I-
ttu tih u ' it' ht1(" ull titiall. utu l ~iss
ticet i'Url y -uucs am ts' iutu hca t' toOt'
ililttun' t 1"00' a ssc ii'IS ot sloe-sl
t'i w'i ri. t'iet'ciuu, at eckioIuwtt'oy
gs' +mt tifhue oeittti g Icatus 100
detilit suftilt isocuos njgandl itsit
fuiuilty u. dltt in tt ht itltttgOtt 'itt fi
no li' ui.i'i' 'Itu i }'a tuuiouttau O ltt' ir50
Prec}-itl b 'X'tiliitto siltS us utts' x-it
.u- t'quteuiiI tutuci hi.t'utt u usi tll d if toofta s'
lit tiotu t tl gu chin i Otit hlt vto oo u
sO. potri Iset t~oI I tsi wseotn re tiiOk
its 11- sllg tht'ftailtsgaouns wilt'heoligd
{ trvidt at Va o 'a ll sits'Fild Ret
[a. 5.'o tlt wnm-in a 155 cana~il to all,
noe0 dct Uil25centsd tbl,

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